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My interests are labels and numbering series, I enjoy sorting and cataloging the items I buy. I never play any of them except for purposes of grading. Once they have been cataloged I offer them for sale, usually for what I paid for them. Free appraisal on your records! Email me record label, number, artist and title. I do not have lists by type of music to send out. The artist listings are raw inventory files. If you see something of interest, drop me a line and I'll pull and grade the records for you. All records may have stickers, drill holes, writing or other imperfections not affecting play. Also, the records do not necessarily have the original sleeves.If this is a concern, just ask and I'll pull the record and check it out! On common items, I can often sell at 50% of retail based on grade. On the priced items, the price listed is what I found it selling for on the internet. I can usually sell it for less (but not always). I will entertain reasonable offers.I also give away many lesser grade records free with a purchase (records which grade less than VG-. I have only 45's, (no 78's or LP's). I do not accept Paypal. If you are a label/number collector, I can probably help. My inventory is not sorted by type of music but rather by label record number so I canít provide an all country or all soul lot. I have many catalogs and record numbering information, so I may be able to help with any questions.

PRICE Guides (used like new)-Rockin Records 2010 edition $10.00†† 2011 edition $15.00†††††††† 2014 edition (hard cover) $30††††††††

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