Table1 Query
label State Address Year subsidiary of (or distributed by) matrix Comments
a and b unknown unknown unknown

a la carte tennessee po box 10676, knoxville 60's-70's metro recording co. prp (precision record press)
a&m california 1416 North La Brea Avenue from 1962

lots of info on the web
a&o florida 3201 s.w. 79th court, miami 80's

a&r new york new york,new york 1970 mercury

a&s tennessee nashville 1971
a&w new york 1650 broadway, new york unknown

a*okay california box 4551, panorama city unknown

a.c.m. north carolina mt. airy 80's? granite city studios
academy of country music
a.j.m. unknown unknown unknown

mickey simonetta & his band
a.m.i. tennessee 3840 dickerson road, nashville 80's-90's nationwide sound distributors

a.r.e. american california beverly hills unknown

a.r.e. = adam ross enterprises
a.r.p. unknown unknown unknown

a.rose tennessee 7020 church st ste 533, brentwood 1984 bob ham enterprises

a.v. international texas po box 1605, san antonio unknown A.V. = American varied, inc.

aaa-aron california? unknown unknown

aardvark ? ? 60's
ztsp (columbia)
aaron unknown unknown unknown

abanola germany unknown unknown

abatra ? ? 60's
w3km (rca)
abbey new york

abbott california 5636 hollywood blvd,hollywood 1951-1957

named for Sid Abbott, early investor
abbott unknown unknown 70's golden records



lots of info on the web
abc artists


abc-paramount predecessor?
abco unknown unknown 60's



lots of info on the web
abe tennessee madison 1970's a big enterprise inc.

abet tennessee nashville 60's-70's nashboro records

a-bet tennessee nashville 60's-70's nashboro records

abi new york 175 5th avenue suite 1101 1981 tom nielsen

abkco new york 1700 broadway 70's?

able canada
70's london

abnak texas

abner illinois chicago 1955-1961 vee jay
named after ewart abner gm of vee jay, originally Falcon
abraxas ? ? ?

abs (a-b-s) ? ? 60's

america's best sellers (a-b-s)
aca california 8335 sunset blvd., los angeles 80's tsr records

academy new york new york 50's-60's bell

academy kentucky 12223 blossom road, louisville 70's-?

acadia canada toronto unknown

acapo tennessee 911-17th ave., nashville 70's- irda

acca unknown unknown 60's

accent california
60's-70's gnp crescendo

acclaim ? ? ?

ace mississippi

ace in the hole texas 5007 white settlement, ft. worth 60's?

ace of hearts tennessee south nashville 70's-? bryan (1985)

achilles unknown unknown unknown

acid rain new york?
? hot ice conglomerate

acme ? ? 50's

acorn ohio
rca press tk4m (some)
acousticon ? ? 60's?
columbia ztsp
acr ? ? 60's?

a cappella records
act II ? ? 70's?

acta california hollywood 1967-1969 dot

action tennessee 809-b 18th ave.,nashville unknown stop records

action texas po box 9035, ft. worth 60's?

acuna arizona box 811, tombstone 90's?

ada tennessee 55 music square west, nashville 70's-? irda

adam alabama? muscle shoals 70's-? founded by Carole Taran-named for son

adamas tennessee pop box 25191, nashville unknown

adb texas po box 682, wylie 60's-70's adb = anthony d. boyd

addison new york unknown unknown am-par records

addit new york 1107 broadway, new york 1960?

adell michigan novi ? adell broadcasting?

adelphi maryland po box 288, silver spring 70's-?

adelphia new york steinway building 50's-? also office in manitoba, canada

ad-korp california 840 front st,.covina 70's-?

adler (der) Italy? Germany?

admiral north carolina charlotte unknown

admiral new york new york 50's-60's? laurie



adora (a-dora) new york rochester unknown

adoration tennessee po box 1433, smyrna unknown

advance california studio city unknown

advance missouri po box 155, southwest city 70's-?

advantage new york 810 seventh avenue, new york 80's polygram

aegis new york utica 60's

aerie tennessee nashville 70's irda

aero space ? ? 80's-? ranwood

aertaun california 3840 lemon st, riverside 60's jay-gee

a-f ? ? 60's

a-f (all time favorites)
afco kentucky union unknown boone records

affiliated ? ? 50's-60's?

afo (a.f.o.) louisiana new orleans 60's sue
afo (all for one)
african museum west indies 125 orange st., jamaica ?

african star west indies 15 bell road, kinston, jamaica unknown

afton unknown unknown unknown

agape tennessee nashville 70's starday-king
founded by hal neely
agar minnesota minneapolis 50's-60's soma

age of woman california po box 1400, corona 70's nws (nation wide sound)

aggressive unknown unknown 80's

agita (&mr) unknown unknown 70's

agp tennessee memphis 60's-70's amy-mala-bell
agp (an american group)
agp unknown unknown unknown

ahed canada willowdale, ontario unknown arc sound compnay

a-I unknown unknown 1967-? all platinum

aim california los angeles 70's? mgm

aim-high new york 322 west 55th street, new york unknown

air florida 3170 s.w. 8th st 1959-?

air west virginia 537 sixth avenue, huntington 90's

air new york 810 seventh ave., new york unknown polygram

air california los angeles unknown forward records
air-american international records
air lines new york 6 east 46th st., new york 50's-60's ? losw2138-2139
air stream colorado po box 638, fountain 70's? nsd

air trans (atr) tennessee po box 28835, memphis 70's

airborne alabama po box 1667, gadsen 60's? john bradford productions

airco unknown unknown 50's?
m-2328-2329 airco(assoc. of independent record cos.)
aires jamaica? ? unknown aries inc.

airlock unknown unknown unknown

airtown unknown unknown 60's
rws 457-458 juke box series
airway unknown unknown unknown

ajae's louisiana 703 david drive, metairie 70's?

ala california 4218 w. jefferson blvd. los angeles 70's

aladdin california unknown 40's-60's

had a louisiana branch
alaga new york box 118,central station, jamaica 1970-?

alamo tennessee 324 broadway, nashville unknown

alanna pennsylvania? unknown 50's-?

alarm louisiana 3316 line ave., shreveport 70's sound city recording & t.k.

alart louisiana route 1, st. amant unknown

albatross tennessee po box 25066, nashville 70's-80's

alberta arab canada?? unknown unknown

al-brite new york brooklyn 50's-60's

alcar ohio 3930 spring grove ave., cincinnati 50's-60's
rite press owner-carl burkhardt
alcon ohio cleveland 60's?

alcor unknown unknown 50's-60's

al-dee connecticut rockville 50's decca custom label

alden unknown unknown unknown

aldex texas box 71, houston 50's-60's

created by al dexter(country singer)
alegre new york unknown 1955-? roulette (in the 60's)
founded by al santiago
alert canada 41 britain st suite 305, toronto 80's alert music inc

alexis pennsylvania unknown unknown

alfa unknown unknown 1969-1998

algon new york 200 w. 57th st., new york 60's?

alhart california po box 1593, lakeside 80's

alithia new jersey north bergan 70's

all california whittier 50's-60's

all boy unknown unknown 60's london

all ears unknown unknown 70's

run by tony harrington
all platinum new jersey englewood 1967-?

started by Joe and Sylvia Robinson
all star new york rockville center 80's shirdon enterprises

allagash maine po box 1181, bangor unknown

allagash country maine 45 7th st,.auburn 80's

allamar california 5539 sunset blvd., hollywood 60's?

allandale tennessee 3635 allandale, memphis 60's

allary connecticut? po box 1222, new britain 60's?-70's? coxx & beau productions

allegiance california 7525 fountain ave.,hollywood 80's allegiance records ltd.

allen unknown unknown 50's

number series 200 and 1000-may be differnet companies
allena texas 1702 millam, victoria 60's?

alley arkansas 213 east monroe st. jonesboro unknown

alliance louisiana rte. 1, box 610, dubberly 80's

allied unknown unknown unknown

allied artists unknown unknown 80's

allison unknown unknown 70's kallish enterprises rite press
allstar texas 1110 washington, south houston 50's-60's

allstates unknown unknown 50's-60's?

alma unknown unknown unknown

almar unknown unknown unknown

al-matt unknown unknown unknown sound of nashville

almo international unknown unknown 1963-? a&m

almont new york new york 60's

aloe south carolina? greenville unknown

alon louisiana new orleans unknown

alpha unknown unknown unknown don-el

alpha tennesee 4905 millerwood drive, nashville 70's?

alpha tennessee unknown 80's combustion publishing?

alpha gold california po box 762, paramount 70's?

alpine tennessee 1025 17th ave., south nashville 80's j.r. sound productions, inc.

alshire (a/s) california po box 7107, burbank 60's-70's alshire int'l, a/s - Al Sherman, old somerset label

alston new york 1841 broadway, new york 1968-1974 atco/atlantic
alston=alaimo-stone. Became t.k. in 1974
alta west virginia box 148, hurricane 70's midway-alta

alta texas dallas 60's

alta fidelidad panama unknown 60's?
columbia ztsp
altair four canada lanark, ontarion unknown

alto new york 1697 broadway unknown

alton new york 1650 broadway, new york 50's-?

alva california? beverly hills? 70's jimmy mchugh music inc?

alvera oklahoma box 9304, tulsa 60's-70's

alyn california 4054 loma riviera circle, san diego 70's g.d. enterprises

amaret california hollywood 1969- capitol (1969);MGM (1972)

amazon tennessee nashville 1969-1970 shelby singleton productions columbia ztsb
ambassador california los angeles 50's

ambassador tennessee city square,hendersonville 80's irda

ambassador new zealand unknown unknown

ambassadors and kathy virginia 311 meadow lane, collinsville unknown

amber unknown unknown unknown

ambertone texas national bankers life bldg.,dallas 70's m.j. hodgson co., inc.

amc unknown unknown 60's

amcor colorado denver 70's amcor productions

ame new york 850 7th ave., new york 70's? rising sun music
AME=and more entertainment
amen california san francisco 70's L&C productions

amerama new york 250 west 57th st.,new york 1977-1978

amer-can new york 870 seventh ave., new york 70's american canadian productions

america texas 2307 fifth avenue, fort worth unknown

american unknown unknown 60's rite press

american california 382 n. lemon ave., walnut unknown

ameri-can tennessee 1200 division st., nashville 80's

american artists virginia? chesapeake 1968-69 great-musictown records?

american country texas bedford 80's?

american cowboy songs tennessee Rte 7, box 251, mount juliet 70's?

american gramaphone nebraska omaha 1974-?

formed by chip davis
american heritage tennessee nashville 70's- shelby singleton corp.
also caldwell, idaho
american international california hollywood 50's some later issues -casablanca

american music makers pennsylvania pittsburgh 60's
u4km-6799 rca press
american pie california po box 66455, los angeles 70's-80's warner brothers;capitol

american radio artist tennessee po box 1562, nashville 70's?

SoN press
american recordings unknown unknown unknown

american sound tennessee po box 17059, nashville 1970-? world wide dist;mainstream
also 62 music square west, nashville
american sound tennessee nashville unknown brite star

american voices virginia 216 applewood lane, virginia beach 1970-?
prp 15131-32
americana california winnetka 80's? don bradley enterprises

americana tennessee 4090 winchester, nashville 70'S?

americountry tennessee po box 227, mount juliet 70's-?
amg ohio carew tower/lower arcade,cincinnati 70's

amg=american mutual group
amherst new york 1800 main st., buffalo 80's

amherst new york west seneca 70's transcontinent record sales
also, 355 harlem rd., buffalo
ami (a.m.i.) tennessee po box 1269, hendersonville 80's nsd

amor georgia lookout mountain 80's

amos california 6565 sundet blvd., los angeles 1968-1971 amos prouctions inc (also bell)
founded by jimmy bowen
amour canada 7033 rte. Transcanadienne, st. laurent 70's

amour florida 495 s.e. 1oth ct.,hialeah 80's t.k.

amp 3 new york unknown 50's-? mercury (some?)

amped texas san antonio 70's

amped-american peddlers
ampex new york 555 madison ave., new york 1970-?

ampex=alexander m. poniatoff excellence (founder)
amphion connecticut vernon 1980

ampol illinois chicago 60's

amsterdam new york 65 w. 55th (also 1841 broadway), new york 70's mainstream - flying dutchman

amy new york unknown 1960-1969 bell

ana tennessee box 7831,nashville 60's

anamase (anamaze) unknown unknown 70's

ananke unknown unknown 70's?

artist-jerry galloway
anbient sound new york unknown unknown cbs

ancho unknown unknown 50's

anchor new jersey newark unknown

anchor california unknown 70's abc

andee unknown unknown unknown

andie new york unknown 50's-?
andine unknown unknown 50's-60's?

andromeda canada vancouver, b.c. 70's-80's?

angel ease unknown unknown 70'S-80'S?

angel face texas box 1645, hurst 70's-80's?

angel joy unknown unknown 70'S-?

angela celeste california 2200 fremont, bakersfield 80's

angelo unknown unknown unknown

anita tennessee po box 3695, nashville 60's?

anna unknown unknown 1959-1961

became part of motown
annex jamaica 15 bell road, kingston 90's-? dynamic sound, also east coast records

annpeg florida 161 n.w. 40 court, ft. lauderdale 70's

annuit coeptis pennsylvania croydon 70's

anoka tennessee 47 music square, nashville 80's

another (record co.) unknown unknown 1974-1975 pickwick int'l (p.i.p.)

anpre tennessee po box 40212, nashville 70's commercial distributing corp.

ansonia unknown unknown 50's-60's?

latin music
antel unknown unknown 60's?

antenna unknown unknown 60's pamper music s5km
anthem california 7033 sunset blvd., los angeles 70's-? united artists

anthem canada mississauga,ontario 1977-? capitol-emi

antillana unknown unknown 70's-?

antilles new york 444 madison ave., new york 80's island

antique tennessee 55 music square west, nashville 70's irda

antique arkansas box 421, dequeen 60's?

antler nevada po box 28, las vegas 80's

antler (buckram presents) new york unknown 50's-?

anton washington 6710-40, south seattle unknown

anutha unknown unknown 80's datatrak music industries mastered by MPPA
anvil tennessee po box 974, nashville 70's

aoa unknown unknown 70's artists of america entertainment
aoa=artists of america
aok texas box 6406, odessa 1966-1969

apa florida 495 s.e. 10th ct, hialeah 70's tk

apache rose texas san antonio 90's

apex illinois chicago 50's-? apex producing corp.

apex francais canada unknown 50's-60'S compo company

aphrodisiac new york 1133 main st., buffalo 60's-? masters releasing inc. ztsp140260-140261
api arizona tucson 60's?

api (attieram) tennessee po box 60371, nashville 60'S-? atteiram publishing co

api atteiram georgia 1055 north 4-lane hwy, marietta 60's-?

apico unknown unknown 60's?
apocalypse unknown unknown 60's? apocalyptic publishing

apogee florida po box 524187, miami 80's acme communications & entertainment

apollo new york new york 50's-60's

apollo (italy) unknown unknown 70's dalla rca

appalachia (arc) tennesee 425 s. water st.,gallatin 80's

appaloosa california po box 45, san fernando 70's

appaloosa oklahoma 3807 s. peoria, tulsa 60's?-70's?

applause georgia 2523 wall street, jonesboro 70's?
applause california 258 south beverly drive, beverly hills 80's

apple england 3 Saville Road London 1968-1976

lots of info on the web
april unknown unknown unknown

apt new york unknown 1958-1970 am-par record corp. & abc records

aquarius canada 354 youville street, montreal, quebec 80's wea

ara tennessee nashville 60's-? also dist. By atlantic
ara=american recording assoc.
ara texas unknown 60'S

arabella france unknown unknown

arbet tennessee po box 11031, memphis 1965-? dover records

arc colorado 4 ramsgate place, pueblo unknown

arc california hollywood unknown

arc=allied record company
arc canada unknown unknown

arc unknown unknown unknown irda
arc=artists recording company
arc new jersey elizabeth 50's-?

arc=american recording company
arc tennessee 425 s. water street gallatin 80's

arc=appalachia record company
arc uk unknown unknown

arc=associated recording compnay
arc audio tennessee box 17125, nashville 60's?

arcade pennsylvania philadelphia 50's-?

arcade new york 74-16 roosevelt ave., jackson heights unknown

arcano new york 401 5th avenue, new york 60's? caytronics records (mfg by RCA)

arch missouri 1039 coal bank road, st. louis 50's-60's

arco tennessee po box 24615, nashville unknown

arco=artist record company
arctic alaska 2427 e. 86th, anchorage 70's

arctic pennsylvania philadelphia unknown

arctic fox canada po box 29 windsor, newfoundland unknown

arcy unknown unknown 50's-60's

arden new york new york 70's a.a. records

ardent tennessee 98 north avalon, memphis 70's stax

ardun unknown unknown unknown

ares italy 2, piazzetta castelvecchio unknown

argo illinois chicago 1955-1965 Chess
became Cadet in 1965
argyle unknown unknown 50's-60's

arhoolie california box 5073, berkeley 60's-?

ariana new york 50 west 77th st, new york 60's?

ariel canada 15 rowanwood ave., toronoto, ontario 70's

ariel new york 300 west 55th st. new york 60's-70's? distributed by musicor
division of progressive media inc.
aries tennessee 1318 hildreth dr. nashville 60's?
son 13293
aries II california woodland hill 70'S-80'S

ariola (america) california beverly hills 1972-? arista

arista new york 6 west 57th street, new york 1974-2011

ariston italy unknown unknown

aristovision tennessee 7020 church st., brentwood unknown bob ham enterprises

arlan unknown unknown 50's-60's?

arlen pennsylvania philadelphia 60's

arlen california 12837 wash. Blvd., los angeles 60's

arline enterprises unknown unknown 80's

arlington colorado 170 s. elm street, denver unknown

arlingwood unknown unknown 60's

arliss new york new york 50's-60's

arlo new york 7635 telephone road, leroy 80's

armada unknown unknown 80's

armageddon uk? unknown 80's

armor california po box 2271, palm springs 80's?

armour unknown unknown unknown

arnold new york 1650 broadway, new york unknown

arnold j new york new york 50's-60's division of premier albums

arnote tennessee po box 88, nashville unknown

arock new york 1650 broadway, new york 60's

arpeggio canada unknown unknown

arrival unknown unknown 80's

arrow tennessee 55 music square, w. nashville unknown irda

arrow tennessee po box 563, cleveland unknown woodfletch emterprises

arrow new york 1650 broadway, new york 50's-?

also bridgeport, ct
ars melodica california cerritos 80's

art 45's florida miami 60's?

arta tennessee unknown 60's-? sound of nashville son 23191-92
artco oklahoma oklahoma city 70's-?

artemis new york 157-52 96 st., howard beach 70's

artic tennessee 1806 division street, nashville 70's

artisan tennessee po box 21249, nashville 70's?

artist international records new york 221 west 57 st., new york unknown

artiste unknown unknown unknown

artistic connecticut hartford 50's?

artist's recording ohio 320 mill st., cincinnati 70's

artists' records unknown unknown 70's?

artly new york 348 west end ave., new york 70's

artone tennessee 1032 brower, memphis 60's frontier productions

artronics minnesota 3761 n. dunlap,st. paul unknown

art-tone california oakland 60's

artx arizona 1601 high st., lr unknown true soul studios

arv int'l texas 821 north 23rd, mcallen unknown falcon record company

arvee california 7803 sunset blvd., hollywood 50's-60's

arwin california 250 north canon drive, beverky hills 50's

arzee pennsylvania 1739 n. 3rd street, philadelphia 60's-70's

asa tennessee 713 ridgecrest drive, clarksville 80's

asai virginia box 395, oakwood 70's-

ascot new york 729 7th ave., new york 1962-1967

asfab california po box 9011, anaheim 80's

ash creek oklahoma unknown 80's

ashandan jamaica 25 retirement road, kingston unknown sonic sounds

ashley tennessee nashville 1967-?

ashtree unknown unknown 70's audio fidelity enterprises

ashy dawn texas po box 13126, houston 50's-60's?

asi virginia 3723 essex circle, norfolk 70's

a-side texas 108 berry road, houston 70's

aspen colorado 680 Indiana, golden 70's? associated media corp.

asr unknown unknown 70's-? nationwide sound dist.

assault new york 1697 broadway unknown

associated artists unknown unknown 60's

associated recording studios new york 723 seventh ave, ny 19, ny 50's

associates uk unknown unknown wea

astra pennsylvania pittsburgh unknown red fox records

astral canada unknown unknown

astral 7 ohio 1030 brown st., dayton 60's-?

astro unknown unknown 60's-70's?

astro new jersey 1514 schley st, hillside 50's-60's?

astro sonic productions tennessee box 8188, nashville unknown starday-king

astrophe unknown unknown unknown

astroscope unknown unknown 70/s all platinum records, saru record co.

asylum unknown unknown 1971-?

After merger with Elektra numbers began with an "E"
atchison texas 3041 thomas blvd., port arthur 70'S

atco unknown unknown 1955-?

athena tennessee nashville unknown stereo dimension records

athens unknown unknown unknown

atina unknown unknown unknown irda

atlanta artists new york 810 th ave., new york 80's polygram

atlanta gold georgia 264 colchester drive, stone mountain unknown

atlanta pic georgia 1112 dekalb avenue, atlanta 60's
rca press
atlantic unknown unknown unknown

atlantic city international unknown unknown unknown

atlantis new mexico 1405 eubank blvd. albuquerque 70's

atleantean unknown unknown unknown nationwide sound

atola texas box 28562, dallas 60's-?

atomic unknown unknown unknown

atomic art unknown unknown 70's-80's?

attack new york 1650 broadway,new york unknown premier albums, inc.

attarack unknown unknown 70's? mgm, t.r.c.

attic canada canada 70's

atwell tennessee lafayette 70's

au standard (gold) tennessee po box 35, nashville 70'S

aubuchon rhode island cranston 70's? aubuchon publishing

audat canada oshawa, ontario 70's world records

audem tennessee 1204 elmwood avenue, nashville 70's nationwide sound

audicon new york 1609 broadway, new york 1959-1961
ztsp (columbia)
audio arts! unknown unknown 60s-?

audio fidelity new york unknown 50's-?

audio gospel unknown unknown unknown

audio latino florida unknown unknown t.k. records

audio rainbow unknown unknown unknown

audio spectrum unknown unknown unknown

audiograph unknown unknown 80's indigo music corp.

audivox new york unknown unknown

audrey unknown unknown 60's hill records

augusta sound oklahoma 3225 s. norwood, tulsa 80's mca

aura california los angeles 60's world-pacific records

aura canada unknown unknown

aurora new york new york 60's bell records

aurora canada po box 1714, calgary alberta 80's

aurum new york new york 80's? hbr commincations

austin texas po box 11152, ft. worth 50's-60's

aut california hollywood 50's-?

autograph texas box 1463, dallas 21, 60's

automatic UK unknown 70's-80's wea

autry texas abilene unknown

autumn texas unknown 70's-80's? autumn productions

autumn unknown unknown 60's

autumn international texas 3810 cavalier, garland 70's irda

ava unknown unknown unknown mgm

avalanche new york new york unknown proud productions

avalanche connecticut 191 forest rd., northford 80's gmd music

avant garde new york 250 west 57th street, new york 70's?

avant garde unknown unknown unknown hanover-signature records

avco new york 1700 broadway, new york 70's

avco embassy new york 16 west 61st street, new york unknown

avenue louisiana rte 3, kentwood unknown

avenue south tennessee 812 16th avenue , south, nashville unknown
columbia press ztsp
avernus unknown unknown unknown

avery unknown unknown unknown

avi california 9220 sunset blvd. los angeles 70's-80's

avin unknown unknown 60's

avion tennessee nashville 80's progress entertainment

avista tennessee po box 24454, nashville unknown

avoca unknown unknown 70's-?

avs georgia atlanta 80's

awake unknown unknown unknown repro label

awake new york new york 60's-70's

award california unknown 50's-60's arrow records

aware georgia 123 simpson st., atlanta 70's general record corp

awesome california unknown 80's jem records

axbar texas 3800 san pedro, san antonio 80's tmc productions

axe louisiana new orleans unknown dover records

axe canada unk14 overlea blvd, toronto 70's london records

azonic texas el paso 80's

aztec tennessee 800 18th ave. south, nashville unknown

b sharp unknown unknown unknown

b&a new york box 427, rochdale village station unknown

b&b unknown unknown unknown

b&c unknown unknown unknown enterprise one

b&f illinois chicago 50's-60's

b.c.b. alabama 4433 mile vale dr., huntsville 60's-?

b.e.a.t. illinois 10 so. Lasalle st., chicago 50's-60's

b.e.n. unknown unknown unknown commercial distribution corp

b.f.w. unknown unknown unknown

b.t. puppy unknown unknown 60's

b.t. puppy unknown unknown 60's b.t. = big time

b/b unknown unknown 70's

bab unknown unknown 80's

bab-roc new york 70 lenox avenue unknown

baby unknown unknown 70's

baby bull tennessee hendersonville 80's album globe

babylon new york 45 fifth avenue, new york 70's

baccarat new york 840 west end ave., new york 80's national distribution network (NDN)

back beat texas 2809 erastus st., houston 50's-60's

back door unknown unknown unknown

back door man unknown unknown 70's

back forty tennessee nashville 70's nationwide sound

backroads colorado po box 571, commerce city 80's

bacon fat unknown unknown 60's

baconberger unknown unknown unknown

bad boy entertainment unknown unknown 90's arista

badger tennessee 1302 division street, nashville unknown shelby singleton corp.

bagatelle texas 201 main st., houston unknown

bahama alabama florence unknown p.r.p.

bai georgia 1511 franklin road, marietta unknown bai=british american international

bakersfield country california 2200 fremont, bakersfield 80's angie woods dj record service

bakphil tennessee nashville 70's nationwide sound

bal california po box 369, la canada flintfidge 80's

balboa california 16027 sunburst street, sepulveda 70's

ballad unknown unknown 60's?

bally illinois chicago 50's-

bam tennessee po box 916, hendersonville 80's

bamboo new york 254 west 54th st, new york 60's-70's scepter

bana unknown unknown 50's-

banana new york 1697 broadway, new york unknown

banana tree ohio cleveland 70's les-cov, inc

band box colorado 1155 reed street, denver 50'S-70'S

banda portugal unknown 70's

bandit north carolina po box 6681, asheville unknown 70's

bandstand new york new york 60's

bang new york 1650 broadway, new york 60's-70's web music

bangar unknown unknown 60's

banka texas 2411 del norte, houston unknown

bankeylus jamaica 25 retirement rd., kingston unknown

banner unknown unknown 50's-60's

banner illinois chicago unknown

banyan tree new york 225 west 57th st., new york 60's-70's jad records

bar unknown unknown unknown

bar unknown unknown 60's?

baran virgin islands unknown 80's

barbara jean new york 311 west 43rd street, new york 80's

barbizon unknown unknown unknown

barbour unknown unknown unknown

barclay new york unknown unknown alroy music company

barcliff connecticut hartford unknown barcliff enterprises

bar-co arkansas batesville unknown

bardell unknown unknown unknown

bards unknown unknown unknown

bareback new york 1650 broadway, new york 70's

barefoot boy georgia box 6, suwanee 80's

bargain new york new york 60's

baritone new york new york 60's

bark england unknown unknown stiff records

barking pumpkin unknown unknown 80's

barnaby california 816 n. la cienega blvd., los angeles unknown janus

barnhills kentucky ashland 80's

barnyard news georgia atlanta 70's nationwide sound dist.

baron unknown unknown 70's

baronet unknown unknown 60's

barre pennsylvania 160 wood street, wilkes-barre unknown

barry canada unknown 60's quality records ltd

barry! new york 511 fifth avenue, new york 60's

bart florida ft. lauderdale unknown

basco unknown unknown 70's irda

base camp unknown unknown unknown

base ideas uk unknown 80's

basf massachusetts bedford 70's

bashie new york 1841 broadway, new york 60's cotillion (atlantic)

basic sounds mississippi po box 41, tupelo 70's

baton new york new york unknown

battle unknown unknown 60's

bay maryland 413 rolling mill rd., north east 70's

bayou unknown unknown unknown arhoolie, swallow records

bayou city unknown unknown unknown

bayshore unknown unknown unknown commonwealth marketing services

bb missouri po box 929, sikeston unknown bridger music

b-back unknown unknown unknown

bbc england unknown 80's prt limited

bbs pennsylvania philadelphia unknown palda record co.

bc new york 207 dahill road, brooklyn unknown

b-c georgia po box 9687, atlanta 60's

bcb (b.c.b.) alabama unknown 60's

bce texas 1815 avenue g. plano 80's bce=bruce country enterprises

beach unknown unknown 60's bernardo music

beach beat north carolina raleigh unknown

beale street tennessee po box 1618, memphis unknown

beam junction new york 44 west 28th st,, new york 70's vmt records

beantown massachusetts 100 massachusetts avenue, boston 80's

bear tennessee 1300 division street, nashville unknown

bearsville unknown unknown 70's warner brothers

beatrix california sunset-vine tower unknown

beaucoup unknown unknown 60's

beaucoup canada unknown 70's

beaverbrook tennessee 1819 broadway, nashville unknown

beb massachusetts boston unknown

becca florida po box 3694, fort myers unknown

becket new york 1790 broadway, new york 80's i&m teleproducts

bedford new york brooklyn 60's-70's

bedias unknown unknown unknown

bedwell unknown unknown 60's-70's

bee unknown unknown 60's record associates, westport, ct

bee gee kentucky box 1177, lexington 70's

beech unknown unknown unknown willie beech enterprises

beech new york 1650 Broadway, new york 50's

beegee california hollywood 70's

bego texas box 1689, mcallen unknown

bejay arkansas 1301 main street,van buren 60's-70's

bel canto unknown unknown unknown

bel-aire illinois 1740 w. 47th st., chicago unknown

belco texas dallas unknown kalox record dsitributing co

bel-col unknown unknown unknown

believe in a dream new york 51 west 52nd st., new york 80's CBS

belinda new york unknown unknown cosnat corporation

bell unknown unknown unknown division of columbia pictures

bell country new york new york 60's

bella linda unknown unknown unknown

bellaire texas po box 1200, bellaire unknown

bellaro unknown unknown unknown

belle aire minnesota 21900 minnetonka blvd., excelsior 70's

belle meade tennessee 821 19th ave. south, nashville 70's nsd

bellina new york 1570 broadway, new york 50's-60's

bel-mar tennessee 55 music square west, nashville 70's irda

belmont california hollywood 60's

belmont new york rochester unknown

belmont massachusetts 259a beech street, belmont 80's john perry enterprises

belmont h unknown unknown unknown

beltone new york unknown unknown king records

ben california 250 baldwin avenue, san mateo 80's

ben rich unknown unknown unknown

bench unknown unknown 90's nationwide sound

bench mark tennessee po box 110911, nashville unknown

benida new york new york unknown

benton hollow new york new york 70's-

berandol canada 11 st. joseph street, toronto 70's-80's

bergen unknown unknown unknown

berlee new york new york unknown diamond records

bermuda bermuda hamilton unknown

bermuda dunes california 40655 jefferson, bermuda dunes 80'S

bernlo unknown unknown unknown

bert tree virginia 1202 ray road, roanoke 80's

bertram international unknown unknown unknown

beserkley unknown unknown unknown playboy

best new york 355 w. 51 st., new york unknown

best in country california po box 786, west covina unknown

best west california 500 s. rancho, colton unknown

bethlehem unknown unknown 60's king records

bethlehem unknown unknown 50's-?

bethlehem new york 240 madison ave, new york 70's salsoul

better unknown unknown 70's

betty unknown unknown 60's

beverly glen california 6430 sunset blvd., los angeles 80's

beverly hills california 9336 w. washington blvd., culver city 60's-70's

bevmar (bev-mar) unknown unknown 60's

bfi tennessee 1211 division street, nashville 80's tel star productions
also kentucky
bfw unknown unknown unknown

bgm texas 10450 sentinel, san antonio 80's

bgo unknown unknown unknown

big new jersey newark unknown s.p.c

big add unknown unknown 60's

big al california 6230 sepulveda blvd., van nuys unknown

big apple jamaica 15 bell road, kingston 90's dynamic sounds

big b unknown unknown unknown

big beat mississippi 551 n. muscadine st., greenville 60's-70's reginald records

big bend unknown unknown 70's

big boy illinois po box 53297, chicago 70's-80's

big byte unknown unknown 80's

big c unknown unknown unknown

big country unknown unknown 60's sound of nashville

big daddy pennsylvania 15 market street, philadlphiaa 60's

big deal california hollywood unknown

big deal louisiana 3304-a la salle street, new orleans 60's-70's

big dee alabama 34 w. 13th street, anniston unknown

big jeans new york 2902 fort hamilton pkwy., brooklyn unknown

big k missouri 11517 N. oak, kansas city 70's-80's

big life unknown unknown 90's polygram

big mack south carolina po box 5656, columbia unknown richhland custom recording

big mama canada unknown 80's

big mama tennessee 400 ensley drive, knoxville 80's

big peach canada unknown 80's

big plus unknown unknown 60's

big records unknown unknown 80's

big records unknown unknown unknown eurotone int'l ltd.

big sandy colorado aurora unknown sound of nashville

big ship jamaica 8 east riverside dr., kingston 90's

big sound california po box 9172, hollywood unknown

big stick canada 701-10240, 124 th street edmonton, alberta 80's

big surr california 6430 sunset blvd. unknown

big tex texas po box 412, bridgeport 60's

big town unknown unknown 50's

big town unknown unknown 70's cadet records

big tree new york 555 madison ave., new york 70's-80's ampex

big wheel unknown unknown 60's

big wheel tennessee nashville 80's nationwide sound

bigbeat pennsylvania philadelphia unknown

big-tex texas 1201 greenbrier, fort worh unknown

big-tex texas box 10188, fort worth unknown

bigtop new york new york 50's-60's

bilbo kentucky central city unknown

bilbro unknown unknown unknown

bilco unknown unknown unknown

billups texas 9539 circlewood drive, dallas unknown

billy s. bullet unknown unknown unknown

bil-mar unknown unknown unknown bell

bingo unknown unknown unknown united telefilm records

bion florida po box 15428, orlando unknown

birdie unknown unknown 80's

birthstone unknown unknown unknown laurie records

biscayne illinois chicago 60's

bishop unknown unknown unknown

bismark unknown unknown unknown

bitter creek tennessee 1110 17th ave. south, nashville unknown

bix international unknown unknown unknown

bizart ohio 6609 biddulph rd., cleveland 80's

bj unknown unknown unknown

bjb unknown unknown unknown bjb=big john bates?

black art jamaica unknown 70's

black bear canada unknown 80's

black beauty illinois chicago unknown

black cat unknown unknown unknown

black circle pennsylvania 5170 liberty avenue, pittsburgh unknown md company

black falcon unknown unknown 70's bill seabrook international

black gold new york 200 west 57th st, new york unknown

black gold minnesota minneapolis 60's-70's

black gold louisiana houma 70's

black jack unknown unknown 50's

black jazz unknown unknown 70's ovation records

black panther texas 4430 foard, ft. worth 60's

black pearle ohio po box 3703, cleveland 80's

black pride unknown unknown 70's

black prince tennessee? unknown unknown shelby singleton corp

black rock unknown unknown 70's

black rose unknown unknown 80's

black satin unknown unknown unknown

black scorpio jamaica 30 headley ave., kingston 90's

black shadow jamaica 4 south odeon ave., kingston 90's

black solidarity jamaica unknown unknown

black top unknown unknown 80's-90's

black vinyl ohio 26949 chagrin blvd., beachwood 70's

blackberry unknown unknown unknown

blackbird texas po box 11408, dallas unknown bob massey enterprises

blackcrest west virginia wheeling 50's

blackheart unknown unknown unknown cbs

blackjack unknown unknown 70's casino records

blackland oklahoma 1080 metropolitan, oklahoma city 70's

blackstone pennsylvania 5921 old york road, philadelphia 60's big b records

blackwood tennessee po box 1613, nashville unknown

blade michigan detroit 70's

blake tennessee 3291 park avenue, nashville 70's

blanche unknown unknown 80's friendship records

blast unknown unknown 60's

blaze new york unknown 50's-60's

blaze michigan detroit 70's prodigal records

blend them jamaica unknown 90's

blind justice unknown unknown 70's

blockhead uk unknown 80's

blonde bruce unknown unknown unknown

blossom gap tennessee 50 music square w 902, nashville unknown fischer & lucus inc

blu tone unknown unknown unknown

blue unknown unknown unknown atlantic records (atco)

blue and gray florida 1715 isabella ave., panama city 70's

blue angel kentucky louisville unknown recordings international inc

blue ash ohio columbus 70's kingsmill recording

blue bell unknown unknown 60's

blue bird unknown unknown unknown

blue book california 403 chester avenue, bakersfield unknown buckaroo music

blue candle unknown unknown 70's tk productions

blue canyon new mexico 1037 seventh street, las vegas 70's

blue cat unknown unknown 60's

blue chip unknown unknown unknown

blue creek alabama po box 693, dadeville 60's chart records (later prize records)

blue diamond unknown unknown unknown

blue horizon unknown unknown unknown polydor

blue jay kentucky route 4, bowling green 70's

blue jeans canada unknown 70's-80's

blue mill unknown unknown 50's gone recording company

blue moon tennessee po box 110829, nashville unknown

blue note unknown unknown 70's united artists

blue note california los angeles 60's- liberty records

blue note new york 43 w, 61st st, new yotk 50's-60's

blue onion ohio cleveland 60's

blue ribbon illinois staunton 50's-80's

blue ridge virginia box 11, vienna unknown

blue river valley kansas po box 156, manhattan 70's-80's

blue rock unknown unknown 60's mercury

blue sky unknown unknown 70's-80's cbs

blue skyway unknown unknown 60's

blue soul unknown unknown 70's

blue star texas houston unknown merrbach record services

blue thumb california beverly hills 60's-70's

blue valley unknown unknown 60's-70's mgm

blue velvet unknown unknown unknown irda

bluebonnet texas 1041 isbell road, fort worth unknown blue bonnet recording studios

blue-chip unknown unknown 50's

blue-chip michigan po box 1384, lansing 50's

blueridge canada unknown 70's

bluestem oklahoma 1736 lynwood, oklahoma city unknown

bluesville new jersey 203 s. washington ave., bergenfield 60's prestige

bluesway new york new york 60's abc records

bluff city unknown unknown unknown buddah

bluffer tennessee nashville unknown

blum texas 1350 samuels ave., fort worth 80's

bma tennessee unknown 70's bma=better music of america

bme tennessee nashville 70's national sound distributors

bmo unknown unknown 80's cbs

bmp new york 312 pennsylvania avenue, bufflao unknown

bna entertainment new york new york 90's bmg

bna records tennessee po box 120723, nashville 80's nationwide sound distributors

bo-ad unknown unknown 60's

boardwalk entertainment california los angeles 80's

boardwalk records unknown unknown 60's

bob baker texas 127 lemur, san antonio unknown

bobbin missouri 9a s. florissant road, st. louis 50's-60's

bobby unknown unknown unknown
g&c 108
bobby record company unknown unknown 60's?

bobby-o unknown unknown 70's

bob-dot virginia rileyville unknown

bobsan new york 1721 broadway, new york 60's

boc missouri box 7-11, macks creek unknown

bo-kay texas 3712 n.e. 28th st., fort worth unknown

bold ohio po box 11388, cleveland 80's

bold unknown unknown unknown

bold florida unknown 70's tk

bolivia alabama 1219 kerlin avenue, brewton 70's-80's known artist

bollman international texas po box 28553, dallas unknown

bolo (seafair) unknown unknown 60's

boma unknown unknown unknown

bo-mar pennsylvania pittsburg 60's

bomarc unknown unknown unknown

bomb canada unknown 70's

bombay unknown unknown 60's

bomp! california 2702 san fernando road, los angeles 70's

bonanza tennessee nashville 60's sound of nashville

bonanza tennessee nashville unknown

bon-bon unknown unknown unknown statler records

bonner jamaica 25 retirement road, kingston 2005 sounic sounds

bonnie california hollywood unknown imperial records

bonny unknown unknown unknown

boogaloo unknown unknown unknown

bookshop canada po box 872, cornwall ontario 80's

boom unknown unknown 60's abc paramount

boomarang jamaica 25 retirement road, kingston 80's sonic sounds

boone kentucky union 60's

booray louisiana lafayette 70's

boot canada unknown 70's-80's

bootheel unknown unknown 60's

boots & saddle pennsylvania? unknown unknown

bootstrap tennessee po box 16707, memphis 80's

bornwin unknown unknown 60's laurie records

boss oklahoma? oklahoma city unknown

boston massachusetts 246 huntington ave, boston 50's

both sides ohio po box 17096, cleveland unknown

boulevard unknown unknown 80's cbs

bounce unknown unknown unknown

boundary tennessee 900 division st., nashville unknown

bounty unknown unknown 60's elektra

bouquet unknown unknown 60's-70's

bowen massachusetts box 344, scituate unknown

bowery california po box 713, del mar 50's

boyd oklahoma 1408 n.w. 28th street, oklahoma city 60's

boyles-conway unknown unknown unknown

bozo row california 8481 brier drive, los angeles unknown

bp illinois po box 462, danville unknown

bp=bob payne (publishing)
bp&b oklahoma po box 19573, oklahoma city unknown

br. Music holland unknown 70's

brack tennessee 38 music square, nashville unknown brack enterprises

bragg tennessee nashville 60's

brainstorm illinois chicago unknown archie-lee-hill productions

braintrust utah po box 3212, ogden unknown

brand x unknown unknown 70's nationwide sound distributors

brand x south carolina greenville unknown

branded country connecticut shelton unknown

brandex unknown unknown 60's

brandywine new hampshire box 413, durham 80's

brat jamaica kingston 90's-00's

brat virginia po box 157, richmond 80's

brave unknown unknown 60's

bravo california hollywood 60's-?

brc new york new york 70's

brc-brunswick record corporation
breaker minnesota 15500 wayzata blvd, 1100 wayzata unknown

brenda north carolina po box 371, benson unknown

brent unknown unknown 50's-60's

brent washington box 249, kingston 70's bradley & hegarty enterprises

briar tennessee nashville 60's

briar international unknown unknown 60's

briarmeade missouri po box 11387, st. louis 70's

brick wall jamaica 15 keesing ave., kingston 90's brickwall distributors

brickwall 2000 florida 5893 s.w. 21st st., w. hollywood 2000 brickwall distributors

bridges unknown unknown 60's

bridges tennessee nashville 70's starday-king records

bridgett california 1339 aldonville, w. covina unknown

bright star unknown unknown unknown

brightorange unknown unknown unknown

britania unknown unknown 60's abnak music industries

brite leaf unknown unknown unknown london

brite star tennessee 728 16th ave., nashville unknown

britton unknown unknown unknown

broadcast new york unknown 70's

broadland canada 380 birchmount road, scarborough, ontario 70's

broadmoor unknown unknown 60's dover records

broken texas 4526 bridgewater, dallas unknown

brokun tennessee 2401 12th ave. s., nashville 70's?

bromac jamaica 15 bell road, kingston 90's dynamic sounds

bronco florida 1436 regal road, clearwater 80's

bronjo unknown unknown unknown

bronze unknown unknown 80's atco-atlantic-wb

bronze sun unknown unknown 60's

brooke north carolina asheboro 50's-?

brooke tennessee unknown 80's nationwide sound distributors

broom canada unknown unknown

brother unknown unknown 60's capitol

brothers unknown unknown unknown

brougham tennessee 107 music city circle, nashville unknown irda

brown bag unknown unknown 70's united artists

brown day unknown unknown 70's

brown dog new york 1700 broadway, new york 70's

brown door unknown unknown 70's

brown sugar north carolina po box 1052, charlotte 70's

brown wrapper canada 6844-76 ave., edmonton,alberta 80's mobile record service

brownfield texas 5219 madella, fort worth 60's

brownstone california unknown unknown

brownstone new york unknown 70's polydor

bruce new york 1650 broadway, new york 50's

brunswick new york unknown 50's-70's

brut unknown unknown 60's

brut productions new york 1345 avenue of the americas, new york unknown scepter

bryan new york 630 ninthe ave., new york 70's

brykas tennessee 3017 stonebridge dr., antioch unknown

bryte ohio newbury 60's

bs maryland beltsville 70's

bsc michign detroit unknown

bsd new york 4 washington street, auburn unknown

bso pennsylvania 2595 carrell lane, willow grove 80's

bsw texas 308-46 bypass, seguin 80's

buccaneer jamaica box 913, grand cayman 70's

buch unknown unknown 60's

buck creek unknown unknown 80's

buckboard texas po box 1645, hurst unknown irc records

buckler unknown unknown unknown

buckley unknown unknown unknown london records

buckram (buck ram) unknown unknown 50's-70's

bucor texas 4999 boat club road, fort worth unknown

buddah new york 1790 broadway, new york 60's-

buddha florida st. petersburg 50's-?

buddy louisiana 1101 n. bengal rd, metairie unknown

budro washington 1905-10th ave east, seattle unknown

buena vista unknown unknown 50's-60's

buffalo new york 79 treehaven road, west seneca 70's windsong management

bug singers unknown unknown unknown

bull city (sounds) north carolina durham unknown

bull dog unknown unknown unknown

bullet tennessee, florida unknown 60's-70's jemkl records

bullet georgia atlanta 70's

bullet tennessee nashville 50's

bullseye new york 220 west 42nd street, new york 50's

bunjak louisiana boc 8074, bossier city 80's

bunky unknown unknown 60's scepter

bunny new york 151 west 125th st., new york 60's

burch-jo tennessee po box 11522, memphis 60's-?

burco canada unknown 80's

burdett unknown unknown 60's

burgundy texas box 30615, midland 80's national sound distributors

burning water unknown unknown 80's

burnt unknown unknown unknown

burt tennessee nashville 60's nashboro record company

burway north carolina po box 296, cumberland unknown associated talents

bus italy unknown 70's

butane unknown unknown 60's

buttercup unknown unknown 70's jay-gee record co

butterfly california 9000 sunset blvd., los angeles 70's

butterfly unknown unknown unknown

religious songs?
buttilla kentucky nicholasville, winchester 70's

buzz texas 4606 clawson road, austin 70's

buzzard unknown unknown 80's mca

b-w west virginia wheeling 60'S-20'S

b-w-p unknown unknown unknown

bye george unknown unknown unknown

c note unknown unknown 60's

c&a holland unknown unknown

c&f california 4757 south broadway, los angeles unknown

c&m new jersey 439 pennington st., elizabeth unknown

c&r unknown unknown 80's montage records

c.a.s.h. texas rte 2, box 67, wills point 80's

ca.s.h. = could and should hit music
c.martin canada 49 yonge blvd., toronto, ontario 80's

c.o.m.a. unknown unknown unknown

c.o.s. tennessee rt 1, box 600, flintville unknown

c/c international ohio 3728 west 130, cleveland unknown

cab new york po box 620, new york unknown

cabell unknown unknown unknown

cabin trail illinois nashville 80's rpm record service

cable unknown unknown unknown

cabot unknown unknown unknown

cachet california 2321 west olive ave., burbank 70's-80's

cactus arizona box 585, tonopah 80's

cactus texas 1827 wyoming, el paso 70's

cactus arizona tucson unknown later dist. By NSD

cactus kansas po box 107 coffeyville unknown

cadde (caooe?) unknown unknown 70's world concept records

caddy-car connecticut 409 west main street, waterbury unknown

cadence new york new york 50's-60's

cadenza unknown unknown unknown

cadet (& concept) illinois chicago 60's-70's chess, grt

cadet (polka records) wisconsin burnett 60's-70's

cadillac michigan 5966 lakeview, detroit 50's-60's

caiman new york 639-10th avenue, new york 80's g. b. records

cain texas po box av college station unknown

cajera ohio 20361 westport, euclid 70's

cajun brass louisiana lockport 70's

cal connecticut? unknown 50's

calamo illinois po box 446, chicago 60's

caldwell unknown unknown 60's

caledon unknown unknown unknown robert j. stone, ltd.

calendar unknown unknown 60's rca (63- series)

cali bud jamaica 15 keesing ave., kingston 2002 brickwell distributors

calico pennsylvania pittsburgh 50's-60's

calico texas garrison 80's

california unknown unknown unknown

california gold unknown unknownlos angeles unknown

call me shams jamaica unknown 90's

calla new york 1650 broadway, new york 60's-70's roulette (later)

calliope california po box 5698, sherman oaks 70's festival records

calliope unknown unknown 60's warner brothers

calo new jersey moonachie unknown

caloma california 6209 santa monica blvd., hollywood 80's c.p.s. distribution network

calvary unknown unknown 70's

calvert tennessee nashville 50's

calypso unknown unknown 80's

calyx corrolla louisiana box 1972-r-1, varnado unknown

camaro tennessee 2373 park ave., memphis 70's

cambria unknown unknown unknown

camden (rca) unknown unknown 50's-60's

camden (rca) italy unknown unknown

camelia california sacramento 50's

camelot texas 2411 del norte, houston 70's-

cameo unknown unknown 50's-60's

camerica new york 489 fifth avenue, new york 70's

camille new york po box 620, new york 70's cab records

camp meetin' tennessee cleveland 50's

campfire unknown unknown unknown

campus canada unknown 70's

campus unknown unknown 60's atco

canaan texas waco 70's

canadian american new york new york, winnipeg 50's-60's

canadian cancer canada unknown 1980

canadian talent canada unknown 70's

canary unknown unknown 60's sound of nashville

candee unknown unknown unknown king records

can-dee new jersey 92 lock street, newark 50's

candix unknown unknown 60's

candle unknown unknown 70's nationwide sound

candlelight new york manhasset 50's

candlelite new jersey 410 main steet, west orange 60's

candy connecticut hartford 50's-60's

candy tennessee 1314 pine street,, nashville 70's

candy texas 2716 springlake ct., irving 90's

cannery tennessee 11 music square east, nashville 80's nationwide sound

canterbury unknown unknown unknown

cantor unknown unknown unknown

canusa unknown unknown 60's amy-mala-bell

canyon texas houston 60's graham record company

canyon california hollywood 60's-70's

canyon creek texas po box 31351, dallas 80's

cap tone california 134 east foothill, azusa unknown

capa unknown unknown 60's

capcity unknown unknown 70's

cape california 509 north kenwood, glendale 60's

capella california 1617 no. el centro, hollywood unknown rendezvous records

caper tennessee? music city 1970

capetown tennessee, missouri unknown 80's nationwide sound (tennessee),

capitol california hollywood & vine, hollywood 40's-90's

capquarius florida 2708 n. blvd., tampa 1979-?

capri texas 3521-b mckinney, dallas 60's?

capri maryland 7415 windsor mill rd., baltimore 70's?

capri unknown unknown unknown marathon records

caprice tennessee po box 40346, nashville 60's-7's

caprice unknown unknown 60's

capricorn unknown unknown 70's phonodisc, inc.

caprock texas box 1051, big springs 50's-?

capsoul ohio columbus unknown

captain unknown unknown 60's scepter records

captured music new york 18 hill street, elmont unknown

caramat unknown unknown 80's

caravan new mexico 7701 central avenue, albuquerque unknown

caravan new york steinway hall, new york 40's-50's

caravel texas 537 a casa linda plaza,dallas unknown

card new york 255 west 55th street, new york 1960 jersey disc production (sultan records)

cardboard california po box 325, baldwin park unknown

cardinal iowa unknown 60's

cardinal tennessee po box 24454, nashville 80's

cardinal tennessee 7118 peach court, brentwood unknown

cardinal missouri kansas city 50's blasco music inc.

cardinal connecticut stratford unknown

cardinal international unknown unknown unknown

career new york unknown 90's arista records

careful unknown unknown 60's

carellen unknown unknown 60's-70's

caress california 1493 stearns drive, los angeles 70's

caribou new york unknown 70's-80's cbs

carla new york 541 broadway, new york 60's atco record sales

carla unknown unknown 70's

carlton new york 345 west 58th st., new york 50's-60's

also california, 6425 hollywood blvd, hollywood
carmie ll unknown unknown unknown

carney new york box 834, greenwood lake 60's

carnival new york new york 60's

carol oklahoma 4970 e. 105th st., tulsa unknown

carol unknown unknown unknown

carol marie's louisiana po box 1060, sterlington 80's

carole california 111 north hollywood way, burbank 80's

carole unknown unknown 60's gnp crescendo

carolina california box 3999, hollywood 80's

carousel new york 1776 broadway, new york 70's bell records

carrere unknown unknown 80'S polygram records

carroll tennessee 2807 northmeade, memphis unknown

carrousel tennessee po box 60031, nashville unknown

cars missouri 5619 ne 49th st., kansas city unknown

carter country texas rt. 14 box 272, tyler unknown

cartwheel california 826 rama drive, la puente 60's-70's

also, nashville and georgia
carwin country unknown unknown unknown

casa grande massachusettes 6 carter place, woburn 50's-60's

casa grande unknown unknown 50's

casablanca california 8255 sunset boulevard, los angeles 70's warner brothers (early)

casablanca west california 8255 sunset boulevard, los angeles 70's-80's casablanca records

cascade new york unknown unknown esoteric records

cascade mountain california 2154 w. 190th st., torrance 80's

case california 145 w. 154th st., gardena unknown

cash new jersey nutley 70's

cash california hollywood 1955-1957

casino tennessee box 17272, memphis unknown

ca-song new york 1650 broadway, new york unknown

castil unknown unknown 60's candix records

castle new jersey unknown unknown

castleberry georgia po box 28437, atlanta 80's

castlewood florida miami unknown

cat florida 495 s.e. 10th court, hialeah 70's

cat new york new york 1954

catamount unknown unknown 60's-70's

cavalcade unknown unknown unknown columbia

cavaleer tennessee po box 24407 nashville k&l distributors

cavalier tennessee 1906 south street, nashville unknown

cavern texas 308 morgan mill road, stephenville unknown

caye unknown unknown unknown

cayenne unknown unknown unknown columbia special products

caytronics unknown unknown unknown

cb unknown unknown unknown

cbgb & omfug new york 315 bowery, new york 70's

c-bird connecticut 238 newhall street, new haven 70's

cbo tennessee 407 grapevine, madison 80's b& w entertainment

c-bo unknown unknown unknown

cbs new york 51 west 52nd st., new york unknown

cbt texas pox 1464, jacksonville 80's

cdc tennessee po box 40212, nashville unknown cdc=commercial distributing corporation

cecelia unknown unknown 50's-? canadian american records

cecilia unknown unknown unknown different spelling of cecelia

cee new jersey 77 prospect street, lodi 50's empire records

cee bee unknown unknown unknown

cee tee unknown unknown 70's atlantic records
cee tee=chris townes?
cee-jay new york new york 50's-60's

ceirnini clad. unknown unknown

celebration unknown unknown 70's buddah records

celebrity texas po box 1943, houston 60's

celeste new york brooklyn, new york 50's-60's

cell block 21 jamaica unknown 1996

celmar unknown unknown 1960

celtic unknown unknown unknown

cenco unknown unknown unknown spry records

cenpro new jersey sayreville 70's century productions

centaur illinois chicago unknown u.s.a. records

centennial unknown unknown unknown

central missouri kansas city unknown

central ohio 1226 central avenue, middletown 80's

central texas waco 50's word records

central mississippi 622 new orleans street, hattiesburg 60's

centronics tennessee nashville 70's nsd

century unknown unknown unknown

century 21 tennessee box 1214, hendersonville unknown

also nashville
century custom unknown unknown unknown

century ii tennessee 27 music square, nashville unknown

century limited mississippi po box 9156, jackson 60's

century vii tennessee 38 music square west, nashville 80's

certron unknown unknown 1970-1971

cesto nuevo new york 850 7th ave., new york unknown

cetra italy unknown 50's-60's

cgc new york 1841 broadway, new york 70's crewe group of companies

cgd italy unknown 60's-70's cgd=compagnia generale del discos

cha cha illinois chicago 60's

chain mexico unknown 70's

chain texas kermit unknown eagle records

chain unknown unknown 70's-? t.k. productions

chain o' hearts mississipps po box 668, booneville 80's

chairman unknown unknown 60's london records

chalet california 6255 sunset blvd., los angeles 80's

chalet tennessee 812 16th ave., nashville 60's-?

chalice georgia atlanta unknown dove records

challenge texas houston unknown

challenge unknown unknown 50's-60's warner brothers

chalon unknown unknown unknown

champ tennessee 1705 church street, nashville 60's-70's

champ new york 1674 broadway, new york 50's

champion oklahoma 230 west commerce, oklahoma city unknown national distributors

championship unknown unknown 80's

chance ohio cincinnati 60's? lp production inc.

chancellor pennsylvani philadelphia 50's-60's abc-paramount

chandelier unknown unknown 60's-70's

change canada 2450 victoria park ave., willowdale ontario 70's-80's mca (canada)

change new york 1747 first ave., new york 80's tommy boy

chanita tennessee po box 8264, nashville unknown

channel new york 1650 broadway, new york 70's

chanterelle unknown unknown 70's mushroom records

chaos unknown unknown 90's

chaparral arizona po box 17177, tucson unknown

chaparral missouri 1133 main street, blue springs unknown redhawk international

chapel unknown unknown 70's

chapter 22 uk unknown 80's-90's

chapter one unknown unknown 60's-70's london records

charay texas 3032 santa fe trail, fort worth unknown

charger unknown unknown unknown crusader records

chariot california los angeles unknown cadet records, caprice

chariot tennessee 907 main street, nashville 80's caprice records

charisma new york 810 seventh ave., new york 70's buddah records, polydor records

charles new york new york 50's-60/s

charli unknown unknown unknown

charlie parker new york unknown 60's mgm

charosa new york po box 279, cambria hts. 80's

charro new york 240 madison ave., new york 70's mericana records

chart unknown unknown unknown 50's

chart tennessee 806 16th ave., s., nashville 1962-1975

chart action tennessee box 575, nashville unknown better sounds

charta unknown unknown 70's-80's nationwide sound distributors;avi

chartair canada? unknown unknown 70's-?

charter (c-r-c) california hollywood 60's mgm

chartwheel unknown unknown 70's

chase new york new york 50's-60's

chase michigan 5956 lakeview, detroit 60's

chase louisiana new orleans 60's

chasm california po box 55, mira loma unknown

chateau permian texas 2104 missouri, midland unknown

chatham pennsylvania pittsburgh unknown

chatham unknown unknown unknown

chattahoochee unknown unknown unknown

checker illinois checker 50's-70's

checkmate tennessee 907 main street, nashville unknown irda, caprice

cheer new york 1721 broadway, new york 60's

chelar alabama po box 943, birmingham unknown

chelsea california 9200 sunset blvd., los angeles 70'S rca, and other

chemical connecticut po box 1201, waterbury 80's

cherie new york 15 rockefeller plaza, new york 80's atlantic

cherish tennessee 55 music square, nashville 79's irda

cherokee tennessee 60 music square, nashville 80's king's music city

cherokee unknown unknown 60's?

cherry texas 2510 tarrytown mall, houston 70's rds

cherry canada po box 581, st. catherines, ontario unknown

cherry red unknown unknown unknown

cherylaine unknown unknown unknown

chess illinois chicago 50's-70'S

chesterfield california los angeles 50's-60's

chestnut unknown unknown unknown jamie/guyden

chevell texas po box 2081, ft. worth 60's-70's

chex unknown unknown 60's jay-gee

cheyenne colorado pob 21084, denver 60's

cheyenne wyoming pine bluffs 60's

cheyenne canada unknown 70's-80's

cheyenne california unknown 50's-60's

chiaroscuro unknown unknown 70's

chic georgia thomasville 50'S

chico unknown unknown unknown

chicory unknown unknown 60's laurie

chief illinois po box 6163, chicago 50's-60's

chime new york 233 jerusalem avenue, hempstead unknown

chimneyville new york 1841 broadway, new york unknown cotillion, atlantic, t.k.
also florida
china unknown unknown 80's chrysalis records

chinook washington seattle unknown

chipam unknown unknown 60'S

chips unknown unknown unknown capitol

chirp unknown unknown unknown

chisa unknown unknown 60's-70's motown

chisholm unknown unknown unknown nsd

chock (full of hits) new york 701 seventh avenue, new york 50's

chocolate cholly's north carolina gastonia 80's

chocolate city california 8255 sunset blvd. , los angeles 70's-80'S casablanca

choice new york 100 west 42nd street, new york 50's-60's

choice new jersey box 5021, newark 60's-?

choice cut unknown unknown 70's-80's

choreo unknown unknown unknown mgm

chris tennessee po box 6111, memphis unknown

christi texas po box 11152, ft. worth unknown

christian faith california 7118-a canby avenue, reseda unknown alma records

christy unknown unknown unknown

chroma new york 7 east genessee street, auburn 60's

chrono-ann new york 25-15 union street, flushing unknown

chrysalis unknown unknown 70's-90's

chuckie new mexico box 3, belen 70'S sounds of music

chumley unknown unknown 70's famous music co

churchill oklahoma tulsa 80's

churchill oklahoma tulsa 80's mca

churchill ltd. illinois 2600 river road, des plaines 70's-80's

chute tennessee 50 music square west, nashville 70's-80's

cibc canada unknown 60's

cie tennessee 50 music square west, nashville 70's record productions of america

cim new york 51 west 52nd st., new york 80's cbs
cim = chycago international music
cimarron unknown 70 visco ct., nashville 60's prp

cimirron/rainbird unknown unknown 80's

cin kay tennessee 56 music square west, nashville 70's nws, cin kay (california)
also 15130 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA
cinch unknown unknown 60's nsd

cinch wisconsin unknown 50's usa records

cinderella louisiana 2019 st. charles, new orleans 60's

cindy new york new york unknown

cinema unknown unknown unknown

cinema sound unknown unknown 50'S

cinnamon tennessee box 1262, nashville 70's national sound distributors

circa canada calgary, alberta 60's-80's

circle m canada box 972, mount forest, ontario 70's

circle m california 1417 73rd street, oakland unknown

circo massachusetts new bedford 60'S-70'S stereophonics corp.

citation massachusetts boston 50's-60's

citation canada 55 cumberland st.,thunder bay, ontario 60's-90's

cite wisconsin sauk city 60's cuka records

cj illinois 4803 indiana avenue, chicago 60's

cjg unknown unknown unknown

claddagh ireland unknown 60's-80's

clan unknown unknown unknown

clan disc jamaica unknown 70's clancy records

clarama california 6255 sunbset blvd., hollywood 70's sussex records

claridge new york new york 70's river bottom enterprises

clark tennessee goodlettsville 60's-70's sound of nashville

clark country ohio 2039 cedarville road, goshen 70's

class unknown unknown 50's-60's

class-ee unknown unknown unknown bootleg-repro

classic texas 11171 harry hines blvd., dallas 80's

classic canada niagara falls 50's sabre records

classic artists unknown unknown unknown

claudette kentucky dayton 60's

claudra indiana marion 50's

clauwell new york 42 john st. staten island new york 60's

clayton unknown unknown unknown

claytron california rte. 9 box 1278, bakersfield 80's

clean new york 1841 broadway, new york 70's atlantic records

clear creek texas po box 521, kamah unknown

clef unknown unknown 50's

jazz (verve)
clef florida box 792, n. miami unknown

cleo tennessee 47 music square east, nashville unknown

clevetown ohio cleveland 60's pama mfg. co.

clifton new jersey 1135 main avenue, clifton 70's

climax unknown unknown 50's-60's

clinton unknown unknown 1961

clintone new york 1841 broadway, new york 70's atlantic records

clintones unknown unknown 70's-80's tops records and others

cloana canada unknown 80's

clock new york new york 50's-60's

cloud unknown unknown 60's

cloudborn ohio cleveland 70's- mirus music inc.

clouds florida 495 s.e. 1oth ct., hialeah 70's-80'S t.k. productions

clover washington 1705 k street, tacoma 60's

clover california 315 south beverly drive, beverly hiills 60's

clover virginia po box 666, collinsville 80's

clw indiana 5719 furnas road, indianapolis 60's-070's arrow enterprises

cma unknown unknown unknown

cmc california 8730 sunset, hollywood 60's

cmc georgia box 724677, atlanta 80's ichiban records

cmc tennessee 3818 ringgold rd, chattanooga 60's carlet music company

cmc unknown unknown unknown caucus music club

cmc unknown 1048 independent avenue, grand junction 80's creatice music concepts

cmc unknown unknown 60's-80's clay music company

cmc arkansas 1216 broadway, west memphis 60's-70's

cme florida box 282, north miami beach 70's-?

cmh california po box 39439, los angeles 70's-80'S

cmi tennessee 47 music square, nashville 80'S

cmm tennessee po box 1103, nashville 80's irda

cms new york 15 warren street, new york 60's

cnc unknown unknown unknown

cnn tennessee 207 b louis avenue, nashville unknown

cnr netherlands unknown 70's-80's

co & ce pennsylvania 1601 fifth avenue, pittsburg 60's-

coach california box 3655, van nuys unknown

coal wyoming box 1122, gilette unknown

coal mine unknown unknown 80's

coast 3 tennessee 27 music sqaure east, nashville unknown

coast to coast unknown unknown unknown

coast to coast parade of hits unknown unknown 50's-60's

cobal unknown unknown unknown

cobblestone new york 1650 broadway, new york 60's-70's buddah

cobra unknown unknown 60's

coburt unknown unknown 70's mgm;tranasontinental records

cochise texas po box 1415, athens 70's

coco new york 1650 broadway, new york 70's

coco palms hawaii rout #1, box 312 kapaa unknown

coconut harley unknown unknown 80's

coed new york 1619 broadway, new york 50's-60's

coins unknown unknown 70's
prp press 22891
coins florida po box 4096 leon sta., tallahassee unknown slico productions

cole illinois chicago unknown cole corporation

colgems unknown unknown 60's-70's rca

colin fat jamaica 15 bell road, kingston 90's dynamic sounds

colin fat jamaica unknown 90's

coliseum unknown unknown 60's london

collage tennessee 1008 16th avenue south, nashville 70's

collectables pennsylvania box 35, narberth 80's- laurie

collectors club new jersey penns grove unknown c.m.s. record company

collier unknown unknown 50's london

colly canada box 575, aurora, ontario unknown

colombo italy unknown unknown

colonial north carolina chapel hill 50's-60's

colonial tennessee po box 2124, nolensville 70's- superior record distributors

colonial unknown unknown 50's am-par

colonial unknown unknown 50's-60's london

colony 13 tennessee 70 visco ct., nashville unknown

colossal unknown unknown unknown capitol

colossus new york 1855 broadway, new york 60's-70's mgm

colpix new york unknown 50's-60's columbia pictures

colt 45 texas 5423 parkdale, dallas 50's-60's

columbia new york 51 w. 52nd street, new york 40's-

also in california, london, etc
columbine california 6753 hollywood blvd., hollywood 80's?

column one missouri po box 4904, springfield 70's

comanchee tennessee nashville 60's
prp press
combo new york 889 10th avenue, new york 70's-80's

also los angeles
combo california 6201 santa monica blvd.,hollywood 50's-60's

comet tennessee 726 16th avenue, nashville 60's-70's goldmont records

comet unknown unknown 60's ember distributors

comic unknown unknown 50's-60's?

comma unknown unknown unknown

command unknown