*updated 09/01/20 $0.00
A Real Professional Combo Tinnitus 001 (7" 33 rpm) Reluctant Secular Humanists;Dickie Lewis Bif Jaw;Disgruntled Filmgoers E+/M- $20.00
Abbott,Jay Bombay 1313 La Tanya Going Strong E/E+ $140.00
Abbott,Tony Wye 1005 DJ Sidewalks Of New York Surrender E+/M- $15.00
Abraham & The Casanovas Murco 1044 Soul Power Summer In Winter M- (drill hole) $60.00
Academics Ancho 101 (Original) Heavenly Love Too Good To Be True Fair noisy play OK $10.00
Academics Ancho 101 (Repro) Heavenly Love Too Good To Be True Mint- $10.00
Academics Relic 510 Heavenly Love Too Good To Be True E+/M- $20.00
Accents Jubilee 5353 DJ 22 Del Rio Avenue (Belgian Popcorn!) Red Light E/E+ (lksw) $40.00
Accidentals Franklin 1001 Joann Tempo Plays M-, looks E- $300.00
Acklin,Barbara Brunswick 55379 Love Makes A Woman Come and See Me Baby E+/M- $10.00
Acklin,Barbara Brunswick 755421 After You More Ways Than One E-/E (slwrpnap) $25.00
Acklin,Barbara Capitol 3892 Raindrops Here You Come Again M- $20.00
Acklin,Barbara & Gene Chandler Brunswick 55387 Anywhere But Nowhere From the Teacher to the Preacher M- $18.00
Adams,Arthur Blue Thumb 234 Everything I Ever Wanted In A Girl (WOL) I Can't believe My Eyes E/E+ $20.00
Adams,Betty Notes Of Gold 100 See Me Through How Can I Do Without You E+ (WRP OK@1.5 gms) $12.00
Adams,Billy Amy 893 You And Me Go(Go On Get Out Of Here) M- $30.00
Adams,Billy Apt 25072 DJ Big M My Happiness M- $75.00
Adams,Bobby Bo-Ad 101 A New Way To Hurt Me Be Careful With My Heart M- $50.00
Adams,Faye Herald 470 DJ Copy Teen-Age Heart (WOL) Witness to the Crime (WOL) E- (Sl WRPNAP) $15.00
Adams,Johnny Gone 5147 I'm Grateful (some label soil) Going to the City E/E+ $25.00
Adams,Johnny Pacemaker 249 When I'll Stop Loving You Sometimes A Man Will Shed A Few Tears Too M- (slwrpnap) $100.00
Adams,Nancy RCA 47-8599 DJ Love Is The Little Gold Screw M- $12.00
Adams,Ritchie Beltone 1011 Two Initials In A Heart (TOL) What Took You So Long (TOL) VG- $10.00
Adams,Vinnie Holton 2566 Listen Heart While We're Still Young E/E+ $60.00
Adderley,Cannonball Quintet Capitol P2299 DJ Gumba Gumba Hamba Nami E+/M- $20.00
Adderley,Nat A&M 971 Electric Eel You Baby M- $10.00
Adelphis Rim 2022 Shine Again Kiss-A-Kiss E- $80.00
Adeno,Bobby Back Beat 579 Treat You Like A Queen I'll Give Up The World E-/E $50.00
Adlibs,The Interphon 7717 DJ Neighbor Neighbor Lovely Ladies E- $55.00
Admiral Tones Felsted 8563 Rocksville,PA Hey Hey Pretty Baby M- $25.00
Admirations Atomic 12871 Dear Lady Memories Are Here To Stay E+/M- $60.00
Admirations Mercury 71521 Little Bo-Peep Bells Of Rosa Rita E- $25.00
Admirations One-derful 4851 All For You Don't Leave Me M- $40.00
Adorables Golden World 10 School's All Over Be E-/E $25.00
Adventurers Reading 602 Lover Doll Baby Baby My Heart E-/E $31.00
Adventurers Reading 602 Lover Doll Baby Baby My Heart VG- $10.00
Agee,Ray Celeste 612 I Am The Gambler You Can't Hide A Heartache M- $12.00
Agee,Ray Celeste 615 Leave Me Alone You Messed Up My Mind M- $50.00
Agee,Ray Celeste 617 Til Death Do Us Part Let's Talk About Love E+/M- $10.00
Agents,The Rally 504 DJ Gotta Help Me Calling An Angel E-/E (Looks worse scuffs) $45.00
Aiken,Ben Loma 2100 DJ Baby You Move Me Thanks To You E+/M- $40.00
Akens,Jewel Colgems 1009 DJ Little Bitty Pretty One Born A Loser VG/E- $20.00
Al & Jet Philips 40425 Lucky Us Nothing To Hide Plays M- (looks worse) $20.00
Alaimo,Chuck MGM 12508 DJ How I Love You Local 66 E+/M- $36.00
Alaimo,Chuck Quartet Ken 20 Leap Frog Blueberry Hill E-/E $20.00
Alaimo,Steve Checker 1024 One Good Reason Cry Myself To Sleep E+/M- $50.00
Alaimo,Steve Checker 1047 I Told You So Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying (WRPNAP) E $10.00
Alarm Clocks Awake 107 (repro) No Reason to Complain Yeah M-/M $20.00
Alberts,Al President 145 Blue O'Clock in the Morning Don't Say Goodbye M- $31.00
Alcoves,The Carlton 602 The Ballad Of Cassius Clay Heaven M- $30.00
Alden,Craig Jamie 1166 Goggle-eye'd Crazy Little Horn E+/M- $20.00
Aldrich,Charlie Intro 6083 Kinsey's Book Somebody Goofed VG $20.00
Alexander,G. Keith Polydor 14179DJ Sneakers E- $25.00
Alexander,Goldie Arista 0681 DJ Show You My Love M- $20.00
Alexander,Goldie Arista 681 Show You My Love Go Back M- $30.00
Alexander,Sandra Uni 55123 Got to Get You Off My Mind Ooh Baby I Love You E- (lksw) $12.00
Alexander,Wilmer Jr. & The Dukes Aphrodisiac 260 Give Me One More Chance Get it E+/M- $15.00
All Dyrections Buddah 362 DJ Soul Makossa M- $15.00
All Points Bulletin Little City 10103 APB's Theme (Chase the Pusher) E+/M- $20.00
Allan,Kirby Maze 101 DJ More Bounce to the Ounce (Red Wax) Mother Don't 'llow Rock 'n' Roll (Red Wax) G/VG- $10.00
Allen Sisters Shell 314 Never On Saturday Larry VG/E- $20.00
Allen,Al & the Skyscrapers Arrow 101 Anything You Wanna Part 1 Same Part 2 (small label peel) M- (warp OK@1.5 grams) $25.00
Allen,Chad Smash 1720 Little Lonely Domino E- $15.00
Allen,Charles Dash 5017 Winterman God Blessed Our Love E+/M- (WRPNAP) $15.00
Allen,Gary Capitol P2808 DJ Achin' All Over Pride and Soul E+/M- (tiny label tear) $60.00
Allen,Jeffrey Sound Stage 2514 Beyond the Next Hill Why Can't A Boy Cry VG $10.00
Allen,Lee Ember 1027 Promenade Walkin' With Mr. lee E/E+ $10.00
Allen,Na Janus 182 I'm My Own Man I'm In Love With You E+/M- $70.00
Allen,Ricky Four Brothers 401 I Can't Stand No Signifying I'm A Real Thankful Man M- $30.00
Allen,Ricky USA 858 DJ I Ain't Never Hurt Look On My Face E/E+ $50.00
Allen,Teri ABC-Paramount 10448 In The First Place This Little Girl Stayed Home E- $45.00
Allen,Tony Dig 104 It Hurts Me So Check Yourself (Off Center WRPNAP) VG $10.00
Allen,Tony Dot 15722 Skinny Minnie Chills (Scuffs) M- $85.00
Allen,Tony UA 50190 DJ Triple Cross Now Is Forever Love Theme E+/M- $20.00
Allison,Gene Ref-O-Ree 727 (Medley) You Can Make It If You Try;Faith How Long's the Train Been Gone E+/M- $12.00
Allison,Gene Vee Jay 273 My Heart Remembers Have Faith E-/E $15.00
Alstin,Frank WMOT 2494 Girl I Want To Share My World With You DJ Copy E+ $20.00
Alston,Henry Skyline 500 Once In A Beautiful Lifetime I Dare You Baby E/E+ $15.00
Alston,Jo-ann Vest 8001 Looking Like A Fool He Left Me Crying M- $75.00
Alvarez Polydor 14381 DJ Sooner or Later M- $130.00
Alvarez,Gato Sonic Workshop 1121 La Dolce Vita-Cha-Cha Love Makes The World Go Round E/E+ $12.00
Amando,Luis Tropicana 7001 Let Me Love You Carmelita (SOL) Bullfightin' Baby E-/E $30.00
Amaro,Tony Stacy 920 Heart And Soul Please Stay With Me (I Confess) E $40.00
Amato,Jerry Tacit 109 Dream On Little Fool When I Met You (Slight WRPNAP) E $28.00
Ambassadors Atlantic 2491 Good Love Gone Bad I've Got To Find Happiness M- drill hole $75.00
Ambassadors,The Atlantic 2442 I've Got To Find Happiness I'm So Proud Of My Baby M- $70.00
Ambers Ebb 142 Never Let You Go I'll Make A Bit E- $45.00
Ambers Jean 727 DJ Don't Go Soul in Room #401 E+/M- $20.00
Americans of '71 Bell 995 DJ The Cancer Stick Part 1 Same Part 2 M- $60.00
Ames,De De Advantage 185 DJ Break Down The Walls M- $20.00
Ammons,Gene Prestige 745 The Black Cat Something E+/M- $12.00
Anderegg,Calleen RBE 112 Don't Cry On My Shoulder Fool's Paradise M-/M $100.00
Anderson,B.K. Swirl 112 DJ Who Took The Bones From The Watermelon Mother-In-Law Cha Cha M- $50.00
Anderson,Curtis Tempre 100 DJ Running Away From Love M- $30.00
Anderson,Elton Lanor 509 Sick and Tired Life Problem E-/E $35.00
Anderson,James Cotillion 44097 DJ Mama Mama (Not Recorded) E- $10.00
Anderson,Jimmy Dot 16341 Angel Please I Wanna Boogie E+/M- $30.00
Anderson,Joe Heidi 110 How Long Will It Last So Glad M- $100.00
Anderson,Vicki Brownstone 4202 DJ I'm Too Tough For Mr. Big (Hot Pants) Sound Funky M- $55.00
Anderson,Vicki Dash 5066 You And Me Together Same (Rapp) M- $25.00
Anderson,Vicki Deluxe 6201 Wide Awake In A Dream Nobody Cares M- (Sl edge warp) $60.00
Anderson,Vicki King 6251 Answer To Mother Popcorn (I Got A Mother For You) I'll Work It Out M- $60.00
Andrews,Gene Rust 5054 Lonely Room Linda Linda E/E+ DJ Copy, some label soil $12.00
Andrews,Lee Parkway 866 DJ Operator (WOL) Looking Back M- $35.00
Andrews,Lee Swan 4076 (White Label) A Night Like Tonight You Gave To Me E/E+ $175.00
Andrews,Lee & Hearts Lost-Nite 1001 All You Can Do Cold Gray Dawn E- $10.00
Andrews,Lee & The Hearts Chess 1675 The Girl Around the Corner Tear Drops E/E+ $15.00
Andy & The Right Sound Vida 002 Love Transplant of Your Love Same Part 2 E- $30.00
Angelo,Don Mercury 71580 DJ I'm Sorry Dear My Love For You E+/M- $25.00
Angelos,The Tollie 9003 Bad Motorcycle (Wooden Wooden) Backfield in Motion VG $25.00
Angels Gee 1024 It's You I Love Best Glory Of Love VG (1 side OC) $20.00
Angels One-Five Pye 45227 Toody That Was Yesterday E+/M- $10.00
Animals MGM 13274 Take It Easy I'm Crying M (w/Pic Sleeve) $25.00
Animals,The MGM 13274 Take It Easy Baby I'm Crying M- (w/Pic Sleeve) $25.00
Anka,Paul Abc-Paramount 10169 DJ Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (WOL) It's Christmas Everywhere (WOL) E (Sl Warpnap) $25.00
Anka,Paul RCA 47-8068 Every Night Without You There You Go (w/ungraded pic sleeve) E+/M- $12.00
Anka,Paul RCA 47-8097 Eso Beso Give Me Back My Heart (w/ungraded pic sleeve) E+/M- $25.00
Anka,Paul RCA 47-8493 DJ Sylvia Behind My Smile E-/E $15.00
Annetta Juggy 404 Since There IS No More You Get Away Boy M- $125.00
Annette With Jet's Quartet Disneyland f-114 That Crazy Place In Outer Space Gold Doubloons & Pieces of Eight M- (LKWS) $50.00
Anson & The Rockets Black Top 1425 Talk To You By Hand Walking Dr. Bill M- $20.00
Anthony & The Sophomores Mercury 72103 Play Those Oldies Mr. DJ Clap Your Hands VG $25.00
Anthony,Lamont Checkmate 1001-02 Just To Be Loved I Didn't Know E+ $225.00
Anthony,Ray Capitol F4440 Atsa' Nicea' You Know It You Know It You Know It E+/M- $11.00
Apollis Soul Set 102 What It Is-Part 1 What It Is-Part 2 M-/M (Slight Dish) $225.00
Apollo,Al Cub 9121 I Laughed I'm Walkin' M- $200.00
Apollos,The Cite 5006 For Pete's Sake Good Fo A Laugh E $15.00
April,May And June RCA 47-8696 DJ He Went Away I Love The Guy M- $150.00
Arcari & Stevens Ferris Wheel 1001 I Need Your Love Our Love Will Always Grow M- $15.00
Ariel Brent 7060 DJ It Feels Like I’m Crying I Love You (Heavy Label Damage) E-/E $10.00
Arlo,Ray Castle 501 Tomorrow Night She's My Steady Date E+/M- $50.00
Arlo,Ray Castle 502 Young Generation I Pledge My Heart E+/M- $30.00
Armen,Kay Anchor 158 DJ You Better Stop Telling Lies About Me Heart and Soul E (sl wrpnap) $15.00
Armen,Mickey Peek-A-Boo 1001 DJ Cheating On Me Tell Me Why E- some label soil $30.00
Armstead,Joshie Infinity 028 Sitting Here Thinking Looking for a Lover-Boy M- $130.00
Armstead,Joshie Jo Gospel Truth 1207 DJ Ride Out The Storm M- $20.00
Arnold,Murray Quartet MGM 12530 DJ Martinique Moonlight M- $13.00
Arnold,P.P. Immediate 1901 DJ Speak To Me The First Cut IS The Deepest M- (SL WRPNAP) $50.00
Arrows (with Davie Allan) Tower 142 Baby Ruth I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover M- (wrpnap) $10.00
Arrows,The(w/Davie Allan) Tower 116 Apache '65 Blue Guitar E- $15.00
Artistics Brunswick 55477 It's Those Little Things That Count Being in Love (some label wear) M- $17.00
Asher,Vic Velsi 100 What Am I Gonna Do You're History M- $45.00
Ashford,Nick Verve 10493 DJ Young Emotions When I Feel The Need M- $100.00
Astors Stax 170 Candy I Found Out M- $50.00
Astronauts RCA 47-8194 Kuk Baja E+/M- $20.00
Astronauts RCA 47-8298 Surf Party Competition Coupe E+/M- $35.00
Astronauts,The RCA 47-8545 DJ Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day (WOL,SOL) Razzamatazz M- $35.00
Atlantic Sounds Atlantic 2492 L. David Sloane I Gotta Keep On Gwine M- $12.00
Atlantics,The Linda 107 Remember the Night Flame of Love VG $100.00
Aubry Twins (Tyronne & Jerome) MGM 13915 DJ I Can't See Nobody When The Lights Go Out E+/M- $20.00
Audrey Plus 104 Dear Elvis (With Love From Audrey) Part 2 E- $50.00
Austin,Lee People 635 DJ I'm In Love M- $20.00
Austin,Lee (The Burner) Polydor 14251 DJ I'm A Man M- $20.00
Austin,Lee-The Burner People 620 The Truth Moonlight M-/M $30.00
Austin,Little Auggie Pontiac 101 I Thank My Lucky Star My Love For You E+/M- $15.00
Austin,Patti Columbia 4-45592 DJ Day By Day E+/M- $10.00
Austin,Wendell Wreck 2 LSD Two Beer to Go E+/M- sl warpnap) $25.00
Autry,Gene Columbia 4-33165 Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer(Ticks at Start) Here Comes Santa Clause M- (w/pic sleeve) $10.00
Avalon,Frankie Chancellor 1011 Ooh La La Dede Dinah (SOL) E $15.00
Avantis Argo 5436 I Wanna Dance (WOL) Keep On Dancing (WOL) E+/M- $30.00
Avons Hull 726 Gonna Catch You Nappin' You Are So Close To Me M- (SL label Dam. At edge) $42.00
Axton,Hoyt Vee Jay 604 DJ L.A. Town Double Double Dare M- $50.00
Ayers,Roy Polydor 14212 Brother Louie Virgo Red M-/M $15.00
Ayler,Albert Impulse 273 DJ Free At Last New Ghosts M- $20.00
B.W & The Next Edition Dakar 4522 DJ Stay With Me Baby VG/E- $15.00
B.W. & the Next Edition Dakar 4522 DJ Stay With Me Baby M- $20.00
Baby Washington Neptune 107 Let's Love in the Moonlight Work Out E/E+ $20.00
Baby Washington Sue 790 You and The Night And The Music Leave Me Alone (label damage) G/VG- (WOL) $25.00
Bachelor Three Vi-Way 289 Head-Bo Thread Bo Mary Mary E/E+ $23.00
Backyard Heavies Hot Line 102 Never Can Say Goodbye Just Keep on Truckin' M- sl warpnap $65.00
Bacon,Short & the Scrambled Eggs Chart 5104 DJ A Day Late And A Dollar Short Keys in the Mail Box M- $12.00
Bagdads Double Shot 151 Keep Those Mini Skirts Up Let's Talk About The Bad Times M- $15.00
Bagley,Sandy Wrayco 219 Powmia (Pic Sleeve Has Writing) You'll Go Away Hungry Tpday M- $30.00
Bailey,Ann Wand 11265 DJ Sweeping Your Dirt Under My Rug M- $40.00
Bailey,Arlene Cobra 0010 Ain't That Something I Had a Love M- wol $60.00
Bailey,Buddy & the Clovers Porwin 1004 It's All In The Game That's What I Will Be M- $25.00
Bailey,David Banner 60202 DJ My Share Of Heartaches Time Out For Tears E+/M- (Sl WRPNAP) $10.00
Bailey,J.R. Mam 3635 Not Too Long Ago I'll Always Be Your Lover M- $20.00
Bailey,Jay Jay Tina 900 Salute to Black Women Walk Proud E+/M- $125.00
Bailey,Jimmy Columbia 4-43340 DJ I Miss Her Happy Train E+/M- $40.00
Bain,Bob Radiant 1509 Experiment In Terror Soft Guitar E $15.00
Baker,Bill & The Chestnuts Elgin 007/008 Won't You Tell Me My Heart Tell Me Little Darling E+/M- $75.00
Baker,Lavern Atlantic 1104 Still I Can't Love You Enough M- $10.00
Baker,Lavern & Ben E. King Atlantic 2067 How Often A Help-Each-Other Romance M- $10.00
Baker,Lavern & the Glider Atlantic 1057 (yellow) Bop-Ting-A- Ling That's All I Need VG $10.00
Baker,Mickey Guitar Rainbow 288 Greasy Spoon (WOL) Shake Walkin' E $20.00
Baker,Sam Sound Stage 2613 DJ Comin' To Bring You Some Soul I Can't Break Away M- $20.00
Baker,Sam Sound Stage 2630 I Love You Hold Back Girl E-/E $20.00
Baker,Sam & Nancy Cohen Hit 125 Once Upon A time E+ $150.00
Balcom,Handsome Jim Starla 7 Corrido Rock Same (Part 2) E- $12.00
Ballad,Johnny & Zodiacs Wildcat 0016 My Song Another Day (Mislabeled shown as "My Song" E- $100.00
Ballads,The Music City 896 Lovin You Isn't Enough I'm Gonna Show You How To Do The Bump M- $40.00
Ballard,Hank King 502 Work With Me Annie Annie Had A Baby M- $10.00
Ballard,Hank King 6244 DJ Butter Your Popcorn M- Warp OK@1.5 gms) $25.00
Ballard,Hank & His Midnighters King 6119 DJ You'e In Real Good Hands (SOL) Unwind Yourself E/E+ $40.00
Ballard,Hank & the Midnight Lighters Polydor 14128 Finger Poppin' Time (2 pits Cause ticks) From the Love Side VG/E- $15.00
Banks,Darrell Revilot 201 Open the Door to Your Heart (WOL) Our Love is in the Pocket (WOL) Good $10.00
Banks,Larry DCP 1133 DJ I'm Comin' Home I Don't Wanna Do It E+/M- sl warpnap $100.00
Barbara & Brenda Heidi 106 DJ You Don't Love Me Anymore A Special Kind of Love E- $15.00
Barbara & Joe Respect 2507 You're Astounding Don't You Know That It's Alright M- slwarpnap $30.00
Barbarians Laurie 3308 Take It Ot Leave It Are You A Boy or Are You A Girl E+/M- $12.00
Barbarians Laurie 3326 I'll Keep On Seeing You Moulty E+/M- $26.00
Barbarin,Marilyn Virgil 101 Stop Before You Start Make It Alone M- $225.00
Barber,Chris Jazz Band Laurie 3022 Petite Fleur (W/Pic Sleeve) Wild Cat Blues M- $15.00
Barclay,Eddie Tico 249 The Bandit Neu Piao VG $15.00
Bare,Bobby Fraternity 861 That's Where I Want To Be I'm Hangin' Up My Rifle E- $20.00
Bari,Sam Glen 5003 Guaglione I Can't Believe You're In Love With Me M- $15.00
Barin,Pete Sabina 504 DJ Broken Heart So Wrong VG $25.00
Bar-Kays Volt 158 DJ I Want Someone A Hard Day's Night M- $20.00
Barlow,Dean Davis 450 True Love Can't Stand It Any Longer VG $25.00
Barlow,Dean Warwick 618 Friendly People (Label Tear) It's All In Your Mind E- $20.00
Barnes,Benny D 1052 Gold Records In The Snow Happy Little Blue Bird E+ $60.00
Barnes,Betty RCA 47-9274 DJ Walking Down Broadway (WOL) The Sky Without The Sun E- $75.00
Barnes,Billy Liberty 55421 DJ Until To Prove My Love M- $75.00
Barnes,James & Agents Golden Hit 101 Free At Last Great Day A-Comin' Free At Last E- $15.00
Barnes,Sidney Gemini 101 I'm Satisfied Wait E+/M- $115.00
Barnett,James Fame 1001 (UK) Keep On Talking Take a Good Look M- (2012 reissue) $65.00
Barnum,H.B. Capitol F5932 Searchin' For My Soul Heartbreaker M- (sl warpnap);DH $125.00
Barnum,H.B. Imperial 66046 Skakiaan Ska Drums E+/M- $20.00
Barnum,H.B. RCA 47-8014 Oh My Achin' Back Call On Me VG $15.00
Baron,Nancy Chelsea 102 DJ I've Got A Feeling Oh Yeah VG/E- sl warpnap $15.00
Barons Epic 5-9586 Pledge of a Fool Don't Go Away Pretty Little Girl E+ $50.00
Barons Epic 5-9586 Pledge of a Fool Don't Go Away Pretty Little Girl M- $60.00
Barons Torch 102 You're Gonna Get Hurt I'll Never Be Happy M- (SLWRPNAP) $50.00
Barons,The Spartan 400 I've Been Hurt Willow Weep For Me E+/M- $15.00
Barrett,Susan RCA 47-9017 DJ Walking Happy How Can You hang On To A Dream E/E+ $11.00
Barretto,Ray Fania 454 Soul Drummers Mercy, Mercy Baby E+/M- $85.00
Barretto,Ray Tico 424 DJ Enamorado (In Love) Encendido Otra Vez M- $30.00
Barri,Steve Rona 1004 I Want Your Love Story Of The Ring E+/M- $25.00
Barri,Steve Rona 1004 DJ Story Of The Ring I Want Your Love E+/M- $25.00
Barris,Marti Keen 2003 DJ My First Love Scottish Fling E/E+ $15.00
Barry & The Tamerlanes Valiant 6040 Butterfly Roberta M- $15.00
Barry,Jeff RCA 47-7477 Hip Couple It's Called Rock and Roll E-/E $25.00
Barry,Joe Jin 144 (first issue) I'm A fool to Care I Got A Feeling VG $30.00
Barry,Joe Jin 152 For You Sunshine Teardrops In My Heart E+/M- $25.00
Barry,Len Decca 31889 DJ Happiness Like A Baby E+ $20.00
Barry,Len RCA 47-9464 Sweet and Funky I Like The Way E+/M- $10.00
Barry,Royce Part 2 14682 A Pair of 38's One Last Weekend M- $15.00
Barry,Steve Verus 506 Tell me Your Toubles The Nightmare E-/E (label stain from Tape) $25.00
Barry,Steve Verus 506 DJ Tell me Your Troubles The Nightmare VG-/VG $10.00
Bartholonew,Dave Imperial 5481 Cinderella Hard Times (The slop) E- $40.00
Bartley,Chris Buddah 115 DJ My Baby's One Wonderful Girl I Know We Can Work It Out E+/M-(Warp OK@1.5 gms) $110.00
Bartley,Chris Musicor 1437 A Man, A Woman Tomorrow Keeps Shining On Me M- $45.00
Barton,Billy Boy Gulf 1001 Monkey Business Blue Lover E- $15.00
Basin Street Boys Cash 1052 I Sold my Heart to the Junkman E- $20.00
Basin Street Six Mercury 70219 Melancholy Rhapsody Panama E- $20.00
Bass,Dennis Wayne Camaro 3386 You Win Again Long Tall Sally E/E+ $20.00
Bass,Fontella Checker 1137 I Surrender I Can't Rest M- $15.00
Bataan,Joe RCA PA10033 Latin Strut Peace, Friendship and Solidarity E- $20.00
Batchelor,Harry & Mighty Crowns Roulette 7041 DJ Soul Soul Feeling Just A Few More Minutes E+/M- (WOL) $75.00
Batchelor,Ruth Parkway 852 DJ Mr. Principal Lemon Drops, Lolly Pops, & Double Bubble Gum M- (WARPNAP) $20.00
Battiste,Harold Jr. Uptown 702 This is How We Do It In New Orleans This is the Truth M- $18.00
Baxter,Eddie Kapp 357 Fortune Cookie Part 1 Same part 2 E+/M- $45.00
Bay Bops Coral 61975 Joanie Follow the Rock E+/M- $40.00
Bay Brothers,The Millenium JH11810 What Does It Take To Win Your Love M- $100.00
BBC,The Mega 0091 Upside nwod E-/E $20.00
Beach Boys Reprise 1156 California Saga (On My Way To Sunny Californ-i-a Funky Pretty M- $20.00
Beard,Dean Atlantic 1162 Stand By Me (label tears) Party Party VG $30.00
Beasley,Jimmy & The Rockers Modern 1021 Johnny's House Party Part 1 Same Part 2 E-/E $15.00
Beatles Apple 2764 Let It Be (WITH E+/M-Pic Sleeve) You Know My Name LookUp My Number E+/M- $20.00
Beatles Capitol 18891 (Clear Wax) Across the Universe Two Of Us M-/M $50.00
Beatles Capitol 18893 (Blue Wax) It's All Too Much Only A Northern Song M-/M $50.00
Beatles Capitol 18898 (Blue Wax) The Long And Winding Road For You Blue M-/M $50.00
Beatles Capitol 18899 (Yellow Wax) Helter Skelter Got To Get You Into My Life M-/M $50.00
Beatles Capitol 18900 (Clear Wax) Ob-La-Di,Ob-La-Da Julia M-/M $50.00
Beatles Capitol 2138 Lady Madonna Inner Light VG- (record);M-(Pic Sleeve) $20.00
Beatles Capitol 5234 I'll Cry Instead I'm Happy Just To Dance With You M W/Ungraded Pic Sleeve $140.00
Beatles Capitol F5112 (Hofer) I Saw Her Standing There (W/reissue pic sleeve) I Want To Hold Your Hand M- $80.00
Beatles Capitol F5112 (Pincus) I Saw Her Standing There (W/reissue pic sleeve) I Want To Hold Your Hand M- $45.00
Beatles Capitol F5498 Act Naturally Yesterday (w/pic sleeve) E- $40.00
Beatles MGM 13213 My Bonnie (W/Green PIC Sleeve) The Saints E+/M- $100.00
Beatles Swan 4182 Sie Liebt Dich (SOL,WOL) I'll Get You VG $50.00
Beau Itsathang 002 Roller Skate Part 1 Same Part 2 E-/E $20.00
Beau-Belles Arrow 729 Honky Tonk Hop Wonderful You E-/E $25.00
Beaufort Express Priscilla 1001 You Got to do Your Best Here I Come E+/M- $30.00
Beau-Marks Rust 5035 School is Out (Few ticks at start fromscratch) Classmate VG/M- $10.00
Beau-Marks Shad 5017 Daddy Said Clap Your Hands E $12.00
Beaumont,Jimmy May 115 I Shoulda Listened To Mama Juarez E- $50.00
Beavers,Jackey Show Mainstream 713 DJ When Something Is Wrong With My Baby VG $40.00
Beck,Jimmy Champion 1010 Fiesta Nightmare E-/E $25.00
Becker,Gloria Real 1304 Adios To Mexico City Sixteen Pounds VG $15.00
Beeman,Johnny Amy 809 Rockin' Beatnik Laffin' Beatnik E- $100.00
Beer Garden 4 Plus 1 Smash 1778 DJ Sauerkraut New Generation M- $25.00
Belafonte,Harry RCA SPD-24 The Best of Belafonte (10 record set) M- $20.00
Bell Brothers Sure Shot 5012 Don't You Know She's Alright Not Your Kind Of Love E+ $35.00
Bell Notes Time (Blue) 1004 I've Had It Be Mine E+/M- $10.00
Bell,Archie & Drells Atlantic 2478 Tighten Up Same Part 2 E+/M- (Edge flat spot NAP) $10.00
Bell,Archie & Drells Glades 1707 Count The Ways Dancing To Your Music VG/E- $20.00
Bell,Archie & Drells Glades 1711 You Never Know What's On A Woman's Mind Ain't Nothing For A Man In Love M- $18.00
Bell,Archie & The Drells PIR 3651 DJ Old People E+ $70.00
Bell,Dennis Imperial 5781 Quarantine The Last Goodbye E-/E $15.00
Bell,Dennis Imperial 5808 DJ Girl Who Lives Next Door I Just Couldn't Look Any More E- (Filmy) $11.00
Bell,Larry & The Soul Pack Philips 40612 DJ Mess Around Experienced M- $35.00
Bell,Madeline Ascot 2180 DJ Daytime Don't Cry My Heart E- (looks worse) $25.00
Bell,Madeline Philips 40582 What'm I supposed to Do Step Inside Love M- drill hole $10.00
Bellomo,Joe Coed 533 DJ Gift of the Gods Tu Solo Tu (You Are the One) E+ $65.00
Bellus,Tony NRC 023 Robbin' The Cradle Valentine Girl M- $15.00
Belmonts Laurie 3080 We Belong Together Such A Long Way VG $20.00
Belmonts Sabrina 500 Tell Me Why (SOL) Smoke From Your Cigarette E+/M- $20.00
Belmonts Sabrina 501 Don't Get Around Much Anymore Searching For A New Love E (SL WRPNAP) $10.00
Belmonts Sabrina 501 Don't Get Around Much Anymore Searching For A New Love E+/M- $15.00
Belmonts Surprise 1000 Tell Me Why Smoke From Your Cigarette VG $40.00
Ben & Bea Philips 40000 Let The Good Times Roll Gee Baby E/E+ $20.00
Ben & Bea Philips 40000 Let The Good Times Roll (SOL) Gee Baby E- $15.00
Bennett,Bobby Malibu 1220 There's Never Been A Girl (Title Crossed Out) Love Me With All Yor Heart M-/M $50.00
Bennett,Bobby PIR 3506 DJ Bumble Bee Sting Me Days Go By E+/M- $55.00
Bennett,Bobby & the Dynamics Loma 2016 DJ Soul Jerk Part 1 Same Part 2 VG (label soil) $15.00
Bennett,Boyd King 4853 DJ The Most Desperately VG $18.00
Bennett,Boyd Mercury 71479 Boogie Bear A Boy Can Tell E+/M- $20.00
Bennett,Carolyn Sully 926 So Sad To Bad I Wonder E/E+ (wol) $15.00
Bennett,Joe & Sparkletones ABC-Par 9837 Black Slacks Boppin' Rock Boogie E+/M- $10.00
Bennett,Joe & Sparkletones ABC-Par 9867 Rocket Penny Loafers and Bobby Sox E+/M- $20.00
Bennett,Joe & the Sparkletones ABC-Paramount 9959 Do the Stop Late Again E-/E DJ Copy WOL $25.00
Bennett,Tony Columbia 4-43220 DJ If I Ruled The World Take The Moment E+/M- $10.00
Benson,George A&M 1076 My Woman's Good To Me Jackie, All M- $35.00
Benton,Brook Mercury 71566 Ties That Bind Hither and Thither And Yon E+/M- $15.00
Bernaard,Chuck Satellite 2008 Every Hurt Makes You Stronger Funny Changes M- $40.00
Bernstein,Herb New Crusade Metromedia 106 (dj copy) Land of 1,000 Dances Delilah M- $80.00
Berry,Chuck Checker 1089 Chuck's Beat Bo's Beat E-/E $20.00
Berry,Chuck Chess 1604 (1st press) Wee Wee Hours Maybelline VG- $10.00
Berry,Chuck Chess 1604 (2nd press) Wee Wee Hours Maybelline M- $25.00
Berry,Chuck Chess 1635 Brown Eyed Handsome Man Too Much Monkey Business E+/M- $50.00
Berry,Chuck Chess 1683 Reelin And Rocking Sweet Little Sixteen E-/E $20.00
Berry,Chuck Chess 1926 Dear Dad Lonely School Dyas E+/M- $15.00
Berry,Chuck Chess (lt blue) 1714 Merry Christmas Baby Run Rudolph Run M- (drill hole) $20.00
Berry,Mike & The Outlaws Coral 62341 Tribute To Buddy Holly (WOL) Every Little Kiss VG/E- $15.00
Berry,Minzi Score 1004/1005 The Hurt Is Gone I Don't Want You No More (WOL) M- (Warp OK@1.5 gms) $75.00
Berry,Richard WB 5164 It's All Right Walk Right In E- $40.00
Berry,Richard & Soul Searchers AMC 818 Breaking In A New Heart Go Go Girl E+/M- $21.00
Bevan,Alex Big Tree 126 Linda's Song Brady Street Hotel E-/E $10.00
Beverly,Charles IX Chains 7010 Stop and Think A Minute Grass Ain't Greener E+/M- $25.00
Beverly,Frankie Raw Soul Gregar 0115 Tomorrow May Not Be Your Day While I'm Alone VG $80.00
Big Al Downing Kansoma 0004 Heartbreak Hill The Saints E $30.00
Big Bo & The Arrows Duchess 1013 Hully Gully Now Big Bo's Twist M- $20.00
Big Bob Dougherty Westport 139 Teen-Age Flip Blue Monday Blues E- $11.00
Big Daddy Gee 1051 Where In The World Walking Her Home E+/M- $20.00
Big Daddy Simpson M-Pac 7226 Give Me Back My Ring Let Your Hair Down Baby VG $40.00
Big Mack & The Shufflers Tri-Mac 501 Someday You're Gonna Sing the Blues Out Of My Mind M- $200.00
Big Mama Thornton Arhoolie 512 My Heavy Load Swing It On Home M- $14.00
Big Teddy & The Ramblers Columbia 4-41581 DJ Negev Ramble Scent Of Mystery E/E+ $21.00
Big Walter Peacock 1674 I'll Cry For You I Gotta Go E+/M- $75.00
Bill & Sherry Tangerine 960 DJ I Must Go I Believe You Put Me Down (SOL, WOL) E+/M- $40.00
Billie & Lillie Swan 4002 La Dee Dah Billy Ford/Thunderbirds-The Monster M- $20.00
Billups, Shorty UA 281 DJ The Search Is Over Bend A Little E- (looks worse) $15.00
Billy & Lillie ABC-Par 10421 Whip It To Me Love Me Sincerely VG $12.00
Billy & The Ar-kets Rally 501 Little Archie M- (warp OK@1.5 Gms.) $30.00
Billy & The Essentials Jamie 1239 Over The Weekend Maybe You'll Be There E+/M- $35.00
Billy & The Essentials Smash 2045 Babalu's Wedding Day My Way Of Saying M- $15.00
Billy & The Glens Jaro 77006 DJ I Believe In You Oh Boy E-/E $25.00
Birdlegs & His Versatility Birds Cuca 1125 Spring So Many Ways E- (Origi. Sleeve) $35.00
Birdlegs & Pauline Vee Jay 510 In So Many Ways Spring E (Sl Label Wear) $20.00
Birdsong,Larry Ace 589 Who Do You Love I'm So Glad You're Home E $10.00
Birdsong,Larry Calvert 104 Three Times Seven Tell Me The Truth E- $15.00
Birdsong,Larry Excello 2064 It Won'T Be This Way Always You Won't Be Needin' Me No More E/E+ $20.00
Birdsong,Larry Ref-O-Ree 704 (White Label) Tell Me The Truth Sea Sand E+/M- $40.00
Birdsong,Larry Ref-O-Ree 710 Fairly Well Digging Your Potatoes M- $25.00
Bishop,Ronnie Zuma 661 Kiss And Run Banks of the Ohio E+/M- $30.00
Bitter Sweets Cameo 368 What A Lonely Way To Start The Summertime Mark My Words E- (WOL) $15.00
Black Society MCA 40068 DJ I Feel Sherry M- $20.00
Black Stash Contempo 7104 Mighty Love Man Pt 1 Same Pt 2 E $35.00
Black,Bill Combo Hi 2026 Don't Be Cruel (W/Pic Sleeve) Rollin' M- $20.00
Black,Cane Okeh 7318 DJ Hold On To What You Got Sometimes M- $30.00
Black,Cody D-Town 1066 Too Many Irons In The Fire Would You Let Me Know M- $140.00
Black,Flip Jubilee 5458 DJ Dreams of a Fool My Book Of Memories M- (Warp OK @2.0 grams) $15.00
Black,Shelly Vigor 1736 DJ No Turning Back E/E+ $15.00
Blackstone Blackstone 14203 Hot Blues Kain The Nubian E+/M- $36.00
Blake,Cicero Mar-V-Lus 6004 DJ You're Gonna Be Sorry Sad Feeling M- (Sl. Warpnap) $80.00
Blakely,Cornell Shenita 102 Don't Touch The Moon Promise To Be True E/E+ $15.00
Blakey,Carolyn King 6284 DJ Tomorrow's Child E- $10.00
Blakey,Carolyn King 6284 DJ Tomorrow's Child E+/M- $15.00
Blanchard,Edgar Ric 954 Lonesome Guitar Let's Get It M- $40.00
Blanchard,Edgar Specialty 585 Mr. Bumps Ricki-Ticki-Too M- $75.00
Bland,Billy Old Town 1076 Let The Little Girl Dance Sweet Thing E+/M- $20.00
Bland,Billy Old Town 1082 Pardon Me You Were Born To Be Loved (Label Ring Wear) E- $20.00
Bland,Billy Old Town 1082 You Were Born To Be Loved Pardon Me E $20.00
Bland,Billy Old Town 1082 You Were Born To Be Loved Pardon Me E- $15.00
Bland,Bobby Duke 383 Ain't Doing Too Bad Same Pt 2 E+/M- $15.00
Bland,Bobby Blue Duke 141 Time Out It's My Life Baby E/E+ $60.00
Blandon,Curtis Port 70035 Soul Mr. Imagination M- sl wrpnap $75.00
Blast Furnace Band/Grapevine Singers Clintone 012 DJ Hammering Hank Pt 1 Mint- $15.00
Blazers Golden Crest 552 Vive La Compagnie Huka Hop Party M- $9.00
Bledsoe,Steve & the Blue Jays Vem 2227 After Hours Thirty Three Blues E+/M- $15.00
Blendells Reprise 0291 Huggie's Bunnies La La La La La E- (filmy) $15.00
Blenders Witch 114 Daughter Everybody's Got A Right E- $13.00
Blenders Witch 114 Daughter Everybody's Got A Right VG $10.00
Blenders Witch 117 Squat & Squirm Boy's Think Every Girl's The Same VG (Sl Warp OK @1.5 gms) $15.00
Blends,The Casa Grande 3037 Someone To Care Now It's Your Turn VG $12.00
Blendtones Success 101 Dear Diary Lovers E $22.50
Blitz Future 6 Husk Solar (with pic cover) E- $25.00
Blizzard Metromedia 171 DJ Keep A Knockin'/Get Back/Etc. Health M- $10.00
Blizzard Metromedia 233 DJ Let Me Down Easy E+/M- $10.00
Blockbusters,The Antler 4008 Nobody To Love Good Gosh Golly M- $15.00
Blondie Private Stock 45097 X Offender (E-) In The Sun (M-) E-/M- $125.00
Blood Brothers Turbo 014 Black Is So Bad Blank (not recorded) E- $40.00
Bloom,Bobby Kama Sutra 223 Where Is The Woman Love, Don't Let Me Down M- $50.00
Blossoms Challenge 9109 I'll Wait Son-In-Law E-/E $20.00
Blossoms Epic 8-50434 DJ Walking on Air Same M- $15.00
Blowflys,The Dash 5007 Funky In The Hole Funky Plays E+/M- (looks worse) $90.00
Blue Angel Polydor 2149 DJ I Had A Love E+/M- $15.00
Blue Jays Milestone 2008 (blue label You're Gonna Cry Lover's Island E- $20.00
Blue Jays Milestone 2008 (blue&white) You're Gonna Cry Lover's Island M- $30.00
Blue Jays Milestone 2008 (green label) You're Gonna Cry Lover's Island E+/M- (looks worse) $15.00
Blue Jays Milestone 2009 Tears Are Falling (Label Stain) Tree Tall Len E-/E $25.00
Blue Jays Milestone 2010 Let's Make Love Rock Rock Rock E/E+ $35.00
Blue Jeans,The Souvenir 1006 Since You've Gone Cool Martini (WOL) E+/M- $75.00
Blue Notes Val-ue 213 My Hero A Good Woman VG $15.00
Bluel,Pinky Jo-Cur 111 No Vacancy Take Me As I Am E+/M- $25.00
Blues Magoos Mercury 72660 There's a Chance We can Make It Pipe Dream M- DH $10.00
Bo,Eddie Scram 119 If It's Good To You It's Good For You Part 1 Same Part 2 E- (Label Dings) $30.00
Bobbettes Atlantic 1144 Mr. Lee Look At The Stars E-/E $15.00
Bobbettes Diamond 181 You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet I'm Climbing A Mountain M- $50.00
Bobbettes Jubilee 5442 DJ The Broken Heart (WOL) Mama Papa E+/M- $28.00
Bobbettes Triple-X 104 I Shot Mr. lee Billy E-/E $25.00
Bobbettes,The Atlantic 1159 Speedy Come-a Come-a E/E+ $20.00
Bobbettes,The Atlantic 2069 I Shot Mr. Lee Untrue Love E- $12.00
Bobby & Billy UA 305DJ Pachanga Baby (WOL) Blushing Girl E-/E $35.00
Bobby & Cindy Shaker 101 I'll Keep Coming Back If This Ain't Really Love M- $20.00
Bobby-Pins Okeh 7110 DJ I Want You Darling Don't Leave Me E+/M- $15.00
Bobo,Bobby Sage 239 Stamps Doggone Longgone Blues E- (SL EWNAP) $25.00
Bocephus Verve 10540 Meter Reader Maid Jus A Dream M- $10.00
Bocky & the Visions Philips 40242 I'm Not Worth It I'm Pickin' Petals E+/M- $15.00
Bogle,Jim & The Beaumen Texas Record Co 2629 Letter to my Love Beware Bogle Bear E- $100.00
Bomboras,The Dionysus 74576 Last Call Surfin' Bull M- $10.00
Bompers HBR 441DJ Early Bird Do The Bomp VG $12.00
Bond,Eddie Memphis 114 DJ Raunchy Cold Dark Waters E+/M- $35.00
Bond,Johnny Republic 2005 Hot Rod Lincoln Five-Minute Love Affair E- $12.00
Bond,Johnny Republic 2005 Hot Rod Lincoln Five-Minute Love Affair E-/E $15.00
Bond,Johnny Republic 2005 Hot Rod Lincoln Five-Minute Love Affair VG (LKSW)(Label Fade) $10.00
Bonds,Gary U.S. Legrand 1003 Please Forgive Me New Orleans E/E+ $15.00
Bonds,Gary U.S. Legrand 1009 School is Out (With VG++ Picture Sleeve) One Million Tears E $35.00
Bonds,Gary U.S. Legrand 1019 Gettin' A Groove Seven Day Weekend E/E+ $12.00
Bonds,Gary U.S. Legrand 1045 DJ Mixed Up Faculty Call Me For Christmas M- $10.00
Bonds,Gary U.S. (Guida) Legrand 1008 Quarter to Three Where Did The Naughty Girl Go E-/E $15.00
Bonds,Gary U.S. (Guida) Legrand 1015 Havin' So Much Fun Dear Lady Twist M- $15.00
Bonds,Gary U.S. (Guida) Legrand 1018 Food Of Love Twist Twist Senora E+/M- $12.00
Bonus,Jack Grunt 0504 St. Louis Missouri Boy Sweet Mahidabella E/E+ $15.00
Book Of Matches TCF 6726 DJ Bad Times-Good Times Song For Kimberly M- $10.00
Booker,James Peacock 1697 Cool Turkey Gonzo E/E+ $15.00
Boothe,Betty Falew! 103 Right on Time Teardrop Avenue M-/M $50.00
Bootleggers Relic 530 (Red Wax) Rat Race E- $15.00
Boss Guitars Kapp 690 DJ The Knack Theme From "Zorba the Greek" M- $22.00
Bottom & Company Motown 1291 DJ You're My Life M- $40.00
Bottom & Company Motown 1309 DJ Spread the News M- $30.00
Boulanger,Leon Hep 2941 The Hurting Song Lonely In MY Heart E- $20.00
Bowen,Jeffrey Bear 5007 Theme From Taras Bulba (The Wishing Star) We will Never Be As Young As This Again M- $15.00
Bowen,Jeffrey Mercury 72383 I'll Get By All By Myself I"ve Got A Brand New Feeling M-/M $150.00
Bowens,Bobby & Shades Of Magic Galactic Star 3944 Scratch It Sweet Love-So Good M- $30.00
Bowman,Priscilla Abner 1018 DJ A Rockin' Good Way (WOL) I Ain't Givin' Up Nothin' (SOL) E+/M- $35.00
Boyce,Tommy A&M 809 Sunday The Day Before Monday M- $10.00
Boyce,Tommy RCA 47-8074 I'll Remember Carol Too Late For Tears VG/E- $10.00
Boyd,Eddie & His Chess Men Chess 1621 Don't Life Gets To Be A Burden VG/E- Label Ring $25.00
Boyd,Idalia Dimension 1007 Some Kind Of Wonderful Hula Hoppin' M- $25.00
Boyd,Jimmy Columbia 4-40365 Santa Claus Blues I Saw Mommy Do The Mambo E/E+ $20.00
Boyd,Oscar Hermes 107 When Things Get A Little Better Little Sweet Things You Do E+ $10.50
Boyd,Reggie & the Fan-taz-sticks Liberty 55621 Drummer Man Cotton Picker E+ DJ Copy $10.00
Boynton,Huriah Royal H 17469 Make Up Your Mind Believe in God, Believe in Christmas M- $25.00
Boys In The Band Spring 103 Sumpin' Heavy How About A Little Hand for the Boys In the Band M- $10.00
Boze,Ed Avco 4622 Memories Lonely E+/M- $65.00
Boze,Ed Avco 4636 DJ You're A Pat of Me (You're the Heart Of Me) M- $35.00
Bracelets,The TCF 539 DJ You're Just Fooling Yourself You Better Move On M- $110.00
Bradford,Eddie Chess 2133 DJ You Made Your Bed Push Mr. Pride Aside M- $30.00
Bradley,Jan Chess 1897 DJ Please Mr. D.J. Two Of A Kind E+/M- $23.00
Bradshaw,Carolyn Abbott 141 Marriage of Mexican Joe Baby Then You're Catchin' On E-/E $10.00
Brady,Liz Capitol F5479 Hey O Daddy O Comme Tu Es Jeune E- $50.00
Bragg,Joe Arliss 1013 Pretty Please It's A Lovely Thing M- $30.00
Branch,William Zip 1001 Smiling Eyes Part 2 E+/M- $23.00
Brandon,Don Challenge 59224 It's Wonderful Being Young Easy Boy Don't Get Excited M- $25.00
Brannon,Linda Epic 5-9640 Don't Separate Us Don't Cross Over to my Side of the Street E- $15.00
Brass Rail Buddah 248 Do The Penguin Part 1 Same Part 2 M- $60.00
Brassard,Mike & The Ravens Empire 2 The Biggest Fool Around Baby Please Don't Leave Me E- $25.00
Braswell,Jimmy King 6374 DJ I Can't Give You My Heart Your Love Is Out Of Reach M- DH $300.00
BRC Wirl 621 Sugar Bum Bum Come Leh We Jam M- (Warp OK@1.5 grams) $20.00
Breakwater Arista 0565 DJ Release The Beast E+/M- $40.00
Breedlove,Jimmy Atco 6094 That's My Baby Over Somebody Else's Shoulder E-/E $15.00
Breedlove,Jimmy Atco 6094 That's My Baby Over Somebody Else's Shoulder E+/M- $20.00
Breedlove,Jimmy Okeh 7145 DJ My Guardian Angel (WOL) Anytime You Want Me VG (some label soil) $200.00
Bremers,Beverly Scepter 12315 Don't Say You Don't Remember Get Smart Girl E/E+ $15.00
Bremers,Beverly Scepter 12315 DJ Don't Say You Don't Remember E-/E $20.00
Brenda & The Tabulation Top & Bottom 403 DJ And My Heart Sang Tra La La Blank (Unrecorded) E- $10.00
Brenda & The Tabulations Dionn 501 Stay Together Young Lovers Who's Lovin' You E- $15.00
Brent,Frankie Cameo 196 Rang Dang Doo Hold it M- $50.00
Bridge Graytom 1004 Stick Your Finger In The Ground and Turn…. Same (Instrumental) E+/M- $35.00
Briggs,Jimmy UA 50825 Trying To Find A Way You Were Almost Mine E/E+ $28.00
Briggs,Lillian Epic 5-9115 Don't Stay Away Too Long I Want You To Be My Baby E- $15.00
Briggs,Lillian Epic 5-9190 DJ Mean Words I'll Be Gone E (WOL) $30.00
Bright,Larry Tide 006 I'll Change My Ways Mojo Workout E $30.00
Broadway Domain 1001 We've Really Got This Thing Together Everybody Loves A Dancer M- $50.00
Brock TCF 2074 DJ If We Don't Make It Nobody Can (WOL) E- $10.00
Brock TCF 2074 DJ If We Don't Make It Nobody Can (WOL) E+/M- (WARP OK@1.5 gms) $20.00
Brock,Tom TCF 2136 The Love We Share Is The Greatest of Them All I Love You More And More M- $70.00
Bronc-Glows Bull City 001 Charge Sandman E+/M- $30.00
Brooklyn People Cheri 504 Boogie Man Part 1 Same Part 2 E/E+ $20.00
Brooks,Chuck Mercury DJ-358 Baby Please Don't Set Me Free Loneliness is a Friend of Mine M- $85.00
Brooks,Chuck Volt 4034 DJ Love's Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down Pt 1 Pt 2 E- $15.00
Brooks,Donnie Era 3018 Do It For Me Mission Bell E $10.00
Brooks,Donnie Era 3018 Do It For Me Mission Bell E-/E $10.00
Brooks,L. Star 1001 Romers of Love Judo and Karate M- $110.00
Brooks,Lillian Newport 101 Yes Dear (WOL) You're Foolin' Someone (WOL) E-/E $15.00
Brooks,Lillian Oriole 1318 You Oughta Get To Know Me Better Do Pote (Warp OK @1.5 Gms) VG-/VG $10.00
Brooks,Louis Excello 2063 Can't Keep From Cryin' Baby Baby What's Wrong VG/E- $20.00
Brooks,Louis Excello 2141 DJ Frisco (Label stain/damage) Overton-Lea Drive (Label stain/damage) E/E+ $20.00
Brooks,Louis & Hi-Toppers Excello 2119 Gonna Stop Foolin Myself Don't You Know E- $35.00
Brooks,Wayne & Cyclones Warwick 629 DJ Runaway Secret Love E+/M- $25.00
Brother Scott & Co (With Band) BSC 2630 Our Love Is Growing Looking Into The Future M- $80.00
Brother Soul Elmcor 103 Feeling Funky Life Is Like A Maze M- $40.00
Brother To Brother Turbo 048 Joni Chance With You M- $8.00
Brotherly Love Music Merchant 1004 Bingo Mama's Little Baby Loves Lovin' E $15.00
Brothers By Choice Ala 108 Oh, Darlin' Why Can't You Make Up Your Mind M- $38.00
Brothers Grimm Mercury 72512 A Man Needs Love Looky Looky M- (Drill Hole) $140.00
Brothers Guiding Light/Aristocrats La Coupe 1006 (reissue) Getting Together Let's Get Together Now M- (WRP OK@1.5 GMS) $70.00
Brothers Of Love Blue Rock 4057 Sweetie Pie Yes I Am E+/M- $20.00
Brothers Of Love Blue Rock 4057 Yes I Am Sweetie Pie E/E+ $10.00
Brothers of Love Intrepid 75026 DJ Make Love Not War (Love is What Wer'e Striving For M- $28.00
Brown Sugar Band,The Sugar 100 Night-Time Lady Get On Up And Shake Your Stuff M- $60.00
Brown,Al (Tunetoppers) Amy 804 The Madison Mo Madison E+/M- $10.00
Brown,Al Rhythm Band Sound Gems 103 I Wanna Dance Pt 1 Part 2 M- $15.00
Brown,Alex Tangerine 1001 What Would You Do Without Someone To Love I'm In Love VG $10.00
Brown,Andrew Four Brothers 444 Let's Get Together First Love M- $75.00
Brown,Barbara Atco 6549 Can't Find No Happiness A Great Big Thing M- $20.00
Brown,Boots & His Blockbusters RCA 47-5110 Shortn'in Bread Block Buster VG $10.00
Brown,Buster Fire 507 I'm Going But I'll Be Back Sugar Babe E- $10.00
Brown,Buster Nocturn 1000 Big Legs-Big Stockings I Love You For Sentimental Reasons E-/E $10.00
Brown,Charles Ace 599 Sing My Blues Tonight Love's Like A River E/E+ $15.00
Brown,Charles Aladdin 3366 Please Believe Me It's A Sin To Tell A Lie E+/M- $15.00
Brown,Charles Cash 1052 Lost in the Night E- $15.00
Brown,Clyde Atlantic 2903 Peace And Love Your Wish Is My Command E- (Looks worse) $12.00
Brown,Clyde Atlantic 2955 The More I Give The More You Take Crying Man E-/E $22.00
Brown,Danny Earth 702 Chewing Gum Standing on The Corner M- $40.00
Brown,Estelle UA 727 Stick Close You Got Just What You Asked For M-/M $105.00
Brown,James Federal 12348 There Must Be A Reason I Want You So Bad E-/E $27.50
Brown,James Federal 12369 I Know Its True I'll Go Crazy E+/M- $15.00
Brown,James Polydor 14210 Stone to the Bone Part 1 Stone to the Bone (Some More) E+/M- $15.00
Brown,James & Famous Flames King 6100 Let Yourself Go Good Rockin' Tonight E $15.00
Brown,James & Famous Flames King 6110 Cold Sweat Part 1 Same Part 2 VG $10.00
Brown,James & Famous Flames King 6144 There Was A Time I Can't Stand Myself When You Touch Me E- (Looks worse) $15.00
Brown,James & Famous Flames King 6164 Here I Go Shhhhh For A Little While E- $15.00
Brown,Jewel Liberty 55458 DJ I Must be Dreaming If You Have No Real Objections M- $60.00
Brown,Louise Witch 101 Son-In-Law You Gave Me Misery E-/E (Scuffs) $30.00
Brown,Magica TCF 553 A Whoel Lotta Lovin' Left In Me I Won't Be Back E+/M- $35.00
Brown,Maxine/Jim Ed Brown Fabor 126 You Thought I Thought Here Today And Gone Tomorrow E $11.00
Brown,Nappy Savoy 1155 It's Really You Don't Be Angry E-/E $15.00
Brown,Nappy Savoy 1162 Piddily Patter Patter There'll Come A Day VG/E- $15.00
Brown,Nappy Savoy 1506 I'm Getting Lonesome Little By Little E-/E $10.00
Brown,Pep Lava 1002 DJ Are You Leaving Me M- $25.00
Brown,Pep Polydor 14204 DJ I Am The One Who Needs You M- $175.00
Brown,Preston Old Town 1046 Walk Off Walk On E- $40.00
Brown,Randy Chocolate City 3224 If I Don't Love You Looking for the Real Thing Mint- $10.00
Brown,Robert Marshall 002 Is It Something I Said Wrong Foxy Love M- $45.00
Brown,Ruth Atlantic 1082 yellow I Want To Do More Old Man River E/E+ $25.00
Brown,Sammy Grassroots 1028 Got To Leave This Town Mine To Have and To Hold M- $20.00
Brown,Timmy Ember 1106 DJ Baby It's Okay I Got A Secret M- $35.00
Brown,Vernon Spring 112 Of Your Life I'm A Lover Mint- $10.00
Brown,Wini Jaro 77018 DJ Gone Again Johnny With The Gentle Hands E-/E $30.00
Browne,Al Orchestra Saxy 501 Grand Central Shuffle (mis-labeld as O.T.B) O.T.B. (Off Track Betting) E+ $50.00
Bruce,Ed Wand 1136 It's Coming To Me (WOL) The Greatest Man E/E+ Label soil $60.00
Bruce,Ed Wand 140 See The Big Man Cry You Need A New Love E+/M- $60.00
Bryan,Billy Blaze 351 DJ Going Back to My Love Cradle Of My Arms E+/M- $15.00
Bryant,Don Hi 2131 DJ Can't Hide The Hurt Is That Asking Too Much E/E+ $60.00
Bryant,Don Hi 2143 Shop Around I'll Go Craazy M- $45.00
Bryant,Don Hi 2156 That Ain't Right Woman You Cause Me To Wonder M- $25.00
Bryant,James Renee 108 DJ Hey There You Girl Three Step E+/M- $40.00
Bryant,Jay Dee Enjoy 2017 Get It Come On And Get It You're Hurting Me M- $25.00
Bryant,Tommy Tneck 916 DJ I Wanna Come Home To You Babe Heading Home E+/M- $45.00
Buchanan & Goodman Comic 500 Flying Saucer the 3rd Cha Cha Lesson E- $25.00
Buchanan & Goodman Luniverse 102 Buchanan & Goodman on Trial Crazy E-/E $15.00
Buchanan & Goodman Luniverse 103 Banana Boat Story The Mystery E- Wrpnap (1.5 gms) $10.00
Buck,Gary Petal 1740 You're Welcome To The Club I've Fouled Up Again M- $15.00
Buckeye Politicians,The Scepter 12301 I Wish It Would Rain Girl I Could Love You More E+/M- $85.00
Buena Vistas Swan 4255 Hot Shot T.N.T. M- $30.00
Buford,Ron Camelot 127 Deep Soul Part 1 Deep Soul Part 2 (instrumental) E/E+ $125.00
Bunker Hill Mala 451 Hide and Go Seek Pt I Same Pt 2 M- $45.00
Burgess,Dave Challenge 1018 Maybelle Take This Love E/E+ (Sl WRPNAP) $30.00
Burke Family Cobblestone 701 Under the Spell Look Of Love (Aloha Burke) VG/E- (DH) $20.00
Burke,Solomon Amherst 736 See That Girl Please Don't Say Goodbye To Me M- $15.00
Burke,Solomon Atlantic 2114 Just Out Of Reach Of My Two Open Arms Be Bop Grandma E-/E $15.00
Burke,Solomon Atlantic 2218 Rockin' Soul He'll Have To Go M- $25.00
Burnette,Dorsey Dot 16230 Rainin' In My Heart A Full House E+/M- $10.00
Burnette,Dorsey Mel-o-dy 113 Cold as Usual Little Acorn VG/E- $10.00
Burnette,Dorsey Mel-o-dy 116 DJ Jimmy Brown Everybody's Angel VG/E- $10.00
Burnette,Johnny Chancellor 1116 The Giant (Label Stain) Wanna Thank Your Folks VG/E- $15.00
Burnette,Johnny Coral 61918 (Repro) Rock Billy Boogie If You Want It Enough M- $20.00
Burnette,Johnny Liberty 55285 I Beg Your Pardon (Sm TOL) You're Sixteen (W/Pic Sleeve) E+/M- $50.00
Burton,Willard & the Funky Four Capitol 3175 Every Beat of My Heart Funky In Here E/E+ $40.00
Bush,Johnny Delta 1004 Unchained Melody Same E/E $20.00
Bush,Oliver Gamble 234 DJ I'll Make It Up To You (WOL) Soul In Motion (Orchestra) E-/E $75.00
Bush,Tommy Specialty 730 DJ Just To Be There Put Our Get Together's Together VG/E- $10.00
Busters Arlen 735 Astronaut's Bust Out M- $20.00
Butera,Sam Dot 16250 Grasshopper Let Him Hop Love Lessons E $15.00
Butler,Anthony & the Invaders Big Deal 1001 Katty's Thing The Chokin' Kind M- (sl warpnap) $30.00
Butler,Art Epic 5-10231 Ode To Billie Joe Soul Brother M- $85.00
Butler,Billy Brunswick 55323 Come Over To My Side Love Grows Bitter M- $45.00
Butler,Billy Okeh 7245 Boston Monkey Right Track G/VG- $25.00
Butler,George Million 9 DJ Betty Lou E+/M- $50.00
Butler,Jerry & Betty Everett Vee Jay 676 Just Be True Since I Don't Have You E+/M- $10.00
Butler,Jerry & The Impressions Abner 1013 For Your Precious Love Sweet Was The Wine E- (SOL) $25.00
Butler,Larry & The Invaders Big Deal 1001 Katty's Thing The Chokin' Kind M- (sl warpnap) $30.00
Butlers,The Gamble 233 Love Is Good She's Gone (It's All Over Now) E/E+ $50.00
Butterflys Red Bird 016 I Wonder Gee Baby Gee E+/M- $25.00
Butterworth,John Sabteca 11 I Love You Just The Same This Love Can't Be Denied E-/E $22.00
Butts,Hindal Dearborn 573 Gigin Happiness Is So Far Away E- $15.00
Bye Bye Bruce TA 213 DJ Corner Boy I Know Too E $10.00
Byrd,Bobby Smash 2018 Lost In The Mood Of Changes Oh, What A Night M- $44.00
Byrd,Bobby Zephyr 018 If We Should Meet Again Looby Doo VG/E- sl wrpnap $10.00
Byrd,Bobby & the Family Byrd Audio Latino 1711 Gasoline What Goes Around Comes Around M- (Sl WRPNAP) $15.00
Byrd,Curtis Joed 714 Pretty Woman (WOL) Turn Some More Lights On E- (WOL) $125.00
Byrd,John TCF 2108 I Can't Stop Loving You Girl (WOL) Dibblin' & Dabblin' In Somebody Elses Affair (WOL) M- $35.00
Cadets Modern 994 Stranded In The Jungle I Want You E- $15.00
Cadets Modern 994 Stranded In The Jungle I Want You VG $10.00
Cadillacs Capitol F4825 White Gardenia Groovy Groovy Love E- $20.00
Cadillacs Josie 785 Speedo Let Me Explain (SLOC) E+/M- $25.00
Cado Belle Anchor 21007 Got To Love (dj Copy) E+/M- $50.00
Caesar & Cleo Reprise 0419 Love Is Strange Let The Good Times Roll VG/E- $12.00
Caesar,Shirley Hob 13021 Stand The Storm I Believe M- $25.00
Caesars Lanie 2001 Lala I Love You Get Yourself Together M- $75.00
Caine Glenglenn 1002 DJ Booty Bump (California Style) Mo' Booty Bump (California Style) M- $12.00
Caiola,Al UA 50214 DJ Stag or Drag Tiny Bubbles M- $20.00
Calemese,Barry Saxy 501 O.T.B. (Off Track Betting) E+ $50.00
Cal-Ful Allstars C&F 85105/85106 Blow Your Mind Part 1 Same Part 2 M- (WOL) $35.00
Cal-Ful Allstars C&F 90006 Blank Out-Part 1 Blank Out-Part 2 M- $90.00
Calhoun,Nate Glades 1760 DJ Jazz-Freak M- $21.00
Camacho,Thelma Aim 400 DJ Carry Me Home I Came A Long Way To Be With You E+/M- $10.00
Camel Drivers,The Top Dog 200 You Made A Believer Of Me I Should Have Played.. Give It A Try E $15.00
Camelots Relic 530 (Red Wax) Chain Of Broken Hearts E- $15.00
Cameos Matador 1813 Canadian Sunset Never Before M- $20.00
Campbell,Jo Ann Gone 5014 It's Time I'm In Love With You Wait a Minute E $20.00
Campbell,Jo ann Gone 5049 Happy New Year Baby Tall Boy (SOL) E- $30.00
Candy,Penny Flippin 201 Rockin' Lady Why Each Night E/E+ $25.00
Cannibal & The Headhunters Rampart 642 I'll Show You How To Love Me Land of 1000 Dances E-/E $15.00
Cannon,Freddy Swan 4053 The Urge Jump Over E $15.00
Cannon,Freddy Swan 4057 Cuernavaca Choo Choo (W/Pic Sleeve) Happy Shades Of Blue E- $25.00
Cannon,Freddy Swan 4066 Muskrat Ramble Two Thousand-88 E+/M- (SL WRPNAP) $15.00
Cannon,Freddy Swan 4149 Oh Gloria Everybody Monkey (WOL) M- $30.00
Cannon,Lonzine Philips 40240 Quit While I'm Ahead Cold At Night M- (Drill Hole) $200.00
Cannonballs Brunswick 55212 Lullaby of Birdland Calliope Boogie E/E $15.00
Canpbell,Eddie C. Rooster Blues 46 Santa's Messin' With the Kid King Of The Jungle E/E+ $15.00
Cantine,Sarah & Her Trio Samar 105 DJ Feeling Good Chit'lins A La Carte E+/M- (Few ticks @start 1 side $25.00
Capitols Karen 1525 Zig-Zagging I Got To Handle It E- $15.00
Capitols Portrait 109 Fine Mommas Daughter I'll Drink A Toast M- $85.00
Cappell,Larry RCA 47-9088 DJ River Of Soul Part 1 Hush, Hush M- $125.00
Caprells Ariola 7649 DJ What You Need Baby E- $20.00
Capris Lost-Nite 148 When Little Girl E+/M- $15.00
Capris Old Town 1094 Indian Girl (ticks at start) There's a Moon Out Tonight VG/E- $15.00
Capris,The Ambient Sound 02697 Morse Code Of Love There's a Moon Out Again M- $12.00
Captain & Tenille Joyce 101 Way I Want To Touch You Disney Girls E/E+ $25.00
Captain Beyond Capricorn 0013 DJ Thousand Days Of Yesterdays (Time Since Come… M- $20.00
Captain Sky Tec 768 Elementary Scool Of Funk Sir Jam A Lot M- $15.00
Captain Sky Tec 768 Sir Jam A Lot Elementary School Of Funk M- $15.00
Captain Zero Gull 23 (UK) Space Walk I'm Only an Elf M- $30.00
Caravelles Star Maker 1925 Angry Angel Pink Lips E+/M- $50.00
Caravelles Star Maker 1925 Pink Lips Angry Angel E+/M- $50.00
Cardigans Mercury 71251 Your Graduaton Means Goodbye Bo-Weevil On he Mountain Top VG $10.00
Cardinals Atlantic 1090 Choo Choo (WOL) Off Shore (WOL) E- (SLWRPNAP) $10.00
Cardinals Atlantic 1126 One Love Near You E- $20.00
Cardinals Cha Cha 740 I Want You Tomato Juice M- $20.00
Cargoe Ardent 2901 Tokyo Love Feel Alright E+ $20.00
Carl,Donnie Ty Tex 110 The Wiggle Wobble Love and Learn E+/M- $75.00
Carl,Donnie Ty Tex 118 You've Got It Getting Over You E+/M- $75.00
Carlton,Chick Atco 6763 Preach Love Black Or White Brown Or Tan M- $20.00
Carlton,Little Carl Back Beat 588 Competition Ain't Nothin' Three Way Love E- $15.00
Carmont,Monte & What 4 Bizart GAK 2 Think Dance (w/pic insert) Neat, Clean ,Perfect/In Another Land M- $30.00
Carnes,Preston Stacy 966 Someone Romancin Barbara VG/E- $10.00
Carney,Sandy Headline 1004 Teena Carolyn E $20.00
Carr,Cathy Fraternity 734 Please Please Believe Me Ivory Tower E-/E $10.00
Carr,Delores Deltom 513 DJ Lonely (WRPNAP - 1.5 Grams) Just The Thought Of You E+/M- $28.00
Carr,James Goldwax 309 Love Attack Comg Back to Me Baby M- $30.00
Carr,James Goldwax 338 That's The Way Love Turned Out For Me Freedom Train E- $12.00
Carrettes Antler 4021 Listen Green Giant Football Freddy M- $25.00
Carroll County Boys Flair 1023 Flying Eagle Blues Carroll County Boogie E- $15.00
Carroll,Andrea Epic 5-9450 Please Don't Talk To The Lifeguard Room Of Memories VG (looks worse) $10.00
Carroll,Andrea Epic 5-9523 Fifteen Shades of Pink Miss Happiness VG $15.00
Carroll,Bernadette Laurie 3238 I Don't Wanna Know Party Girl VG/E- $10.00
Carroll,Billy Fascination 2000 Big Green Car That's All I Want VG-/VG $55.00
Carroll,Cathy Triodex 110 Jimmy Love (SOL/WOL) Deep In A Young Boy's Heart E- $15.00
Carroll,Ronnie Philips 40110 Please Tell Me Your Name Say Wonderful Things E/E+ $20.00
Carroll,Ronnie Philips 40110 Please Tell Me Your Name Say Wonderful Things E+/M- $25.00
Carson,Don & the Casuals Bertram Int'l 209 Jungle Bungalow Yes Master! E $20.00
Carter,Chuck Bedford 1001 A Teardrop fell I've Done You Wrong M-/M $60.00
Carter,Darryl Perception 500 Crying Never Forget Where You Came From E- $10.00
Carter,Darryl TTC 101 Only Thing That Saved Me Was The Love… Same Part 2 M- $20.00
Carter,Jean & the Centerpieces Star 104 No Good Jim And None M- DJ Copy $20.00
Caruso,Dick MGM 12868 Pretty Eyed Baby Lyin' Kisses E-/E $33.00
Casanova,Tony American Int'l 532-533 Diary Of A High School Bride When I Say Bye Bye E- $15.00
Casanovas Apollo 471 Are You For Real That's All E- $100.00
Cascades Valiant 6026 Let Me Be Rhythm Of The Rain E+/M- $20.00
Cascades Valiant 6028 Shy Girl The last Leaf M- $20.00
Cascades Valiant 6032 DJ My First Day Alone I Wanna Be Your Lover E-/E $15.00
Case,Allen Columbia 4-40977 DJ One Meat Ball A New Town Is A Blue Town E+/M- $25.00
Casey,Al Stacy 962 Easy Pickin' Surfin' Hootenanny E+/M- $15.00
Casey,Al Combo Stacy 925 Hotfoot Cookin' E- $12.00
Cash,Alvin Toddlin Town 111 Keep on Dancing Same (instrumental) E- $20.00
Cash,Heywood Epic 8-50210 DJ Give It Up M- $25.00
Cash,Johnny Sun 266 Next In Line Don't Make Me Go E+/M- $20.00
Cashears PBM 1004 Ardena Moore (WOL) I Think Its Going To Rain Today (WOL) VG $10.00
Cashears Western Gramaphone 600 Another Man's Woman Hey Diddle Diddle VG/E- DJ Copy $10.00
Caslons Seeco 6078 Anniversary Of Love The Quiet One E- $13.00
Caslons,The Amy 836 For All We Know Settle Me Down E $15.00
Castells Era 3048 I Get Dreamy Sacred M- $20.00
Castells Era 3048 I Get Dreamy Sacred VG $10.00
Castells WB 5445 Could This Be Magic Shinny Up Your Own Side M- $50.00
Castro,Bernadette P.P.X. 719 Tell Him For Me They Don't Understand E+/M- $85.00
Castro,Vince Apt 25007 Bong Bong I Love You Madly You're My Girl E+/M- $25.00
Castro,Vince Apt 25047 Bongo Twist You're My Girl E- $10.00
Caswell,Johnny Smash 1833 Gotta Dance At The Shore E- $10.00
Catalinas Ric 113-64 Banzai Washout Beach Walkin' M- $45.00
Cathy Jean Philips 40106 My Heart Belongs to Only You Only Want You E- $10.00
Cats Fantasy 722 DJ The Love In Your Eyes (U.S. release) M- $15.00
Cavaliers Apt 25004 Play By The Rules Of Love Dance Dance Dance VG (LKSW) $10.00
Cavin,Mel & The Kokonuts Bertram Int'l 215 My Mummy I Love You E- $22.00
Celebration MCA 40891 Almost Summer (w/Mike Love) Lookin' Good (w/Charles Lloyd) E+/M- (Warp OK@1.5 gms) $20.00
Cellos Apollo 510 Rang Tang Ding Dong I am the Japanese Sandman You Took My Love E- $15.00
Chachere,Louis Paula 321 The Hen PT. 1 The Henn PT. 2 E+/M- (WOL) $65.00
Chakra Mediarts 103 Clover Hill Little Wheel Spin And Spin E+/M- $20.00
Challengers Triode 102 Lazy Twist Goofus M- $30.00
Chambers Brothers Vault 967 House Of The Rising Sun Blues Get Of My Shoulder E $15.00
Champs Challenge 59026 Rockin' Mary Turnpike E+/M- $20.00
Champs Challenge 59063 Twenty Thousand Leagues Too Much Tequila E+/M- $20.00
Champs Challenge 59097 Tough Train The Face E-/E $12.00
Champs Challenge 9131 Tequila Twist Limbo Rock E $20.00
Chance,Nolan Constellation 144 She's Gone and She Won't Be Back If He Makes You He's Free To Take You M- $52.00
Chance,Nolan Thomas 802 I'm Loving Nothing I'll Never Forget You (WOL) VG/E- (Looks worse) $25.00
Chanceteers,The Chess 1636 The Flame Night Beat E+/M- Sl WRPNAP $20.00
Chandeliers,The Angle Tone 521 Blueberry Sweet One More Step E- $20.00
Chandler,Barbara Kapp 542 It Hurts To Be Sixteen Running Running Johnny M- $30.00
Chandler,Bobby OJ 1005 Shadows of Love Me And My Imagination VG $10.00
Chandler,Gene Constellation 141 If You Can't Be True Find A Part Time Love What Now E-/E $10.00
Chandler,Gene Constellation 146 Everybody Lets Dance You Can't Hurt Me No More Plays E/E+ (looks worse) $20.00
Chandler,Gene Constellation 160 Good Times No One Can Love You Like I Do VG/E- $20.00
Chandler,Gene Vee Jay 416 Duke Of Earl Kissin' in the Kitchen E+/M- $15.00
Chandler,Gene Vee Jay 511 Check Yourself Forgive Me M- $35.00
Chanier,Clifton Imperial 5352 Cliston Blues Louisiana Stomp VG-/VG $25.00
Channel,Bruce Smash 1769 Come On Baby (tiny round label tear not in text) Mine Exclusively M- DH $30.00
Channels Whirlin Disc 100 The Closer You Are Now You Know E-/E SLOC some label wear $25.00
Channels Whirlin Disc 107 DJ I Really Love You (WOL) What Do You Do (WOL) E+/M- $100.00
Chantels End 1001 The Plea He's Gone G/VG- $10.00
Chantels End 1015 (White) Every Night Whoever You Are E $25.00
Chantels End 1020 DJ How Could You Call It Off I Love You SO (WOL) VG $10.00
Chanters Deluxe 6166 Row Your Boat Stars In The Skies E-/E $50.00
Chanters Deluxe 6191 I Make This Pledge To You No No No E-/E $25.00
Chanters Deluxe 6191 I Make This Pledge To You No No No (WOL) VG-/VG $15.00
Chanters Deluxe 6194 At My Door My My Darling VG/E- $20.00
Chants,the Cameo 277 I Don't Care Come Go With Me M- Slwrpnap $15.00
Chapel,Jean Challenge 59350 Tell It Like It Is I'm Your Woman Plays M- Looks VG $10.00
Chapel,Jean RCA 47-6892 Oo-Ba La Baby I Had A Dream E-/E $40.00
Chaplain,Paul & His Emeralds Harper 100 Shortnin' Bread Nicotine (TOL) VG-/VG (Sl WRPNAP) $10.00
Chargers Hollywood 1104 DJ Speedway Pappy's Jug E-/E $15.00
Chargers RCA 47-7301 Dandilyon Old MacDonald M- $35.00
Charles,Donnie & The Fairlanes Smash 1725 Stay With Me Jumpsville U.S.A. E- $12.00
Charles,Ray ABC 10901 I Want to Talk About You Something Inside Me E/E+ $25.00
Charles,Sonny & the Checkmates, LTD A&M 1053 Black Pearl Lazy Susan M- (DH) $10.00
Charlie & Ray Herald 472DJ Little Fool I Gotta Have You E- $15.00
Charmaine Serock 2000 Don't You Know (WOL) Young Girl E+ $20.00
Charmels,The Volt 155 Baby Come And Get It As Long As I've Got You M-/M $500.00
Chartbusters Mutual 502 She's The One Slippin' Thru Your Fingers E-/E PB's Nap $15.00
Chartbusters Mutual 508 Stop The Music Why E-/E $15.00
Charts Everlast 5001 Deserie (SOL) Zoop M- $60.00
Charts Everlast 5001 Deserie (SOL) Zoop VG-/VG $10.00
Charts Everlast 5002 Why Do You Cry Dance Girl E/E+ $50.00
Charts,The Wand 1112 Desiree Fell In Love With You Baby E- Drill Hole $20.00
Chateaus,The WB 5023 Brown Eyes Satisfied E+/M- SOL $20.00
Checker,Chubby Parkway 811 Twistin' USA (W/Pic Sleeve) The Twist E- $15.00
Checker,Chubby Parkway 811A Toot The Twist E-/VG $18.00
Checker,Chubby Parkway 818 Pony Time Oh Susanna E+/M- $15.00
Checker,Chubby Parkway 849 Popeye (W/Pic Sleeve) Limbo Rock E+/M- $15.00
Checkers King 4719 You've Been Fooling Around Over The Rainbow (SL WRPNAP) E+/M- $175.00
Checkmates,The Ltd. Capitol F5603 Do the Walk Glad For You M- (tiny label ding) $22.00
Cheers Capitol F3219 Some Night In Alaska Black Denim Trousers And Motorcycle Boots E/E+ $25.00
Chenier,Clifton Specialty 568 Squeeze Box Boogie The Cat's Dreamin' E-/E $25.00
Cherry People Heritage 801 Imagination And Suddenly (W/Pic Sleeve) E-/E $10.00
Chesterfield Kings Mirror 851-852 She Told Me Lies I've Gotta Way With Girls E+/M- $50.00
Chevalier,Jay& The Features Crest 1097 Check Out Time It Doesn't Matter M- $20.00
Chevrons Brent 7000 That Comes With Love Don't Be Heartless (SL WRPNAP) E/E+ $30.00
Chevrons Brent 7007 Lullabye Day After Forever E+/M- $35.00
Chevrons Brent 7007 Lullabye Day After Forever VG $15.00
Chevrons Time 1 Come Go With Me I'm In Love Again;All Shook Up VG (label wear) $20.00
Chicago Cubs Chess 2075 Pennant Fever Slide (w/Clark Street band) M- $20.00
Chiefs Valiant 6038 DJ Tom Tom How E+/M- $35.00
Chiffons Laurie 3179 One Fine Day Why Am I So Shy E+/M- $20.00
Chi-Lites Brunswick 755426 You're No Longer Part Of My Heart 24 Hours of Sadness M- $20.00
Chimes Specialty 555 Tears on My Pillow Zindy Lou VG/E- $35.00
Chimes Specialty 574 Chop Chop Pretty Little Girl E $25.00
Chimes Tag 444 (Blue Label) Summer Night Once In Awhile G/VG- $10.00
Chimes Tag 445 I'm In The Mood For Love Only Love VG $10.00
Chips Ember 1077 Bye Bye My Love What A Lie E/E+ $30.00
Choir Roulette 4738 I'm Going Home It's Cold Outside (WOL) VG (some label wear) $15.00
Chordettes Cadence 1291 Born To Be With You Love Never Changes E+ $10.00
Chordettes Cadence 1366 A Girl's Work Is Never Done No Wheels (W/Pic Sleeve) E+/M- $23.00
Chords Casino 451 Don't Be A Jumpin' Jack Tears in Your Eyes E $25.00
Chords Cat 104 Little Maiden (SOL) Sh-boom VG $30.00
Christian,Neil RCA 47-8828 DJ That's Nice She's Got The Action E- $15.00
Christie,Lou Buddah 116 I'm Gonna Get Married I'm Gonna Make You Mine E- $10.00
Christy,Don Speicalty 672 DJ Wearing Black One Little Answer E- (Sl WRPNAP) $15.00
Chuck & Bill (Kentuckians) Brunswick 55034 Tears That I Cried Over You I Wana Move A Little Closer E+/M- $25.00
Church of Love's Children & Choir Glori 035 Martin Luther King E (Sl WRPNAP) $10.00
Church of Love's Children & Choir Glori 035 Martin Luther King E+ (Sl WRPNAP) $12.00
Church Street Five Legrand 1004 A Night With Daddy G Part 2 E- $15.00
Church Street Five Legrand 1004 A Night With Daddy G Part 2 E+ $20.00
Church,Eugene Rendezvous 132 Polly Good News E- $10.00
Church,Eugene (The Fellows) Class 235 For the E=Rest Of My Life Pretty Girls Everywhere VG $10.00
Church,Jimmy Okeh 7186 DJ The Hurt Only You And You Alone E+/M- $65.00
Cicadas RCA 47-8339 That's What I Want Hey Wha' d'ya say E/E+ $15.00
Citations,The MGM 13373 Down Went the Curtain (SOL) That Girl Of Mine E-/E $50.00
Clanton,Jimmy Ace 546 You Aim To Please Just A Dream (SOL) E+/M- $20.00
Clanton,Jimmy Ace 546 You Aim To Please (SOL) Just A Dream E/E+ $15.00
Clanton,Jimmy Ace 567 My Own True Love Little Boy In Love (SOL) E+/M- $12.00
Clanton,Jimmy Ace 567A My Own True Love Little Boy In Love VG-/VG W/PIC SLEEVE) $10.00
Clanton,Jimmy Ace 575 Go Jmmy Go I Trusted You M- $12.00
Clanton,Jimmy Ace 575 Go Jmmy Go I Trusted You (W/Pic Sleeve) E- $20.00
Clanton,Jimmy Ace 575 Go Jmmy Go I Trusted You (W/Pic Sleeve) M- $25.00
Clanton,Jimmy Ace 607 If I (WOL) (W/Pic Sleeve) What Am I Gonna Do (WOL) Plays M- (Looks Worse) $15.00
Clanton,Jimmy Ace 8001 Highway Bound Vebus in Blue Jeans M- (Warp OK@1.5 Gms) $15.00
Clanton,Jimmy Ace 8001 Highway Bound Venus in Blue Jeans (SOL) E-/E $10.00
Clark, Jimmey Soul Teek 4824 Shook Up Over You That's A What I Want M- $50.00
Clark,Dee Abner 1019 Nobody But You When I Call On You E-/E $13.00
Clark,Dee Abner 1019 Nobody But You When I Call On You E+/M- (SL OC 1 side) $15.00
Clark,Dee Abner 1019 Nobody But You When I Call On You VG/E- (OC 1 side) (LKSW) $10.00
Clark,Dee Abner 1026 Whispering Grass Just Keep It Up E+/M- $10.00
Clark,Dee Abner 1037 Cling A Ling At My Front Door E/E+ (pb's nap tick at sttart) $15.00
Clark,Dee Vee Jay 409 Don't Walk Away From Me You're Telling Our Secrets E- $20.00
Clark,Sanford Dot 15516 Usta Be My Baby A Cheat M- $25.00
Clark,Suzie Rendezvous 196 Private Property Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya M- $20.00
Clarko Trumpet 1315 (White Label) Endless Sleep Long Necked Goose VG (WARPNAP) $20.00
Clash Epic AE7-1178 DJ Gates Of The West Groovy Times M- $10.00
Classics Musicnote 1116 Enie Minie Mo Till Then E-/E $15.00
Classics,The Stork 2 You'll Never Know Dancng With You VG/E- $12.00
Classmates Radar 2624 Teenage Twister Graduation E+/M- $20.00
Classmen Volkano 5002 Susie Jones Everything's All Right G/VG- $20.00
Classmen,The Pearce 5823 Graduation Goodbye Doin' Me Right E+/M- (looks worse) $75.00
Clay,Cassius Columbia 4-43007 I Am The Greatest Stand By Me M-/M $55.00
Clay,Judy La Vette 1004 DJ Let It Be Me I'm Up Tight M- $30.00
Clay,Otis Cotillion 44001 She's About A Mover You Don't Miss Your Water E+/M- SLWRPNAP $15.00
Clay,Otis Dakar 610 You Hurt Me For The Last Time Baby Jane M- $150.00
Clay,Otis One-derful 4846 It's Easier Said Than Done A Flame In Your Heart E $12.00
Clay,Verna Rae Sure-Shot 5001 He Loves Me He Loves Me Not I've Got It Bad M- DJ Copy WOL $20.00
Clayton,Pat Silver Tip 1007 Someone Else's Turn You've Gotta Share M- $115.00
Cled Dwellers Singular 110/111 That's the Way You Gotta Swing Today Redheaded Woman With The Green Velvet Eyes E- WOL $12.00
Cleftones Gee 1000 You Baby You (WOL) I Was Dreaming (WOL) VG (Sl WRPNAP) $12.00
Cleftones Gee 1011 Little Girl Of Mine You're Driving Me Mad (SOL) E+/M- $50.00
Cleftones Gee 1011 Little Girl Of Mine You're Driving Me Mad (SOL) VG/E- $10.00
Cleftones Gee 1031 Why You Do Me Like You Do I Like Your Style Of Making Love (Slight OC) E- $10.00
Cleftones Gee 1079 (white label) There She Goes Love Come Back To Me E+/M- $30.00
Cleftones Roulette 4302 Shadows of the Very Last Row She's Gone VG- DJ Copy $12.00
Cliches,The Wes Mar 1020 Save it For Me Why Why Why E+/M- $12.00
Click-ettes,The Dice 96-97 Grateful Lover's Prayer VG (some label soil) $15.00
Cliff,Jimmy A&M 1146 Waterfall Wonderful World Beautiful People M- $10.00
Cliff,Zelma Battle 45916 DJ Good Night My Love I Don't Believe E+/M- $40.00
Clifford,Buzz Columbia 4-41979 Three Little Fishes Simply Because M- $25.00
Clifford,Linda Paramount 0269 March Across the Land It's Gonna Be A Long Long Winter M-(sl. Warpnap) $25.00
Clifton,Bill Mercury 71200 Mary Dear Lonely Heart Blues M- $20.00
Clintones Clintones (Tops) 0001 Some Other Day Same (instrumental) M- WOL $15.00
Clique White Whale 338 Sparkle and Shine I'm Alive E+/M- $12.00
Clovers Atlantic 1022 yellow Lovey Dovey Little Mama E $40.00
Clovers Atlantic 1060 yellow Love Bug In The Morning Time VG-/VG $40.00
Clovers Atlantic 1083 (red/blk) Devil or Angel Hey Doll Baby E-/E $20.00
Clovers Atlantic 1094 Love Love Love Your Tender Lips VG $10.00
Clovers Atlantic 1139 So Young I I I Love You E+ $25.00
Clovers Atlantic 1152 There's No Tomorrow Down in the Alley VG/E- $20.00
Clovers Porwin 1002 Stop Pretending One More Time Come On E- $15.00
Clovers UA 180 Love Potion # 9 Stay Awhile E+/M- $30.00
Coasters Atco 6087 Young Blood Searchin' VG-/VG $10.00
Coasters Atco 6098 DJ Idol With The Golden Hand (LS) My Baby Comes To Me E- $20.00
Coasters Atco 6116 Zing Went the Strings of My Heart Yakety Yak E+/M- $20.00
Coasters Atco 6186 Thumbin' A Ride Wait A Minute E+/M- $15.00
Cobras (Do-Wop) Swan 4176 La La Goodbye Molly VG/E- $25.00
Cochran,Eddie Liberty 55203 DJ Boll Weevil Song Somethin' Else M- $50.00
Cochran,Jack Sims 107 DJ Hip Shakin' Mama Riverside Jump E+/M- $250.00
Cochran,Wayne Scottie 1303 My Little Girl (WOL) The Coo (WOL) E- $30.00
Coe,Franky Okeh 7296 DJ Game of Love Part 1 Same Part 2 M- $30.00
Coe,Jamie Addison 15001 Summertime Symphony There's Gonna Be A Day VG/E- $15.00
Coe,Jamie Cameo 424 Green Back Dollar But Yesterday E+/M- $12.50
Colbert,Godoy Revue 11037 I Wanna Thank You Baby I Like It Mint $100.00
Colder,Ben MGM 14209 DJ Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down Fifteen Beers Ago E+/M- $15.00
Cole,Ann Sir 275 A Love Of My Own Brand New House E/E+ $25.00
Cole,Carmen Groove 0045 DJ Step Right Up I'll Never Stand In Your Way E+/M- (scuffs NAP) $75.00
Cole,Carmen Groove 0057 I Just Don't Understand Bobby Darlin E+/M- $22.00
Cole,Clay Imperial 5771 Happy Times Queen Of The Movies E- $15.00
Cole,Ike Personality 3505 DJ I'm Getting Mighty Lonesome For You I Love You Ida (Filmy) E+/M- $20.00
Cole,Johnny Original Sound 24 War No More Love Of Diane VG-/VG $10.00
Cole,Nat King Capitol F4804 Good times (With Pic Sleeve) Ramblin' Rose E $15.00
Coleman,Diane Coed 578 DJ He's The Only Boy For Me All The King's Horses E+/M- $22.00
Collegiates Cabell 105 Only You Can Make Me Well Who Needs Enemies E+/M- $10.00
Collett,Frankie Assault 1835-36 Funiculi-Funicula The Polonaise E $15.00
Collett,Jimmy Arcade 109 I Remember Christmas I Don't Want To Be Alone For Christmas E/E+ $25.00
Colley,Keith Unical 3011 Queridita Mia Ramblin' Bee E $20.00
Collins,Lorrie Columbia 4-41673 DJ Blues In The Night That's Your Affair E-/E $20.00
Collins,Lyn People 608 Ain't No Sunshine Think About It E+/M- $25.00
Collins,Lyn People 650 You Can't Love Me If You Don't Respect Me Rock Me Again & Again…. E= $30.00
Collins,Tommy TNT 283 DJ I Wanta Thank You Oh What I'd Give M- $100.00
Colts Vita 112 Lips Red As Wine Adorable VG-/VG $75.00
Colts Vita 121 Sweet Sixteen Honey Bun VG-/VG $60.00
Common Law Jay Pee 125 All I Need Is The Thought Of You Same Part 2 E+/M- (Sl WRPNAP) $20.00
Como,Perry RCA 47-6554 Glendora More E-/E $10.00
Como,Perry RCA 47-6670 Moonlight Love Chincherinchee E+/M- $15.00
Compass AJP 1513 Her Sadness Primer Later in the Day M-/M $12.00
Comstock,Bobby Blaze 349 Sweet Talk Tennessee Waltz E- $10.00
Comstock,Bobby Festival 25000 Just A Piece of Paper The Garden of Eden E- (some label soil) $15.00
Comstock,Bobby Lawn 202 I Want To Do It Let's Stomp M- $15.00
Comstock,Bobby & the Counts Lawn 219 This Little Love Of Mine Your Boyfriend's Back VG $15.00
Concords Boom 60021 Down the Aisle Of Love (Gold Wax) See Hans,Cris & Anderson M- $30.00
Concords RCA 47-7911 Boy Most Likley Again M- $25.00
Conductor Jamie 1177 Pony Train Bla Bla Cha Cha Cha E+/M- (Sl WRPNAP) $40.00
Congenial Four,The Capitol P2927 DJ You Played The Part Of A Loser Freedom Song E+/M- $65.00
Connors,Gregg Trey 3003 Your Love Tears Me Up Caught In The Act E+/M- $15.00
Connors,Seth Verve 5037 Cry Cry Cry Blue Color VG-/VG DH $15.00
Continentals Port 70018 Dear Lord Fine Fine Frame (Slight WARNAP) E+/M- $20.00
Continentals,The Riviera 101/102 Music Shop Hop Nocturne 'til dawn E- $10.00
Controllers Juana 3416 Heaven Is Only One Step Away Sho Nuff A Blessing M- $15.00
Cook,L.C. Checker 0903 Do You Remember Blue Tears VG-/VG $10.00
Cook,Little Joe Loma 2026 Don't You Have Feelings Hold On To Your Money M- $30.00
Cooke,Sam RCA 47-7853 What Do You Say That's It-I Quit-I'm Movin' On M- $15.00
Cooke,Sam RCA 47-8486 A Change Is Gonna Come Shake M- $25.00
Cookie & Charley Jeff 1212 I Love You So Let's Go Rock And Roll E-/E $40.00
Cookie & Charley Jeff 1212 I Love You So Let's Go Rock And Roll VG (LKSW) $20.00
Cookie & Charlie Cal 1001/1002 Dede-Dum Bye-Bye Baby (Don't Cry) M- $50.00
Cooley,Eddie & The Dimples Royal Roost 621 Got A Little Woman Priscilla E- $10.00
Cooley,Eddie & the Dimples Royal Roost 626 A Spark Met A Flame Driftwood (SOL) M- $25.00
Cooley,Eddie & The Dimples Triumph 609 Leona Be My Steady Clementine E+/M- WOL $25.00
Cooper,Christine Parkway 971 S.O.S. Say What You Feel E- $20.00
Copeland,Jimmy Event 4259 Radar (WOL) What Kind Of Life Am I Living E- $30.00
Copeland,Ken Imperial 5432 Pledge Of Love (Slight off center) Night Air (The Mints) E+/M- $15.00
Corals,The Cheer 1001 The Puppet Tell Me Yes Tell Me No M- DJ Copy $20.00
Cordell,Ritchie Rori 707 Tick Tock Please Don't Tell Her E+/M- $90.00
Cordells,The Bargain 5004 Laid Off The Beat Of My Heart E-/E $30.00
Coronets Chess 1549 I'm All Alone Nadine (2nd press) E $15.00
Corsairs Tuff 1808 Thinkin (W/King Moe Uzzell) Smoky Places (W/Jay Bird Uzzell) E+/M- $25.00
Corvairs Cub 9065 Yeah Yeah Sing a Song of Sixpence E+/M- $20.00
Cory,Troy Specialty 620 Yearning I'm Just A Lost Ball In High Weeds E+/M- scuffs $12.00
Cotillions ABC 10413 One Of These Days Sometimes I Get Lonely VG-/VG (Looks Worse)WRPNAP $10.00
Cotillions Alley 1003 Sahara Surf Twist E+/M- $35.00
Count Five Double Shot 104 Psychotic Reaction They're Gonna Get You E/E+ WOL $10.00
Countdowns,The Rori 706 Satellite Dan TheAnswer Is In Your Heart E- $10.00
Counts Dot 1235 Wailin' Little Mama Let Me Go Lover (Not first press) E/E+ $25.00
Coupe De Villes,The Philly Groove 159 When Times Are Bad We Turn To Love So Long Goodbye It's Over M- $38.00
Covay,Don Atlantic 2301 I Never Get Enough Of Your Love Seesaw E+/M- $15.00
Covay,Don & the Goodtimers Columbia 4-42058 Hand Jive Workout See About Me M- SOL $42.00
Crackers WB 8265 DJ The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore M- $15.00
Craftsmen,The Warwick 572 The Hucklebuck Marty's Party VG-/VG WOL DJ Copy $10.00
Craig,Anna Decca 31803 The Life Of The Party Shout And Tell The World M- $55.00
Craig,Anna TCF 540 DJ Nobody Loves Me Can't Beat Love E+/M- $30.00
Cramer,Floyd RCA 47-7907 Hang On (with Pic Sleeve) Your Last Goodbye E $10.00
Craver,Sonny Dalya 1895 Outside Of Memphis Still Waters E+/M- $75.00
Crawford,James Mercury 72282 When Loneliness Knocks At Your Door Farther On Up The Road E/E+ DH $25.00
Crawford,James Omen 12 Honest I Do Part 1 Same Part 2 M(-) $40.00
Crawford,Johnny Del-Fi 4231 Judy Loves Me Living In The Past M- (SLWRPNAP) $15.00
Cream De Coco Free Spirit 3000 Disco Strut Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle M- $15.00
Cream De Coco Free Spirit 3000 DJ Disco Strut Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle E- $10.00
Creative Source Sussex 622 I Just Can't See Myself Keep On Movin' M- $15.00
Creative Source Sussex 622 Keep On Movin' I Just Can't See Myself M- $15.00
Creepers,The Rene 502 Jammin' Granny Fried Potatoes M- $250.00
Crescendos Nasco 6005 My Little Girl Oh Julie E-/E Warp OK@1.5 gms $15.00
Crescents,The Arlen 743 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Johnny Won't Run Around M- $20.00
Crests Coed 506 Beside You 16 Candles E-/E $15.00
Crests Coed 506 Beside You 16 Candles VG- $10.00
Crests Coed 515 The Angels Listened In (SOL) I Thank The Moon E-/E $15.00
Crests Coed 525 Gee But I'd Give The World Step By Step E-/E $20.00
Crests Coed 531 Always You Trouble In Paradise E+/M- $30.00
Crests Coed 535 DJ If My Heart Could Write a Letter Journey Of Love E $20.00
Crests Joyce 103 My Juanita Sweetest one E+/M- $30.00
Crickets Brunswick 55009 That'll Be The Day (Has PB's) I'm Looking For Someone To Love E+/M- $20.00
Crickets Brunswick 55124 Love's Made a Fool Of You Someone Someone E $20.00
Criss,Gary Strand 25044 Good Golly Miss Molly I'll Love Only You E- Sl. WRPNAP $35.00
Criterions Cecelia 1010 Don't Say Goodbye Crying the Blues Over Me E+/M- $75.00
Criterions Cecilia 1208 You Just You I Remain Truly Yours E+/M- $30.00
Crockett,P.C. Verve 10588 This Is My Story Pleasure M- $26.00
Crook,Reni TMI 312 DJ I Idolize You E/E+ $15.00
Cross,Jimmy Tollie 9039 I Want My Baby Back Play The Other Side E+/M- $20.00
Crossfire Extremely Brave 338 Melanie Lovin' Situation E+/M- $40.00
Crown Heights Affair RCA JH10018 DJ Streaking M- $15.00
Crowns R&B 6901 Kiss And Make Up I'll Forget Bout You VG $30.00
Crowns (W/Phillip Harris) Vee Jay 546 DJ Better Luck Next Time (WOL) I Wonder Why (WOL) E-/E (looks worse) $25.00
Cruisers Gamble 207 I Need You So Take A Chance M- $30.00
Crume Brothers,The Atco 6339 DJ Don't Leave Me What Am I Going To D0 M- (sl. Warpnap) $50.00
Cues Capitol F3400 Don't Make Believe Destination Twenty One Hundred and Sixty-Five E+/M- $30.00
Cupids,The United World 4241/4242 If You Cry True Love True Love Let's Twist (Say Man Let's Twist) VG/E- $12.00
Curtis,Benny & the Gene Mason Sextet Bridges 1104 Before You Go Make It Now M- $225.00
Curtola,Bobby Del-fi 4185 Aladdin I Don't Want To Go On Without You VG/E- (Sl WRPANP) $15.00
Cymbal,Johnny Kapp 503 Mr. Bass Man Sacred Lovers Vow E+/M- $25.00
D.O.A. Wrong 6 (1993 re-issue) Disco Sucks;Nazi Training Camp Royal Police;Woke UP Screaming M- (w/pic sleeve) $20.00
Daddy G Legrand 1021 Hey Now Daddy G Rides Again E+/M- $15.00
Daddy G Legrand 1021 DJ Hey Now Daddy G Rides Again E- $10.00
Daddy G (Guida) Legrand 1026 White Moonlight in Vermont Sing A Song Children E-/E $20.00
Daily News,The Parrot 327 DJ I'm In The Mood The Groove M- $50.00
Dale & Grace Montel 921 That's What I Like About You I'm Leaving It Up To You E- $10.00
Dale & Grace Montel 921 That's What I Like About You I'm Leaving It Up To You E/E+ $15.00
Dale,Dick Capitol F5048 The Scavenger Wild Ideas E/E+ $20.00
Dale,Jimmie Drew-Blan 1003 My Pride And Joy Emma Lee E+/M- $40.00
Dallas,Jimmy Westport 131 I've Got A Right To Know Who Do? Honey You Do E+/M- $15.00
Damned,The Stiff 10 (UK) Neat Neat Neat Stab Your Back;Singalongascabies E+/M- W/ pic sleeve $35.00
Dan & The Clean Cuts Scepter 12115 Co-operation Walkin With Pride E-/E DH WOL $10.00
Daniels,Duke Eastern 60-002 This is The End Backfire E- (lksw) $12.00
Daniels,The Lantam 01 I Lost My Love In The Big City Finally M- $38.00
Danks,Raul & Jon Taylor LHI 17002 You Better Go You're A Fool VG-/VG $15.00
Danleers Mercury 71322 Wheelin' And A-Dealin' One Summer Night E+/M- (SLWRPNAP) $25.00
Danny & The Juniors ABC 9871 At the Hop Sometimes When I'm Alone E+/M- $12.00
Danny & The Juniors ABC 9871 At the Hop Sometimes When I'm Alone E+/M- (Ring Wear) $10.00
Danny & The Juniors ABC 9888 Rock and Roll Is Here To Stay School Boy Romance E+/M- $10.00
Danny & The Juniors ABC 9926 Dottie (SOL) In The Meantime M- $20.00
Danny & The Juniors ABC 9926A Dottie In The Meantime E- $10.00
Danny & The Juniors ABC-Paramount 9953 Crazy Cave A Thief Plays M- Looks worse $15.00
Danny & The Juniors Swan 4082 Back To The Hop Charleston Fish E/E+ $20.00
Darian,Fred JAF 2023 Johnny Willow Strong Man E $20.00
Darian,Fred JAF 2023 Johnny Willow Strong Man VG/E- $15.00
Darian,Fred Okeh 7113 DJ Now And Then I Got Plenty O' Nuttin' E+ $15.00
Darin,Bobby Atco 6206 DJ You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby Sorrow Tomorrow E+/M- $15.00
Dar-letts Shell 101 He's Gonna Get It ''Til I Fell In Love VG $75.00
Darrell,Ken & Alicia & The Rockaways Epic 5-9191 Never Comin' Back (Ken) Why Can't I Be Loved VG (ticks)/E- $15.00
Darrow,Johnny Sue 728 Jo Ann Delilah Don't Start Me Talking VG-/VG $10.00
Dartells,The Dot 16502 The Scoobie Song Dance, Everybody, Dance E+/M- $20.00
Darts Magnet (UK) 110 Naff Off (W/Pic Cover ) Come Back My Love E+/M- $15.00
Darts,The Apt 25023 On My Mind Well Baby E LKSW $15.00
Darvell,Barry Atlantic 2128 Lost Love Silver Dollar E- $30.00
Darvell,Barry Atlantic 2138 A King For Tonight (black and white label) Adam and Eve E+/M- $150.00
Dash Flasher & The Streakers Ace 3003 They Call It Streaking The Hurt Just Keeps On Hurtin' M- $10.00
Daugherty,Edwin Savern 105 Your Love Is Showing Groovy Monday E+/M- $25.00
Dave & The Shadows Checkmate 1011 Here After Blue Down VG/E- $15.00
Davids,Janie Key 5720 Don't Tease-A My Lips (WOL) My Jimmy (WOL) E+/M- $75.00
Davis,Danny Liberty 55213 DJ Beauty And The Beast Glory Bugle E+/M- $20.00
Davis,Gary AVS 74501 You Never Needed Me (W/Pic Sleeve) Command Performance (W/Pic Sleeve) E+/M- $25.00
Davis,Hank Wizz 716 You're My Kind I Want You To Be My Baby E- WOL $15.00
Davis,James Duke 392 Bad Dreams Ain't It Great E-/E $20.00
Davis,Jan Uni 55197 DJ Walk Don't Run(Flamenco) Flamenco Funk (DH) M- $20.00
Davis,Lenny Do-Ra-Me 1413 Sing Little Bluebird Satan's Got You E- $22.00
Davis,Mel & Group Therapy Fat City 7507 Mechanical Funk Never Satisfied M- $50.00
Davis,Steve RCA 47-9575 DJ Penny Laugh A Little Cry A Lot M- $35.00
Dawkins,Jimmy Excello 2334 1011 Woodland High Cost Of Living M- $20.00
Dawn,Tommy & The Sunsets White Cliffs 246 Poor Little Ugly Wanted $10,000 Reward M- $35.00
Dawson,Ronnie Maverick 101 My Big Desire How Can We Tell Her M- $40.00
Dawson,Ronnie Swan 4054 Summer's Comin' Decided By The Angels E-/E Label Stain from sticker $15.00
Day Brothers Firebird 103 Cleopatra Brown Wair For Me E+/M- $50.00
Day,Bing Mercury 71446 Mama's Place I Can't Help It M- $20.00
Day,Bobby Class 225 Saving My Life For You Little Turtle Dove E- $20.00
Day,Bobby Class 229 Over And Over Rock-in Robin E+/M- $20.00
Day,Bobby Class 263 My Blue Heaven I Don't Want To $12.50
Day,Bobby RCA 47-8230 Down On MY Knees Jole Blon (Little Darlin') M- $15.00
Day,Bobby Rendezvous 130 DJ Undecided Teenage Philosopher E+/M- $25.00
Day,Bobby Rendezvous 136 Gee Whiz Over and Over E-/E $15.00
Day,Bobby Sure-Shot 5036 So Lonely Since You've Been Gone Spicks and Specks M- $30.00
Day,Sonny Blue Skyway 1001 Country Girl Any Friend Of Yours E+/M- $12.00
Dayton Capitol 5269B It Must Be Love Conversation M- $53.00
De Feo,Tony Richloy 103 Obieshabooten Baby I'm Happy VG-/VG $10.00
De knight,Jimmy Peak 105 Rock Around the Clock Rock Around the Clock Cha Cha E+/M- $25.00
De Marco,Gloria Colpix 108 You're in Love Vieni, Vieni E+/M- (Sl Edge wrp Nap) $25.00
De Matteo,Nickey Ace 108/110 Please Don't Go Away Spring Blossoms E+/M- $25.00
De Paul,Lynsey Mam 3634 DJ Won't Somebody Dance With Me So Good To you E+/M- $20.00
De Vaurs Moon 105 Where Are You Boy In Mexico Good $10.00
De Vorzon,Barry Columbia 4-41612 DJ Hey Little Darlin' Rosemary E+/M- $25.00
Deal,Bill & Rhondels Heritage 803 May I Day By Day My Love Grows Stronger (Label Soil) E-/E $15.00
Deal,Bill & Rhondels Heritage 803 May I (SOL) Day By Day My Love Grows Stronger VG/E- $10.00
Dealers Muscle Shoals 9800 I'm For You You For Me We Want to Get Through To You M- $20.00
Dean,Debbie Motown 1014 But I'm Afraid Itsy Bitsy Pity Love VG/E- $30.00
Dean,Gabriel Era 3204 DJ Horoscope Everybody's Searchin' E- $15.00
Dean,Ritchie Tower 102 Goodbye Girl (WOL) I'd Do Anything E-/E $20.00
Dean,Terri Madison 167 DJ Lover Boy I Know That Your Heart's Not Made Of Wood M- $26.00
Dean,Terry Poplar 102 It's Just Your Kiss Dream Boy (Oh, Oh, Oh) E+/M- $15.00
Dean,Tex Trumpet 202 Naponee (SOL) Dreamy Georgiana Moon (SOL) VG/E- $20.00
Deaton,Frankie Banner 12 I Believe To My Soul Don't Let Go VG/E- $30.00
Debonaires Herald 509 Whispering Blues Darling E-/E $25.00
Debonairs Gee 1054 DJ Make Believe Lover We'll Wait E $35.00
Decker,Mickey Galaxie 100 Frankie And Johnnie Bop-A-Lena M- $25.00
Deckers Yeadon 101/1041 Sincerely With All My Heart The Thing E $20.00
Dee,Donna ABC-Paramount 10296 Television Nobody's Gonna Hurt You M- (scuffs nao) $100.00
Dee,James & A Piece of the Action Enrica 1017 Brother James Destruction M- (Filmy) $40.00
Dee,Joey Roulette 4467 Baby You're driving me crazy Help Me Pick Up the Pieces M- $15.00
Dee,Joey & Starliters Roulette 4408 Hey Let's Twist Roly Poly (With Pic Sleeve-has drill hole) E $25.00
Dee,Johnny Colonial 430 A-Plus in Love Sittin' in the Balcony E-/E $15.00
Dee,Johnny Colonial 430 Sittin' in the Balcony A-Plus in Love VG/E- $10.00
Dee,Lola Wing 90015 Only You And You Alone Paper Roses E+/M- $15.00
Dee,Tony & The Pageants Arlen 731 Saturday Romance Make You My Queen E- Sl OC 1 side $15.00
Dee-Lites Britton 1001 (Red Wax) Lollipop Give It Up E+/M- $10.00
Dee-Vines Lano 2001 World's Greatest Lover I Believe E- $25.00
Del Capris Ronjerdon 39 Forever My Love Hey Little Girl E- $30.00
Del Satins BT Puppy 509 A Girl Named Arlene Sweets For My Sweet E $25.00
Del Vikings ABC 10208 I'll Never Stop Crying Bring Back Your Heart E-/E $40.00
Del Vikings ABC-Par 10304 Big Silence One More River To Cross E+/M- $50.00
Del Vikings Mercury 71132 Jitterbug Mary Cool Shake E-/E $15.00
Del Vikings Mercury 71266 Can't Wait Voodoo Man E- $12.00
Delacardos Elgey 1001 Letter To A School Girl (SOL) I'll Never Let You Down E+ $50.00
Delacardos,The Atlantic 2368 She's The One I love Got No One E- $20.00
Delfonics Philly Groove 161 Didn't I Down Is Up, Up Is Down M- $15.00
Delicates,The Unart 2024 Ringa Ding Meusurry M- $15.00
Delights Arlen 753 Breaking Hearts To Him Is Just A Game I Cry M- $30.00
Dell,Jovan Bally 1038 Love Me Forever Bon Bon Baby M- $15.00
Dells,The Vee Jay 338 Oh What A Nite I Wanna Go Home E- (SLOC 1 side) $10.00
Dells,The Vee Jay 712 Poor Little Boy Hey Sugar Don't Get Serious E+/M- $10.00
Dells.The Cadet 5538 Thinkin' About you The Change We Go Thru (For Love) M- $110.00
Dells.The Vee Jay 615 Oh What A Good Nite Wait Til Tomorrow M-/M $30.00
Dell-Vikings Dot 15538 Come Go With Me How Can I Find True Love E- $12.50
Dell-Vikings Dot 15538 Some On With Me How Can I Find True Love E+/M- $20.00
Dell-Vikings Dot 15592 Whispering Bells Don't Be A Fool E- $15.00
Delroys Apollo 514 Bermuda Shorts Time (w/Milton Sparks) VG $15.00
Delta Rhythm Boys Signature 12045 Mustapha My Sunday Baby E/E+ $36.00
Deltairs Ivy (Boot) 101 Its Only You Dear Lullaby Of The Bells E/E+ $22.00
Del-Vetts,The Dunwich 142 I Call My Baby STP That's the Way It Is VG- sl Warpnap,Scuffs $12.00
Demensions Mohawk 116 (Red) Over the Rainbow Nursery Rhime Rock E/E+ $12.00
Denims,The Mercury 72613 DJ White Ship Salty Dog Man M- $125.00
Denny & The Dedications Susan 1111 Lost Love I'll Show You How To Love Me M- $25.00
Denny,Martin Liberty 54507 The Enchanted Sea Quiet Village M- (sl warpnap) $15.00
Denson,Denny Rayna 5003 Too Long Bills M- $115.00
Denson,Lee Kent 306 High School Hop (WOL) Devil Doll (WOL) VG $50.00
Denver,Danny Deville 104 DJ I Don't Want To Do It Long Hairy Arms VG/E- WRP OK@1.5 gms $10.00
Derringers Capitol F4572 Don't Deceive Me Maybe Baby (SOL) E+/M- $20.00
Desires,The Hull 730 Let It Please Be You Hey Lena (WOL) M- $38.00
Desires,The Seville 118 DJ Story Of Love I Ask You E SOL TOL $40.00
DeVaughn,William Tec 767 Hold On To Love Figures Can't Calculate E+/M- $12.00
DeVaughn,William Tec 767 Hold On To Love Figures Can't Calculate M- (Warp OK@1.5 Gms) $10.00
Devils,The People 637 The X-sorcist Hip Hug-Her M- $50.00
Devotions Roulette 4541 I Love You For Sentimental Reasons Rip Van Winkle E $10.00
Devotions,The Roulette 4556 A Sundat Kind of Love Tears From A Broken Heart E- DJ Copy $10.00
Dewitt,Julia Cord 0001 If You Want Your Man A New Chapter In My Life E+/M- $75.00
Dexter & Wanda Caress 81739 How Can I Show You Past, Present & Future M- $25.00
Dey,Tracey Amy 901 Go Away Gonna' Get Along Without You Now E- $20.00
Dey,Tracey Amy 901 Go Away Gonna' Get Along Without You Now E+/M- (Looks Worse-scuffs) $30.00
Di Blanda,Kareen Roulette 4235 Give Me Your Shoulder To Cry On The Girls Are At It Again E+/M- $20.00
Di Santo,Sugarpie Brunswick 55349 Get To Steppin' Do The Whoopie E+/M- $50.00
Diablos Fortune 511 (pink) Baby Be Mine The Wind E-/E $20.00
Dial,Buddy Challenge 59352 Back in the Old Days Baby Mint- $20.00
Diamond Joe Sansu 454 How To Pick A Winner Wait A Minute Baby Plays E+ looks worse $20.00
Diamond,Ronnie & Nu Ohio Players Anutha 1201 Playgirl Same (Capella Dub) M- $25.00
Diamonds Mercury 30050 DJ Church Bells May Ring Little Darlin' M- $13.00
Diamonds Mercury 71242 Land Of Beauty The Stroll E-/E $15.00
Diamonds Mercury 71242 Land Of Beauty The Stroll E+/M- $20.00
Diamonds Mercury 71449 A Mother's Love Gretchen E+/M- $12.00
Diamonds Mercury 71831 One Summer Night Its A Doggone Shame E $11.25
Diamonds Mercury 71831 DJ One Summer Night Its A Doggone Shame VG/E- $8.25
Dias,Joni Meridian 107 If You Love Me Really Love Me Sugar On Sunday E+/M- $20.00
Dickerson,Dub Capitol F3099 Under The Heading Of My Business I Must've Drove My Mules Too Hard M- WOL DJ Copy $15.00
Dickey Doo & the Don'ts Swan 4006 Flip Top Box Nee Nee Na Na Na Na Nu Nu (SOL) E+/M- $15.00
Dickinson,Pam Gambit 1109 Funny Age Johnny Ain't the Only Name E $30.00
Diddley,Bo Checker 1019 DJ Copy I Can Tell You Can't Judge a Book By The Cover E+/M- $60.00
Diddley,Bo Checker 1089 Chuck's Beat Bo's Beat E-/E $20.00
Diddley,Bo Checker 1213 Soul Train Bo Diddley 1969 E+/M- $10.00
Dillard,Moses & the Tex Town Display Curtom 1950 DJ I've Got To Find a Way To Hide My Hurt Pt 1. Same Part 2 M- $55.00
Dillard,Varetta Savoy 1153 Johnny Has Gone So Many Ways E+/M- $20.00
Dimensions Mohawk 116 Over The Rainbow Nursery Rhime Rock VG $12.00
Dimples,The Era 1079 Toy Telephone Gimme Jimmy VG $10.00
Dinning,Mark MGM 12845 Teen Angel Bye Now Baby E+/M- $20.00
Dinning,Mark MGM 12888 DJ You Win Again A Star Is Born, A Love Has Died E+/M- $12.50
Dio,Andy Crusade 1023 Bonnie Jean Rough And Bold M- $40.00
Dion & The Belmonts Laurie 3044 That's My Desire Where Or When (SOL) $10.00
Dittos,The WB 5247 DJ Mustard (SOL) Come on Strong E+/M- $35.00
Dixie Cups Red Bird 012 DJ No True Love (HVY WOL) You Should Have Seen the Way..(HVY WOL) E- (WRPNAP) $10.00
Dixon,Floyd Ace 3008 My Days Are Coming God Blessed Our Love M- $10.00
Dixon,Helene Vik 0212 Roll Over Beethoven Teenager Sings the Blues E+/M- $20.00
Dixon,Wylie Checker 1164 Just Like A Woman How Long Must I Wait E- $10.00
Dobbins,Jimmy Crash 426 What is Love ( I Found Love) Little Miss Perfect M- $25.00
Dobkins,Carl Jr. Decca 31088 One Little Girl Exclusively Yours E-/E $15.00
Doc Bagby Okeh 7089 Sylvia's Callin' Dumplin's E+/M- $25.00
Doc Burch Challenge 59038 False Hearted Lies Catch A Little Moonbeam E- $12.00
Dodo,Joe & The Groovers RCA 47-7207 Goin' Steady Groovy E $15.00
Doggett,Bill King 4838 DJ Honey Boy Misty Moon E- $15.00
Doggett,Bill King 4950 Honky Tonk Pt 1 Pt 2 E-/E $10.00
Doggett,Ray Top Rank 2025 Can I Be The One Restless Heart E+/M- Label Wear $12.00
Dollar,Beau King 6286 I Wanna Go Where The Soul Trees Grow Who Knows M- $85.00
Dolphins Fraternity 937 I Don't Want to go on Without You Hey-Da-Da-Dow E+/M- $25.00
Dolphins Gemini 501 Dance Pony Race E-/E $25.00
Domino,Fats Imperial 5357 All By Myself (Off Center) Troubles of My Own E-/E $10.00
Domino,Fats Imperial 5407 Honey Chile Blueberry Hill E- $12.00
Domino,Fats Imperial 5569 Telling Lies When The Saints Go Marching In E/E+ $12.00
Domino,Fats Imperial 5585 I'm Ready Margie M- $15.00
Domino,Fats Imperial EP151 Cookin' With Fats (EP 4 Songs) M- $50.00
Don & Dewey Specialty 617 When The Sun Has Begun To Shine (WOL) Just A Little Lovin' E-/E $20.00
Donaldson,Lou Blue Note 1943 Say It Loud Snake Bone E- $15.00
Donley,Jimmy Decca 31005 DJ I Can't Love You Now I Know E- $12.00
Donna,Vic Carlton 488 My Life Is In Your Hands Dream Girl M- DJ Copy $20.00
Donner,Ral Gone 5108 So Close To Heaven You Don't Know What You've Got E/E+ $20.00
Donner,Ral Gone 5108 So Close To Heaven You Don't Know What You've Got (WOL) E- $12.00
Donner,Ral Gone 5114 I Didn't Figure On Him (WOL) Please Don't Go VG/E- $10.00
Donner,Ral Gone 5121 Because We're Young She's Everything I Wanted You To Be (SOL) E- $10.00
Donner,Ral Reprise 20141 DJ I Got Burned A Tear In My Eye E WOL $15.00
Donner,Ral Starfire 114 Rip It Up (Picture Disc) Don't Leave Me Now (Picture Disc) M- $15.00
Donnie & The Del Chords Taurus 357 I Don’t Care I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time E+/M- $15.00
Donnie & The Dreamers Decca 31312 Carole (SOL) Ruby My Love E+/M- $50.00
Donnie & The Dreamers Whale 500 Dorothy Count Every Star (Sm Tear On Label) E $15.00
Donomon Thunderbird 102 Here Comes The Fool (W/The Lakettes) Do Yoy Know Everything "bout Love (W/The Skylarks) E- $10.00
Doo,Dickey & The Don'ts Swan 4001 Click Clack Did You Cry E- $10.00
Doo,Dickey & The Don'ts Swan 4001 Click Clack Did You Cry M- $20.00
Doo,Dickie & The Don'ts Swan 4025 Come With Us Teardrops Will Fall E $20.00
Doodlers RCA 47-6074 If You Don't Want the Fruit Don't Shake The Tree Two Hearts E+/M- $25.00
Dootones Dootone 470 Strange Love Affair The Day Yo Said Goodbye E+/M- (SLWRPNAP) $20.00
Dorando Music City 894 (white label) Listen to My Song Didn't I Mint $100.00
Dorn,Jerry King 4932 Sentimental Heaven Wishing Well VG-/VG $20.00
Dorsey,Lee Amy 987 Why Wait Until Tomorrow My Old Car M- (WARP OK @1.5 Gms.) $10.00
Dorsey,Lee Amy 994 I Can't Get Away Vista Vista (Scuffs) E+/M- $30.00
Dorsey,Lee Fury 1053 Give Me You Ya Ya VG/E- $12.00
Douglas,Robb & Dean Deram 7511 DJ Phone Me I Can Make It With You M- Promo $40.00
Douglas,Ronny Everest 19425 Candy and Gum You'll Come Back E/E+ (looks worse) $75.00
Douzer, The Dore 844 The Sneak Same (Instrumental) E- $36.00
Dovale,Debbie Roulette 4521 DJ This World We Live In Hey Lover M- (warp OK @ 1.5 grams) $60.00
Dovells Parkway 833 Mope-Itty Mope Stomp (SOL) Do The New Continental E+/M- $20.00
Dovells Parkway 901 Dragster on the Prowl Be My Girl E-/E $15.00
Dowell,Joe Smash 1708 Wooden Heart Little Bo Peep E+/M- (W/Pic Sleeve) $12.00
Dowell,Joe Smash 1759 The One I Left For You (w/pic sleeve) Little Red Rented Rowboat VG $20.00
Dowen,Joe RCA 74-0497 DJ I Feel The Earth Move Walk Out E+/M- $15.00
Dowen,Joe RCA 74-0497 DJ I Feel The Earth Move(Last few grooves scratchy) Walk Out E- $10.00
Dowlands Tollie 9002 Hey Sally All My Loving E/E+ $15.00
Downey,Mort (Doc) Jr. Cadence 1407 Flattery (Tear on Label) The Ballad of Billy Brown Plays VG/E- (looks worse) $30.00
Dr. Feelgood & Interns Okeh 7156 What's Up Doc Right String But Wrong Yo Yo E-/E $15.00
Dr. West's Medecin Show/Junk Band Go Go 100 (White Lab) You Can't Fight City Hall Blues Eggplant That Ate Chicago M- $10.00
Drake Parrot 315 On The Road To Mexico Glory Train E-/E $20.00
Drake,Charlie UA 398 My Boomerang Won't Come Back She's My Girl E- $15.00
Drake,Georgia Sunny 4534-5 Misirlou Hava Nagila E- $30.00
Drake,Joe Shamley 44004 I'm No Good For Me I'll Do Anything For you M- $12.00
Dream Lovers V-TONE 229 May I Kiss The Bride Time E-/E $15.00
Dreamers Goldisc 3015 Natalie Teenage Vows Of Love E $30.00
Dreamlovers,The Cameo 326 Oh Baby Mine I Get So Lonely These Will Be The Good Old Days M- WOL $20.00
Drifters Atlantic 2096 Honey Bee Some Kind Of Wonderful E-/E $15.00
Drivers RCA 47-7023 I Get Weak Blue Moon E- $25.00
Druids Columbia 4-43639 DJ Puffin Old Willow M- $12.00
Du Shon,Jean Lenox 5568 DJ It Won't Stop Hurtin' Me (WOL) Look The Other Way (WOL) VG-/VG (Sl warpnap) $20.00
Dubs Gone 5011 Could This Be Magic (Real Gone Music) Such Lovin' E-/E $75.00
Dubs Gone 5011 Could This Be Magic (Sea Lark Music) Such Lovin' E- $15.00
Dubs Gone 5011 Such Lovin' (Real Gone Music) Could This Be Magic G/VG- $10.00
Dubs Mark-X 8008 Song In My Heart (LS) Be Sure My Love (LS) VG/E- $15.00
Dubs Mark-X 8008 DJ Be Sure My Love Song in My Heart E- $20.00
Dubs,The ABC-Paramount 10056 Early In The Evening No One VG/E- $20.00
Dudads Deluxe 6083 I Heard You Call Me Dear My Baby Misses Me Too E-/E Bio DJ $50.00
Du-ettes Lost-Nite 1003 Lonely Days Please Forgive Me M- $20.00
Dukays Nat 4002 Nite Owl Festival of Love (SOL) M- $20.00
Dukays Vee Jay 442 DJ Please Help I'm Gonna Love You So E+/M- $20.00
Dukays Vee Jay 460 DJ I Never Knew I Feel good All Over E $20.00
Dukays Vee Jay 491 DJ Combination Every Step E-/E $10.00
Duke Of Earl Vee Jay 440 London Town Walk On With The Duke E+/M- $10.00
Duke,Patty UA 875 Don't Just Stand There (W/Pic Sleeve) Everything But Love M- $25.00
Dum Dums,The Yorkshire 105/150 Tortilla Somethin' Stupid E+ $35.00
Duncan,Don & Glenda Cain Venture 111 Make My Dreams Come True Somethin' Special (Don Duncan only) E $125.00
Duncan,Lanny Candix 316 DJ Tummy Tickles Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me E+/M- $12.00
Dunes,The Nadison 156 Lonely Sands Sloppy Jalopy E WOL $10.00
Dunn,Leona Hallmark 500 Our Songs Of Love Baby Don't Play Around E- $10.00
Duponts Atco 6918 (DJ) If You Can't Think of Anything Else… VG-/VG $12.00
Duponts Atco 6918 DJ If You Can't Think Of Anything Else, Why Don't You Same E- $15.00
Dupree,Dave & The Hustlers Alma 340-341 Feelion' Freedom Bell VG-/VG $20.00
Duprees Coed 571 Ginny My Own True Love E+/M- $15.00
Duprees Coed 574 I'd Rather Be Here In Your Arms I Wish I Could Believe You M- $15.00
DV8 Aggressive 73155 (sm. Ctr hole) Worship Time Executives VG/E- $20.00
Dyke & The Blazers Original Sound 79 Funky Walk Part 1 Part2 M- $25.00
Dynamic Corvettes Abet 9459 DJ Funky Music is the Thing Pt. 1 Same Pt. 2 M- $25.00
Dynamic Superiors Motown 1324 Release Me Shoe Shoe Shine E- $15.00
Dynamic Superiors (TM) Motown 1428 DJ You're What I Need M- $40.00
Dynamic Tints Twinight 123 Oackage Of Love Pt 1 Same Pt 2 VG (warpnap_ $20.00
Dynatones HBR 494 And I Always Will Fife Piper (Sm WOL) E- $15.00
Eady,Ernestine Junior 1007 DJ That's The Way It Goes The Change M- $275.00
Eager,Brenda Lee Mercury 73607 There Ain't No Way Ah! Sweet Mystery Of Life E+/M- $62.00
Eager,Brenda Lee & Peaches Mercury 73292 I'm A Lonely Woman In My World M- $10.00
Eager,Johnny Design 818 The Howl Join Me Baby M- (Sl Wrpnap) $140.00
Eanes,Jim Starday 535 Mark Of Cain (SOL) Borderline E-/E $20.00
Earl,Robert Carol 103 Love Will Find A Way Say You'll Be Mine E- $25.00
Earlington,Lyn Southern Sound 104 D.D.T. And The Boll Weevil $20.00
Earls Old Town 1141 Look My Way Eyes E/E+ $21.00
Earls Rome 101 Without You Life Is But A Dream E/E+ $30.00
Earls,The ABC 11109 DJ It's Been A Long Time Coming My Lonely Lonely Room M- $40.00
Earls,The Mr. G 801 DJ Papa If I Could Do It Over Again M- $45.00
Early Warning System EWS 1201 Success Story Part 1 Same Part 2 M- $35.00
Earth Quake A&M 1301 DJ Tickler Guarding You E+/M- $10.00
Easter,Jim & The Artistics Cha Cha 720 Do You Ever Think Of Me Here I Go Again M- $25.00
Easy Credit Mopres 1129 Rocking Me In Your Arms Listen To Your Heart E+/M- $22.00
Eazy Vanguard 35226 Project Funk Same (Instrumental) E/E+ $20.00
Ebb Tide Sound Gems 111 It Takes Love To Make Love Pt 1 Part 2 E $15.00
Ebony Web Hi 2217 DJ This Morning The Way You Do The Things You Do M- $15.00
Echoes Seg-Way 103 Baby Blue Boomerang E- $25.00
Echoes Seg-Way 103 Boomerang Baby Blue (SOL) E $30.00
Echoes Seg-Way 103 Boomerang Baby Blue (SOL) E- $25.00
Eddie & The Starlites Scepter 1202 To Make A Long Story Short Pretty Little Girl E- $25.00
Eddy,Duane Jamie 1175 Lost Friend Pepe E+/M- (W/Pic Sleeve) $35.00
Edger,Jim & Roadrunners Scepter 12147 Tennessee Stud Wait A Little Longer E/E+ $12.00
Edsels Capitol F4675 If Your Pillow Could Talk Shake Shake Sherry E- $10.00
Edsels Dub 2843 Rama Lama Ding Dong Bells E+/M- (SLWRPNAP) $50.00
Edwards,Dee D-Town 1024 He Told Me Lies Too Careless With My Love M- $60.00
Edwards,Dee Tuba 1706 DJ You Say You Love Me Tired Of Staying Home M- $125.00
Edwards,Dennis Soul City 147 Johnny On The Spot I Didn't Have To M- (small center hole) $20.00
Edwards,Jimmie RCA 47-7597 Your Love Is A Good Love A Favor For A Friend E- $10.00
Edwards,Jimmy RCA 47-7717 Rosie Lee Live And Let Live E $15.00
Edwards,Tyrone Invictus 1269 Can't Get Enough Of You You Took Me From A World Outside M- $38.00
Eely,Jack & the Courtmen Bang 520 Louie louie '66 David's Mood E- $25.00
El Boy (Ralph Sayho Calypso Singers) Rama 220 DJ Jack Jack Jack Tonight My Heart She Is Crying E+/M- $25.00
El Capris Argyle 1010 Oh But She Did Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Wop E $18.00
El Dorados Vee Jay 147 What's Buggin' You Baby At My Front Door VG/E- $20.00
El Dorados Vee Jay 211 Bim Bam Boom There in the Night VG-/VG $15.00
El Dorados,The Paula 347 DJ Looking in From The Outside Since You Came Into My Life M- $35.00
El Rondos Capri 229 Cool Breezes Part 1 Same Part 2 E+/M- $30.00
Elaine Roulette 4499 Look But Don't Touch I Never Wonder Where My Baby Goes (SOL) VG/E- $12.00
Elaine & Ellen Ovation 1148 Fill Me Up You Made Me Do It Again M- $12.00
Electric Elves,The MGM 13839 DJ It Pays To Advertise Hey Look Me Over E+/M- $70.00
Electric Express Linco 152 Life Ain't Easy Same (Instrumental) E+/M- $50.00
Elegants Apt 25017 Please Believe Me Goodnight E+/M- $22.50
Elegants Real Music 6003-04 Hypnotized Ghetto Slide VG-/VG Warp OK @1.5 grams $10.00
Eliminators,The TE 10 Move Out Lotus She's All Right E+/M- $40.00
Eli's Second Coming Silver Blue 7302 Love Chant Part 2 Part2 E+ $20.00
Elizer HPR 9009 Freedaom Says (Im Not Ready) Same (instrumental) "Hay Star For Tomorrow) E- (Sl warpnap) $25.00
Ellis,Don Bee 201 A Woman's Love Party Doll M- $20.00
Ellis,Freddie Coral 62307 Thank Heaven For Little Girls Hey There E+/M- $90.00
Ellis,Shirley Congress 208 That's What The Nitty Gritty Is Get Out E+/M- $25.00
Elmo Son 191 I Like Rock & Roll He Whistles Good With A Broken Tooth E+/M- Sl WRPNAP $15.00
Elsie Mae King 6022 Do You Really Want To Rescue Me Part 1 Same Part 2 M- $45.00
Emerals Times Square 111 Soda Pop Juke Box Rock Please Don't Crush My Dreams E+/M- $25.00
Emerson,Bill Topic 8013 Big Old Town Goin' Out To Hollywood E $10.00
Emersons Newport 7004 DJ Hungry Joannie Joannie E $30.00
Emersons Newport 7004 DJ Hungry (Has edge warp not affect play) Joannie Joannie VG/E- $22.00
Emjays Greenwich 411 This Is My Love (SOL) Waitin' E+/M- $15.00
Emond,Diane Charter (CRC) 8 Steve Is The One The Beginning Of The End M- $25.00
Emotions,The Jonsal 79043-44 Mashed Potatoes Ebb Tide VG/E- $50.00
Emotions,The Vardan 201 Love Of A Girl Do ThIs For Me VG $80.00
Enchanters WB 5460 DJ I'm A Good Man I Wanna Thank You E-/E $22.00
Engel,Scotty RKO 386 DJ Steady As A Rock When Is A Boy A Man E/E+ $22.00
English,Barbara Roulette 4428 La-Ta-Tee-Ta-Ta(song writer names crossed out) We Need Them E- (SOL,WOL) $15.00
Epps,Preston Jo-Jo 106-107 Afro Mania Love is the Only Good Thing M- $140.00
Epps,Preston Original Sound 09 Hully Gully Bongo Bongo Bongo Bongo E- $20.00
Eric & The Vikings Gordy 7132 (DJ) I'm Truly Yours VG-/VG $10.00
Escorts,The OJ 1010 Misty Eyes Arrow Two Hearts VG $10.00
Esquerita Capitol F4145 DJ Just Another Lie Laid Off VG- $40.00
Eternals Hollywood 68/69 Rockin' In The Jungle Rock 'n' Roll Cha Cha E- $25.00
Ethics Vent 1001 (lt. Blue) Look At Me Now Think About Tomorrow (TOL) E $10.00
Etta & Harvey Chess 1760 If I Can't Have You My Heart Cries E/E+ $15.00
Evans,Barbara RCA 47-7576 Oo La La La La A Little Girl Cried M- $15.00
Evans,Frank & The Regents Olen 6508 (white label) I've Waited So Long What Can I Do M- (warp OK@1.5 gms) $35.00
Everett,Betty Fantasy 658 What Is It Ain't Nothing Gonna Change Me M- $15.00
Everett,Betty Vee Jay 585 Hands Off Shoop Shoop Song E- $15.00
Everett,Betty & Jerry Butler Vee Jay 676 Just Be True Since I Don't Have You E+/M- $10.00
Everly Brothers Cadence 1315 Bye Bye Love I Wonder If I Care As Much E/E+ $16.00
Everly Brothers Cadence 1337 Wake Up Little Suzy Maybe Tomorrow E- (w/Pic Sleeve) $40.00
Everly Brothers Cadence 1350 Bird Dog (SOL) Ddevoted To You E $10.00
Everly Brothers Cadence 1355 Problems Love Of My Life VG/E- $11.00
Everly Brothers Cadence 1369 Oh What A Feeling 'Til I Kissed You E/E+ $15.00
Everly Brothers Cadence 1369 Oh What A Feeling 'Til I Kissed You VG $10.00
Everly Brothers Cadence 1388 Brand New Heartache Like Strangers E- $12.00
Everly Brothers WB 5151 Cathy's Clown Always It's You E-/E Yellow Wax DJ Copy $35.00
Everly Brothers WB 7020 Bowling Green I Don't Want To Love You E+/M- some label wear $10.00
Excellents (The Ultimates) Blast 207 I Hear A Rhapsody Why Did You Laugh E/E+ $35.00
Excels Carla 2534 I Wanna Be Free Too Much Too Soon E+/M- $25.00
Exciters UA 544 Hard Way To Go Tell Him E- $15.00
Exciters UA 544 Hard Way To Go Tell Him M- $25.00
Exciters UA 572 He's Got The Power Drama Of Love E- $15.00
Executive Suite UA XW625 Hey! Pearl M- (lksw) DJ Copy $12.00
Exports King 5917 Car Hop (Small Tear on Label) Seat Belts Please E- $25.00
Fabian Chancellor 1037 Tiger (SOL) Mighty Cold M- (pic sleeve not graded) $30.00
Fabian Chancellor 1041 Got The Feeling Come and Get Me M- (pic sleeve not graded) $25.00
Fabulous Continentals CB 5003 Return To Me Undertow VG-/VG $10.00
Fabulous Counts Moira 108 Get Down People (WOL) Lunar Funk Plays VG/E- Looks worse $15.00
Fabulous Four,The Chancellor 1090 DJ Everybody Knows I'm Comin' Home (hard scratch-min. effect) E- $25.00
Fabulous Four,The Chancellor 1102 Forever It's Not Sin VG/E- $20.00
Fabulous Quiet Five Casa Grande 8462 Red Hot Scrambler-Go I Understand M- $15.00
Faces WB 7483 DJ Maybe I'm Amazed Oh Lord I'm Browned Out E- $15.00
Fair,Yvonne Motown 1323 DJ Walk Out the Door If You Wanna E+/M- $15.00
Fair,Yvonne Motown 1323 DJ Walk Out the Door If You Wanna (W/Pic Sleeve) E/E+ $20.00
Fairburn,Werly Capitol F2963 I Feel Like Cryin' Prison Cell Of Love M- $15.00
Fairport Convention A&M 1155 DJ Si Tu Doit Partir Genesis Hall M- $10.00
Falcons,The Mercury 70940 This Day Baby That's It E- $50.00
Fame,Herb Date 1507DJ From The Shadows to the Sun You're Messin' Up My Mind M- $50.00
Family At Max Sound Odyssey 5008 We Got To Get Together Learnin' To Live Together E/E+ $10.00
Family, The USA 886 DJ Face The Autumn Blank (Not recorded) E+/M- $20.00
Fanatics,The Back Beat 553 Dancing To The Shotgun You're Moving Too Fast E-/E DJ Copy $20.00
Fanelli,Frankie RCA 47-8872 DJ I'm Not The Marrying Kind This Is Me M- $10.00
Fantaisions,The Satellite 2006 That’s Where The Action Is Unnecessary Tears M- (SL WRPNAP) $55.00
Fantastic Four Ric-Tic 137 No Love Like Your Love Fantastic Four E+/M- $15.00
Fantastic Four Soul 35072 DJ On The Brighter Side of a Blue World E-/E $15.00
Fantastics RCA 47-7572 Millionaire Hobo There Goes My Love E $30.00
Farrar,Lucien Roulette 4331 DJ Yea Yea Hmm Hmm My Dream VG-/VG $10.00
Farrell,Ernie Colpix 775 DJ Candy Camera (with Pic sleeve) The Scream E- $15.00
Fascinating Musical Experience,A Honey 216 The Monster 1-2-3 E+ $45.00
Fatback Spring 3018 Take It Any Way You Want It Lady Groove M- $15.00
Faulkcon,Larence Mah's 0007 My Girl and My Friend Why Should We Hide Our Love Plays E looks worse $15.00
Federals Deluxe 6112 Cold Cash Come Go With Me E- $20.00
Felice,Dee Trio Bethlehem 3095 Oh Happy Day There Was A Time M- (Sl Warppnap) $40.00
Fender Guitar Slim Enrica 1006 Tender Rock Atomic Blues E-/E $12.00
Fenways,The Bevmar 401 Humpty Dumpty Nothing To Offer You E+/M- $20.00
Ferguson,Helen TCF 485 DJ One Last Chance Forgetfullness M- $90.00
Ferrari's Of Canada DCP 1140 DJ Tennessee Waltz He's Just A Little Boy E $15.00
Fever Tree Ampex 11028 DJ I Put A Spell On You E+/M- $10.00
Fidelitys Baton 252 Hold ON To What'Cha Got Things I Love E+/M- $17.00
Fields,Lee Bedford 105 Tell Her I Love Her Bewildered E+/M- (WARP ok@1.5 gms) $20.00
Fiestas Old Town 1062 (matrix 920) Last Night I Dreamed So Fine (SOL) VG- $10.00
Fiestas Old Town 1062 (matrix ztsp) Last Night I Dreamed So Fine E+/M- $20.00
Fiestas Old Town 1062 (matrix ztsp) Last Night I Dreamed (SOL) So Fine E/E+ $15.00
Fiestas Old Town 1074 That Was Me Good News E+/M- $25.00
Fiestas Vigor 712 Darling You've Changed (WOL) So Fine M- $15.00
Filler,Marty Taurus 358 She's Come Of Age Lucky Dreamer E- $12.00
Fireballs Top Rank 2038 Foot-Patter Kissin' E-/E $12.00
Fireflies Ribbon 6906 Because Of My Pride My Girl M- $20.00
First Family Score 1982 Slow Motion The First Family M- $10.00
First Family,The Polydor 14250 Control (People Go Where We Send You) Part 1 Same Part 2 M- $45.00
Fitzgerald,Ella Decca EP ED2028 Smooth Sailing (With Cover) E/E+ $18.00
Five Americans Abnak 118 Now That It's Over Western Union Mint- $10.00
Five Bells Clock 1017 It's You My pledge To You E $40.00
Five Discs Cheer 1000 That Was The Time Never Let You Go E+/M- $30.00
Five Discs Rust 5027 I Remember World Is A Beautiful Place E+/M- $25.00
Five Discs Vik 0327 World is a Beautiful Place I Remember E- $25.00
Five Discs Vik 0327 World is a Beautiful Place I Remember E+/M- $50.00
Five Du-tones One-derful 4815 Divorc Court Shale A Tail Feather (Warp OK@1.5 grams) VG/E- $15.00
Five Du-Tones One-derful 4831 Woodbine Twine We Want More E $20.00
Five Finks Bertram Int'l 226 Boss Crying Guitar (Sl WRPNAP) M- $50.00
Five Keys Capitol F3710 Four Walls It's a Groove E+/M- sl edge HD NAP $20.00
Five Man Electrical Band Polydor 14221 Country Angel Werewolf E+/M- $10.00
Five Man Electrical Band Polydor 14221 Country Angel Werewolf M- $15.00
Five Royales King 4869 Right Around the Corner When You Walked Through the Door E+/M- $50.00
Five Royales King 5329 I'm With You Don't Give No More Than You Can Take E- $12.50
Five Satins Ember 1005 (red label) In the Still of the Nite The Jones Girl (SLOC) M- $60.00
Five Satins Ember 1005 (red label) In the Still of the Nite (SLOC) The Jones Girl M- $60.00
Five Satins Ember 1008 (Red Label) Weeping Willow Wonderful Girl E+ $15.00
Five Satins Ember 1019 To The Aisle Wish I Had My Baby E/E+ $20.00
Five Satins Ember 1056 Toni My Love Shadows M- $20.00
Five Satins WB 5367 Kangaroo Remember Me E/E+ $10.00
Five Satins,The Chancellor 1121 DJ Downtown (WOL) Do You Remember E- (scuffs) $75.00
Five Scripts Script 102 You Left My Heart My Friends Tell Me VG/E- $15.00
Five Smooth Stones Chisa 8006 DJ I Will Never Love Another Same (Slight Off Center - 1 side) E+/M- $50.00
Five Sounds Baritone 0940/0941 That's When I Fell In Love Good Time Baby E-/E WOL $25.00
Five Stars Mark-X 7006 Dead Wrong Ooh Shucks (Off Center) E- $15.00
Five Willows Allen 1000 (REPRO) My Dear Dearest Darling Rock Little Francis M- Red Wax $25.00
Flagg,Bill Tetra 4445 A Good Woman's Leavin' Go Cat Go VG-/VG $35.00
Flamin Groovies Epic 5-10507 The First One's Free Rocking Pneumonia and Boogie Woogie Flu M- $20.00
Flamingos Checker 0837 Kiss From Your Lips Get With It E-/E $45.00
Flamingos End 1055 Love Walked In (SOL) Yours M- $12.00
Flamingos End 1073 At Night Mio Amore (WOL) E/E+ $20.00
Flamingos End 1073 At Night Mio Amore (WOL) M- $25.00
Flamingos End 1116 Near You For All We Know E+/M- $20.00
Flamingos End 1124 Come On To My Party (DJ Copy) Talk About True Love M- $25.00
Flares,The Press 2802 Doing the Hully Gully Truck and Trailer E+ $25.00
Fleetwoods Dolphin 1 Come Softly To Me I Care So Much VG $10.00
Fleetwoods Dolton 22 Runaround (W/Pic Sleeve) Truly Do VG $20.00
Fleetwoods Dolton 5 You Mean Everything To Me Mr. Blue E+/M- $20.00
Flemon,Wade Vee Jay 614 I Knew You When That Other Place M-/M $250.00
Flemons,Wade Vee Jay 295 My Baby Likes To Rock Here I Stand VG- $10.00
Flemons,Wade Vee Jay 295 My Baby Likes To Rock Here I Stand VG (SLOC)(WOL) $15.00
Flemons,Wade Vee Jay 344 Woops Now Easy Lovin' E+/M- $20.00
Flemons,Wade Vee Jay 427 DJ Half A Love Welcome Stranger M- $45.00
Fletcher,Darrow Crossover 983 This Time I'll Be The Fool We've Got To Get An Understanding M- $15.00
Fletcher,Darrow Uni 55244 Changing By The Minute When Love Calls E+/M- $35.00
Fletcher,Darrow Uni 55270 Dolly Baby What Is This E+/M- $25.00
Fletcher,Sam RCA 47-7676 Take Me In Your Arms I Just Had To Tell Someone E-/E $10.00
Fletcher,Sam Vault 502 More Today Than Yesterday What'll I Do M-/M $45.00
Fletcher,Sam Vee jay 623 The Sinner Guess Who E- $15.00
Flip Cartridge Parrot 317 DJ Loserville Pretty Balloons M- $20.00
Flirtations,The Josie 956 Change My Darkness Into Light Natural Born Lover M-/M $80.00
Florence,Tina Apt 25078 Too Much For Me Baby Let Bygones Be Bygones M- $90.00
Flores,Bobby Whiz 604 Every Day I Have To Cry Hey Girl Please Listen E+/M- WOL $15.00
Floyd & Jerry Presta 1013 If You Want Me Dusty E- $15.00
Floyd,Eddie Stax 208 I've Just Been Feeling Bad Raise Your Hand E+/M- $15.00
Flying Burrito Brothers A&M 1166 DJ Cody Cody If You Gotta Go M- $10.00
Foghat Bearsville 0008 I Just Want To Make Love To You A Hole TO Hide In M- $20.00
Foghat Bearsville 0019 That'll Be The Day (SOL) Wild Cherry M- $15.00
Fontaine,Eddie Decca 30338 One And Only Hey Marie Rock With Me M- $25.00
Fontaine,Eddie X 0096 Rock Love All My Love Belongs To You M- WOL $25.00
Fontaine,Eddie X 0108 On Bended Knee I Miss You So E- $23.00
Fontaine,Vic BSD 1009 Ain't Many Girls Like That (w/pat the cat) Little Rock Special E $60.00
Fontana,Wayne MGM 13762 DJ Copy From A Boy To A Man 24 Sycamore M- $15.00
Fool,The Mercury 72896 Rainbow Man Lay It Down (with b/w pic sleeve not graded) M- $30.00
Foote,Chuck Soncraft 401 Come On Back (WOL) You're Running Out Of Kisses (WOL) E- $25.00
Ford,Billy & Thunderbirds Swan 4002 The Monster Billie & Lillie-La-Dee-Dah E- $12.00
Ford,Billy & Thunderbirds Swan 4002 The Monster Billie & Lillie-La-Dee-Dah M- $20.00
Ford,Frankie Ace 554 Sea Cruise Roberta E+/M- $25.00
Ford,Frankie Ace 554 Sea Cruise Roberta E+/M- (Scuffs NAP) $20.00
Ford,Frankie Ace 580 I Want To Be Your Man Time After Time E/E+ $10.00
Ford,Frankie Doubloon 01 I Can't Face Tomorrow (Label off center) Half A Crown M- $15.00
Foreign Bodies Bizart GAK 1 The Incredible Truth (w pic insert) Long Walk Home M- (Warp OK@1.5 Grams) $20.00
Forrest,Jimmy United 110 Bolo Blues Night Train E-/E $30.00
Fortune,Johnny Park Avenue 130 Dragster Siboney E+/M- $50.00
Fortunes Decca 30688 DJ How Clever Of You Trees E+/M- $62.00
Foster,Millie TCF 4 It Keeps On Raining Tears Ole Father Time M- $40.00
Founders Triode 118 I Don't Want A Second Hand Love What Did We Do Wrong E- $25.00
Fountain,Roosevelt Prince Adams 447 Red pepper I Part 2 E- $15.00
Four Bars Falew! 108 Waitin' on The Right Guy (SOL) I've Got To Move M- $150.00
Four Blazes United 158 Ella Louise Perfect Woman E- $25.00
Four Closures,The Specialty 643 Rock-A My Soul Maybe VG/E- $15.00
Four Coachmen Adonis 102 Wintertime That Thing Called A Girl M- $10.00
Four Coachmen Dot 16297 Swamp Legend Shalom E+/M- $20.00
Four Dates,The Chancellor 1019 Hey Roly Poly I Say Babe VG $12.00
Four Deuces Music City 790 W-P-L-J E $50.00
Four Deuces Music City 790 (Maroon) W-P-L-J (sm label tears) VG/E- $50.00
Four Dots Freedom 44005 DJ Pleading For Your Love Don't Wake Up The Kids M- $75.00
Four Ekko's Rip 12558 Toodaloo Kangaroo My Love I Give E+ WOL $12.00
Four Epics Laurie 3155 I Love You Dianne Again E $16.00
Four Esquires Paris 509 I Ain't Been Right Since You Left (Sl WPRNAP) Love Me Forever E+/M- $12.00
Four Esquires Paris 512 I Walk Down The Street Always and Forever E $11.00
Four Esquires Paris 549 DJ Sweet Sixteen She'll never Be Chop Stick Rock E $15.00
Four Fellows Glory 234 Soldier Boy Take Me Back Baby E-/E $43.00
Four Fellows Glory 234 Soldier Boy Take Me Back Baby VG/E- $35.00
Four Fellows Glory 244 I Sit In My Window (Sl Off Center) Please Play My Song E+/M- $50.00
Four Hi's,The Verve 10450 Pretty Little Face The Train Leaving For Misery E/E+ LKSW DJ Copy $25.00
Four Imps Cimarron 4053 All Or Nothing Wabash Blues E+/M- $15.00
Four Larks Uptown 761 It's Unbelievable Keep Climbing Brother M- $12.00
Four Lovers RCA 47-6518 You're the Apple Of My Eye Girl in My Dreams E- $18.00
Four Lovers RCA 47-6646 Jambalaya Be Lovey Dovey E/E+ $25.00
Four Mints Capsoul 23 They Were Wrong Row My Boat E+/M-(Sl WRPNAP) $15.00
Four Mints Capsoul 28 You Want To Come Back You're My Desire M- $30.00
Four Pennies Brunswick 55304 You're A Gas With Your Trash You Have No Time To Lose E $20.00
Four Pennies Rust 5070 Hockaday Pt 1 When the Boys Happy the Girl's Happy Too E+/M- $20.00
Four Speeds,The Challenge 9187 My Sting Ray R.P.M. E-/E $15.00
Four Upsetters,The Sun 381 Crazy Arms Midnight Soiree E-/E $12.00
Four Winds Explorer 713 DJ Smile Doin' The Stroll E+/M- $30.00
Four-Evers Smash 1887 Be My Girl (WOL) If I Were A Magician (WOL) E- $10.00
Fox,Eugene Checker 0792 Sinner's Dream Stay At Home E/M- $200.00
Fox,Johnny & The Foxes Newtime 507 Mountain (A New Version R & B) Dew You Laff Too Much M- $12.00
Foxx,Inez Symbol 924 Talk With Me Hi Diddle Diddle E/E+ $15.00
Foxx,Inez Synbol 919 Jaybirds Mockingbird E-/E $15.00
Foxx,Inez & Charlie Symbol 201 La De Da I Love You Yankee Doodle Dandy M- $15.00
Francis,Connie MGM 12878 Teddy Mama M- $10.00
Francis,Connie MGM 13214 Blue Winter (with Pic Sleeve) You Know You Don’t' Want Me M- $14.00
Frank & James Smooth City 222 How Long Is Forever Dancin' With Nancy M- $85.00
Frankie & Johnny Hickory 1391 I'll Hold You I'm Never Gonna Leave You E-/E (drill hole) $150.00
Frankie & The Classicals Calla 127 Good-Bye Love Hello Sadness What Shall I Do E+ $75.00
Franklin,Doug & The Bluenotes Colonial 7777 My Lucky Love Drizzlin' Rain M- (SLWRPNAP) $10.00
Freakin' Deacon BNA 008 S.T. (Sister Terrestrial) I've Been Discoteched M- $15.00
Freberg,Stan Capitol F2029 Try Pass The Udder Udder M- $25.00
Freberg,Stan Capitol F2596 Little Red Riding Hood St. George And The Dragonet E/E+ $10.00
Freberg,Stan Capitol F3396 Quest For Bridey Murphy Great Pretender E+/M- $20.00
Freberg,Stan Capitol F3480 Rock Island Line Heartbreak Hotel M- $30.00
Freberg,Stan Capitol F3480 DJ Rock Island Line Heartbreak Hotel M- $20.00
Freberg,Stan Capitol F3687 Tele-Vee-Shun Banana Boat (Day-o) E- $20.00
Freberg,Stan/Daws Butler Capitol F3138 Lone Psychiatrist Honey Earthers VG- $13.00
Fred & The New J.B.'s People 648 Brealkin' Bread Funky Music Is My Style E/E+ $12.00
Freddie & The Sounds Of Soul Pearltone 8004 I Can't Break Away From You Just A Little Bit More Love M- $35.00
Freddy & Claire Reprise 20049 DJ Right After School Love Is A Game (Freddy Dame) E/E+ $20.00
Free A&M 1352 Little Bit Of Love Sail On M- $10.00
Free Design,The Project 3 1324 Kites Are Fun The Proper Ornament E- $15.00
Freedom Wand 11223 Fat Man Doctor Tom M- $20.00
Freeman,Bobby Josie 835 Big Fat Woman Do You Want To Dance E+/M- $20.00
Freeman,Bobby Josie 844 Need Your Love Shame On You Miss Johnson E+/M- $25.00
Freeman,Evelyn (Conducting..) UA 1663 Water Boy Didn't It Rain M- $15.00
Freeman,Louise Shout 306 DJ How Could You Run Away I Can Do It If I See It M-/M $25.00
Freeman,R.B. Avco 4593 Chain Gang Love the Best I Can E-/E $15.00
Freeman,R.B. Avco 4593 DJ Chain Gang Same M- $15.00
French,Don Lancer 104 Goldilocks Lonely Saturday Night E- $15.00
French,Don Lancer 104 Goldilocks Lonely Saturday Night E-/E $20.00
Friends of Ed Labunski/Nikita The K wb 7005 The Spoiler Go Go Radio Moscow E $15.00
Frijid Pink Parrot 341 House of the Rising Sun Drivin' Blues E- $15.00
Frogmen Candix 314 The Mad Rush Underwater E $25.00
Frogmen Candix 314 The Mad Rush Underwater (SOL) VG/E- $15.00
Fronitersmen & Joanie (W/Pic Sleeve) Sage 373 Rodeo U.S.A. I Dreamed Of A Hillbilly Heaven E+/M- $12.00
Front Runners Tom Cat JH10575 DJ The Big Hurt (Shortened Version) M- $20.00
Fudoli,Richard Maestro 102067 Gwee Bossa Nova Jumpin' Bean E+/M- $40.00
Fugitives Arvee 5014 Freeway Fugitive E- $10.00
Fugitives Clevetown 128 I Miss You Girl This is It VG WRPNAP $31.00
Fuller,Bobby Exeter 124 I Fought The Law She's My Girl VG (label soil) $125.00
Fuller,Bobby Four Mustang 3018 The Magic Touch My True Love VG/E- $22.00
Fuller,Jerry Challenge 59279 Am I That Easy To Forget I Get Carried Away M-/M $175.00
Fuller,Johnny Specialty 655 Mighty Hand Haunted House VG-/VG $10.00
Fuller,Johnny Specialty 671 Swingin' At the Creek Many Rivers Mighty Seas E+/M- $12.00
Fulsom,Lowell Checker 0812 Check Yourself Loving You is All I Crave VG-/VG $10.00
Fulsom,Lowell Jewel 811 Don't Destroy Me Do You Feel It E- $35.00
Fulsom,Lowell Kent 431 Black Nights Little Angel M- $15.00
Fulsom,Lowell Kent 466 No Hard Feelings (SLOC) Everyday I Have The Blues M- $20.00
Fulsom,Lowell Kent 471 I Cried The Thing E-/E $15.00
Funny Bone Sound Stage 2505 DJ Ride on Bones Same M- $21.00
Funston,Chris & The High Hopes Acclaim 6601 I've Changed My Mind Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello M- (SL WRPANP) $10.00
Furness Brothers Rae Cox 104 One Little Moment WithYou Duke's Place E/E+ $12.00
Fury,Billy (UK) Decca 11485 Once Upon A Dream If I Lose You VG $12.00
Futures,The Gamble 2502 Stay With Me Loe Is Here E- $15.00
Fuzzy & The Majors People 1005 L-O-V-E Leak In The Faucet M- $50.00
Fuzzy Bunnies Decca 32364 Lemons And Limes The Sun Ain't Gonna' Shine No More E+/M- $15.00
Gadson,James UA XW815 DJ Go By What's In Your Heart (wol) M- $50.00
Gaines,Earl Ace 3010 Nine Pound Steel Drownin' On Dry Land M- (SLWRPNAP) $10.00
Gaines,Earl Deluxe 102 The Door Is Still Open My Pillow Stays Wet E+/M- $25.00
Gaines,Earl Excello 2063 Can't Keep From Cryin' Baby Baby What's Wrong VG/E- $28.00
Gale,Jack Sextet Trojan 101 High School Deck Of Cards Rushin' Home E DJ Copy Label stain $12.00
Gales,Billy Shock 200 I'm Hurting (small WOL)) Dreaming Of You M- $150.00
Gallahads Del-Fi 4148 I'm Without A Girl Friend Be Fair M- $25.00
Galore,Mamie St. Lawrence 1012 Don't Think I Could Stand It It Ain't Necessary M-/M $70.00
Galt,James Aurora 158 DJ With My Baby A Most Unusual Feeling E-/E $40.00
Gambrells,The Cub 9156 DJ Love Is In The Air I'm In Love Again For The First Time M- $55.00
Gandy,Jerry Gambit 1108 (White) Mister Moon You Better Take Me Home E/E+ $20.00
Gant,Clentt Duke 348 Just Like You Like It All Mine E-/E $20.00
Garden Club A&M 848 Little Girl Lost-And-Found I Must Love Her M- $10.00
Gardner,Stu Chisa 8001 Home On The Range (Everybody Needs A Home) Mend This Generation M- $15.00
Gari,Frank Crusade 1020 I Ain't Got A Girl Utopia E+/M- $20.00
Garland,Jimmy Festival 702 You Made A Promise Baby One More Time M- $30.00
Garland,Judy Miscellaneous UK Audition record Judy sings Lionel Bart's "Blitz" (33 rpm) 4 Songs in original sleeve (writing on sleeve) M- $100.00
Garner,Emmett, jr. Maxwell 802 So Much Better Check Out What You've Got M- $30.00
Garner,Merlene Davco 105 DJ I'm Never Understood My Heart And Eyes VG $25.00
Garrett,Elaine Greedy 112 What About Me Same (Short Version) E-/E $10.00
Garrett,Lee Van Dyk 1606 Linda Sue Tell The World VG- WOL $10.00
Garrett,Scott Laurie 3023 A House Of Love So Far So Good E $20.00
Garrett,Vernon & The Richfield Gas Co. Soul Clock 103 Just Ain't My Day Same (instrumental) M- $65.00
Gary & Gary Heidi 105 DJ The Soft, Easy Life Consider Yourself Lucky M- $35.00
Gaye,Marvin Tamla 54075 Hitch Hike Hello There Angel M- $38.00
Gaylarks Music City 819 Ivy League Clothes Doodle-Doo E/E+ $25.00
Gayten,Paul Argo 5300 Windy (SOL) Tickle Toe E+ $20.00
Gems Chess 1882 That's What They Put Erasers On Pencils For A Love Of Mine M- $30.00
Gems,The Riverside 4590 I Miss Him I'll Be There M- $70.00
Gene & Eunice Aladdin 3282 Move It Over Baby This Is My Story VG/E- $10.00
Gene & Eunice Aladdin 3292 Can We Forget It (Tear on Label) Flim Flam VG $10.00
Gene & Eunice Aladdin 3305 I Gotta Go Home Have You Changed Your Mind G/VG- $10.00
Gene & Eunice Aladdin 3374 Strange World The Vow E+/M- $25.00
Gentry,Bill Antique 713 Next Train to Nashville I love You Just That Much M- $13.00
Gentry,Donnie Romulus 3000 DJ From This Day On Bouquet Of Roses E- $15.00
Georgia Prophets Double Shot 138 For The First Time Loving You Is Killing Me M- $15.00
Georgia Prophets,The Capricorn 8006 Music With Soul California E/E+ (Wrp OK@1.5 gns) $20.00
Geronimo & the Apaches Galiko 891 Too Late For Tears Oh Yes Baby I Love You So M-/M $30.00
Gerrard,Donny Greedy 109 Peace For Us All Stay While With Me M- $10.00
Geyer,Renee Polydor 14390 Heading in the Right Direction Moving Along M- $10.00
Gi Gi Sweet 001 Daddy Love Part 1 Same Part 2 E+/M- $15.00
Gibbs,Doug Oak 108 Cloudy Day I'll Always Have You There M- $15.00
Gibbs,Georgia Epic 5-9606 Tater Poon Nine Girls Out Of Ten Girls M- $10.00
Gibbs,Georgia Mercury 70811 Greatest Thing Rock Right E-/E $20.00
Gibbs,Georgia Mercury 70998 Morning Noon And Night Tra La la E- $15.00
Gibralters,The A&W 100 I Won't Be Your Fool Anymore Side By Side VG-/VG $15.00
Gibson,Beverly Ann Deb 506 Without Love Love's Burnign Fire M- $25.00
Gibson,Beverly Ann Jubilee 5447 Three Dollar Bill Do The Monkey VG- $15.00
Gibson,Daddyo Checker 848 Night Train Behind the Sun E+ $15.00
Gibson,Don RCA 47-7133 Oh Lonesome Me I Can't Stop Loving You E+/M- $10.00
Gibson,Don RCA 47-7437 A Stranger to Me Who Cares M- $10.00
Gibson,Joe D. Tetra 4450 Good Morning Captain 21 Years It Takes A Worried Man VG $20.00
Gibson,Johnny Bigtop 3088 Midnight Chuck-A-Luck E- $12.00
Gibson,Johnny Bigtop 3088 Midnight Chuck-A-Luck E- $15.00
Gibsons Deram 85008 DJ The Magic Book Hey Girl M- $25.00
Gifts,The Ballad 001 Rock My Soul Lovin' You M- $20.00
Gifts,The Ballad 6003 Good Bye My Love You Can't Keep Love In A Broken Heart M- $15.00
Gilkyson,Terry Columbia 4-40817 Marianne (With Pic Sleeve) Goodbye Chiquita E $15.00
Gilley,Mickey Astro 102 Down The Line Lonely Wine VG $20.00
Gilmer,Jimmy Warwick 592 Good Good Lovin Do YouThink E/E+ $15.00
Gilmore,Geoff & The Sheiks Jamie 1132 Tres Chic (SOL) Same (Instrumental) M- $30.00
Gilmore,Joey & Blues Lauderdale 002 Got It Together It's My Own Fault M- $30.00
Gilreath,James Joy 274 Little Band Of Gold I'll Walk With You E+/M- (WRPNAP) $15.00
Gipson,Byron "Slick" Specialty 560 The One I Love Honey-dew E- LKSW WOL $15.00
Gladiolas Excello 2101 Little Darlin' Sweetheart Please Don't Go VG (LKSW) $30.00
Gladiolas Excello 2110 Comin' Home To You (WOL) Run Run Little Joe (WOL) VG- $10.00
Glass Wall,The Fraternity 1030 It's Only A Dream Dry Your Eyes E- $25.00
Glenn,Darrell Arlen 725 Teardrop Fall She Made It All Up E-/E $35.00
Glories,The Date 1622 DJ No News Oh Baby That's Love M- $30.00
Glowtones East/West 101 Ping Pong (Slight OC) The Girl I Love E+/M- $40.00
Godfrey,Ray Spring 104 Sherry Washington I Gotta Get Away E+/M- $30.00
Golden Toadstools,The Minaret 138 Silly Savage Weeping River E+/M- $50.00
Goldie & The Gingerbreads Atco 6475 Song Of The Moon Walking In Different Circles E+/M- $30.00
Gone All Stars Gone 5016 7-11 Down Yonder Rock E+ $20.00
Gone All Stars (Black Label) Gone 5016 Down Yonder Rock 7-11 E-/E (1 side OC) $10.00
Gone All Stars (Multicolor label) Gone 5016 Down Yonder Rock 7-11 E+/M- $25.00
Goodson,Hal & the Raiders Solo 108 Later Baby Who's Gonna Be The Next One Honey E- $40.00
Goodson,Ronnie Uptite 251 I Wouldn't Give A Nickel (Slight OC) You Keep Me Guessin' E+/M- $70.00
Goodwin,Ron Capitol F4139 Wagon Train Latin Lovers M- (sl warpnap) $20.00
Gordon,Rosco Vee Jay 348 Surely I Love You What You Do To Me VG/E- DJ Copy WOL $12.00
Gorman,Freddie Ric-Tic 102 Take Me Back Can't Get It Out Of my Mind E $20.00
Gospel Voices of Soul Messenger 7013 Somewhere Around God'S Throne God Will Take Care M- $20.00
Gospel Voices of Soul Messenger 7019 Let's Shake Hands Times We Stand Alone M- $20.00
Govan,James Envelope 7002 Jealous Kind Uphill Climb M- $23.00
Gracie,Chaarlie Cameo 141 Trying Love Bird M- $15.00
Gracie,Charlie Cameo 105 Butterfly Ninety Nine Ways E+/M- $30.00
Gracie,Charlie Cameo 111 I Love You So Much It Hurts Wanderin' Eyes E+/M- $20.00
Graham,Jimmy Revue 11065 Love Can't Be Modernized We Shall Overcome E+/M- DH. Few scuffs $25.00
Grammer,Billy Everest 19384 River of Regret (SOL) Big Big Dream M- $20.00
Granahan,Gerry Atco 6122 Confess It To Your Heart Sweet Affection M- DJ Copy $20.00
Granahan,Gerry Sunbeam 102 Girl Of My Dreams No Chemise Please E- $12.50
Granger,Gerri Double L 737 C'est Si Bon Show Stopper E+/M- $20.00
Granger,Gerri Double L 737 C'est Si Bon Show Stopper M- $20.00
Grant,Carrie & the Grandeurs New Art 1003 There'll Come A Time Take All Of My Life M- $35.00
Grant,Gogi Era 1013 Wayward Wind No More Than Forever E/E+ $15.00
Grant,Shep Musicor 1074 You Found My Lonely Heart A Home You'll Cry Tomorrow VG- WOL Label soil $20.00
Grapefruit Equinox 70000 Dead Boot Dear Delilah M- $30.00
Grateful Dead Grateful Dead 03 DJ U.S. Blues M- $35.00
Graves,Joe Parkway p103 DJ That's How A Boy And Girl Falls In Love Debbie M- $100.00
Graves,Joe RCA 47-9758 It's Got To Be For Real Baby If You Were Gone E-/E $20.00
Gray,Johnny Todd 1054 Pick-A Lick-A Twang Twang John's Blues E+/M- $20.00
Gray,Maureen Landa 689 Oh My Dancin' the Strand VG/E- $15.00
Green,Darren RCA DJHO-0154 Peek-A-Boo (Mono) Same (Stereo) E-/E $15.00
Green,Darren RCA DJHO-0154 Peek-A-Boo (Mono) Same (Stereo) E+/M- $20.00
Green,Garland Uni 55213 Angel Baby You Played On A Player M- $35.00
Green,Grant Blue Note 1965 Time To Remember Sookie Sookie M- $50.00
Green,Vernon & Medallions Dooto 446 59 Volvo Magic Mountain E-/E $12.00
Greene,Al Hot Line 15000 Don't Leave Me Back Up Train E- $10.00
Greene,Al Hot Line 15002 A Lover's Hideaway I'll Be Good To You VG $10.00
Greene,Barbara Atco 6250 Long Tall Sally Slippin' and Slidin' VG $25.00
Greene,Barbara Renee 5001 Young Boy I Should Have Treated You Right E/M- $15.00
Greene,Marlin Phillips 40017 DJ The Angels Got Together Let There Be Love M- $30.00
Greene,Teddy Capitol F5226 Gotta Love You More Cry M- $40.00
Gresham,Jesse Plus 3 Head (White Label) 1050 Shootin' The Grease Barefootin' (WOL) M- $20.00
Grier,Roosevelt Battle 45911 Lover Set Me Free Why M- $40.00
Grier,Roosevelt D-Town 1058 Pizza Pie Man Welcome To The Club Plays VG (looks worse) $60.00
Grier,Rosie Amy 11004 Who's Got The Ball Ya'll (WOL) No recording M- (Single faced record DJ) $25.00
Griffin,Jimmy Reprise 0268 All My Loving My Baby Made Me Cry E- $20.00
Griffin,Jimmy Reprise 20161 DJ What Kind Of Girl Are You A Little Like Lovin' You E- (WRP ok @1.5 gms.) $15.00
Griffin,R.L. Classic 307 I Don't Think I'm Going To Make It Are You Lonely For Me Baby M- $16.00
Guess Who's Scepter 12118 Baby's Birthday Hurting Each Other E $15.00
Guess,Lenis Legrand 1044 In My Room What Can I Do But Cry M- DH $60.00
Guidry,Johnny Lynn 514 The Place A Torch I'll Carry (Some PB's NAP) E $42.00
Guise,The Atco 6599 DJ Nothing Else But Love Girl, Make Up Your Mind M- $10.00
Guitar Slim Specialty 482 Things That I Used To Do Well I Done Got Over It VG/E- $25.00
Gunn,Jon Deram 85013 I Just Made Up My Mind Now It's My Turn M- $15.00
Gunter,Cornell Challenge 59281 DJ If I Had The Key To Your Heart Wishful Thinking (WOL) M- $35.00
Guy Joey Coed 563 Phlly Stomp Anna E DJCopy $20.00
Guy,Buddy Chess 1899 I Dig Your Wig Scraping E- $20.00
Hal & Brenda Minasa 6714 Unless I Have You It's You M- (sl wrpnap) $50.00
Hale,Larry UA 701 DJ In Front Of Her House Sometimes VG $35.00
Hale,Lillian Fretone 011 The Signes Were Wrong Don't Boom Boom M- (Sl wrpnap) $60.00
Haley,Bill Decca 30314 Billy Goat (W/Pic Sleeve) Rockin' Rollin Rover E- (Sleeve vg-) $30.00
Haley,Bill & His Comets Decca 30956 Ooh Look-a-There Ain't She Pretty Joey's Song M- $15.00
Haley,Bill & the Comets Decca ED2209 Dim Dim The Lights (EP 4 Songs) M- $50.00
Haley,Bill & the Comets Essex EP102 Rock With Bill Haley & the Comets (EP 4 Songs) M- $75.00
Haley,Bill with Haley's Comets Essex 321 Crazy Man Crazy Whatcha' Gonna Do E+/M- $60.00
Hall Brothers Arc 4444 My White Convertible Now You Say We Are Through M- $20.00
Hall,Baby Terry Philips 40269 DJ Shake-a- Fin Take A Good Look At Me E- (SOL, WOL, some label soil) $15.00
Hall,Larry Strand 25007 Lovin' Tree Sandy (SOL) E- $10.00
Hall,Larry Strand 25007 Lovin' Tree Sandy (SOL) E/E+ $20.00
Hall,Rene Orchestra Specialty 629 Thunderbird Saints Go Marching In (WOL) E+/M- $20.00
Halos Seven Arts 709 Copy Cat Nag E $15.00
Hamilton,Dave & His Peppers Hi-Q 5019-20 Cooter Bug Donna's Cha Cha E-/E (ly edge hd nap) $30.00
Hamilton,George IV ABC-Par 9838 High School Romance Everybody's Body M- $10.00
Hamilton,Roy Epic 5-9111 Forgive This Fool You Wanted To Change Me E $15.00
Hamilton,Russ Kapp 612 The Loneliest Boy In Town Valley Of Love M-(Warp OK @1.5 gms.) $10.00
Hammond Brothers,The Abner 7005 DJ I Told You Thirty Miles Of Railroad Track M- $85.00
Hampton,Freddy Fabor 144 Kill My Loneliness ("X" on label) I'm Plannin' Keepin' You E/E+ $15.00
Hampton,Lionel Decca 28711 Red Top I Wish I Knew VG/E- $12.00
Handclappers Collier 2500 Three Gassed Rats The Other Side E-/E $10.00
Handcock Brothers WB 8060 DJ Cricket in the Dark M- $40.00
Handy,Wayne Renown 104 Betcha' Didn't Know Don't Be Unfair M- $15.00
Hankins, Tall Paul Biscayne 1 Turnpike (Jerk & Twine) St. James Infirmary VG/E- $20.00
Hannon,Beau Eskee 10002 DJ Stop Me From Falling In Love You Stop Telling Lies About Me I'll Stop Telling.. M- $30.00
Hans,Cris & Anderson Boom 60021 Donna (Gold Wax) See Concords M- $30.00
Hardie,Celeste Loadstone 3961 You Touched the Inner Part Of Me Same (Instrumental) M- $20.00
Hargrave,Ron MGM 12422 Only A Daydream (SOL) Latch ON (SOL) VG/E- $50.00
Harmonica Fats Darcey 1000 I Get So Tired (LS) Tore Up (LS) E-/E $30.00
Harmony Brothers Bobbin 109 Baby Tonight You Don't Care G/VG- $15.00
Harnell,Joe Columbia 04-44670 DJ Sky Hawk Work Sunny Work E $30.00
Harper,Jeanette TCF 6683 DJ Put Me In Your Pocket To Be Loved M- $400.00
Harper,Reed RCA 47-7426 Shaky Little Baby Walking Together E $30.00
Harper,Reed & Notes RCA 47-7426 Shaky Little Baby Walking Together E-/E $12.50
Harpo,Slim Excello 2194 Don't Start Cryin' Now Rainin' In My Heart (SOL) E+/M- $25.00
Harpo,Slim Excello 2273 I'm Gonna Miss You Baby Scratch My Back E- $15.00
Harp-Tones Bruce 102 It Was Just For Laughs (WOL) My Memories of You (WOL) VG/E- $20.00
Harris,Bobby Atlantic 2270 We Can't Believe You're Gone More OF The Jerk E/E+ $25.00
Harris,Bobby Turntable 715 Password Is Love That's When I'll Stop Loving You E/E+ $15.00
Harris,Brenda Jo Roulette 7021 Your Love Is Like A Hurricane Standing on The Outside M- (drill hole) $20.00
Harris,Eddie Atlantic 5118 DJ Drunk Man E+/M- $22.00
Harris,Genee ABC 9900 Bye Bye Elvis You're like A Jumpin' Jack E+/M- $30.00
Harris,Nick & Soundbariers Northwest 1003-04 Big Nick Music Music Music VG-/VG $35.00
Harris,Thurston Aladdin 3398 (MAROON) Little Bitty Pretty One I Hope You Won't Hold It Against Me E-/E $25.00
Harris,Thurston Aladdin 3398 (PURPLE) Little Bitty Pretty One (SOL SLOC) I Hope You Won't Hold It Against Me (SOL) E $20.00
Harris,Thurston Aladdin 3399 I'm Asking Forgiveness (Label Tear) Do What You Did VG (LKSW) $10.00
Harris,Thurston Aladdin 3399 I'm Asking Forgiveness (OC) Do What You Did (Small Label tear) E- (LKSW) $10.00
Harris,Thurston Aladdin 3440 Purple Stew I Hear A Rhapsody E- LKSW $15.00
Harris,Thurston Reprise 0255 Dance On Little Girl Dancing Silhouettes E $15.00
Harrison,Wilbert Deesu 301 Clementine Sentimental Journey M- $10.00
Harrison,Wilbert Fury 1059 Kansas City Twist Let's Stick Together E $12.00
Harrison,Wilbert Port 3003 Baby Move On You're Still My Baby E+/M- $15.00
Harry & The Keyavas IPG 1011 If This Is Goodbye Tears M- $225.00
Hart,Frankie Zeke Specialty 696 The Devil's High I Am The Red Devil E+/M- $50.00
Hart,Rocky Cub 9052 Come With Me Every Day E- $30.00
Hart,Rocky Cub 9052 Come With Me Every Day VG $20.00
Harvey Tri-Phi 1010 Whistling About You She Loves Me So E- warp OK@1.5 grams $20.00
Harvey & The Moonglows Chess 1705 Mean Old Blues Ten Commandments of Love E-/E $25.00
Hatcher,Harley MGM 14668 DJ Soul Hustler E-/E $20.00
Hawketts Sapphire 2251 Mardi Gras Mambo VG/E- $22.50
Hawkins,Dale Checker 906 A House A Car and A Wedding Ring (SOL) My Babe E- $20.00
Hawkins,Nippy & the Nip-Tones Lorraine 1001 Angie Its Gonna Be Too Late M- $200.00
Hawkins,Sam Gone 5054 When Nobody Loves You She Don't Notice Me $13.00
Hawkins,Sammy May 128 Standing on the Sidelines (WOL) Wobble Mama (WOL M- $25.00
Hawkins,Sammy May 140 I Don't Want to Set the World On Fire (WOL) Are These Really Mine M- $35.00
Hayes,Jackie Scepter 1242 Johnny Drive Me Home Helplessly E- $25.00
Hayes,Richard Decca 30436 DJ Hangin Around Singing Sweethearts E+/M- $20.00
Hayes,Richard Decca 30469 DJ Red Letter Day First Time I Spoke Of You E/E+ $20.00
Hayes,Richard Decca 30788 DJ O Shenandoah There's A Leak In The Boat E+/M- $20.00
Haywood,Joe Kent 490 Play Me A Cornbread Song I Wanna Love You $40.00
Haywood,Leon Evejim 1962 You Know What You and Your Moody Ways E- $30.00
Head,Roy Back Beat 546 So Long My Love Treat Her Right M- $10.00
Heartbeats Hull 711 Crazy For You (Black Label) Rockin-N-Rollin-N-Rhythm-N-Blues-N- VG-/VG $25.00
Hearts Baton 208 Oo-Wee Lonely Nights VG $18.00
Hearts of Stone VIP 25058 It's A Lonesome Road Yesterday's Love Is Over M- $15.00
Hefti,Neal RCA 47-8755 Batman Theme Batman Chase E+/M- Pic sleeve not graded) $25.00
Height,Donald Old Toewn 1161 DJ Crazy Little Gril I'll Never Forget You M- $35.00
Height,Ronnie Era 3017 DJ Mem'ries and Habits The One Finger Symphony (WOL) E+/M- $22.00
Hellions Kapp 649 DJ Daydreaming of You Shades of Blue E- $25.00
Helms,Bobbby Decca 30194 Fraulein Got A Heartsick Feeling E-/E $15.00
Helms,Bobby Decca 30423 Standing At The End Of My World My Special Angel E+/M- $15.00
Helms,Bobby Decca 30423 Standing At The End Of My World My Special Angel M- $20.00
Helms,Jimmy Capitol P3003 DJ Just Hold My Hand and Sing The Only Thing That Matters E+/M- $20.00
Henderson,Floyd Triangle 51315 Tenderly Nosy Rosy VG/E- $20.00
Henderson,Floyd Triangle 51319 Darling Roses Are Red M- DJ Copy $12.00
Hendricks,Bobby Mercury 71881 I'm Coming Home Every Other Night E+/M- $20.00
Hendricks,Bobby Sue 708 DJ Molly Be Good Dreamy Eyes VG/E- $20.00
Henry,Clarence Argo 5273 I Found A Home It Won't Be Long E $20.00
Henry,Clarence Argo 5378 But I Do Just My Baby And Me E+/M- $15.00
Henry,Clarence Argo 5388 Little Suzy You Always Hurt The One You Love (SOL) E+/M- (Warp OK@1.5 gms.) $15.00
Henry,Clarence Frogman Argo 5259 Troubles Troubles Ain't Got No Home E+/M- $20.00
Henry,John Rootman CBS (Amber Antique) 5501 Say It (WOL) Love Is Not A Stranger (WOL) VG/E- $20.00
Henslee,Gene Brownfield 1 Shambles I Just Ain't Got VG $25.00
Henson,Herb & Joyce Yours) Abbott 179 Birds And The Bees Out Of Line E+/M- (Sl WRPNAP) $10.00
Herd,The Fontana 267781 (Belgium) Paradise Lost Come On-Believe Me E+/M- (w/pic sleeve) $30.00
Hewitt,Lonnie Fantasy 612 DJ You Gotta Git Sausalito M- $30.00
Heywood,Ann Hondo 100 Crook His Little Finger Everything Under The Sun M- $330.00
Heywood,Leon Evejim 1962 You Know What You And Your Moody Ways E- $40.00
Hi Way Que C's,The Peacock 3069 DJ I'll Fly Away Part 1 Same Part 2 M- $25.00
Hickey,Ersel Epic 5-9263 Hangin' Around (Light WOL) Bluebirds Over The Mountain E+/M- $30.00
Hicks,Dobie Vee Jay 413 DJ I Get Along Somehow Where Is She M- $75.00
Hicks,Zerben & the Dynamics RCA 47-9278 You Make Me Feel Good Lights Out E+/M- $85.00
Higgins,Chuck Combo 176 Jerky Junction Too Smart M- $75.00
High Keys (Troy Keyes) Atco 6290 DJ One Horse Town Don't Leave Me Now E $55.00
High Rollers,The Sho-Boat 101 It's a Big Thing Baby Aardvark Walk E- LKSW $15.00
High Spirits Soma 1436 Turn On Your Love Light Tossin' And Turnin' E-/E $10.00
High Voltage Columbia 4-45701 DJ Country Road (2:52) Country Road (3:05) VG- $20.00
Highlights Bally 1016 City Of Angels Listen My Love VG/E- (TOL) $11.00
Hill,Eddie RCA 47-5893 DJ Knock It Off I Did, I Does, And I Do E-/E (WRPNAP) $10.00
Hill,Jaycee Epic 5-9210 Watch Your Step That's What You Do To Me M- $10.00
Hill,Lindel Bright Star 144 Ain't Got Time Crush On You E-/E $20.00
Hindred In the Hands,The Warp 295 (UK) Undressed In Dresden Dressed In Dresden (Maxime 2600 in My Hands..) Mint sealed $15.00
Hines,Sonny Decca 31373 Look For Me Follow Your Heart E+/M- $15.00
Hinton,Joe Back Beat 594 Got You On My Mind Please VG/E- $60.00
Hippies/Regie Harrison Parkway 863 Memory Lane (WOL) A Lonely Paiano (WOL) VG/E- $15.00
Hitchhikers ABC 12248DJ You're Making A Big Mistake M- $10.00
Hodges,Charles Alto 2022 Bless Your Heart Who's Crying now M- $25.00
Holden,Ron Donna 1328 Everything's Gonna Be Alright True Love Can Be M- $20.00
Holden,Ron & The Thunderbirds Donna 1315 Love You So My Babe M- $30.00
Holland,Eddie Motown 1036 DJ Darling I Hum Our Song Just A Few More Days (WOL) VG-/VG $35.00
Holland,Eddie Motown 1058 Last Night I Had A Vision Just Ain't Enough Love E-/E $90.00
Holland,Eddie UA 172 Merry-Go-Round It Moves Me E/E+ DJ Copy WOL $15.00
Holland,Eddie UA 280 The Last Laugh Why Do You Want TO Let Me Go E/E+ DJ Copy WOL $25.00
Holland-Dozier Motown 1045 What Goes Up Must Come Down Come on Home E+/M- HVY WOL $50.00
Holley,Paris West Wind 4321 Lady Of The Night 10 M- $25.00
Holloway,Brenda Tamla 54125 DJ Together 'til the End Of Time (WOL) Sad Song E- $10.00
Holly Twins,The Rendezvous 180 Potato Chips Okeefenokee E $80.00
Holly,Buddy Coral 61885 Peggy Sue Everyday M- $30.00
Holly,Buddy Coral 61885 Peggy Sue Everyday (WOL) E+/M- $25.00
Hollywood Argyles Lute 5905 Alley-Oop Sho' Know A Lot About Love M- $12.50
Hollywood Disco Jazz Band A&M 2123 DJ Don's Place E+/M- $20.00
Hollywood Flames Atco 6164 I Found A Boy Ball And Chain E $15.00
Hollywood Flames Ebb 119 Crazy Buzz-Buzz-Buzz VG $10.00
Hollywood Flames Ebb 163 Much Too Much In The Dark E $20.00
Hollywood Flames With Dave Ford Goldie 1101 Elizabeth Believe In me E-/E $15.00
Hollywood Persuaders Original Sound 50 Drums A-Go-Go Agua Caliente E-/E $20.00
Hollywood Playboys Sure 105 Ding Dong School Is Out Talk To Audrey E- WOL $15.00
Hollywood Tornadoes,The Aertaun 101 The Gremmie-Part 1 Same -Part 2 M- $40.00
Holt,Davy & the Hubcaps UA 110 You Move Me Pittery Pat E $15.00
Holy Mackerel Reprise 0681 DJ Love For Everyone M- $20.00
Home Folks Westport 142 You're In Every Dream Don't Wait E- $10.00
Hondells Mercury 72324 Little Honda Hot Rod High E/E+ $15.00
Hondells Mercury 72366 You're Gonna' Ride With Me My Buddy Seat (with Pic Sleeve) E+/M- $25.00
Honest Men,The VIP 25047 Cherie Baby E DJ Copy $15.00
Honey Bees Imperial 5400 Endless Let's See What's Happening E+/M- $30.00
Honeycones Ember 1036 Vision Of You (WOL) Op (WOL) M- $20.00
Honeycones Ember 1036 DJ Vision Of You Op E+/M- $20.00
Hooker, John Lee Vee Jay 438 Boom Boom Drug Store Woman E/E+ (scuffs Nap) $20.00
Hopson,Joyce Revue 11034 I Surrender To You This Time M- $90.00
Horton,Jamie Joy 234 Missin' (few ticks at start-WOL) My Little Marine (WOL) M- $25.00
Hosanna Calla 12078-79 Hitpit Part 1 Same Part 2 E+/M- (SM TOL) $40.00
Hot Knives K.O 0002 I Hear The Wind Blow Hey Grandma VG/E- $20.00
Hot Tamales,The Detroit (London) 410 Mr. Starlight (WOL) Love's Intentions (WOL) VG (WOL) $25.00
Hot Tamales,The Detroit (London) 410 DJ Mr. Starlight (heavy scuffs-ticks) Love's Intentions VG/E- $30.00
Houston Person Eastbound 622 DJ Mayola I Like To Live The Love M- $10.00
Houston,Freddie Captain 692 Everybody's Got A Right To Chang Their Mind Willing to Tray M- (Sl. Warpnap) $50.00
Houston,Freddie Old Town 1153 Chills and Fever I Gotta Move M- $125.00
Houston,Joe RPM 426 Joe's Gone Shtiggy Boom E-/E $50.00
Howard,Chuck Joy 238 Let Me Walk You Home Jeanette Congratulations to You M- $15.00
Howard,Frank & the Continentals Deluxe 124 DJ Do What You Wanna Do Part 1 Same Part 2 M- $30.00
Howard,Jerry Imperial 5632 Snake in The Garden My Every Heartbeat M- $30.00
Howard,Linnie Spheres 349 If You Want To Be True Pt 2 E+/M- $150.00
Howard,Maxine Fantasy 958 DJ Love Me Now M- $10.00
Howe,Darrell Jamie 1136 I Make A Wish (SOL,WOL) Gonna Go Round (SOL) E- $35.00
Hudson,G.L. & Company GM 166 Super Rock State Of Mind E $10.00
Hudson,G.L. & Company GM 166 Super Rock State Of Mind E+/M- $20.00
Huff,Chauncey Fantasy 587 Does She Love Me? (WOL) Swimmin' U.S.A. (WOL) VG-/VG $25.00
Hughes,Ben Specialty 616 You Never Care I Need Someone To Love Me VG/E- $10.00
Hughes,Freddie Wand 1182 Where's My Baby Send My Baby Back E/E+ $15.00
Hughes,Jimmy Fame 6404 I'm Getting Better I Want Justice VG/E- $30.00
Hullaballoos Roulette 4587 I'm Gonna Love You Too (W/Pic Sleeve) Party Doll E- $20.00
Humes Anita & The Essex Roulette 4750 Are You Going My Way Everybody's Got You For Your Own E- (LKSW) $20.00
Humphrey,Paul & His Cool Aid Chemists Lizard 1009 Baby Rice Funky L.A. E+/M- $20.00
Hunt,Geraldine Checker 1028 (White Label) I Let Myself Go I Wished I Had Listened M- $55.00
Hunt,Pat Early Bird 9664 Everybody's Somebody's Fool Super Cool (You're Just Super Fool) M- $75.00
Hunt,Tommy Scepter 1219 Parade Of Broken Hearts Human (WOL) VG $15.00
Hunt,Tommy Scepter 1235 Poor Millionaire (Label Stain) Didn't I Tell You E-/E $20.00
Hunter,Cheryl Chelar 213 Hooked on Your Lovin' Same (Instrumental) M- $25.00
Hunter,Ivory Joe Atlantic 1111 Since I Met You Baby You Can't Stop This Rocking and Rolling E- $10.00
Hunter,Ivory Joe Atlantic 1128 Love's A Hurting Game Empty Arms E $15.00
Hunter,Ivory Joe Vee Jay 452 DJ Somebody's Stealing My Love You Only Want Me When You Need Me M- $50.00
Hunter,Shayne Vassar 315 Luck To You Dear And Then There Was A Tear E $20.00
Hunter,Tab Dot 15657 I'm Alone Because I Love You Don't Let It Get Around E+/M- $15.00
Hunter,Tab WB 5008 Jealous Heart Lonesome Road M- (W/Foto Souvenir insert) $25.00
Hunter,Tab WB 5008 Jealous Heart Lonesome Road VG $10.00
Hurt,Jim Scotti Brothers 605 I Love Women E+/M- DJ copy $20.00
Hustlers,The People 658 Hustling Soft Hustle M $45.00
Hutchins,Clem Jaguar (Phoenix) 3962/3965 Phrenody Of Love Git Along Little Dogies VG $15.00
Hutchins,Sam AGP 106 DJ I'm Tired of Pretending Dang me E+ $30.00
Hyman,Phyllis Arista 0463 You Know How To Love Me Give A Little More M- $15.00
Hyman,Phyllis Arista 0495 Under Your Spell Complete Me M- $20.00
Hypnotics Reprise 1140 Beware Of The Stranger Memories E-/E $35.00
Ian,Janis Verve 5027 Society's Child Letter To Jon M- $10.00
Ice Fantasy 718 DJ Put An X on The Spot M- $20.00
Ideals Checker 0979 Knee Socks Mary's Lamb M- $30.00
Ides of March Parrot 304 I'll Keep Searching You Wouldn't Listen M- $10.00
Ifield,Frank Hickory 1486 Oh, Such a Stranger Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye E- $15.00
Ike & Tina with Iketts Innis 6667 So Blue Over You So Fine E $10.00
Illusion,The Steed 718 Falling in Love Did You See Her Eyes E+/M- $12.00
Imaginations Music Makers 103 Search Is Over Goodnight Baby E+/M- $30.00
Imaginations,The Bacon Fat 101 I Want A Girl I Love You More Than Anyone M- $25.00
Impacts RCA 47-7609 They Say Canadian Sunset E- $18.00
Impalas Capitol P2709 DJ Soul Speed Up M- $225.00
Impalas Cub 9022 Sorry I Ran All The Way Home Fool Fool Fool E-/M- $20.00
Impellas Constellation 131 No More Tears Sea Of Love E- $20.00
Imperial Teen Customn 45's 001 Imperial Teen Waterboy/Shayla E-/E (White Vinyl) $10.00
Imperial Wonders,The Black Prince 317 When I Fall In Love Trying to Get To You M- $55.00
Impressions ABC 11022 It's All Over We're A Winner M- $15.00
Incomparable Seven Top Hit 20001 DJ Funky Grand Paw Part 1 Same Part 2 M- (Sl. WRPNAP) $60.00
Incredible Bongo Band Pride 7601 DJ Kiburi M- $20.00
Independents Wand 11245 Just As Long As You Need Me Part 1 Same Part2 M- $15.00
Independents Wand 11252 I Love You Yes I Do Leaving Me E+/M- $15.00
Independents Wand 11252 DJ I Love You Yes I Do Leaving Me E+ $15.00
Infinity,The (w/Billy Butler) Mercury 73094 Winter of the Lovin' Heart (WOL) Sho' Is Groovy M- $20.00
Ink Spots King 4857 DJ Command Me I''ll Walk A Country Mile VG/E- $16.50
Innis,Louis King 1225 What A Way To Die Whammy Bammy Buzzard Goozer M- $10.00
Insiders,The People 644 Lonely Teardrops In The Midnight Hour M (Sl OC) $35.00
Instant Ralston Scepter 12338 DJ Rock and Mole Mariposa (WOL) VG/E- $12.00
Internationals Spring 122 DJ Dry Bones In The Valley He's Coming Back E+/M- (Few ticks @start) $15.00
Intervals Class 304 Repro Here's That Rainy Day Wish I Could Change My Mind Mint- $15.00
Intruders Gamble 225 Me tarzan You Jane Who's Your Favorite Candidate E/E+ $15.00
Invitations Dynovoice 206 Hallelujah Written On The Wall M- $40.00
Ivan Coral 62017 Oh You Beautiful Doll (SOL) Real Wild Child E+/M- $75.00
Ivies,The Brunswick 55112 Come On Sunshine E $20.00
Ivy Three Shell 720 Was Judy There Yogi E $11.00
Ivy,Sheron Heritage 106 DJ Copy I Need You (WOL) Believe Me G/VG- $10.00
Jack & The Beans/Lively Set SA(Straight Ahead) 102066 There's Nothing Like Coffee (W/Pic Sleeve) Same E- $15.00
Jacks RPM 444 My Clumsy Heart This Empty Heart E-/E $27.00
Jacks RPM 458 Why Did I Fall In Love Sugar Baby E/E+ $30.00
Jackson Brothers Candy 002 Baby Baby Troubles (SOL) VG/E- $20.00
Jackson Brothers Candy 002 Baby Baby Troubles (WRPNAP) E $25.00
Jackson Brothers Candy 006 I Only Know Lookin' E+/M- (Looks Worse) 1 side OC $15.00
Jackson Five Steeltown 681(Dist. By Atco) Big Boy You've Changed (Small label tear at drill hole) E+/M- (Looks Worse) $50.00
Jackson,Barbara Vee Jay 507 Second Best Invitation To A Wedding E- Label tear (blackened) $15.00
Jackson,Burt Jamie 1246 DJ Mr. Everything Just For Your Love VG/E- $22.00
Jackson,Chuck Beltone 1005 (black & white) Hula Lula Mr. Pride E- $12.00
Jackson,Chuck Wand 122 The Prophet Any Day Now M- $15.00
Jackson,Chuck Wand 149 Look Over Your Shoulder Hand It Over M- (SOL) $25.00
Jackson,J.J Calla 125 I Dig Girls That Ain't Right E/E+ $18.00
Jackson,J.J. Calla 119 Boogaloo Baby But It's Alright E+/M- $30.00
Jackson,Johnnie Swan 4114 I Dig 'Em All Where You Are E-/E DJ Copy $10.00
Jackson,Preston & Rhythm Aces Hermitage 802 Three-Quarter-Stomp Part 1 Same Part 2 E+/M- $20.00
Jackson,Walter Columbia 4-42528 I Don’t' Want To Suffer This World Of Mine G/VG $20.00
Jackson,Wanda Capitol F3485 Half As Good A Girl I Gotta Know (Label stain) E $20.00
Jackson,Wanda Capitol F4520 Riot in Cell Block Number Nine Little Charm Bracelet M- $25.00
Jacky Philips 40533 White Horses Too Many Chiefs (WOL) E-/E $12.00
Jacobs, Lawrence Hilton ABC 12351 DJ Fly Away To My Wonderland M- $10.00
Jacobs,Hank Sue 795 Monkey Hips and Rice So Far Away VG/E- $15.00
Jacobs,Hank & The TKO's Call Me 5387 DJ Speak To Me In Your Soulful Way Tam-A-Rind M-/M $60.00
Jacquet,Russell Network (Red Wax) 71200 Tormented After Everybody's Gone M- $15.00
Jaggerz Gamble 226 Gotta Find My Way Back Home (Sl label wear) Forever Together, Together Forever E+ $30.00
Jamal,Ahmad Argo 5379 Valentina It's A Wonderful World M- $12.00
James,Daniel Allstar 7163 Rock Moon Rock A Perfect Love E+/M- $250.00
James,Daniel Allstar 7257 Just Suppose Let Me Live In Your World E- $20.00
James,Etta Argo 5368 (Black) My Dearest Darling (WOL) Tough Mary E- $10.00
James,Etta Argo 5368 (Tan) My Dearest Darling Tough Mary E+/M- $15.00
James,Jesse TCF 6684 Believe In Me Baby Part 1 Part 2 E+/M- (Sl WRPNAP) $20.00
James,Jesse Zea 50003 Home At Last I Need You Baby (WOL) E- $20.00
James,Joni MGM 12126 My Believing Heart You Never Fall In Love Again E-/E $10.00
James,Marion K & J 400 DJ It's A Walk Out I'm The Woman For You E+/M- $200.00
James,Peter Silver 1007 Think I'll Break Down And Cry That's How I Know E- WOL $25.00
James,Sonny Capitol F3674 First Date, First Kiss, First Love Speak To Me E+/M- $15.00
Jamies Epic 5-9281 Searching For You Summertime Summertime M- $15.00
Jamies Epic 5-9281 Searching For You (SOL) Summertime Summertime M- $15.00
Jamison,Gay Craig 101 Some Dues to Pay If He's Alone M- (sl. Warpnap) $45.00
Janet & The Jays Hermitage 825 DJ Lost My Best Lover When You Lose E+ $60.00
Javelin Luaka Bop NA Coleridge (Clear Vinyl) Colleagues (Clear Vinyl) M $15.00
Jaxon,Bob ABC 10364 DJ It's A Cruel Cruel Thing One Way To Love Me E+/M- $20.00
Jay & Cathy's Clowns S&K 1133-1134 The Bottle Doin' the Best I Can M- $25.00
Jay & Dee Arliss 1008 Dream Talk What A Night Night Night E $10.00
Jay,Johnny Mercury 71232 Tears Keep On Falling Sugar Doll VG/E- $21.00
Jayhawks Flash 109 Stranded in the Jungle My Only Darling E $40.00
Jayhawks Flash 109 Stranded in the Jungle My Only Darling VG/E- $25.00
Jayhawks Flash 111 Love Train Don't Mind Dyin' E+/M- $40.00
Jaynes,Harry & the Jaynemen Josie 933 DJ My Baby's Comin' Home On This Busy Sidewalk M- WRPNAP $35.00
Jean,Cathy Valmor 007 Canadian Sunset (Charley Macey on Guitar) Please Love Me Forever (W/Roomates) E-/E $20.00
Jeff & The Gino's Mercury 72138 DJ Let Me Out One Summer In A Million E-/E $15.00
Jelly Scepter 12386 DJ Sharpshooter M- $15.00
Jelly Beans Red Bird 011 Baby Be Mine (SOL,WOL,LS) Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget E+ $25.00
Jenkins,Bill CMC 8022 Bop Like Carl (Perkins) Lust, Hurt And Beer M- $15.00
Jenkins,Diane Creative Funk 12005 Sweet Wine Music and My Imagination I'm A woman E+ (Warp OK@1.5 gms) $10.00
Jenkins,Donald & the Delighters Cortland 112 Adios Secret Love Somebody Help Me E+ $65.00
Jenkins,Heywood Mercury 71855 DJ You Can't Hear Me Totalin' Time VG/E- $15.00
Jennings Brothers,The Atlantic 2245 Don't Rush Believe In Me M-/M $30.00
Jesters Winley 218 So Strange (TOL, WOL) Love No One But You (TOL,WOL) VG- $10.00
Jesters,The Winley 242 The Wind Sally Green E- $10.00
Jet Stream Smash 2095 Crazy Me All's Quiet on West 23rd E+/M- $20.00
Jewel & Eddie Silver 1004 Opportunity Strollin' Guitar E- $15.00
Jigsaw TCF 2347 DJ If I Have To Go Away M- $12.00
Jimmy,Curtiss UA 312 Miss Untrue Love Sweet Love M- $20.00
Jiv-A-Tones Felsted 8506 Flirty Gertie Fire Engine Baby E+ $55.00
Jive (Five) Fyve Decca 32736 I Want You ToBe My Baby If I Had A Chance To Love You E-/E (Drill Hole) $75.00
Jive Five Beltone 1006 My True Story When I Was Single E- (SLWRPNAP) $15.00
Jive Five Beltone 2024 What Time Is It? (WOL) Beggin' You Please E/E+ $30.00
Jivin' Gene & the Jokers Mercury 71485 My Need For Love Breaking Up Is Hard To Do E- $12.00
Jo,Damita ABC-Par 10176 How Will I Know Disillusioned Lover M- $15.00
Jo,Damita RCA 47-5022 I'd Do It Again I Don’t Care E-/E $12.00
Joey & Danny Swan 4147 Rats in My Room Part 1 Same Part 2 E+/M- (DH) $25.00
John,Bobby & Seven-Teens Del-Fi 4115 Teenage Bill Of Rights:Revolution Teenage Bill Of Rights:Constitution E $22.00
Johnnie & Joe Chess 1641 Feel Alright I'll Be Spinning VG-/VG $10.00
Johnnie & Joe Chess 1654 Over The Mountain Across the Sea My Baby's Gone On On E+/M- $30.00
Johnnie & Joe J & S 1654 My Baby's Gone, On, On Over the Mountain Across the Sea E-/E $15.00
Johnny & Jackey Anna 1108 DJ Let's Go To A Movie Baby Lonely & Blue E- $10.00
Johnny & The Expressions Josie 946 Where Is The Party Something I Want To Tell You (WOL) M- $20.00
Johnny & the Hurricanes Bigtop 3063 Mr. Lonely Ja-Da E- $15.00
Johnny & The Hurricanes Bigtop 3132DJ Greens and Beans Theme From "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" E- $20.00
Johns,Johnny Buena Vista 343 The Heart of an Angel I'm In The Mood For Love M- $20.00
Johnson,Al South Camp 7002 DJ Love Waits For No Man Bless Your Little Sweet Soul M- (sl. Wrpnap) $175.00
Johnson,Al (W/Jean Carn) Columbia 1-11207 You Are My Personal Angel I'm Back for More M- $22.00
Johnson,Betty Atlantic 1186 How Much Dream VG $10.00
Johnson,Betty Bally 1000 I'll Wait Please Tell Me Why M- $15.00
Johnson,Betty Bally 1020 I Dreamed If It's Wrong To Love You E-/E $10.00
Johnson,Betty Bally 1020 I Dreamed If It's Wrong To Love You E+/M- $15.00
Johnson,Bill Sun 340 Bad Times Ahead Bobaloo VG/E- Filmy $15.00
Johnson,Bubber King 4793 Ding Dang Doo Drop Me A Line E+/M- $25.00
Johnson,Buddy Decca 27416 Jet (w/Arthur Prysock) No More Love (w/Ella Johnson) E+/M- $100.00
Johnson,Deena Wild Deuce 1004 DJ TheBreaking Point (WOL) Mama's Boy M- $150.00
Johnson,Jimmy Class 237 Lone Ranger Gonna Git Married Cool Cool School E- $15.00
Johnson,Joe Cry 1100 Otis Is Gone Got My Oil Well Pumpin' M- $75.00
Johnson,Len Ray-Co 503 One Day Sweet Thing E- $26.00
Johnson,Lou Bigtop 3115 If I Never Get To Love You Thank You Anyway (Mr. D.J.) M- $40.00
Johnson,Lou Bigtop 3127 (white label) Wouldn't That Be Something You Better Let Him Go Plays E+/M- looks worse $75.00
Johnson,Louis Palms 727 She Wants To Be A Lover Louis Cha Cha E-/E $71.00
Johnson,Marv UA 241 I Need You You've Got to Move Two Mountains (SOL) E- $15.00
Johnson,Marv UA 241 You've Got To Move Two Mountains I Need You M- $20.00
Johnson,Marv UA 294 Tell Me That You Love Me Merry-Go-Round E-/E $15.00
Johnson,Marv UA 294 DJ Tell Me That You Love Me Merry-Go-Round E/E+ $17.00
Johnson,Marv UA 294 DJ Tell Me That You Love Me Merry-Go-Round E+/M- $30.00
Johnson,Marv UA 359 DJ Show Me Oh mary E-/E $20.00
Johnson,Nia Mainstream 5583 You Are The Spice Of My Life Plain Out Of Luck M- $20.00
Johnson,Plas Capitol F3977 DJ Dinah Little Rockin' Deacon E- $10.00
Johnson,Plas Capitol F4111 Robbins Nest Cha Cha Plaz Jazz E/E+ $12.00
Johnson,Plas Tampa 112 Last Call Caravan E $15.00
Johnson,Ray Inarts 107 I Heard It Through The Grapevine Funky Way VG/E- $35.00
Johnson,Ray RCA 47-7498 Deeper Than Deep Baby Won't You Please Come Home E/E+ $15.00
Johnson,Rosetta Atlantic 2297 DJ It's Nice To Know That Hurts E+/M- $100.00
Johnson,Roszetta Columbia 03-10247 DJ (I Like Making That) Early Morning Love M- $25.00
Johnson,Stacy M-Pac 7230 I Stand Alone Don't Try To Fool Me (Mis-labeled) E+/M- (OC 1 side) $15.00
Johnson,Stella KRC 304 Yeah Baby (sm label tear) Please Tell Me So E- (scuffs) $30.00
Johnson,Syl TMP-Ting 115 I've Got To Get Over Falling In Love Again M- $40.00
Joint Effort Ruby-Doo 15 Loving You Could Be Magic Coming Home To You Baby M- $75.00
Jon & Robin & The In Crowd Abnak 119 If I Need Someone It's You (WOL) Do It Again A Little Bit Slower (WOL) VG/E- (Orange Wax) $12.00
Jon & Robin & The In Crowd Abnak 124 DJ I Want Some More Love Me Baby E+/M- $12.00
Jon & Robin & The In Crowd Abnak 127 Dr. Jon The MedIcine Man I Want Some More E- $10.00
Jon & Robin & The In Crowd Abnak 127 Dr. Jon The MedIcine Man I Want Some More E+/M- $10.00
Jon & Robin & The In Crowd Abnak 127 DJ Dr. Jon The MedIcine Man (wol)(Yellow wax) I Want Some More (Yellow wax) E- $10.00
Jones Girls Music Merchant 1009 You're The Only Bargain I've Got Yor Love Controls Me M- $15.00
Jones,Albert Kapp 2128 Unity Hello Darlin' E+/M- $80.00
Jones,Buster Sure-Shot 5022 Baby Boy You've Got To Learn M- (SL OC 1 side) $95.00
Jones,Dizzy Blue Rock 4009 Unexplainable Come On And Love Me M-/M $25.00
Jones,Dizzy New Breed 1101 Just As Sure (As You Play, You Must Pay) Why Me M- $55.00
Jones,Grace Amour 8413 (Canada) That's The Trouble Sorry M- $15.00
Jones,Harrison Audio Fidelity 096 Ride On My Train Send Up Some Steam E-/E Some label soil $15.00
Jones,Jimmy Cub 9067 Good Timin' My Precious Angel E/E+ $20.00
Jones,Joe Ric 972 I Love You Still You Talk Too Much E $10.00
Jones,Linda Loma 2077 DJ What've I Done To Make You Mad Make Me Surrender Baby Baby Please M- $25.00
Jones,Linda Turbo 021 Your Precious Love Don't Go E+/M- $15.00
Jones,Rufus R. Choice Cut 103 Boogie Man M-/M $28.00
Jones,Spike RCA WY359 Spike Jones For Children 2 Record set yellow wax and original cover VG-/VG $50.00
Jones,Spike & City Slickers RCA WP277 Plays the Charleston for Dancing 3-record boxed set M- $15.00
Jones,Tamiko December 881 Don't Go Breaking My Heart Pearl M- Looks worse (slwrpnap) $30.00
Jones,Thelma Barry 1024 Mr. Fixit Second Chance E+/M- $50.00
Jordan & The Fascinations Carol 4116 Give Me Your Love Once Upon A Time E+/M- $40.00
Jordan & The Fascinations Dapt 203 My Imagination I'll Be Forever Loving You (Hvy Marker on label) VG/VG+ $25.00
Jordan,Lou Josie 888 DJ Paradise For Two Close Your Eyes M- $130.00
Jordan,Louis Aladdin 3279 Gal You Need A Whippin' Time Is A Passin' VG-/VG $20.00
Jordan,Will Hanover 4529 (Red label) Bye Bye Love (Ed Sullivan Parody) Fly Carpet Fly E+/M- $20.00
Jordan,Will Hanover 4529 (Yellow label) Bye Bye Love (Ed Sullivan Parody) Fly Carpet Fly E+/M- $20.00
Jorge Aurora 166 Tic Tac Toe Everybody Wants to Be Loved E- $15.00
Josie & The Pussycats Capitol CP58 Letter to Mama Inside Outside Upside Down M- $25.00
Joy,Roddie Red Bird 10-021 Love Hit Me With A Wallop Come Back Baby Mint- $30.00
Jr. Parker Duke 384 I'm In Love Jivin' Woman E- $10.00
Jr. Walker All Stars Harvey 119 Good Rockin' Brainwasher pt 2 VG/E- $40.00
Junior & His Friends ABC-Par 10089 Who's Our Pet Annette A.B.C. Love M- $25.00
Kae,Ronny Band Box 339 Drums Fell Off A Cliff Let There Be Drums E- $30.00
Kansas City Tomcats Josie 786 Nobody Knows (WOL) Meet Me Meet Me Baby (WOL) E/E+ $50.00
Karr,Yolanda Ra-sel 7103 Leave It To Me It Takes Two Hearts M- $45.00
Kaye,Norman Decca 30289 DJ Snake Charmer Blue Jean Betty (Label Fade) E+/M- $20.00
Kay-Gees De-lite 906 Cheek to Cheek (WOL) Tango Hustle M- $15.00
Kayli,Bob Carlton 482 DJ I Took A Dare (LW) Everyone Was There E $25.00
K-Doe,Ernie Minit 623 Mother in law Wanted $10,000.00 Reward E $12.00
K-Doe,Ernie Minit 623 Mother in law Wanted $10,000.00 Reward E-/E $10.00
K-Doe,Ernie Minit 623 Mother in law Wanted $10,000.00 Reward E+/M- $15.00
Keeble,Denise BFW 1101 Love School Giving Up E-/E $21.00
Keith Discreet 1193 DJ In and Out Of Love M- $12.00
Keith & Darrell Tamla 54329 You're' My Gardener Don't Be Afraid M- (Sl Warpnap) $50.00
Keith & The Admirations Columbia 4-43268 Dream Caravan Of Lonely Men M- $50.00
Kell And Cherry Glowhill 701/702 That's What's Happening M- $90.00
Keller,Jerry Kapp 277 Time Has A Way Here Comes Summer E/E+ $20.00
Keller,Jerry Reprise 0397 The Knack She's Just A Quiet Girl Mae E+/M- $30.00
Kelley,Emorise Peacock 1919 DJ Diappointed in Love The Biggest Fool VG (WOL) $10.00
Kelly Four Silver 1001 Strollin' Guitar Guybo E+/M- (WRPNAP) $20.00
Kenner,Chris Instant 3252 DJ Land Of 1000 Dances That's My Girl E+/M- $15.00
Kenny & The Accents Boss 9921 Good Soul Lovin' Thinking Of You M- $15.00
Kerr,Skip Challenge 9166 Measure My Love For You Six To Midnight VG DJ Copy $15.00
Keyes,Troy ABC 11027 I'm Crying Inside Love Explosion E+/M- $10.00
Keyes,Troy Chumley 90007 DJ See No Evil M- $42.00
Kidds,The Big Beat 1017 See What My Love Means Straighten Up And Fly Right E+/M- $15.00
Kilgore,Theola Serock 2004 The Love Of My Man I Know That He Loves Me E $20.00
Kimble,Neal Tangerine 1021 If It Wasn't For The Children Don't Start Lyin' To Me M- $85.00
Kimble,Neal Venture 607 I've Made A Reservation Ain't It the Truth M- Small Label Scratches $20.00
Kimg,B.B. Blues Boy RPM 468 Bad Luck Sweet Little Angel VG/E- $20.00
King Coleman King 6085 DJ The Boo Boo Song Part 1 Same Part 2 E+/M- $35.00
King Curtis Enjoy 1001 Wobble Twist Twistin' With the King M- $15.00
King Curtis & the Kingpins Atco 6779 Floatin' Whole Lotta Love M- $10.00
King Floyd Dial 1027 DJ Learning To Forget You Can You Dig It? M- $20.00
King Floyd Original Sound 100 DJ Why Did She Leave Me Walkin' And Thinkin' Plays E+M- (looks worse) $25.00
King George RCA 47-8743 DJ Drive On James I'm Gonna Be Somebody Someday E+/M- $35.00
King George & the Fabulous Souls Audio Arts 60015 Baby I've Got It Same (Instrumental) M-/M $125.00
King Pins Federal 12484 How Long Will It Last It Won't Be This Way Always E+/M- (Sl WRPNAP) $15.00
King,Anna Ludix 103 You Don't Love Me Anymore The Big Change M- $125.00
King,Ben E. Atco 6231 DJ Too Bad My Heart Cries For You VG/E- (looks worse scuffs) $18.00
King,Ben E. Atco 6371 Cry No More (There's ) No Place To Hide M- $70.00
King,Ben E. Atco 6571 DJ Don't Take Your Love From Me Forgive This Fool E/E+ $35.00
King,Ben E. Maxwell 800 Goodbye My Old Gal I Can't Take It Like A Man E/E+ $20.00
King,Buzzy Top Rank 2027 Your Picture School Boy Blues E $15.00
King,Clydie & the Sweet Things Philips 40001 The Boys In My Life Promises M- $50.00
King,Earl Ace 514 Little Girl My Love Is Strong E-/E $20.00
King,Freddie Federal 12384 Have You Ever Loved A Woman You've Got To Love Her With A Feeling VG/E- $10.00
King,Freddy Federal 12475 In The open I'm On My Way To Atlanta M- $20.00
King,Pee Wee RCA 48-0003 Rootie Tootie (Green Wax) Tennessee Waltz VG/E- $8.50
King,Ramona WB 5432 You Say Pretty Words Blue Roses E- $15.00
King,Susan Turntable 711 DJ Drum Rhythm You Got Me In A Fix E+/M- $70.00
King-Pins,The Vee Jay 494 DJ Dance Romeo Dance A Lucky Guy M- $85.00
Kingsley,Robin Tower 149 Dreamin' Of You In And Out E+/M- $15.00
Kingsmen East/West 115 Better Believe It Week End E- $20.00
Kingsmen Jerden 712 (not delta) Haunted Castle Louie Louie VG-/VG $50.00
Kingsmen Wand 150 Bent Scepter Money E+/M- $15.00
Kirk,Paul Pompeii 7002 DJ On The Road To Love Get Your Own M- (sl warpnap) $25.00
Kisses Chocolate Cholly's 0009 DJ Spend the Night With Me VG/E- $10.00
Kittens,The ABC-Par 10619 I Gotta Know Him Shindig M-/M $60.00
Knickerbockers,The Challenge 59293 DJ Jerk Town Room For One More M- $35.00
Knight Brothers,The Mercury 72829 Ghetto Joe Tried So Hard To Please Her M- (warp OK@1.5 gms) $40.00
Knight,Bob Four Laurel 1020 How Old Must I Be Good Goodby E+/M- $20.00
Knight,David Jamco 106 Hully Gully Baby Too Kissable For Words E- $15.00
Knight,Frederick Truth 3228 I Miss You I Wanna Play With You M- $15.00
Knight,Frederick Truth 3228 I Miss You I Wanna Play With You VG/E- $10.00
Knight,Gary Philips 40515 DJ How Warm You Are The World 2,000 E+/M- $20.00
Knight,Marie Diamond 136 I Don't Wanna Walk Alone I Was Born Again E- (Sl wrpnap) $60.00
Knight,Robert Elf 90019 Isn't It Lonely Together We'd Better Stop E/E+ $15.00
Knight,Sonny Mercury 72033 Lost Child Just One More Chance E-/E $20.00
Knight,Sonny Vita 137 Confidential Jail Bird VG-/VG $40.00
Knight,Sonny Quartet A&M 728 Be True To Your Dog State Street E $20.00
Knight,Terry & The Pack Lucky Eleven 230 Numbers I Who Have Nothing VG $12.00
Knight,Terry & The Pack Lucky Eleven 230 Numbers I Who Have Nothing VG/E- (WRPNAP) $15.00
Knockouts Shad 5013 Riot in Room 3c Darling Lorraine E- $10.00
Knockouts Shad 5013 Riot in Room 3c Darling Lorraine E-/E $15.00
Knockouts Shad 5013 Riot In Room 3c Darling Lorraine M- $23.00
Knox,Buddy Roulette 4002 Party Doll My Baby's Gone E+/M- (1st Press) $35.00
Knox,Buddy Roulette 4042 Whenever I'm Lonely Swingin' Daddy E $15.00
Kodoks,The Fury 1007 Teenagers Dream Little Boy And Girl VG (SOL) $50.00
Koffman,Moe Quartet Jubilee 5311 Swingin' Shepherd Blues Hambourg Bound E+/M- $15.00
Koffman,Moe Quartet Jubilee 5311 Swingin' Shepherd Blues (SOL) Hambourg Bound E-/E $10.00
Kokomo Felsted 8612 Roy's Tune Asia Minor E- $15.00
Kokomo Felsted 8612 Roy's Tune (sm TOL) Asia Minor E+/M- $20.00
Kool & the Gang Delite 519 Kool And The Gang Raw Hamburgers E+/M- $30.00
Kool & The Gang De-lite 824 Let's Go Dancin' Ooh La La Be My Lady M- $15.00
Kool Gents Bethlehem 3061 Come To me Picture on the Wall E+/M- $75.00
Krystal Generation CMC 301 You Were Never Mine Wonderful World M- $60.00
Kuban,Bob Musicland USA 20001 The Cheater Try Me Baby E- $15.00
Kuban,Bob & The In-Men Musicland USA 20007 The Pretzel Drive My Car E- $12.00
Kuf-Linx Challenge 1013 What 'Cha Gonna Do? So Tough Mint- $50.00
La Beef,Sleepy Sun 1145 Flying Saucers Rock And Roll (Yellow Wax) Boogie Woogie Country Girl (Yellow Wax) M- $12.00
La Salle,Lyn A&M 889 Randee Ram-jet Takin' Life Easy M- $20.00
Labelle,Patti (w/Grover Washington Jr.) Elektra 7-69887 The Best Is Yet To Come M- $12.00
Lady Margaret & Perry Smith Gemini 546 Tripping With You Out In Space M-/M $40.00
Lady Wilde Ara 1915 Another Year Poor Kid M- (small label scratches) $15.00
Lafayette & The La Sabres Port 70036 DJ Cure For Love (WOL) Free Way (WOL) E/E+ $20.00
Lamar,Ralph Honor Brigade 6 Don't Let Me Cross Over What I Never Had I'll Never Miss E+/M- (Sl Wrpnap) $15.00
Lamb,Becky WB 7154 Little Becky's Christmas Wish M- $15.00
Lamb,Bill WB 7154 Go To Sleep Little Lambs M- $15.00
Lamont,Paula Loadstone 1605 Greatest Lover Under The Sun Beatle Meets A Ladybug E $25.00
Lamp,Buddy D-Town 1064 Just A little Bit Of Lovin' Next Best Thing M- $95.00
Lamp,Buddy Duke 438 I'm Coming Home Where Have You Been E+/M- $25.00
Lamp,Buddy Duke 438 I'm Coming Home Where Have You Been E+/M- (SLWRPNAP) $20.00
Lamp,Buddy Peanut 1003 Insanity Too Late E+/M- $15.00
Lamplighters Federal 12212 Roll On Love Rock and Thrill E/E+ $75.00
Lamplighters Federal 12242 DJ Hug A Little, Kiss A Little Don't Make It So Good E- $50.00
Lance,Major Okeh 7181 Crying in the Rain Hey Little Girl VG/E- $15.00
Lance,Major Okeh 7197 Girls It Ain't No Use M- $30.00
Lance,Major Okeh 7197 It Ain't No Use Girls E+/M- $25.00
Lance,Major Okeh 7216 Come See You Belong To Me My Love E- $30.00
Lance,Major Osiris 001 DJ You're Everything I Need (TOL) Same (WOL) E- $25.00
Lance,Ric Plaza 501 DJ I Didn't Know When You're In My Arms E/E+ $15.00
Lancelot,Rick & the 7 Knights RCA 47-8680 DJ Live Like A Lion Homeless Heart M- SOL, WOL $12.00
Landry,Diane MGM 13656 If You Can't Hold Your Man Going Through the Motions E $20.00
Lands,Hoagy MGM 13041 It's Gonna Be Morning My Tears Are Dry E- $20.00
Lands,Liz One-derful 4847 Don't Shut Me Out One Man's Poison E/E+ $20.00
Lane,Linda Cub 9124 Lonely Teardrops Cancel the Celebration E- $75.00
Lane,Pete & Bernice Stabile Imperial 8206 John's Reply One Two Three Skidoo E $20.00
Lane,Pete & Bernice Stabile Imperial 8206 John's Reply One Two Three Skidoo M- $40.00
Lanier,Don Gee 1060 Need Your Loving Sweetness VG/E- $15.00
Lanier,Mary Gar 315 Day By Day (DJ Copy) E+/M- $50.00
Lapels Dot 16129 Sneakin' Around Sneaky Blues M- $15.00
Larkin,Billy Vistone 2022 That's A Lie Looking VG-/VG (Yellow Wax) $35.00
Larry & Mike Picadilly 500 Queen Of The Starlight Dance We Fell In Love M- $60.00
Lasalle,Denise Chess 2005 A Love Reputation One Little Thing M-/M $115.00
Lassiter,Kevin Top & Bottom 409 DJ Copy Its My Love Same (Instrumental) VG $20.00
Last Crusade,The Brown Dog 9001 The Hustle Super Guy (Flying High) E-/E $20.00
Last Draft Trans-Action 711 It's Been A Long Long Time Lovely To See You M- $15.00
Last Nikle Mainstream 706 DJ She's the One M- (warp OK@1.5 gms) $20.00
Last Word,The Polydor 14226 Keep On Bumpin' Before You Give Out Of Gas Funky & some M- $75.00
Laurels ABC-Par 10048 DJ Picture Of Love Hand In Hand E+/M- $75.00
Laurels NobleTown 821 Don't Just Stand There Rjythm M- $15.00
Lauren,Rod Chancellor 1126 I Ain't Got You Mexicali Rose E-/E DJ Copy $15.00
Law MCA 40694 DJ Shelter of Your Arms E-/E $12.00
Lawrence,Syd & Friends Cosmic 1001 Answer to the Flying Saucer Haunted Guitar (Billy Mure) E- $15.00
Lawrence,Tony Webcor 101 I Need Somebody A Million Words M- $60.00
Lawson,Janet UA 50671 Dindi Two Little Rooms M- $25.00
Leaders Glory 235 Stormy Weather Lover of The Time VG-/VG $20.00
Leavill,Otis Dakar 614 I Need You I Love You (slight Warp NAP) E+/M- $15.00
Leaville,Otis Dakar 620 Love Uprising I Need You M- $12.00
Lee,Brenda Decca 30776 Papa Noel (W/Pic Sleeve) Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree VG/E- $20.00
Lee,Brenda Decca 31149 Just A Little I Want To Be Wanted E/E+ $15.00
Lee,Brenda Decca 31454 She'll Never Know (W/Pic Sleeve) Your Used to Be E+/M- (Pic Sleeve-VG) $15.00
Lee,Buzzy Castle 505 DJ This Is The Life For Me Vision E/E+ $20.00
Lee,Curtis Dunes 2007 Pretty Little Angel Eyes (WOL) Gee How I Wish You Were Here VG/E- $15.00
Lee,Curtis Dunes 2008 Beverly Jean Under The Moon Of Love VG/M- $12.00
Lee,Dick ABC 10903 DJ One (Two Hearts Are One) Would I Love You Love You Love You M- $20.00
Lee,Dick Felsted 8603 Now I Never Knew Till Now E-/E $15.00
Lee,Harry Vin 1014 Hair Of Gold Undertow E+/M- $15.00
Lee,Jackie Mirwood 5519 Would You Believe You're Everything E+/M- $15.00
Lee,Joe Combo Alley 1010 Tuxedo Junction Black Eyed Peas E $10.00
Lee,Katie Specialty 638 Delia's Gone Pinch Me E- $15.00
Lee,Lois Steady 37005 DJ One Night Stand M- $12.00
Lee,Micki TCF 419 DJ Lavender Blue So Tired Of Talkin' VG $25.00
Lee,Nickie Mala 12039 Do Something About My Dream Pt 2 M- $30.00
Lee,Robert E. & His Travellers Sage 389 Take Me Back How'd That Grab Ya M- DJ Copy $12.00
Lee,Vinny Old Town 1083 DJ Rhumbarino Whiper Snapper (WOL) VG/E- $12.00
Lee,Warren Wand 1194 Born in the Ghetto Funky Belly M- (scuffs nap),drill hole $55.00
Leeds,Randy Roulette 4153 My Oh My Insurance M- DJ Copy $15.00
Leen Teens Imperial 5593 So Shy Dream Around You M- $22.00
Legrand,Evelyn SPQR 1000 I Got Caught High And Dry M- (Sl. Warpnap) $50.00
Lenny & The Thundertones Comma 444 Alabamy Bound Thunder Express E+/M- $20.00
Lenny & The Thundertones Comma 444 Thunder Express Alabamy Bound VG/E-WOL $15.00
Leo's Five L-G 5106 Sunrise Seranade Hold It E+ $20.00
Leslie,John Liberty 55205 DJ That's the Story of My Life Only Forever E/E+ (Sl WRPNAP) $15.00
Lester,Bobby Columbia 4-45081 DJ Hang Up Your Hang Ups Sweet Gentle Nightime M- $40.00
Lester,Ketty Era 3068 Love Letters I'm A Fool To Want You E+ $20.00
Lester,Ketty RCA 47-8331 Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid The House Is Haunted E- $50.00
Leverett Sisters Holton 6712 Stop Think It Over A Place For Me E+/M- $60.00
Lewis Sisters,The VIP 25024 You Need Me Moonlight on the Beach VG- WOL drill hole $10.00
Lewis,Bart Oklahoma 19990 DJ Frankenstein Big Bad Wolf M-/M $60.00
Lewis,Billy Flo-Lou 101 Stool Pigeon Baby I Won't t Tell a Soul (May be re-issue or repro) E+/M- $25.00
Lewis,Bobby Philips 40519 DJ Soul Seekin' Give Me Your Yesterdays M- $45.00
Lewis,Dave Panorama 1003 Jack Daniel's Green Hi Heel Sneakers E+/M- $15.00
Lewis,Debra Valiant 6012 A Million Tears What You Gonna Do M- $30.00
Lewis,Gary & Playboys Liberty 55818 (W/Pic Sleeve) Everybody Loves A Clown Time Stands Still M- (Pic Sleeve not Graded $20.00
Lewis,Jerry Lee Sun 267 Whole Lot Of Shakin' Goin On (SOL) It'll Be Me E- $15.00
Lewis,Jerry Lee Sun 267 Whole lot of Shakin' Going On It'll Be Me (Sl WRPNAP) E+/M- $40.00
Lewis,Jerry Lee Sun 288 Breathless Down The Line (TOL) M- $20.00
Lewis,Jerry Lee Sun 296 High School Confidential Foos Like Me M- $50.00
Lewis,Jerry Lee Sun 312 It Hurts Me So I'll Sail My Ship Alone M- $10.00
Lewis,Jerry Lee Sun 356 Livin' Lovin' Wreck What'd I Say E- (Sl Warpnap) $15.00
Lewis,Jerry Lee Sun 356 Livin' Lovin' Wredk What'd I Say E- $20.00
Lewis,Jerry Lee Sun 396 I Know What It Means Carry me Back To Old Virginny E- $15.00
Lewis,Jerry Lee Sun 396 I Know What It Means Carry Me back To Old Virginny VG-/VG $10.00
Lewis,Jerry Lee Sun EPA107 (w/VG cover) Whole Lot Shakin' Going On;Turn Around Mean Woman Blues;I'm Feelin' Sorry E (1 Side SLOC) $75.00
Lewis,Jerry Lee Sun EPA108 (w/M-cover) Don't Be Cruel;Goodnight Irene Put Me Down;It All Depends M- Warp OK@2 Grams) $150.00
Lewis,Jimmy Tangerine 1000 I Quit, You Win I Can't get No Lovin' Nowhere E+/M- $26.00
Lewis,Jimmy & Volumes Ivy 104 I Saw a Cottage In My Dreams In My Heart VG- $10.00
Lewis,Webster Epic 19-51014 Dancer Let Me Be The One M- $20.00
Lightnin' Slim Excello 2320 DJ Good Morning Heartaches My Babe VG/E- $12.00
L'il Queenie & The Percolators Great Southern 119 My Dalrin' New Orleans Wild Natives M- (w/Pic Sleeve) $15.00
Lilly, Lee (The Big Masher) Alcor 014 Big Masher Spooky Movies (Label dings not affecting text) e+/m- $20.00
Lily Of The Valley Eldo 151 Blue Mood I Had A Sweet Dream E+/M- $21.00
Limelighters Gilco 213 This Lonely Boy Sister Sooky Comes Home (Repro?) E+/M- $25.00
Limit,The Portrait 04671 DJ Say Yeah M- $10.00
Limmie B. Good Columbia 4-41939 I'm Gonna Kiss My Girl Tonight Dancing Angel M- $40.00
Linden,Kathy Felsted 8510 Billy If I Could Hold You In My Arms E+/M- $20.00
Lindley,Mary Pyramid 870317 Don't Want to Stand in Your Way Minds Made Up M-/M $25.00
Liquid Blue HDM 501 DJ Ain't That What You Want M- $40.00
Little Beaver Cat 1977 Joey Funkadelic Sound E+/M-(Sl WRPNAP) $20.00
Little Brenda Lee Decca 30050 Jambalaya Bigelow 6-200 E- $18.00
Little Brenda Lee Decca 30107 I'm Gonna Lasso Santa Clause Christy Christmas E-/E $15.00
Little Caesar & the Consuls Mala 512 Poison Ivy My Girl Sloopy m- $20.00
Little Charles Jewel 752 (White Label)) Guess I'll Have To Take What's Left Give Me A Chance (Lt ink shadows) E+/M- $50.00
Little Eddie Liberty 55433 Look No More Mine All Mine E+/M- $15.00
Little Esther Savoy 1563 It's So Good Do You Ever Think Of Me VG vinyl stain $10.00
Little Eva Dimension 1000 He Is The Boy The Loco-Motion E/E+ $20.00
Little Floyd Arlen 716 Here I Am My Baby Loves Me E-/E $30.00
Little Frankie Smash 2067 I Want To Marry You That's When I'll Take You Home M- $22.00
Little Jerry & The Gems Hasedem 501 Teardrops are Falling (Red Wax-0nly 500 made) Moonbeam M- $15.00
Little Jimmy & The Tops Len 1011 Say You Love Me Puppy Love M- $20.00
Little Joe & The Thrillers Okeh 7088 Lilly Lou Peanuts E+/M- $25.00
Little Joe & The Thrillers Okeh 7088 Peanuts Lilly Lou M- $40.00
Little Joey & The Flips Joy 262 Lost Love (sl OC) Bongo Stomp E+/M- $30.00
Little John,Johnny & Guitar Margaret 996 (Blue Label) Johnny's Jive Kitty O E+/M- $30.00
Little Junior Parker Duke 168 That's Alright Pretty Baby VG/E- $10.00
Little Milton Campbell Checker 1236 Many Rivers To Cross A Mother's Love M- $20.00
Little Ray WB 5351 Come Baby Dance You Can't Hurt Me M- DJ Copy $15.00
Little Richard Modern 1019 DJ Do You Feel It Part 1 Same Part 2 E- $30.00
Little Richard Specialty 584 She's Got It Heeby-Jeebies E-/E $15.00
Little Rock Brotherhood Ref-O-Ree 706 DJ Girl Watching On Broadway Morning After E+/M- $18.00
Little Royal Trius 917 Keep on Pushing Your Luck I Want To Be Free Don't Want Nobody Standing… M- $15.00
Little Royal & The Swingmasters Trius 912 Razor Blade Jealous E- $20.00
Little Sonny Enterprise 9013 DJ The Creeper Returns Baby What You Want Me To Do E-/E $15.00
Little Willie John King 5108 Talk To Me, Talk To Me Spasms M- $15.00
Little Willie John King 5142 You're a Sweetheart Let's Rock While The Rockin' Good E+/M- $20.00
Little,Little Rose Blue Rock 4003 DJ Lie To Me Get A Hold Of Yourself M- $80.00
Live Experience E&B 8575 Disco Joint Pt 1 Pt 2 M- $21.00
Live Wires Boom 60015 Keep it To Yourself The Mask E+/M- $25.00
Liverpool Five RCA 47-9158 (Canada) Cloudy She's Got Plenty of Love M- $15.00
Livin' Proof Ju-Par 532 You and I Same Pt 2 E+/M- $15.00
Lizz CBS 68624 DJ Ready Made Love M-/M $15.00
Lloyd,Grady Smash 2076 Lay Down Your Arms I Have Some Weeping To Do E/E+ $20.00
Locos RCA 47-8931 DJ Guantanamera Rock Malaguena Salerosa M- $35.00
Logsdon,Jimmy King 5752 The Life Of Hank Williams The Death Of Hank Williams M- $12.00
Lonero,Bobby Liberty 55180 Girl That I Marry Little Bit E-/E $50.00
Long,Maurice Cyclone 75000 A Lover's Question I Don't Love You Anymore M- $32.00
Long,Shorty RCA 47-6873 You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry I'd Crawl Back If I Could E+/M- $20.00
Lonnie & The Carollons Mohawk 111 Hold Me Close Trudy E+/M- $30.00
Lonnie & The Carollons Mohawk 111 Trudy Hold Me Close E- $25.00
Loran,Kenny Capitol F4230 DJ Stop Me (WOL) I Chickened Out (WOL) E+/M- $50.00
Lord,Bobby Columbia 4-41596 DJ Where Did My Woman Go Give me A Woman M- $20.00
Lorenzo & The Four Stars Kapp 381 First Things First (SOL) A Man (SOL) E+/M- $12.00
Los Indios Tabajaras RCA 47-8216 Jungle Dream Maria Elena E+/M- $10.00
Lost Generation,The Brunswick 55492 DJ You Only Get Out of Love What You Put In Pretty Little Angel Eyes M- $80.00
Lou,Bonnie King 4835 DJ Daddy-o Dancing in My Socks E- $10.00
Louis & Frosty C Note 1207/1208 Lonesome And Confused Train Time E $15.00
Lovables,The Toot 605 You're the Cause Of It Beautiful Idea M- $12.00
Love Notes Holiday 2605 Tonight United (SOL) E+/M- $25.00
Love Notes Holiday 2607 Don't Go If I Could Make You Mine E- $30.00
Love Notes Wilshire 200 Our Songs Of Love Nancy My Love E $20.00
Lovejoys Tiger 101 He Ain't no Angel Wait 'Round The Corner E+/M- $30.00
Lovelites Lock 723 How Can I Tell My Mom And Dad Hey Stars Of Tomorrow M- $15.00
Lovely,Ike Wand 11266 Fools Hall Of Fame Little Miss Sweet Thing E+/M- $22.00
Lowe,Jim Dot 15429 St. James Avenue John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith E $12.00
Lucas,Frank ICA 001 Good Thing Man I Want My Mule Back E+/M- $15.00
Lucas,Matt Celebration 1002 DJ You Gotta Love Same M- $28.00
Lucien,Jon Zemajo 701 How 'Bout Tonight Tell Me You Love Me M- (Sl Warpnap) $20.00
Lucien,Jon Zemajo 701 Tell Me You Love Me How 'Bout Tonight M- (Sl Warpnap) $20.00
Luke,Robin International ? Susie Darlin' (Pic Sleeve Only) Living's Loving You Mint- $30.00
Luman,Bob Imperial 8311 Red Cadillac and Black Moustache All Night Long (sl. Off Center) E- $40.00
Luman,Bob WB 5172 You've Got Everything Let's Think About Living M- $10.00
Lundy,Pat Deluxe 114 One Woman Another Lovin' Kind Of Feeling E+/M- $30.00
Lutcher,Nellie Capitol P4319 DJ Heart Of A Clown My Mother's Eyes E/E+ $15.00
Ly-dells Master 251 Let This Night Last Wizard of Love E $45.00
Ly-dells SCA 18001 DJ Hear That Train Book Of Songs M- $35.00
Lyman,Joni Reprise 0378 DJ I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself Happy Birthday Blue VG $20.00
Lymon,Frankie & Teenagers Gee 1002 Why Do Fools Fall In Love Please Be Mine E (red/black) $30.00
Lymon,Frankie & Teenagers Gee 1002 Why Do Fools Fall In Love Please Be Mine E+/M- $50.00
Lymon,Frankie & Teenagers Gee 1012 I'm Not A Know It All I Want You To Be My Girl E- $20.00
Lymon,Frankie & Teenagers Gee 1012 I'm Not A Know It All I Want You To Be My Girl E+/M- (Sl WRPNAP) $50.00
Lymon,Frankie & Teenagers Gee 1018 Who Can Explain I Promise To Remember E- $10.00
Lymon,Frankie & Teenagers Gee 1022 Share (Sm Label Tear) ABC's of Love E $25.00
Lymon,Frankie & Teenagers Gee 1032 Paper Castles Teenage Love G/VG- $10.00
Lymon,Frankie & Teenagers Gee 1032 Paper Castles Teenage Love (SOL) E-/E (Sl WRPNAP) $20.00
Lymon,Louis & Teenchords Fury 1000 I'm So Happy Tra La La La La La Lydia VG $50.00
Lynn,Barbara Atlantic 2931 You Make Me So Hot It Ain't No Good To Be Too Good VG/E- $20.00
Lynn,Sammi Sue 752 Blue Butterfly You Should Know I'm Still You Baby E+/M- $36.00
Lynn,Tami Atco 6342 I'm Gonna Run Away From You The Boy Next Door M- $40.00
Lynne,Gloria Mercury 73294 Kickin' Life Like an Old Tin Can Just Let Me Be Me E+/M- $75.00
Lyons,Dolly Lescay 3005 Lots Of Lovin' Not One Tear VG (DJ Copy) $15.00
Lyres J&G (Boot) 101 Ship Of Love Play Boy M- $15.00
Lytell,Jimmy Ember 1107 Nothin' to Do La Nuit E+/M- $15.00
Macho Event 251 Mucho Macho Part 1 Same Part 2 M- $20.00
Mack,Freddie & Ultrafunk Contempo 7701 Kung Fu Man Same (Instrumental) M- (warp OK@1.5 gms) $20.00
Mack,Lonnie Fraternity 912 Wham! Suzie Q M- $12.00
Mack,Lonnie Fraternity 951 Chicken Pickin' (WOL) Honky Tonk 65 (WOL) VG $10.00
Mack,Warner Decca 30471 Since I Lost You Roc-A-Chick-A E-/E $15.00
Mad Lads Volt 135 Sugar Sugar Come Closer To Me E-/E (Label Wear) $12.00
Maddin,Jimmy Imperial 5496 Shirley Purley Stop the World E-/E $20.00
Maddox,Sylvia Duke 408 Viet Nam Blues Got To Be Free E+/M- $25.00
Maddox,Walt Alanna 546 Sweet Sweetheart At The End of A Rainbow M- $20.00
Maeson,Kary Music City 790 Spingle Spangle E $50.00
Maestro,Johnny Apt 25075 Phone Booth On The Highway She's All Mine Alone E+/M- $160.00
Maestro,Johnny Coed 552 Mr. Happiness (Has PB's) Test Of Love (Has PB's) M- $20.00
Magic Touch,The Roulette 7143 Baby You Belong To Me Lost and Lonely Boy E+/M- (scuffs) $12.00
Magid Triplets Kef 4452 Stop Look And Listen Stormy Weather E+/M- $12.00
Magnificent 7,The Dial 4074 Never Will I make My Baby Cry Ooh, Baby Baby M-/M $90.00
Magnificent Four Whale 506 The Closer You Are Uncle Sam E $40.00
Maharis,George Epic 5-9696 DJ Tonight You Belong To Me The Object Of My Affection M- (w/pic sleeve) $30.00
Main Attraction Satin 701 On Broadway That's The Way I Feel M- $15.00
Main Events UA 50810 DJ Girl I Want You To Remember Don't Leave E-/E $31.00
Majors Imperial 5855 Time Will Tell A Wonderful Dream E/E+ $15.00
Majors Imperial 5855 Time Will Tell A Wonderful Dream (Sl Off Center) E- $10.00
Majors Imperial 5914 Anything You CanDo What In The World M- $21.00
Majors Venture 606 DJ Down In The Ghetto M-/M $45.00
Majors,The Gate City 1149/1150 Rap, Rap, Rap What You See Is What You Get M- $210.00
Majors,The Imperial 5991 Which Way Did She Go Yoour Life Begins at Sweet 16 M- $20.00
Makeba,Miriam Reprise 0606 Ballad of the Sad Young Men Pata Pata M- $15.00
Malibus,The Sure-Shot 5028 Gee Baby I Love You What's This Coming M- $225.00
Maltby,Richard Vik 0196 Man With The Golden Arm Themes Heart Of Paris (W/ E- Pic Sleeve) VG $20.00
Mandells,The Hourglass 004 Now I Know Don't Turn Your Back On Me M- $25.00
Manhattan Brothers London 1610 Kilimanjaro (WOL) Lovely Lies E+/M- $30.00
Manhattans Carnival 507 What's It Gonna Be I Wanna' Be E+/M- $20.00
Manin Brothers Apt 25033 Hot Rod Susie Uhm De Ahde VG/E- $20.00
Mann,Barry ABC 10237 Who Put the Bomp in the Bomp Bomp Bomp Love True Love VG $10.00
Mann,Barry ABC-Par 10380 Teenage Has-Been Bless You E-/E $10.00
Mann,Carl Phillips 3539 Foolish One Mona Lisa E+/M- $15.00
Mann,Carl Phillips 3546 Pretend Rockin' Love E+/M- $15.00
Mann,Gloria Sound 126 Gypsy Lady Teenage Prayer E-/E $20.00
Mann,Johnny Tiara 6118 Wouldn't Be Going Steady Too Young To Cry Good $10.00
Mann,Russ Dearborn 605 A Row Of Fools on a Row Of Stools (WOL) Hometown Rumor Mill E/E+ $12.00
Manno,Tommy Atlantic 2149 DJ Too Good To Be True That's For Me To Know E/E+ $21.00
Mantle,Mickey (W/Teresa Brewer) Coral 61700 I Love Mickey Keep Your Cotton Pickin' Paddies Offa My Heart VG/E- $30.00
Manza,Bob Tema 11773 Ballad of the Nifty Fifties (Blank) $15.00
Marcel.Vic RCA 47-9750 Won't You Come and Fly With Me This Bitter Earth M-/M $35.00
Marcell,Beverly Gone 5145 The Monkey Dance Bev's Got A Boyfriend E+ $15.00
Marcells (note spelling) All Ears 1001-1002 Blue Moon Clap Your Hands When I Clap My Hands M-/M $20.00
Marcels Colpix 186 Blue Moon Goodbyre To Love E $15.00
Marcels Colpix 186 Blue Moon Goodbyre To Love E+ $20.00
Marcels Colpix 196 Summertime Teeter Totter Love E-/E $25.00
Marcels Colpix 612 Heartaches My Love for You E/E+ (SlWRPnap) $20.00
Marcels Colpix 651 Loved her The Whole Week Through Friendly Loans E- $20.00
March,Myrna Columbia 4-43050 Parade of Broken Hearts Just Beginning to Forget About You E+/M- (looks worse) $52.00
March,Tony Tammy 1007 Boston Bake Bean Baby Italian Martians (w/Pasquale & Luigi) E- $10.00
Marchan,Bobby Ace 3008 My Days Are Coming M- $10.00
Marchand,Donny Mohawk 125 I Confess It's Love M- (White Label) $100.00
Marci & The Mates Bigtop 3116 Shall I Tell Him You're Not Here Let Us Part For A Year E+/M- DJ Copy WOL $20.00
Marigolds Excello 2057 Rollin' Stone Why Don't You E-/E $60.00
Marino,Del Scepter 1221 Cupid's Arrow I'll Never Be The Same M- $185.00
Mark II, The WYE 1001 Confusion Night Theme E- $10.00
Mark III ABC-Paramount 10280 Valerie Man (SL OC) M- DJ Copy $15.00
Mar-Keys Stax 121 DJ Po-Dunk Pop-Eye Stroll (WOL) E/E+ $15.00
Markham,Don & The Marksmen Donna 1323 The Shuck Hully Gully Trumpets E+/M- $15.00
Markham,Pigmeat Chess 2049 Here Comea The Judge The Trial E+/M- $10.00
Marlin,Milton Soul-Po-Tion 116 How Can You Mend A Broken Heart Here I Yam E+ $15.00
Marlo,Micki ABC-Par 9841 That's Right What You've Done To Me M- $10.00
Marquis,The Rainbow 358 I Don't Want Your Love Popcorn Willie VG/E- $75.00
Marr,Hank Federal 12508 The Greasy Spoon I Can't Go On Without You VG/E- $10.00
Marshall,Andy Vida 001 Love Transplant of Your Love Same Part 2 E- $30.00
Marshall,Bobby Deauville 1002 Call Me Darling It's a Great Great Pleasure (WOL) E-/E $30.00
Martell,Linda Fire 512 A Little Tear Things I Do For You E $20.00
Martin & Lewis (Dean & Jerry) Capitol EAP1-752 Pardners (EP wit 4 Songs from 1956) E+/M- (w/original pic cover) $25.00
Martin,Alice Kontention 102 Charlie the Christmas Chimpanzee M- DJ Copy $10.00
Martin,Bobby Junior 1011 Taking It Easy It's Not Unusual M- (Sl. WRPNAP) $30.00
Martin,Dean Capitol F3295 Change Of Heart Memories Are Made Of This E-/E $10.00
Martin,Leon LTD 402 I Think of Losing You For Crying Out Loud M- DJ copy $20.00
Martindale,Wink Dot 15968 Deck Of Cards (with Pic Sleeve) Now You Know How It Feels E-/M- $20.00
Martindale,Wink Dot 16347 Sweet Little Loveable You World's Greatest Man M- $15.00
Martini's Bar 101 Late Late Party Hung Over E- sm TOL $18.00
Marvellos Loma 2045 We Go Together Something's Burnin' E/E+ $170.00
Marvelows ABC-Par 10629 DJ I Do My Heart M- WRP OK @1.5 GMS $22.00
Marvels Laurie 3016 So Young So Sweet I Shed So Many Tears E/E+ $60.00
Mar-Villes,The Infinity 027 The Drag Nights Are So Lonely VG/E- DJ Copy WOL $15.00
Marvin & Johnny Aladdin 3408 Smack Smack You're In My Heart E- $20.00
Marx,Melinda Vee Jay 657 The East Side Of Town How I Wish You Came M- (DH) $25.00
Mary Ellen Gramo 5502/5505 Still Waters Run Deep Moon Rocket M- $225.00
Maskman & The Agents Dynamo 125 Yaw'll One Eye Open E+/M- $15.00
Mason,Ann & Little Mac Atlantic 2309 You Can't Love Me In The Midnight Hour In The Midnight Hour (Instrumental) E- $15.00
Mason,Barbara Arctic 105 Keep Him Yes, I'm Ready E-/E+ $15.00
Mason,Bobby Imperial 66199 DJ People Say Laura M- $20.00
Mason,Tony RCA 47-9104 Take Good Care Seeing Is Believing E-/E+ DJ Copy $60.00
Masterkeys,The Sport 109 DJ Weak And Broken Hearted If You Haven't Got Love M $150.00
Masters,Joe Boogaloo 1003 That Is Why The End Must Begin Just Be Yourself E+/M- $75.00
Matadors,The Jamie 1226 Listen So Near E+/M- (looks worse) $140.00
Mathews,Mat All Stars Showcase 9800 Milk and Honey Shalom VG/E- $12.00
Matthews,Shirley & Big Town Girls Atlantic 2210 Big-Town Boy You Can Count On That M- $20.00
Mattingly,Jesse Throne 509 Till My Money Run Out Getting Over You E+/M- $60.00
Mauds Mercury 72694 C'mon And Move Hold On M- $25.00
Maurice & Mac Checker 1218 Lay It On Me What Am I Gonna Do E- (Sl WRPNAP) $12.00
Maximilian Magic Circle 4226 Butter Ball You'd Better E $200.00
Maxwell,Holly Curtom 1942 DJ Suffer No One Else M- (Sl Warpnap) $28.00
Maxwell,Holly Smit-Whit 400 Winter Go Away Never Love Again M-/M $35.00
Mayer,Nathaniel & Fabulous Twilights Fortune 449 I Want A Woman Village OF Love E+/M- $20.00
Mayfield Singers Mayfield 7712 If I've Been Trying M- $25.00
Mayfield,Chuck Look 1005 I Know It Who Is The Biggest Fool E- $10.00
Mayfield,Curtis Curtom 1974 DJ Move on Up M-/M $85.00
Mayfield,Percy RCA 74-0348 DJ You Wear Your Hair Too Long The Highway Is Like A Woman M- $15.00
Mc Call,Cash Thomas 307 DJ When You Wake Up You Ain't Too Cool E-/E $15.00
Mc Call,Cash Topic 8014 My Best Friend In Time M- $15.00
Mc Call,Little Johnny Donna 1334 (Wte Lab) Half Ton Tillie My Love I Can't Hide E+/M-(SLWRPNAP) $50.00
Mc Clendon,Charlie & Magnificents L-Rev 62068 Need Love Put Me Down Easy E+/M- $31.00
Mc Clure,Bobby Checker 1152 You Got Me Baby Peak Of Love M- (Warp OK @1.5 Gms) $40.00
Mc Coys Bang 511 Sorrow Fever E+/M- $15.00
Mc Coys,The Bang 549 I Wonder If She Remembers Me Say Those Magis Words M- $20.00
Mc Crae,Gwen Columbia 04-45214 Lead Me On Like Yesterday Our Love Is Gone M- $45.00
Mc Daniels,Luke Trumpet 184 No More (SOL) Label off center on this side-obscures title VG $20.00
Mc Donald,Lee Silk City Sound 15987/15989 I Still Believe in Love Center of My Life M- (Sl. WRPNAP) $100.00
Mc Donald,Scott Trend 007 Happy In Love Don't Make It Hurt M- $15.00
Mc Ewen,Willee STYB 54 Tremble Walk Caress Me Now My Love E- $40.00
Mc Fadden,Ruth Capitol F4802 Pencil & Paper Stop Playing That Song That's What You Said M- $70.00
MC Gill,Connie & Visions Sugar 501 I Can't Stop My Love (SL. OC) For That Great Day E+/M- $35.00
Mc Gill,Rollee Mercury 70582 There Goes that Train You Left Me Here To Cry E- $51.00
Mc Guire Sisters Coral 61924 Sugartime Banana Split E+/M- $15.00
Mc Guire,Barry Dunhill 4009 Ever Of Destruction What Exactly's the Matter With Me E+ $20.00
Mc Guire,Barry Dunhill 4009 Ever Of Destruction What Exactly's the Matter With Me M- $25.00
Mc Knight,Billy Custom 127 Time Wasted You're Doin' Me Wrong (WOL) E- $25.00
Mc Kuen,Rod Spiral 1407 Celebrity Twist Oliver Twist E+/M- $12.00
Mc Lean,Joe Ego 202 Let's Talk About Love Part 1 Same Part 2 E+/M- (Scuffs nap) $62.00
Mc Lollie,Oscar Class 243 My Heart Speaks Convicted E+ $20.00
Mc Neir,Ronnie Tortoise 11381 DJ Different Kind Of Love M- $35.00
Mc Phatter,Clyde Amy 968 A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues I’m Not Going To Work Today M- $40.00
Mc Phatter,Clyde Atlantic 1092 Treasure of Love When You're Sincere VG/E- $10.00
Mc Phatter,Clyde Atlantic 1185 Come What May Let Me Know E+/M- $20.00
Mc Phatter,Clyde Atlantic 1199 I Can't Stand Up Alone A Lover's Question E- $12.50
Mc Phatter,Clyde Atlantic 2060 Let The Boogie Woogie Roll Deep Sea Ball E/E+ $14.00
Mc Voy,Carl Phillips 3526 Tootsie You Are My Sunshine E+/M- $20.00
Meadows,Dave & The Neanderthals Magnum 41160 Angel I Don't See Stars In Your Eyes VG $15.00
Meadows,Jayne Dot 15915 Gazebo Hunger E+/M- $25.00
Meisner,Vern Cuca 1131 Strollin' Time Out M- $20.00
Melaa Larc 81014 Makin' Love In The Fast Lane Free M- $80.00
Mellokings Herald 507 Sassafras Chapel On The Hill E-/E $30.00
Mellokings Herald 554 I Promise Kid Stuff E- $15.00
Mello-Kings Herald 502 Do Baby Do Tonite Tonite (SOL) VG $10.00
Mello-Kings Herald 536 Chip Chip Running To You E-/E $18.00
Mello-Tones Gee 1037 Rosie Lee I'll Never Fall In Love Again E-/E $40.00
Melodics MOC (M.O.C.) 674 DJ Ain't That Sharing My Love I'd Never Thought I'd Lose You E/M- $75.00
Memories Times Square 11 Will I Darling Your My Angel E/E+ $25.00
Memos Memo 34891 My Type Of Girl The Biddy Leg E- $21.00
Memos Memo 5000/5001 I'm Going Home (WOL) My Most Precious Possession (WOL;TOL) E- $40.00
Memphians,The Pawn 3801 DJ Slidin' in and out of my neighbor's house Who Will the Next Fool Be M- $25.00
Memphis Black Ascot 2243 DJ Hang 'Em High (WOL) Why Don't You Play The Organ Man M- $90.00
Mendes,Sergio & Brasil '66 A&M 1209 Viramundo For What It's Worth E+/M- $20.00
Merced Blue Notes Accent 1069 Your Tender Lips Rufus M- $40.00
Merced Blue Notes Galaxy 738 Rufus, Jr. Thompin' E- (label soil) $35.00
Mercer,Jerry Mercury 70849 Cap With The Strap In The Back No baby No E+/M- $20.00
Mercer,Sandy H&L 4694 You Are My Love Play With Me M- $15.00
Mercer,Sandy H&L 4694 You Are My Love Play With Me M- (Sl WRPNAP) $12.00
Mercy Men Bee Gee 0001 You Made It Thunder Fifth Street M- $100.00
Meredith,Marv Strand 25021 Salvation Rock Swiss Miss E- $12.00
Merrill,Buddy Accent 1184 Sweet September The Sherk E-/E $25.00
Merrill,Buddy Accent 1184 Sweet September The Sherk M- $30.00
Merrill,Buddy Accent 1200 Holiday For Guitars (Red/Black Label) Take Five E+/M- $10.00
Merrill,Buddy Accent 1200 Holiday For Guitars (White/Black Label) Take Five E+/M- $10.00
Merrill,Buddy Accent 1346 Music Goofus E+/M- $10.00
Merrill,Buddy Accent 7260 DJ Escondido Without My Lover E+/M- $10.00
Merri-Men Apt DJ 25051 St. Louis Blues Big Daddy VG/E- $15.00
Merry-Go Round A&M 834 Time Will Show The Wiser Live M- $15.00
Metallics Baronet 2 (Ribbon) Itchy Twitch Too Need Your Love E+/M- $40.00
Meters,The WB 8434 DJ Be My Lady M- $35.00
Meyer,Bob & the Rivieras Lawn 238 You've Got To Tell Me Behold VG $40.00
Meyer,Bob & the Rivieras Lawn 238 DJ You've Got To Tell Me Behold M- $60.00
Miami Drive 6234 Party Freaks Same Part 2 E- $15.00
Michael & The Trees PJ 1832 Show You Love Me Nothing To Say E-/E $15.00
Michaels,Lee A&M 911 DJ Love Sounding the Sleeping M- $50.00
Mickey & His Mice Marti 402 (12986) Cracker Jack Abraham, Martin and John M- $25.00
Mickey & Sylvia Groove 0175 Love Is Strange (Label Stain) I'm Going Home E- $10.00
Middleton,Tony Roulette 4345 I'm Gonna Give Love One More Try Is Is This Or Is It That E- PB's NAP DJ Copy $20.00
Midnight Movers Unlimited Renee 3004 Follow The Wind Part 1 Part2 M- $10.00
Midnight Movers Unlimited Renee 3005 Put Your Mind In Your Pocket Truck In M- $20.00
Midnighters Federal 12185 Don't Say Your Last Goodbye Sexy Ways E- $40.00
Midnighters Federal 12210 Ashamed of Myself Ring-A-Ling-A-Ling E-/E $45.00
Midnighters Federal 12224 Whatsoever You Do Henry's Got Flat Feet E- $40.00
Midnighters Federal 12224 Whatsoever You Do Henry's Got Flat Feet M- $75.00
Midnighters Federal 12240 DJ Rock and Roll Wedding That House on the Hill E- $40.00
Midnighters Federal 12299 Is Your love For Real Oh So Happy E-/E (Sl WRPNAP) $15.00
Mighty Sparrow Hilary 223 More Cock Melody '72 E+/M- $25.00
Mighty Sparrow Wand 160 The Village Ram She' Been Gone Too Long VG (LookS Worse) $50.00
Mighty Tom Cats Paul Winley 1103 Soul Makossa Tom Cat Reggay VG/E- $10.00
Milano,Bobby Roulette 4361 DJ Everybody Loves My Baby Rags To Riches E- $15.00
Milburn,Amos Aladdin 3332 (Blue) Juice Juice Juice (WOL) Chicken Shack (WOL) Plays E (Looks worse) $10.00
Milburn,Amos Aladdin 3370 Dear Angel Greyhound VG-/VG SOL $15.00
Miles,Lenny RCA 47-8011 Donna's Gone Living Dream M- $45.00
Miles,Lenny Scepter 1212 Don't Believe Him Donna Invisible M- $25.00
Miller Sisters Riverside 4535 Dance Close Tell Him E+/M- $15.00
Miller,Chuck Mercury (Maroon) 70767 Lookout Mountain (release date on label-DJ) Boogie Blues (release date on label DJ) VG $20.00
Miller,Frankie Starday 424 True Blue Black Land Farmer E- $10.00
Miller,Frankie Starday 655 Too Hot To Handle A Little South Of Memphis M- WRPNAP $15.00
Miller,Hal & The Rays Topix 6003 An Angel Cried Hope Faith and Dreams vg/e- $50.00
Miller,Ken Faro 581 DJ Zonbeeshe Blues You Are Love To Me E $25.00
Miller,Lesley RCA 47-8786 He Wore The Green Beret You Got A Way of Bringing Out My Tears M- $30.00
Miller,Ned Fabor 137 Dusty Guitar Do What You Do So Well E+/M- $15.00
Millionaires Bunny 506 Cherry Baby I Thought About You M- $25.00
Mills,Hayley Buena Vista 395 Jeepers Creepers Johnny Jingo M- (w/pic sleeve) $20.00
Mimms,Garnet UA 694 Anytime You Want Me Tell Me Baby VG $10.00
Mimms,Garnet UA 694 (White Label DJ) Anytime You Want Me Tell Me Baby E-/E $20.00
Mimms,Garnet Veep 1232 It's Been Such A Long Way Home Thinkin' E-/E $15.00
Mimms,Garnet Veep 1234 Keep On Smilin' My Baby E $20.00
Mimms,Garnet & The Enchanters UA 694 Tell Me Baby Anytime You Want Me VG (Label Wear) $10.00
Mineo,Sal Epic 5-9216 Love Affair Start Movin' In my Direction M- $15.00
Mineo,Sal Epic 5-9227 You Shouldn't Do That Lasting Love E+/M- $15.00
Mineo,Sal Epic 5-9227 You Shouldn't Do That Lasting Love (W/Pic Sleeve = VG/E-) E/E+ $22.00
Mineo,Sal Epic 5-9227 You Shouldn't Do That Lasting Love (W/Pic Sleeve= VG/E-) M- $30.00
Mineo,Sal Epic 5-9246 Words That I Whisper Party Time E+/M- $20.00
Mineo,Sal Epic 5-9260 Little Pigeon Cuttin' In E $15.00
Mineo,Sal Epic 5-9260 Little Pigeon Cuttin' In E-/E $12.00
Mineo,Sal Epic 5-9260 Little Pigeon Cuttin' In M- $20.00
Mineo,Sal Epic EG7195(EP) Down By The River Side;Now And For Always Start Movin;Lasting Love (In plain sleeve) VG $10.00
Minets Of England DCP 1129 DJ My Love Is Yours Wake Up E $25.00
Minor,Mike Dot 16689 Satan's Waitin' Me And My Shadow M- $40.00
Mitchell,Chad Amy 11054 DJ What's That Got To Do With Me Bus Song M- $15.00
Mitchell,Grover Vanguard 35113 Ah Feel She Really Doesn't Wanna Do It Sper Heroes M- $20.00
Mitchell,Lee Full Speed Ahead 7711 (LtYellow) Best Shot So Called Friends M- (Sl OC 1 side) $15.00
Mitchell,Lee Full Speed Ahead 7711 (Yellow) Best Shot So Called Friends M- (Sl WRPNAP) $15.00
Mitchell,Ronnie Seville 115 But Are You Sure Baca Raton E+/M- $20.00
Mitchell,Rubin Capitol 2220 Loosen Up Summer Dreams E+/M- $20.00
Mitchell,Willie Hi 2103 Bad Eye Sugar T E+/M- $20.00
Mlls,Hayley Buena Vista 401 Side By Side Ching-Ching and a Ding Ding Ding M- (w/pic sleeve) $20.00
Modern Red Caps Penntowne 101 Never Kiss A Good Man Good-bye Free M- $40.00
Mojo GRT 8 DJ Candle to Burn E+/M- $20.00
Mojo Men Reprise 0539 Don't Leave Me Crying Like Before Sit Down I Think I love You E/E+ $15.00
Moments Era 3099 DJ Walk Right In Same (Instrumental) E+/M- $20.00
Monarchs Neil 101 Pretty Little Girl In My Younger Days VG (Looks Worse) $50.00
Monarchs Sound 7 Stage 2516 (Red Label) What Made You Change Your Mind Look Homeward Angel VG/E-(Sl WRPNAP) $15.00
Monograms,The Safire 102 Tears And Dreams That's What He Said E/E+ $10.00
Monorays,The TCF 594 DJ Love You're No Good E/E+ $225.00
Monotones Argo 5290 Book Of Love You Never Loved Me E $25.00
Monotones Argo 5290 Book Of Love You Never Loved Me E+/M- (WRPNAP) $30.00
Monotones Argo 5321 Legend of Sleepy Hollow Soft Shadows E-/E $25.00
Monroe, Vaughn RCA 47-7345 Ten Chaperones Ghost Trains M- $20.00
Montclairs Paula 375 Unwanted Love Beggin' Is Hard To Do M- $40.00
Monte,Lou Reprise 20106 Pepino The Italian Mouse What Did Washington Say (W/Pic Sleeve) M- $35.00
Monte,Lou Reprise 20106 Pepino The Italian Mouse What Did Washington Say (W/Pic Sleeve) VG/E- $20.00
Monte,Vinnie Harmon 1009 Take Good Care Of Her Joanie Don't Be Angry VG/E- $20.00
Montez,Chris A&M 780 Go Head On Call Me M- (DH) $10.00
Montez,Chris Monogram 507 Some Kinda Fun Tell Me It's Not Over E- $15.00
Montgomery,Wes A&M 916 Wind Song Goin' On To Detroit M- $12.00
Monzas,The Wand 1120 DJ Hey! I Know You (wol) Forever Walks A Drifter E- $20.00
Moody & The Deltas Daisy 504 Monkey Climb Everybody Come Clap Your Hands E+/M- $80.00
Moody,Joan TCF/Sylvia 122 Don't Do Me That Way Big Time Operator M-/M $40.00
Moon and Mars Dooto 477 Copper Penny Be By Your Side E+/M- (sl label wear) $15.00
Moon Man/La La Wilson Gold Sounds 4 The Moon Man Is Back Moon Walk In E $35.00
Moonbeems Sapphire 2251 Cryin' The Blues VG/E- $22.50
Moonglows Chess 1619 Chickie Um Bah We Go Together VG-(OC 1 side) $10.00
Moonglows Chess 1629 See Saw When I'm With You E/E+ $30.00
Moonglows Chess 1629 When I'm With You See Saw E+/M- $50.00
Moonglows Chess 1646 Over and Over Again I Knew From The Start E-/E $20.00
Moonglows Chess 1651 Don't Say Goodbye I'm Afraid The Masquerade Is Over E+/M- $70.00
Moonlighters Josie 843 Glow Of Love Broken Heart E+/M- $75.00
Moore,Bernie Burdett 1911 I'll Never Begin to Forget 45 RPM's VG/E- $15.00
Moore,Charles Hunza 1237 My Heart Skipped A Beat No More Tears M- $40.00
Moore,Curly & The Kool Ones House of the Fox 1934 DJ Shelley's Rubber Band Same E+/M- $26.00
Moore,Johnny Ampen 222 Pretty Face Every Streets A boulevard M- $20.00
Moore,Lee Cross Country 506 The Cat Came Back Stop Crackin' Peanuts E/E+ $10.00
Moore,Merrill Capitol F2691 Snatchin' and Grabbin' Sweet Jennie Lee M- $25.00
Moore,Merrill Capitol F2924 Doggie House Boogie Ten Ten A.M. VG/E- $20.00
Moore,Merrill Capitol F3140 Yes, Indeed One Way Door E $20.00
Moore,Merrill Capitol F3397 Rock Island Line King Porter Stomp VG/E- $15.00
Moore,Sammie Hit 125 No Particular Place To Go E+ $150.00
Morgan Twins RCA 47-7373 While It Lasted Let's Get Goin' E- $12.00
Morisette,Johnnie Icepac 301 Meet Me At TheFunk House Part 1 Same Part 2 M- $75.00
Morley,Cozy ABC-Par 9811 Why Don't You Fall In Love I Love My Girl M- $10.00
Morley,Cozy Chancellor 1001 I Love My Girl Why Don't You Love Me VG/E- $15.00
Morrison,Dorothy Brown Door 6580 I Can't Go Without You Part 1 Same Part 1 M- $180.00
Morrison,Leroy Jemkl 5004 Disco Fever Same (Instrumental) E+/M- (label off center) $15.00
Morse,Ella Mae Capitol F3759 DJ I'm Gone Sway Me E+/M- $21.00
Mortimer,Azie RCA 47-8985 Little Miss Everything The Best Years Of Our Lives M- $15.00
Mosley,Tommy Era 3184 DJ Exit Loneliness Enter Love So This Is Love E- hvy scuffs nap $45.00
Motherlode Buddah 144 Mempories of a Broken Promise What Does It Take To Win Your love E/E+ (Sl wrpnap) $35.00
Mr. Undertaker Music City 790 (Maroon) Here Lies My Love (label dam. where tape removed) VG/E- $50.00
Mugo United World 4490 Space Travel (Label off Center) Organize M- $75.00
Murmaids Chattahoochee 628 Huntington Flats Popsicles and Icicles (WOL) E- $15.00
Murphy,Big Frank Philips 40362 DJ It's All Over But The Pain You My Love M- Sl. WRPNAP $65.00
Music Machine Original Sound 67 Masculine Intuition The People In Me VG $10.00
Music Machine Original Sound 67 The People In Me Masculine Intuition VG $10.00
Mustache Wax Inner 501-502 On My Mind I'm Gonna Get You (WOL E+/M- $30.00
Myles,Big Boy Ace 637 Who Can I Turn To Oh Mary M- $20.00
Myles,Billy Ember 1026 Honey Bee The Joker That's What They Call Me E- SLOC SOL $10.00
Mystics Laurie 3058 White Cliffs Of Dover Blue Star E+/M- $20.00
Mystics Marquette 1001 Copp and Blow Jealous of You M-/M $225.00
Naill,Jerry Lori 9549 My Heart Cries Out Bring My Sweetheart Back To Me VG/E- $10.00
Nash,Johnny Argo 5471 Love Ain't Nothin' Talk To Me VG $20.00
Nash,Johnny WB 5301 My Dear Little Sweetheart Ol' Man River M- $35.00
Native Boys Combo 113 Strange Love Cherrlyn E+/M- $50.00
Natural Four Curtom 1990 Can This Be Real Try Love Again M- $15.00
Natural Four Curtom 1990 DJ Can This Be Real M- $15.00
Nature's Divine Infinity 50027 Love Is You I Just Can't Control Myself Mint- $20.00
Navarro,Tommy De-Jac 1253 I Cried My Life Away Club of Broken Hearts M- $35.00
Neat,Ron Alcor 1501 Ronnie (WOL) Say I'm The One E+/M- $15.00
Nelson,Billy & The Five Wings Savoy 1183 (White label) Pack-Shack and Stack Walk Along E+/M- $20.00
Nelson,Earl Ebb 164 No Time To Cry Come On E $15.00
Nelson,Nate Prigan 2001 Tell Me Why Once Again E $50.00
Nelson,Ricky Imperial EP155 True Love (EP 4 Songs) M- $50.00
Nelson,Ricky Imperial EP157 Down The Line (EP 4 songs) M- (SOC) $75.00
Nelson,Ricky Imperial imp156 Someday (EP-4 Songs) (SOL) E- $40.00
Nelson,Ricky Verve 10047 Teenager's Romance I'm Walking E+/M- $30.00
Neons Tetra 4444 Kiss me Quickly Angel Face E- $40.00
Neptunes,The Instant 3255 DJ Make A Memory House of Heartaches Plays E-/E looks worse $35.00
Net Wt. 14 Karat Black Luna 805 We Gotta Make A Change Part 1 Same Part 2 E+/M- $45.00
Neville,Aaron Parlo 101 Why Worry Tell It Like It Is E $10.00
Nevin,David Pardner 1002 Love Is In View Shine M- $60.00
New Apocalypse MTA 185 Stainless Soul Wichita Lineman VG/E- $20.00
New Breed Diplomacy 22 I'm In Love Green Eye'd Woman E+/M- $25.00
New Silhouettes,The Jamie 1333 DJ Climb Every Mountain We Belong Together M $50.00
New Society RCA 47-9149 DJ Love Thee Till I Die I've Been Thinking About You Baby E+/M- $10.00
Newbag,Johnny Port 3008 Sweet Thing Little Samson M- $65.00
Newcomers Mercury 74011 That's When You Know Your Woman Wants to Be Free Do Yourself A Favor M- $30.00
Newcomers Volt 4049 DJ? You Put The Sunshine Back In My World VG $20.00
Newman,Ted Rev 3505 Unlucky Me Plaything (Label Tear) E- $10.00
Nikita The K/Friends of Ed Labunski WB 7005 Go Go Radio Moscow The Spoiler E $15.00
Nino & The Ebb Tides Madison 162 Those Oldies But Goodies (SOL) Don't Run Away (WOL) VG/E- $25.00
Nino & The Ebb Tides Madison 166 Someday I'll Fall In Love Juke Box Saturday Night E+/M- $30.00
Nino & The Ebb Tides Madison 166 Someday I'll Fall In Love Juke Box Saturday Night (sl off center) E $20.00
Nino & The Ebb Tides Mr. Peacock 102 Wished I Was Home Happy Guy E+/M- $50.00
Nirvana WB (DCG) 7-19120 Drain You Come As You Are M- $25.00
Nirvana Banana Atlantic 2422 DJ Rainy Day Stage Door Mama Lovin' Man E+/M- Sl WARPNAP $20.00
Nitzsche,Jack Reprise 20202 Lonely Surfer Song for A Summer Night M- $25.00
Nixon,Mel Janus 199 DJ Ev'ry Little Beat of Your Heart (WOL) Pillars of Straw (WOL) VG/E- $50.00
Noble,Nick Mercury 70397 Right or Wrong Maybe Today E+/M- $15.00
Noble,Nick Wing 90003 Bible Tells Me So Army Of The Lord E+/M- $12.00
Nobles Times Square 1 (blue wax) Ting-A-Ling Poor Rock 'N Roll (tape stain) M- $30.00
Nobles,The Vanguard 35222 Jealousy E+/M- $20.00
Nobletones C&W 182 Cha-Lyp-So Baby Who Cares About Love VG $25.00
Noland,Terry Brunswick 55054 Oh Baby Look At Me Puppy Love E- $15.00
Nomads Josie 905 Rainbows End Tell It Like It Is M- $55.00
Norfolk Barbara Jean 750 Together E+/M- $40.00
Norman,Jimmy Buddah 504 DJ I Wanna Make Love To You Same M- $23.00
Norman,Jimmy Samar 116 CanYou Blame Me This I Beg Of You M- $20.00
Northern Light Glacier 4502 Think Snow Etude (Think Snow) M- $10.00
Northern,Johnny FSB 1355-56 A Little Thing Called Pride Nitewalk VG/E- $10.00
Notations Gemigo 103 It Only Hurts For A Little While Superpeople M- $15.00
Notes Capitol F3332 DJ Cha Jezebel Don't Leave Me Now M- $100.00
NRBQ Red Rooster 1001 Do The Bump Ridin' In My Car M- $20.00
Nuclear Vision Skee 7771 Night Time Child Because We've Got Love E+ $50.00
Nutmegs Lana 128 Story Untold (WRPNAP) Beautiful Dreamer E+/M- $14.00
Objectives Jewel 751 Oh MY Love Come Back To Me Love Went Away M-/M $100.00
O'Conner,Keith Stacy 958 Litlte Loved One Ah Ha Who? Cindy Lou! VG/E- $15.00
Odds & Ends Today 1001 Let Me Try Foot Track E+ $20.00
O'Henry,Lenny & The Short Stories ABC-Par 10222 DJ Cheated Heart Billy The Continental Kid M- $40.00
O'jays Imperial 66145 DJ I'll Never Let You Go It Won't Hurt M- $25.00
O'kaysions ABC 11153 Dedicated to the One I Love Love Machine M-/M $10.00
Oliver,Carlson Douglas 1103-1104 Is It Wrong, Is It Right That's All Right (WOL) M- $25.00
Olympics Loma 2013 Olympic Shuffle Good Lovin' M- $40.00
Omegas Decca 31138 No One Will Ever Know Falling In Love E/E+ $20.00
One Hundred 25th Street Candy Store Uptite 20 Is It Love Moer Today Than Yesterday E- $45.00
O'neill,Johnny RCA 47-7379 Wagon Train Somebody, Just Like You E (SOL) $15.00
Orbison,Roy MGM 13764 DJ Cioy Pistolero Cry Sofly Lonely One M- $20.00
Orchids Columbia 4-42913 That Boy Is Messin' Up My Mind The Harlem Tango VG/E- $15.00
Original Breed Karol 725 I'm Somebody The Prophet E $23.00
Original Royal Kings Candlelite 410 Peter-Peter (Red Wax) Keep It To Yourself (Red Wax) E+/M- (label damage) $20.00
Original Sountracks,The Lawn 212 Fooba-Wooba John Come On Let's Go M- $30.00
Originals Jackpot 48012 Anna Sleepless Hours E+/M- $20.00
Orioles (w/Sonny Till) CP Parker 213 Lonely Christmas Back to the Chapel Again E $20.00
Orlons Cameo 257 Not Me My Best Friend E+/M- $10.00
Osborne Brothers MGM 12308 Ruby Are You Mad My Aching Heart M- $15.00
Osborne,Chuck ABC-Par 10474 DJ Cruel Heartbreaker Come and Walk With Me M- $15.00
Osborne,Kell Band Glowhill 701/702 That's What's Happening M- $90.00
Other Brothers Pet 73167 I'm Gonna Take You Higher No Class (Instrumental) E-/E $200.00
Otis,Johnny Capitol P4326 Mumblin' Mosie M- $15.00
Otis,Johnny Eldo 106 Jelly Roll New Bo Diddley E-/E $15.00
Otis,Johnny Otis Capitol F3966 Willie and the Hand Jive Ring-A-Ling M- $20.00
Ovations Goldwax 117 I'm Living Good Recipe For Love E-/E $15.00
Over Night Low Deluxe 141 The Witch Doctor Catches Jungle Fever Rev. Jay M- $75.00
Owens,Garland Lemonde 1502 I Want To Know If You Love Me Dancing With Tears In My Eyes M- $50.00
Owens,Marie Four Star 1007 DJ You Gave Me A Mountain E+/M- $12.00
Owens,Tony Buddah 471 DJ All That Matters Same M- $31.00
Pack,The Zanzibar 1004 Oz Is Ours Brooklyn Days M- (SL OC 1 side) $20.00
Packers Soul Baby 001 Steal Away Pt 1 Part 2 M- $35.00
Packers Soul Baby 001 DJ Steal Away Pt 1 Same Pt 2 E- $21.00
Page Boys Prep 117 Waiting This I Give To You E-/E $20.00
Palmer,Clarence Bad Boy Savoy 1515 You Took My Love Cherry E+/M- $15.00
Palmer,Earl & Jay-Hawks Aladdin 3379 Johnnie's House Party same Part 2 VG (Looks worse) $10.00
Palmieri,Charlie Atlantic 2384 Uptight Bugulu M- $30.00
Pals Turf 1000-1001 My Baby Likes to Rock Summer Is Here E+/M- $45.00
Panic Buttons,The Gamble 236 DJ Bad Karma Come Out Smokin' M- $35.00
Panics Chancellor 1109 Panicsville (HVY WOL) Bony Moronie E+/M- $15.00
Papa's Results Sal/Wa 1002 Sister Sheila Same (Instrumental) M- $15.00
Paradons Milestone 2003 Diamonds and Pearls I Want Love VG/E- $20.00
Paradons Milestone 2003 Diamonds and Pearls I Want Love VG-/VG $10.00
Paradons Milestone 2005 Bells Ring Please Tell me E+/M- $40.00
Paragons Tap 500-501 DJ If Hey Baby E- $40.00
Paragons Winley (1/4" letters) 220 Let's Start All Over Again Stick With Me baby (SOL) E/E+ $15.00
Paragons,The Winley 227 The Vows Of Love Twilight M- $35.00
Parakeets,The Jubilee 5407 DJ Shangri-La Come Back M- $65.00
Paramonts Ember 1099 DJ In A Dream Shedding Teardrops E- $80.00
Paretti Sisters Al-Brite 1501 DJ Look But Do Not Touch Cha Cha Undiscovered Love E/E+ $22.00
Paris Kelli-Arts 1003 I Choose You Punkin Funkin M- $25.00
Paris Sisters Decca 30554 DJ Don't Tell Anybody Mind Reader E+/M- $15.00
Parker,Elmer & Brenda w/Nite Lighters Rare Bird 5005 Going To Louisiana Got to Get Back To Louisiana M- $140.00
Parker,Jimmy Diamond 104 DJ We Gonna No Word From Betty E/E+ $25.00
Parker,Juanita MSIAW (M.S.I.A.W) 101 (white label) Can't Find A Way Out Oh, Sister Why VG $15.00
Parliaments Revilot 223 Time Good Old Music VG/E- $10.00
Passions Audicon 105 This is my Love I Only Want You M- $30.00
Passions Audicon 106 Jungle Drums Gloria E-/E $20.00
Passions Audicon 106 Jungle Drums Gloria E+/M- $30.00
Passions,The Audicon 108 One Look Is All It Took Beautiful Dreamer E+/M- $20.00
Pat & The Empires Paris 548 Autumn Leaves (White Label) (SOL;WOL) Love is a Many-Splendored Thing (SOL;WOL) E- $15.00
Pat the Cat & His Kittens BSD 1009 Ain't Many Girls Like That (w/Vic Fontaine) Little Rock Special E $60.00
Patrick,Milt Demon 1518 Fountain of Love You Are My Inspiration E-/E $10.00
Patti & Mickey Impact 1027 DJ My Guy/My Girl Same M- $25.00
Patti-Cakes Revue 11012 Viva La Venezuela Peas Porridge (warp OK@1.5 Gms) E- $18.00
Patty & The Emblems Herald 590 Mixed Up Shook Up Girl Ordinary Guy VG-/VG $10.00
Paul,Bunny Dot 15107 (Maroon) Never Let Me Go Magic Guitar E+ $13.00
Paul,Bunny & Harptones Essex 364 Honey Love (WOL) I'll Never Tell (WOL) VG-/VG $10.00
Paul,Chant Felsted 8696 DJ The Mirror White Cliffs of Dover E+/M- (Sl WRPNAP) $15.00
Paul,Joyce Imperial 66024 Lasting Love A Painted Smile M- $25.00
Paul,Lafawn Abbott 3009 Mon Cher Ami Learning To Love E+/M- $10.00
Paul,Larry Mala 450 Mr. Satan The Makings Of A Man M- (looks worse) $70.00
Pavone,Rita RCA 47-8420 It's Not Easy Wait For Me M- $15.00
Paxton,Gary Garpax 44172 DJ We're Going Back Together It Had To be You E $12.00
Pazant Brothers RCA 74-0117 DJ Groovin' Fever M- $45.00
Pearlettes Vee Jay 435 Duchess of Earl Everyday E+ $30.00
Pearls On The Square 320 Ugly Face Band Of Angels E+/M- $30.00
Pearls Onyx 503 Zippidy Zippidy Zoom Let's You And I Go Steady VG (Looks Worse) $21.00
Pedicin,Mike Cameo 125 The Dickie-Doo Shake a Hand E/E+ (Sl wrpnap) $15.00
Pedicin,Mike Cameo 125 The Dickie-Doo Shake a Hand E+/M- $20.00
Peek,Paul NRC 048 DJ Walking the Floor Over You Hurtin' Inside E-/E $14.00
Pendarvis,Tracey & The Blue Notes Scott 1202 It Don't Pay One Of These Days M- (small Label dings) $30.00
Penguins Atlantic 1132 DJ Pledge Of Love I Knew I'd Fall In Love M- $32.00
Penguins Dootone 348 Earth Angel (Slight WRPNAP) Hey Senorita VG-/VG $15.00
Penn,Dan Fame 6402 Let Them Talk Close to Me M- $250.00
Pennsylvania Turnpike Perception 516 People Are Falling In Love (Beautiful People) E-/E $40.00
People In Stories Propeller 3 Metaphor White Funk M- $15.00
Peoples Choice TSOP 4759 Party Is A Groovy Thing Asking For Trouble M- $12.00
Peppers,The Press 2809 DJ Little Piece Of Paper It Wouldn't Be The Same M-/M $65.00
Peraza,Armando Skye 457 DJ Wild Thing (large tape on label) Funky Broadway E+/M- $25.00
Percells ABC 10401 Cheek To Cheek What Are Boys Made Of E+/M- $15.00
Perfections,The Drumhead 100 Don't Take Your Love From Me Since I Lost My Baby M- $55.00
Perkins,Al Constellation 168 Thanks To You Home Work (Al & Bunky) E- $40.00
Perkins,Carl Columbia 4-41131 Pink Pedal Pushers (SOL) Jive After Five M- $20.00
Perkins,Carl Sun 234 Blue Suede Shoes Honey Don't M- $40.00
Perkins,Carl Sun 261 Your True Love Matchbox E- WRPNAP $25.00
Perkins,Carl Sun 287 Glad All Over Lend Me Your Comb E- $25.00
Perkins,Lascelles Scepter 12163 DJ Bam Bam Only A Fool Breaks His Own Heart E $25.00
Perkins,Tony RCA 47-7020 First Romance Moon-Light Swim E-/E $15.00
Perrett,David Cadet 7020 DJ Girl I'll Always Be In Love With You Soul President VG/E- $32.00
Perry,Johnny & His Blues Band Primus 505 Ginger Bread No More Doggin' (TOL) E- (small ring damage) $50.00
Perry,Oscar Mercury 73408 Mother Can Your Child Come Home He Sent Me You M- $37.00
Persians Capitol 3230 Keep on Moving Your Love M- $25.00
Persians,The Goldisc 1 Vault Of Memories Teardrops Are Falling E+ $35.00
Persians,The Pageant 601 (White Label) Get A Hold Of Yourself Steady Kind E- $15.00
Persuaders Atco 6943 Love Attack Some Guys Have All The Luck E+/M- $20.00
Persuasions A&M 1698 One Thing On My Mind Darlin' M-/M $15.00
Peter & Gordon Capitol F5864 Sunday For Tea Hurtin' Is Lovin' E (with Pic Sleeve) $13.00
Petersen,Paul Colpix 763 DJ Little Dreamer Happy M- $20.00
Peterson,Bobby V-Tone 214 Piano Rock Irresistable You M- $30.00
Peterson,Bobby Quintet V-Tone 205 The Hunch Love You Pretty Baby VG/E- $10.00
Peterson,Leon Bobbin 137 DJ Searching I Know You Know E+/M- $200.00
Peterson,Ray Dunes 2006 You Thrill Me Missing You E- $10.00
Peterson,Ray RCA 47-7165 Shirley Purley Let's Try Romance E+/M- $20.00
Petty,Tom & Heartbreakers MCA 52181 Change Of Heart (Red Wax) Heartbreakers Beach Party E+/M- $16.00
Petty,Tom & Heartbreakers MCA 52181 DJ Change Of Heart (Red Wax) Same M- $21.00
Peyton Park Alta 111 Bad Mouth Blue Norther M- WRPNAP $75.00
Phases,The Capitol P2684 DJ Anything You Wan'na Be Sing Your Song E- $35.00
Phillips,Candy Atlantic 2290 DJ Timber Pt 1 Pt 2 M- $25.00
Phillips,Esther Little Lenox 5570 Why Should We Try Anymore While It Lasted M- $40.00
Phillips,Phil Mercury 71531 Take This Heart Verdie Nae VG $10.00
Phillips,Phil Mercury 71657 Nobody Knows And Nobody Cares Come Back My Darling E $15.00
Phillips,Teddy & Lemon Drops Dot 16090 Crazy Fever Blues Sweetheart Of The High School Prom E-/E $20.00
Pickett,Bobby Boris Garpax 44171 DJ Monster Motion Monster's Holiday E/E+ $20.00
Pickett,Wilson Verve 10378 DJ Let Me Be Your Boy My Heart Belongs To You M- $100.00
Pierce,Jim Republic 2018 DJ Cajun Hop Seventh Veil M- $60.00
Pikes,Charles & The Scholars Gra-Kem 101 Unlucky In Love What Do You Do M- (SL label fade) $400.00
Pink Champagne Capquarius 5673 He's Back Gonna Do It Again Same (instrumental_ M- $15.00
Pink Champagne CMM 624 DJ He's Back Gonna Do It Again Same (Instrumental) M- $15.00
Pips Vee Jay 386 Room In Your Heart Every Beat Of My Heart E- $15.00
Pirates Deaux 1150 DJ Big Boy Pete Little Boy Sad E- $15.00
Pitt,Eugene Beltone 2027 Every Day Is Like A Year She's My Girl (WOL) plays E- looks worse $50.00
Pitts,Trudy & Mr. Carney Coral 62347 Meetin' Place (WOL) Swingin' Bonnie E-/E $40.00
Platters Mercury 71184 Mystery Of You Only Because E $11.00
Playmates Roulette 4056 Give Me Another Chance Let's Be Lovers E- $15.00
Playmates Roulette 4056 Give Me Another Chance Let's Be Lovers E+/M- $20.00
Playmates Roulette 4100 The Day I Died While the Record Goes Around E- $15.00
Playmates Roulette 4276 Wait For Me Eyes Of An Angel E- $12.00
Playmates Roulette 4322 Real Life Little Miss Stuck-up E-/E $20.00
Playthings,The Liberty 55147 DJ Sittin' (M-) Lipstick (E- scratch nap) E-/M- $20.00
Plimsouls,The Shaky City 134 I'll Get Lucky A Million Miles Away M- (w/Pic Sleeve) $12.00
Plummer,Earl East/West 119 DJ Two Loves Have I Give Me Your Love E+/M- $15.00
P-Nut Gallery Buddah 239 Lanny's Tune Do You Know What Time It Is E $10.00
Poets Imperial 5664 Honey Chile I'm In Love E+/M- $15.00
Polk,Lonnie Mercury 73624 DJ I Can Make You Happy I Kiss It And Make It Better E+ $25.00
Pondirosas Co & Ce 236 Everybody's Surfin' The High Country VG/E- $15.00
Pop,The BackDoorMan 5001 Down on the Boulevard I Need You;Easy Action M- $20.00
Popcorn Rebellion Smash 2249 DJ Don't Go Walkin' In The Rain M- $20.00
Popcorns Decca 31446 Zero-Zero Chinese Twist E- $15.00
Popular Five Rae Cox 1001 Tomorrow Night Sh-Boom E $18.00
Porter,Nolan ABC 11343 If I Could Only Be Sure Work It Out In The Morning M- $150.00
Portice,Don Ranger 417 Viet Nam Easy To Remember M- $30.00
Posa,Peter Interphon 7710 White Rabbit Mad Hatter E/E+ Drill hole $12.00
Posse,The E.J.K. 10 You Better Come Out And Play That's What Makes Us Happy E/E+ $15.00
Potter,Bobby Bana 524 King Size Kisses Sugaree E- $20.00
Powerful People Epic 8-50390 DJ Little Girl Say Yes Same M- $26.00
Powers,Eddie Sims 167 Somebody Told Me (slight OC) Gypsy Woman Told Me E- $10.00
Powers,Eddie Sims 237 DJ A Million Tears Ago My Baby's Coming Home (light label soil) VG/E- $20.00
Powers,Joey Amy 892 Midnight Mary Where Do You Want the World Delivered E+/M- $10.00
Powers,Roni Golden Crest 570 Any Friend of Henry's (SOL) You Say You Love Me M- (Wrp OK@1.5 gms) $20.00
Premeers Herald 577 Diary Of Our Love Gee Oh Gee M- $50.00
Premiers King 6061 I'm Better Off Now Than I Was Before She's Always There M- $25.00
Premiers Odex 1711 Funky Monkey Speaking Of You VG-/VG $20.00
Preparations Heart & Soul 201 It Won't Be Dance If You're Not There (SLOC) Get-E-Up E- $10.00
Prescott,Ralph Lanor 564 Forgetting You Hot Hot Lips (WRPNAP) E (sl WRPNAP) $65.00
Presidents Mercury 72016 DJ Pots and Pans The Toast E- $20.00
Presidents Sussex 207 I'm Still Dancing 5-10-15-20 (25-30 Years Of Love) E- $10.00
Presidents Sussex 207 I'm Still Dancing 5-10-15-20 (25-30 Years Of Love) M- $15.00
Presidents Sussex 217 It's All Over Now Sweetest Thing This Side Of Heaven E+/M- $10.00
Presley,Elvis RCA 47-6381 I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine Good Rockin' Tonight M- $50.00
Presley,Elvis RCA 47-6420 Heartbreak Hotel (W/Horizontal line) I Was The One E+/M- $25.00
Presley,Elvis RCA 47-6540 I Want You I Need You I Love You My Baby Left Me E+/M- $50.00
Presley,Elvis RCA 47-6604 Hound Dog (w/pic sleeve) Don't Be Cruel E- (ps has lt stains &sm tear) $50.00
Presley,Elvis RCA 47-6604 Hound Dog SOL (w/pic sleeve) Don't Be Cruel E-(ps has lt stains & price) $50.00
Presley,Elvis RCA 47-6636 Blue Suede Shoes (SOL) Tutti Frutti E+ $75.00
Presley,Elvis RCA 47-6638 I'll Never Let You Go I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write…. (SOL) VG $25.00
Presley,Elvis RCA 47-6640 Blue Moon Just Because E- $28.00
Presley,Elvis RCA 47-6800 Playing For Keeps (W/Pic Sleeve) Too Much E+/M- $75.00
Presley,Elvis RCA 47-6870 All Shook Up That's When Your Heartaches Begin (DOT w/line) E+/M- $25.00
Presley,Elvis RCA 47-6870 That's When Your heartaches Begin All Shook Up (Horizontal Line) w/Pic Sleeve E+/M- $75.00
Presley,Elvis RCA 47-7240 Wear My Ring Aound Your Neck Doncha Think Its Time E- $10.00
Presley,Elvis RCA 47-7280 Don't Ask me Why Hard Headed Woman E- $20.00
Presley,Elvis RCA 47-7506 Now And Then There's A Fool Such As I I Need Your Love Tonight E+/M- $20.00
Presley,Elvis RCA 47-7600 My Wish Came True A Big Hunk O' Love E+/M- $40.00
Presley,Elvis RCA 47-7740 Stuck On You Fame and Fortune (Pic Sleeve Only) VG $15.00
Presley,Elvis RCA 47-7908 Marie's The Name His Latest Flame Little Sister E- $15.00
Presley,Elvis RCA 47-7992 Good Luck Charm Anything That's Part Of You M- (W/Pic Sleeve) $28.00
Presley,Elvis RCA 47-8440 Ain't That Loving You Baby Ask Me E+/M- $15.00
Presley,Elvis RCA 47-8585 It Feels So Right (w/Picture Sleeve) Such An Easy Question E/E+ $30.00
Presley,Elvis RCA 47-9670 Edge Of Reality If I Can Dream M- $25.00
Presley,Elvis RCA 7-11165 (Canada) America (Red Wax With Picture Cover)) My Way (PB in lead in grooves) E+ $10.00
Presley,Elvis RCA 7-11212 Unchained Melody (White Wax With Pic Cover) Softly As I Leave You E+/M- $10.00
Presley,Elvis RCA 7-11320 (Canada) Puppet on a String (Green Wax With Pic Cover) Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear E+/M- $15.00
Presley,Elvis RCA EPA4006 Love Me Tender (EP-4 Songs) Black Label D.O.T. E-/E (Record);Taped Cover $25.00
Presley,Elvis RCA EPA4006 Love Me Tender (EP-4 Songs) Black Label D.O.T. E+/M- $40.00
Presley,Elvis RCA EPA4054 Peace In The Valley (EP-4 Songs) E-/E (Record);M- (Cover) $60.00
Presley,Elvis RCA EPA4054 Peace In The Valley (EP-4 Songs) VG/E- SOL Cover taped 1 edge $15.00
Presley,Elvis RCA EPA4108 Elvis Sings Christmas Songs (EP-4 Songs) E-/E (Record);M- (Cover) $50.00
Presley,Elvis RCA EPA4108 Elvis Sings Christmas Songs (EP-4 Songs) E+/M- ;Cover (sm. Tape 1 edge) $40.00
Presley,Elvis RCA EPA4114 Jailhouse Rock (EP-5 Songs) E-/E SOL;Writing on cover) $35.00
Presley,Elvis RCA EPA4319 King Creole (EP-4 Songs) E+/M- $60.00
Presley,Elvis RCA EPA4382 Viva Las Vegas (EP -4 Songs) E-E (Record);M- (Cover) $75.00
Presley,Elvis RCA EPA747 Blue Suede Shoes EP (4 Songs no cover) E- $30.00
Presley,Elvis RCA EPA747 Elvis Presley (EP-4 Songs) E+/M- $75.00
Presley,Elvis RCA EPA821 Heartbreak Hotel EP (4 Songs no cover) E $50.00
Presley,Elvis RCA EPA965 Any Way You Want Me (EP 4 Songs) E- SOL Cover taped 3 edges $30.00
Presley,Elvis RCA EPA992 Elvis (EP-4 Songs) M- $40.00
Presley,Elvis RCA EPA993 Elvis Volume 2 (Black D.O.T EP 4 Songs) M- (SOC) $40.00
Presley,Elvis RCA EPA994 Strictly Elvis (EP-4 Songs)-Black label D.O.T. M- $60.00
Presley,Elvis RCA EPB1254 Elvis Presley (EP 2 Record Set-8 Songs) VG/E- (Records);E+(Jacket) $40.00
Presley,Elvis RCA PB11165 America (W/Pic Sleeve) My Way E- $12.00
Presley,Elvis RCA pb13929 Blue Suede Shoes (Blue Wax, W/Pic Sleeve) Promised Land Mint- $12.00
Presley,Elvis RCA SP45-118 King Of The Whole Wide World Home Is Where The Heart Is Good $10.00
Presley,Elvis (Cardboard Picture Disc) NCB(Denmark) PR003 Don't Be Cruel Too Much M- (dish/warp) ok@1.5 gms) $30.00
Presley,Elvis (Cardboard Picture Disc) NCB(Denmark) PR005 Shake Rattle & Roll I'm Counting On You M- (dish/warp) ok@1.5 gms) $30.00
Presley,Elvis (Cardboard Picture Disc) NCB(Denmark) PR006 My Baby Left Me Blue Moon M- (dish/warp) ok@1.5 gms) $30.00
Presley,Elvis (Cardboard Picture Disc) NCB(Denmark) PR007 Love Me Tender Lawdy Miss Clawdy M- (dish/warp) ok@1.5 gms) $30.00
Presley,Elvis (Cardboard Picture Disc) NCB(Denmark) PR008 Blue Suede Shoes Loving You M- (dish/warp) ok@1.5 gms) $30.00
Presley,Elvis (Cardboard Picture Disc) NCB(Denmark) PR009 Tutti Frutti Trying To Get To You M- (dish/warp) ok@1.5 gms) $30.00
Presley,Elvis (Cardboard Picture Disc) NCB(Denmark) PR010 Jailhouse Rock Anyway You Want Me M- (dish/warp) ok@1.5 gms) $30.00
Presley,Elvis (Cardboard Picture Disc) NCB(Denmark) PR039 King Creole Dixieland Rock M- (dish/warp) ok@1.5 gms) $30.00
Presley,Elvis (Cardboard Picture Disc) NCB(Denmark) PR040 Treat Me Nice I Got Stung M- (dish/warp) ok@1.5 gms) $30.00
Presley,Elvis (Cardboard Picture Disc) NCB(Denmark) PR041 Mean Woman Blues I Beg Of You M- (dish/warp) ok@1.5 gms) $30.00
Presley,Elvis (Cardboard Picture Disc) NCB(Denmark) PR044 Rip It Up So Glad You're Mine M- (dish/warp) ok@1.5 gms) $30.00
Presley,Elvis (Cardboard Picture Disc) NCB(Denmark) PR046 Got a Lot Of Livin' to Do Party M- (dish/warp) ok@1.5 gms) $30.00
Presley,Elvis (Cardboard Picture Disc) NCB(Denmark) PR048 Hard Headed Woman Hot Dog M- (dish/warp ok@1.5 gms) $30.00
Presley,Elvis (Cardboard Picture Disc) NCB(Denmark) PR049 New Orleans Crawfish M- (dish/warp ok@1.5 gms) $30.00
Presley,Elvis (Cardboard Picture Disc) NCB(Denmark) PR050 Lover Doll Paralysed M- (dish/warp ok@1.5 gms) $30.00
Presley,Elvis (Cardboard Picture Disc) NCB(Denmark) PR051 Don't Ask Me Why I Wanna Be Free M- (dish/warp ok@1.5 gms) $30.00
Preyer,Ron Shock 10 Baltimore M- DJ Copy $10.00
Price,Del Ascot 2129 That's All You Gotta Do Memory Lane (vinyl stain NAP) M- $55.00
Price,Lloyd Double L 739 DJ Peeping and Hiding Every Night M- (sl OC 1 side) $12.00
Price,Lloyd Specialty 535 Oo-Ee Baby Chee-koo Baby M- $10.00
Price,Priscilla BASF 15151 Funny Same (Edited Version) E+/M- $15.00
Prisco,Tommy Epic 5-9267 DJ O Bella Mia Chewin' Gum E/E+ $15.00
Proby,P.J. Liberty 55936 Good Things Are Coming My Way Niki Hoeky M- $15.00
Profeta,Joey Pyramid 711 Sunshine Baby (WOL) Lou Anne E-/E $75.00
Progressors,The People 642 The Brothers Under Pressure I'm So Lonely M- $45.00
Pyramids Best (White Label) 13002 Penetration Here Comes Marsha VG/E- $25.00
Quaite,Christine World Artists 1022 Tell Me Mamma In The Middle Of The Floor E/E+ $20.00
Quarles,Billy Rally 501 Bringing Up What I've Done Wrong M- (warp OK@1.5 Gms.) $30.00
Quarterman,Joe & Free Soul GSF 6893 Find Yourself The Way They Do My Life E $15.00
Que Sunryse Just Sunshine 514 Friday The Thriteenth A Storm Brewing M- (RCNAP) $15.00
Quentins,The Andie 5014 You'll Never Know Mi Amore Plays E/E+ (Looks worse) $20.00
Question Mark & The Mysterians Cameo 428 96 Tears Midnight Hour E+/M- $20.00
Quillen,Carrol Pacemaker 751 DJ She Wasn't Born Yesterday From Where I Stand VG/E- $15.00
Quinteros,Eddie Brent 7009 Come Dance With Me Vivian E- $20.00
Quin-Tones Hunt 321 Please Dear Down the Aisle of Love vg- $15.00
R.F. & the Radar Angels 1-2-3 721 Double Shot Of My Baby's Love Chi Chi E+/M- $15.00
R.J.'s Latest Arrival VR 1001 Ultimate Masterpiece (5:49) Same (4:15) M- $20.00
Radcliffe,Jimmy Musicor 1033 Through A Long and Sleepless Night Moment of Weakness M- $25.00
Radiants,The Chess 1986 Anything You Do Is Alright Don't It Make You Feel Kind Of Bad E+/M- (PB'S NAP) $20.00
Raging Storms,The TransAtlas 677 The Dribble Twist Hound Dog E-/E WOL $12.00
Rahni & Friends/F.L.O. Inspirational Sounds 001 6,000,000 Steps (West Runs South) Same (Instrumental) M- $10.00
Raiders Liberty 55393 Dardanella What Time is It? E/E+ $15.00
Raindrops Jubilee 5455 Kind of Boy You Can't Forget Even Though You Can't Dance E- $12.50
Raindrops Jubilee 5466 That Boy John Hanky Panky E $15.00
Ramal,Bill MGM 13123 Hard Times Sax Fifth Avenue E-/E $15.00
Rambeau,Eddie Dynovoice 207 I Just Need Your Love My Name Is Mud M- $15.00
Ramblers,The Almont 315 Surfin' Santa Silly Little Boy E- $30.00
Ramirez,Louie Mercury 72682 The Boogie Man Lucy's Spanish Harlem M- $60.00
Ramirez.Fred WB 7044 Fly Eastern Comin' Home Baby E+/M- $75.00
Ramrocks/Flares Felsted 8624 Foot Stomping Part 1 Same Part 2 E- $15.00
Ramrods Amy 813 Zig Zag Ghost Riders in the Sky VG (some label wear) LKSW $10.00
Ramrods Rampage 1000 Soultrain Pt 2 M- $20.00
Randazzo,Teddy ABC 10350 DJ Cotton Fields Dance To The Locomotion E+/M- $15.00
Randell,Johnny Colonial 606c-44 You're Gone But Still In My Heart Do Right E/E+ $13.50
Randell,Rick UA 448 Stars Take My Name And Number VG DJ Copy WOL $15.00
Ran-Dells Chairman 4403 Forgive Me Darling I Have Lied Martian Hop E+/M- $20.00
Randolph,Dean ABC 11124 DJ Lonely Eyes When I Look At You M- $25.00
Randolph,Dean MGM 13084 Fair Weaher Friend This Girl VG $10.00
Randolph,Jim Sylvia 5006 Donna's Been Kissed (WOL) The Act M- $80.00
Randolph,Jimmy Rama 7801 Let's Work Together What Color Is The Love In Your Heart E+/M- $20.00
Randolph,Luther & Johnny Stiles Cameo 253 Cross Roads Pt 1 Same Pt 2 E- $10.00
Randy & The Rainbows Mike 4004 DJ Quarter to Three He's A Fugitive E+/M- LKSW, Slwrpnap $18.00
Randy & The Rainbows Rust 5059 Come Back Denise E- $20.00
Randy & The Rainbows Rust 5059 Come Back Denise M- $30.00
Randy & The Rainbows Rust 5073 Why Do Kids Grow Up She's My Angel E/E+ $15.00
Rare Earth Rare Earth 5031 The Seed (W/Pic Sleeve) I Just Want To Celebrate E- $10.00
Rare Function Soul Unlimited 108 Disco Function Baby, I'm For Real M-/M Warp OK@1.5 Gms. $75.00
Ratliff,J.T. Petal 1220 Twisting & Shaking Just A Kid In Love Mint- $20.00
Raven,Johnny Felsted 8669 DJ Love Me Just A Little Bit Fly Me To The Moon VG/E- $15.00
Ravens Argo 5261 Water Boy A Simple Prayer E+/M- $75.00
Ravens Argo 5261 Water Boy A Simple Prayer (TOL) VG-/VG $20.00
Ravens Jubilee 5203 Bells Of San Raquel Green Eyes E- $22.00
Ravens Jubilee 5217 We'll Raise a Ruckus Tonight On Chapel Hill E+/M- $50.00
Ravens Mercury 70413 I've Got You Under My Skin Love Is No Dream(SOL) E+ $50.00
Rawls,Lou Capitol F5160 The House Next Door Come on In Mr. Blues E+/M- $80.00
Ray & Bob Ledo 1150-1151 Palms Of Paradise Air Travel E/E+ $15.00
Ray & The Strays Larric 101 How Will I Know My Love No No More Mint- $50.00
Ray,Chuck Gemigo 101 Reconsider I'll Be there E- $15.00
Ray,Don RCA 47-9170 DJ You Fool You I Feel Love Coming On E+/M- $35.00
Ray,Harry All Platinum 2352 Ride Your Pony Girl Best Thing For Me M- $20.00
Ray,James Dynamic Sound 503 DJ Always I've Got My Mind Set On You E $26.00
Raye,Jay Epic 5-9241 Finesse Steel Guitar Rock E+/M- $15.00
Raye,Tommy Pen 351 You Don't Love Me (TOL;WOL) Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know VG-/VG $15.00
Rays Cameo 117 Silhouettes Daddy Cool E- $18.00
Rays XYZ 605 It's A Cryin' Shame Mediterranean Moon E- (PB Few Thumps at Start) $20.00
Rays XYZ 607 (2-tone Red) Louie Hoo Hoo Magic Moon E+/M- $15.00
Rays XYZ 607 (Blue) Louie Hoo Hoo (WOL) Magic Moon (WOL) Plays E/E+ (Looks worse) $20.00
Rays,The Amy 900 DJ Sad Saturday Love Another Girl Plays E/E+ (looks worse) $125.00
Razor's Edge Pow 101 Let's Call It A Day Girl Avril (April) E+/M- $10.00
Razzy Aquarian 601 I Hate Hate Singing Other People's Songs E+/M- $40.00
Reactions Cloud 10498 Lemme Hang Around Ya Just A Little Love E+/M- $15.00
Realistics Delite 528 Please Baby Please Too Shy M- $75.00
Realistics,The Brunswick 55497 DJ You're My Sweet (Chocolate Drops) E- $10.00
Reardon,Eddie Brunswick 55062 Who Is Eddie? Just Tryin' E- $12.00
Reaves,Paulette Pip 1001 It's In Me Queen of the Midnight Hour E- $35.00
Rebillot,Pat Exchange Silver Fox 6 Oh Happy Day Blue Sunday Smile E+/M- $15.00
Records,The Virgin 67000 Starry Eyes (W/Pic Cover) Paint Her Face M- $15.00
Redding,Otis Volt 126 I've Been Loving You Too Long I'm Depending On You (Label Tear) E $10.00
Reed,Al Axe 103 DJ 99 44/100 Pure Love Sorry About That M- $110.00
Reed,Jimmy Vee Jay 287 Down In Virginia I Know It's A Sin (SOL) E (PB causes few thumps) $10.00
Reflections Golden World 8-9 Can't You Tell By The Look In My Eyes Just Like Romeo And Juliet E+/M- $25.00
Reflections Went 001 You Don't Love me I Need Your Love (WRPNAP) M- $60.00
Reflections,The Capitol 4358 She's My Summer Breeze Gift Wrap My Love (sl OC NAP) M- $28.00
Regents Gee 1071 Runaround Laura My Darling E $15.00
Regents Gee 1073 DJ Don't Be A Fool Liar E-/E $20.00
Reid,Clarence Alston 4597 You Got To Fight Three is a Crowd M- (sl warpnap) $30.00
Reid,Gerri Sla-Mon 304 Out In the Cold No Fool No More M- $95.00
Reid,Irene Verve 10353 DJ Save Your Love For Me Room For One More E- $10.00
Renay,Betty & Laster-Davis Consortium Ultra-City 391 Money Honey You're The One For Me E (sl wrpnap) $20.00
Renay,Diane TCF 477 Soft-Spoken Guy Kiss Me Sailor E+/M- $15.00
Rene,Googie Class 264 Ez-Zee Forever E- $12.00
Renee,Janette Sheridan House 629 I'm Gonna Be Your Lover What's On Your Mind M- $16.00
Reno,Jack Target 0141 Airline Girl Heartaches By The Numbers E+/M- $15.00
Residents Ralph 7803 (Yellow Wax) Loser s Weed (W/Pic Sleeve) Satisfaction E+/M- $20.00
Restivo,Johnny RCA 47-7559 Ya Ya (SOL,WOL) The Shape I'm In (SOL,WOL) Plays E-/E (Looks worse) $22.00
Rev. Willingham & His Swanees Federal 12542 That's The Spirit Try Me Father M-/M $25.00
Reveliers Lawn 237 Maureen Part III E+/M- (SL WPRNAP) $40.00
Revels Impact 1 Church Key Vesuvius E+ $35.00
Revels Norgolde 103 Midnight Stroll Talking To My Heart VG/E- $15.00
Revere,Paul & Raiders Gardena 116 Sharon Like Long Hair E $20.00
Reynolds,L.J. Capitol 5035 Key To The World Tell Me M- $47.00
Reynolds,Wes Bismark 1001 Say There 219-84th Street E $30.00
Rhodes,Emitt A&M 1254 DJ You're a Very Lovely Woman Til The Day After M- $10.00
Rhythm Makers Vigor 1714 DJ How Much I Love You E+/M- $15.00
Rich,Buddy Groove Merchant 1031 DJ The Bull M- $25.00
Richards,Jimmy A&M 917 Don't Forget Those Who Knew You When My New Found Joy E+/M- (Sl WRPNAP) $15.00
Richards,Lisa Sure-Shot 5007 Mean Old World Take A Chance M- $38.00
Richards,Tony Carlton 572 Caravan of Lonely Men Wind-Up Toy VG/E- $15.00
Richmond Extension Silver Blue 811 DJ Everything's Coming Up Love M- $40.00
Richmond International Red Coach 805 Back on the Road Again Maybe-If I Leave You M- (Sl WRPNAP) $15.00
Rick & the Ric-A-Shays Reprise 20226 DJ Running Bear The Drag M- $12.50
Ricks,Jimmy Decca 30443 DJ Lazy Mule What Have I Done E+/M- $20.00
Ricks,Jimmy Felsted 8560 Secret Love If If Didn't Hurt So Much E+/M- $25.00
Ricky & The Red Streaks Train 11191 Shake, Rattle and Roll Calendar Girl VG $20.00
Ridgley,Tommy Ric 984 Girl From Kooka Monga In The Same Old Way E-/E $26.00
Ridgley,Tommy White Cliffs 260 Hey Little Chick Did You Tell Him (Stamped D.J. Copy) M- $55.00
Ridley,Sharon Silver Blue 805 DJ I Can't Get By M- $30.00
Riley,Billy Lee Entrance 7508 DJ I Got A Thing About You Baby (WOL) E+/M- $10.00
Rimshots A-I 4000 Soultrain Part 1 Same Part 2 E+/M- $10.00
Rinky-Dinks Atco 6121 Now We're One Early In The Morning VG/E- $10.00
Rios,Augie Shelley 186 No One When You Dance M- $20.00
Rip Chords Columbia 4-42921 Hey Little Cobra The Queen E+/M- $12.50
Ripple GRC 2017 A Funky Song See the Light In The Window E+/M- $15.00
Ritter,Tex Capitol F4567 I Dreamed of a Hill Billy Heaven The Wind and the Tree E+ $15.00
Rivera,Chita Dot 16775 Blue Is A Color Come On Back M- $15.00
Rivers,James Eight-Ball 1560 Bird Brain Tighten Up M- (slt warnap) $15.00
Rivers,Johnny Cub 9058 Customary Thing Answer Me My Love M- $20.00
Rivers,Little Jimmy & The Tops Swan 4091 Say You Love Me Puppy Love E- $15.00
Rivers,Little Jimmy & The Tops Swan 4091 Say You Love Me Puppy Love VG-/VG $10.00
Rivieras Coed 508 Neither Rain Nor Snow Moonlight Serenade E+/M- $20.00
Rivieras Coed 513 DJ Our Love Midnight Flyer E- $20.00
Rivieras Coed 522 11th Hour Melody Since I Made You Cry E+/M- $25.00
Rivieras Riviera 1403 Rockin' Robin Battle Line (sl OC) M- $15.00
Rivingtons,The Vee Jay 649 DJ I Love You Always Years Of Tears M-/M $100.00
Roadrunners,The Michigan Nickel 003 Tell Her You Love Her Roadrunner Walk E+/M- $20.00
Robbins,Marty Columbia 4-41511 El Paso Running Gun E+/M- $15.00
Robbins,Marty Columbia 4-41922 Don't Worry (With Pic Sleeve) Like All The Other Times E+/M- $15.00
Robbins,Marty Columbia 4-42486 Devil Woman (With Pic Sleeve) April Fool's Day M- $15.00
Robbins,Sylvia Sue 805 Don't Let Your Eyes Get Bigger Than Your Heart From the Beginning M-/M $85.00
Roberts,Renee Stacy 973 I Don't Miss You Anymore Brand New Boy VG-/VG $10.00
Roberts,Sonny & the Echoes Impala 1001 Honey Chile (Reproduction) I'll Never Let You Go (Reproduction) E+/M- $25.00
Robic,Ivo Laurie 3033 Ay Ay Ay Paloma Morgen E- $10.00
Robins Atco 6059 Just Like A Fool (Ring Wear NAP) Smokey Joe's Café (WOL) VG-/VG $10.00
Robinson,Freddy Checker 1143 Go-Go Girl Creeper E-/E $15.00
Robinson,J.P. Alston 4570 I've Got A Long Way To Go Only Be True To Me E+/M- $10.00
Robinson,J.P. Alston 4577 You Got Your Thing On A String Love Is Not A Stranger M- $22.00
Robinson,Rudy CJ 633 Short Dress Bachelor Blues E/E+ $35.00
Robison,Chris Buddah 406 DJ I'm Gonna Stay With My Baby Tonight M- $6.00
Robison,Fabor Fabor 4010 Stop the Clock Rock Whose Little Pigeon Are You VG/E- DJ Copy SOL $10.00
Robison,Fabor Fabor 4012 Itsy Witsy Bitsy Me (SOL) Why Am I Falling (SOL) E-/E $10.00
Rochell & The Candles Swingin 623 When My Baby Is Gone Once Upon A Time E $15.00
Rock-A-Teens Roulette 4217 Doggone It Baby Twangy G/VG- $10.00
Rocker,Johnny RCA 57-3349 (Canada) Saddle Shootin' Buddy Stepping Stone M- $15.00
Rocketones Melba 113 Mexico Dee I E+/M- $30.00
Rockin' Chairs Recorte 402 A Kiss Is A Kiss Rockin' Chair Boogie E/E+ $30.00
Rockin' Strings RCA 47-7582 Blueberey Hill Who's Sorry Now E $12.00
Rodgers,Jimmie Roulette 4015 Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring Honeycomb E- $12.00
Rodgers,Jimmie Roulette 4070 Secretly (With Pic Sleeve) Make Me A Miracle E $13.00
Rogers,Dixie Caprock 101 I Will Miss You What Then Will You Say E+/M- $25.00
Rogers,Jesse Arcade 143 You Can't Hang That Monkey On My Back Jukebox Cannonball E-/M- $20.00
Rolling Stones London 906 She's A Rainbow 2,000 Light Years From Home E+/M- (w/pic sleeve) $90.00
Rolling Stones London 9792 Get Off Of My Cloud I'm Free M- $20.00
Rome,Billy Sultan 5501 Donna You Runaround VG $15.00
Ron & Candy Inner City 173 Plastic Situation Lovely Weekend VG $15.00
Ronald & Ruby RCA 47-7174 Lollipop Fickle Baby M- $25.00
Rondels Amy 825 Back Beat No. 1 Shades Of Green E+/M- $10.00
Ronettes Philles 121 Do I Love You Bebe And Susu M- $20.00
Ronettes Philles 126 Born To be Together Blues For baby E+/M- $20.00
Ronnie & Joyce Alpha 005 On The Stage Of Love Yes I'm Falling In Love E+/M- $30.00
Ronnie & Marlene Westport 144 Marlene I Wanna Love You E-/E $23.00
Ronnie & Roy Capitol F4192 Here I Am Big Fat Sally E $25.00
Ronnie & The Manhattans Enjoy 2008 Long Time No See Come on Back E- $75.00
Roomates Valmor 008 Glory Of Love Never Knew E- $10.00
Roommates Cameo 233 Lovely Way To Spend an Evening Sunday Kind of Love E- $20.00
Roquemore,Larry Tiris 607 What Made Me Lose My Head She'll Love Me M- $80.00
Rose,Andy Aamco 100 Just Young Lov-a Lov-a Love M- $10.00
Rose,Sue Brent 7041DJ I'm So Sad Luckiest Day Of My Life M- $90.00
Rosebuds Gee 1033 Unconditional Surrender Dearest Darling I'm Still In Love With You E $40.00
Rosebuds Gee 1033 Unconditional Surrender Dearest Darling I'm Still In Love With You E- $25.00
Ross,Dale Starr 1683 Hearts It's Over M- $15.00
Ross,Jackie Fountain 1101 Who Could Be Loving You Don't Change You Mind E/E+ (looks worse)-drill hole $20.00
Rossi,Frankie & the Dreams Mark 7001 Dream Boy Around the Corner VG $15.00
Rossi,Kenny Roulette 4282 DJ What's Wrong My Little Sandy E+/M- $25.00
Roubian,Bob Prep 109 DJ Cracker Stacker Not Much Of A Future But Man What A Past E $22.00
Rough Riders,The Hanover 4527 Stampede Winatchee E- DJ Copy $10.00
Rovers Capitol F3078 Why Oh-H Why Do You Lie To Me Ichi-Bn Tami Dachi E-/E WOL DJ Copy $20.00
Rowley,Dido Fabor 4006 DJ My Little King A Square Of Gingham E+/M- $15.00
Rowly,Major Amy 934 DJ Do It The Right Way There's A Riot Going Om E/E+ $40.00
Roy C Alaga 1000 I Don't Want to Worry In Divorce Court E+/M- (LKSW) $12.00
Royal Holidays Carlton 472 Margaret I'm Sorry I Did You Wrong Mint- $20.00
Royal Rockers Bee 1112 Swinging Mambo Jet II E $40.00
Royal Rockers Bee 1112 Swinging Mambo Jet II M- (Sl WRPNAP) $50.00
Royal Teens ABC 9918 Sham Rock Big Name Button E-/E $10.00
Royal Teens ABC 9918A Sham Rock Big Name Button M- $15.00
Royal Teens Power 215 Short Shorts Planet Rock E-/E $50.00
Royal,Billy Joe Tollie 9011 Mama Didn't Raise No Fools Get Behind Me Devil M-/M $60.00
Royaltones Goldisc 3011 Tacos Flamingo Express E-/E $15.00
Royaltones Goldisc 3011 Tacos Flamingo Express E+/M- $20.00
Royaltones Goldisc 3017 DJ Royal Whirl Dixie Rock VG $10.00
Royce,Earl Tower 137 Que Sera Sera I Really Do E-/E $15.00
Rubber Uglies Shakin Chihuahua 001 (EP) Me And Mrs. Jones;Shaker Chiffon, A Souvenir M- $15.00
Rubber Uglies Shakin Chihuahua 003 Diappointed (Red Wax Slight WRPNAP) Go Off M- $15.00
Ruby & The Romantics A&M 1042 Hurting Each Other Baby I Could Be So Good At Lovin' You E+/M- $10.00
Ruby & The Romantics Kapp 525 Sweet :Love and Sweet Forgiveness My Summer Love E+/M- $20.00
Ruby & The Romantics Kapp 525 Sweet :Love and Sweet Forgiveness My Summer Love VG/E- $10.00
Ruby & The Romantics Kapp 544 DJ Not A Moment Too Soon (WOL) Hey There Lonely Boy E+/M- $20.00
Ruby & The Romantics Kapp 557 Young Wings Can Fly Higher Than You Know Day Dreaming E/E+ $15.00
Ruby & The Romantics Kapp 557 Young Wings Can Fly Higher Than You Know Day Dreaming VG/E- $10.00
Rufus & Friend Atco 6199 DJ Yeah Yea-ah I Didn't Believe E+/M- $15.00
Russ,Lonnie Four J 504 Tell Me How Flip Flop VG $10.00
Russell Brothers Shell 305 Chickenhawk Ev'rybody Knows E+/M- $40.00
Russell,Harvey Vicki 638 Cuttin' Out Out Of My Teens M- $15.00
Russell,Rubin Sur-Speed 220 Look Out Heart My Eyes Don't Have The Heart To Cry E+/M- $25.00
Russo,Charlie Diamond 131 Teresa Preacherman E-/E $15.00
Rusty & Doug Hickory 1083 Sweet Thing Hey Sheriff Mint- $20.00
Rutherford,Nellie Hickory 1182 DJ Looking at The Ceiling Lavender Lace M- $36.00
Rutledge,Doug/Donna Woodward Van Los (VLM) 121 (Canada) Bring It On Home M- DJ Copy WOL $12.00
Ryan,Cathy King 4848 DJ The Cricket, The Dove and the Goldfish Come Home E- $25.00
Ryan,Dick Dee-Jay 23859-60 End Of A Love Affair Once, A Million Times M- $25.00
Rydell,Bobby Cameo 186 Good Time Baby (W/Pic Sleeve) Cherie E+/M- (PS=VG) $10.00
Saber,Johnny Adonis 103 Wish It Could Be Me Dolly In A Toy Shop E+ $160.00
Safaris Eldo 101 Four Steps to Love Image of a Girl VG-/VG $10.00
Safaris Eldo 101 Four Steps to Love Image of a Girl (SOL) E-/E $13.50
Safaris Eldo 101 Image of a Girl 4 Steps To Love E- $12.50
Saint,Cathy Daisy 501 Big Bad World Mr. Heartbreak M- (tiny label tear) $35.00
Saints Band Box 235 Rockin' Siam Playboy E- $35.00
Salmas Brothers Era 1029 DJ Greater Love Go Let Her Go E+/M- $20.00
Salty Peppers Tec 1014 La la La Pt 1 Same Part 2 E+/M- $40.00
Salty Peppers Tec 1014 La la La Pt 1 Same Part 2 M- (sloc nap 1 side) $35.00
Sam & Bill Capricorn 8001 Things I'd Do Who Will It Be M-/M $75.00
Sam & Bill Joda 100 Beautiful Baby For Your Love E/E+ $15.00
Sampson,Jean Columbia 4-41554 DJ Lucky In Love Act Like A Lover E+/M- $21.00
Sanders,Bobby Kaybo 618 It Was You I'm On My Way E/E+ $90.00
Sandpebbles Calla 155 Who Knows What Will Be Tomorrow Never My Love M- (Warp OK@1.5 gms) $15.00
Sands,Evie A&M 1090 I'll Never Be Alone Again Any Way That You Want Me E/E+ $10.00
Sands,Jeri Lynn Arcade 153 Steady Freddy As Long As I Can Dream E+/M- $15.00
Sanguinetti,Mel Las Vegas 104 Why Don't You Love Me I Don't Wanna Go Mint- $20.00
Santells,The Courier 115 So Fine These Are Love M- $30.00
Santo & Johnny Canadian American 103 All Night Diner Sleep Walk E+/M- $25.00
Santo & Johnny Canadian American 115 Lazy Day The Breeze and I M- $25.00
Sapphires,The Swan 4177 DJ I've Got Mone You Better Get Yours M- $35.00
Sardo,Frankie ABC 9963 Fake Out Class Room E+/M- $25.00
Sargent,Stephen & The Pride Compass 7001 Grey eyes Watching I'm Nobody's child E+/M- $25.00
Satellites ABC-Par 10038 Rockateen Linda Jean E+/M- (SL Wrpamp) $25.00
Satintones Motown 1006 Tomorrow & Always A Love that Can Never Be E+/M- $175.00
Sattin,Lonnie Decca 31266 Secret Love You CanTell The World E+/M- $20.00
Saturday Knights Swan 4081 Texas Tommy Hawaiian Tears M- $90.00
Savage,Joe Jacklyn 1010 All Power To The People Part 1 Same Part 2 E- $25.00
Sawyer Sisters Dynasty 621 Rock-A-Boogie Babies Here I Am E- $30.00
Scales,Harvey Mercury 72937 Sun Won't Come Out Shake Your Power M- $75.00
Scales,Harvey & the 7 Sounds Magic Touch 2007 Love-itis Get Down E/E+ ( looks worse-)scuffs) $40.00
Scandal Featuring Lee Genesis Sam 5019 DJ I Wanna Do It Love Either Grows Or Goes E+/M- $15.00
Scholars Dot 15498 Spin the Wheel Rocky Road E/E+ $15.00
Scholars Imperial 5449 I Didn't Want To Do It Beloved VG/E- $13.00
Schroeder,Don Philips 40067 DJ Peggy Sue Biggety Big E $25.00
Schwarz,Brinsley UA 50915 DJ Nightingale Silver Pistol E $12.00
Scott Brothers Comet 2153 DJ Welcome Me Letter From My Baby M- $25.00
Scott Free Alanna 559 Love's Lost You're My Girl M- $15.00
Scott,Bobby ABC 9683 I Don't Have To Worry No More I Had A Lover M- $20.00
Scott,Freddie & The Chimes Arrow 724 Please Call The Letter Came This Morning M- $20.00
Scott,Jack ABC 9860 Two Timin' Woman I Need Your Love G $20.00
Scott,Jack Carlton 462 Leroy My True Love E- $12.00
Scott,Jack Carlton 493 Save My Soul Goodbye Baby E+/M- $20.00
Scott,Jack Top Rank 2041 Burning Bridges (With Pic Sleeve) Oh Little One E+/M- $40.00
Scott,Jack Top Rank 2041 Oh Little One (W/Pic Sleeve) Burning Bridges E-/E $25.00
Scott,Jack Top Rank 2055 Cool Water It Only Happened Yesterday E- $12.00
Scott,Jack Top Rank 2055 It Only Happened Yesterday Cool Water E/E+ $15.00
Scott,Linda Congress 200 DJ I Know It You Know It Let's Fall In Love $18.00
Scott,Neil Portrait 102 Bobby I Haven't Found it With Another E- $12.00
Scott,Rena Epic 5-11064 DJ La-Te-Da This Girl's In Love Same M- $40.00
Scott,Walter Ivanhoe 5018 I Want To Thank You Brand New Girl E+ $25.00
Sealey,Milt Philips 40442 Jelly Bean Hurry Sundown Blues M- $25.00
Sebastian,Ricardo Admiral 752 DJ Autumn Leaves Got A Match VG/E- (SOL) $150.00
Seeds GNP 383 No Escape Mr. Farmer (WOL) M- $20.00
Seeds,The GNP 372 Pushin' Too Hard Try To Understand VG $10.00
Sena,Tommy & the Val-Monts Valmont 905 The Wobble Onions Remind Me Of You M- $20.00
Senator Bobby & Senator McKinley Parkway 137 Mellow Yellow White Christmas (Bobby The Poet) E- $10.00
Senator Bobby/Senator McKinley Parkway 127 Wild Thing (WOL) VG $10.00
Sensationals,The Candix 306 Once In Awhile Snow White Winter E+/M- WOL $25.00
Sensations Argo 5405 (Black) Let Me In Oh Yes I'll Be True E- $15.00
Sensations Argo 5405 (Tan) Let Me In Oh Yes I'll Be True E+/M- $20.00
Sensations Atco 6056 Yes Sir That's My Baby Sympathy VG $12.00
Sensations Featuring Yvonne Baker Junior 1002 Its Good Enough For Me We Were Meant To Be M- $100.00
Sensations,The Junior 1006 Love Love Love Baby M- (SL OC 1 side) $175.00
Sentimentals Checker 0875 I Want To Love You Teenie Teenager E+/M- $35.00
Serenaders,The Riverside 4549 Two Lovers Make One Fool Adios My Love M-/M $50.00
Serenadetts Enrica 1008 Boy Friend (Slight OC) Big Night E+/M- $22.00
Seven Seas Glades 1728 Super "Jaws" Pat's Jam E+/M- $6.00
Seven,Johnny Bigtop 3071 Tell Me (DJ COPY) Once I Was Lonely E+/M- $15.00
Shadden & The King Lears Arbet 1016 Come Back When You Grow Up All I Want Is You E/E+ (warp OK @1.5 gms) $15.00
Shades Of Blue Impact 1014 With This Ring Lonely Summer E $15.00
Shades of Joy Douglas 7 6505 Flute in a Quarry (DJ Copy) Together E $20.00
Shadows of Knight Dunwich 141 I'm Gonna Make You Mine I'll Make You Sorry E+/M- $85.00
Shaft,Dando RCA 72-0100 DJ Kalyope Driver Coming Home To Me E-/E $10.00
Shafto,Bobby Rust 5082 She's My Girl Wonderful You M- $20.00
Shag UK 49007 Loop Di Love Lay It Down M- $10.00
Shane,Bob Decca 32239 Simple Gifts Weeping Annaleah VG/E-, Scuffs, DH $12.00
Shane,Johnny World Artists 1055 DJ Roseanna (SL Off Center) Flipity Flop Fly E+/M- $20.00
Shangri Las Red Bird 10008 Remember Walking in the Sand It's Easier To Cry E/E+ $10.00
Shangri-Las Red Bird 018 Twist and Shout (LS) Give Hm A Great Big Kiss (LS) E+ $10.00
Shannon,Del Amy 905 Give Her Lots Of Lovin' Handy Man E+/M- $10.00
Shannon,Del Bigtop 3075 Hats Off To Larry Don't Gild the Lily, Lily M- $15.00
Sharell,Jerry Alanna 560 Everybody Knows That's My Business E+/M- $25.00
Sharp,Tommy & the Sharptones Sharptone E/E+ They Don't Make Nun Names Like That No More One Week In Love With You E/E+ $15.00
Sharpe,Ray Jamie 1128 Red Sails In ThE Sunset Linda Lu E- (lt label soil) $20.00
Sharps Jamie 1114 Gig-A-Lene Here's My Heart M- (SL WRPNAP) $40.00
Sharps Jamie 1114 Here's My Heart Gig-A-Lene E $25.00
Shaw,Georgie Arlen 738 I'm Only Thinking Of Your Happiness Find a Little Happiness M- (WRPNAP) $10.00
Shaw,Marlena Cadet 5549 Let's Wade in the Water Show Time M- (Sl edge warp NAP) $175.00
Shaw,Timmy Wand 146 Gonna Send You back To Georgia (WOL) I'm a Lonely Guy (WOL) VG $10.00
Shayne Sabteca 22106 I Miss You Baby Make Love Stay M- $17.00
Shayne,Lois Sabteca 24573 Show Me Same (Instrumental) M- $12.00
Sheen,Bobby Chelsea 3034 Come On And Love Me Love Stealing M- $23.00
Shelton,Gil Valiant 6062 DJ Not Now Your Heart Wasn't In It E/E+ $20.00
Shelton,Roscoe Battle 45913 DJ My Best Friend Worry VG/E- (Lt label soil) $15.00
Shelton,Roscoe Excello 2170 It's My Fault Say You Really Care E- (SLOC) $25.00
Shep & The Limelights Hull 772 DJ Copy In Case I Forget I'm A Hurting Inside E+/M- $10.00
Shep & The Limelites Hull 740 Daddy's Home This I Know E- $20.00
Shep & The Limelites Hull 740 Daddy's Home This I Know M- $40.00
Shep & The Limelites Hull 747 Oh, What A Feeling Three Steps From The Altar E/E+ $20.00
Shep & The Limelites Hull 751 Teach Me Teach Me How To Twist What Did Daddy Do M- $12.00
Shep & The Limelites Hull 753DJ Everything is Going To Be Alright Gee Baby What About You E+/M- $15.00
Shep & The Limelites Hull 756 DJ The Monkey Remember Baby E+/M- $25.00
Shep,Shane Apt 25039 Too Young To Wed Two Loving Hearts E- $30.00
Sheppards Theron (Repro) 112 (Red Wax) Love Cool Mambo M- $25.00
Sheppards,The Bunky 7764 Island Of Love Steal Away M- $15.00
Sherrys Guyden 2068 Your Hand In Mine Pop Pop Pop-Pie E+/M- $15.00
Sherwood,Roberta Decca 30705 DJ Dickie Dickie Bluebird Love Is A-Breakin' Out M- $50.00
Shields Dot 15856 I'm Sorry Now Nature Boy (WARPNAP) E $25.00
Shira Jamie 1413 DJ Liar Frank's Ant Farm E- $10.00
Shirelles Scepter 1208 The Dance Is Over Tonight's the Night VG $10.00
Shirelles Scepter 1217 Mama Said Blue Holiday E+/M- $35.00
Shirley & Lee Aladdin 3302 Let's Dream (Tear on Label) I'll Do It VG $10.00
Shirley & Lee Aladdin 3325 Do You Mean To Hurt Me So Let The Good Times Roll E+/M- $50.00
Shirley & Lee Aladdin 3325 Do You Mean To Hurt Me So (SLOC) Let The Good Times Roll M- $35.00
Shirley & Lee Aladdin 3432 Come On And Have Your Fun All I Want To Do Is Cry E- $10.00
Shivers,Pauline O-pex 111 Won't You Come Back Home You're A Devil M- $45.00
Shona & the Party Lights Chicory 1601 DJ Miracle Maker Nice Guy E+/M- $26.00
Shondells Snap 102 Thunderbolt Hanky Panky VG/E- $10.00
Shor's Streakers Eastbound 625 DJ Streakin' '74 Virgil M- $15.00
Showmen,The Inc. Now 3 The Tramp Pt 1 Same Pt 2 $85.00
Shubert,Chet Sage 292 Just A Friend I Still Think About You E+/M- $20.00
Shufflers,The Crackerjack 4010 When The Lights Are Low Always Be Mine (WOL) M- (sl. Wrpnap) $150.00
Sickniks Amy 824 Presidential Press Conference Pt 1 Same PT 2 E $10.00
Sigler,Bunny Decca 31947 DJ Comparatively Speaking Will You Love Me Tomorrow M- (Sl WRPNAP) $110.00
Sigler,Bunny Parkway 6000 Sunny Sunday Lovey Dovey;You're So Fine E+/M- $15.00
Signatures WB 5055 Cling To Me Please Don't Play The Cha Cha E $12.00
Silhouettes Ace 552 I Sold My Heart To The Junkman What Would You Do VG/E- $12.00
Silhouettes Ember 1029 Get A Job I Am Lonely E/E+ $20.00
Silhouettes Ember 1029 I Am Lonely Get A Job VG/E- $13.00
Silk Decca 32829 Falling In Love Isn't Easy Come Over Here E+/M- $75.00
Silk Storm Pawn 3805 DJ Baby, Don't Say No Love Will Make You Feel Better M- $35.00
Silva-Tones Argo 5281 Roses Are Blooming That's All I Want From You VG- $20.00
Simmons,Chandra Fresh 0013 Never Gonna Let You Go (Radio Version) Same (Duet Radio Version) M-/M $12.00
Simon,Joe Spring 130 DJ I Found My Dad M- $15.00
Simpson,James Penetration Penco 7001 On The Money Can't Get Over You M- $30.00
Simpson,Valerie Tamla 54224 Silly Wasn't I I Believe I'm Gonna Take This Ride E/E+ $15.00
Sims Twins Sar 117 I'll Never Come Running Back To You Soothe Me (Warp OK @1.5 Gms) E+/M- $12.00
Sims,Carl Paula 459 You keep me Dreaming House Of Love (SL WRPNAP) M- $16.00
Sims,Marvin L. Mellow 1004 Nina Have You Seen My Baby Part 1 Same Part 2 E-/E $15.00
Sincerely Yours Impact 1020 DJ Shady Lane Little Girl M- $20.00
Sir Douglas Quintet Tribe 8308 We'll Take Our Last Walk Tonight (WOL) She's About A Mover E- $15.00
Sir Guy Armond Scamm 1001 God Bless A Woman With Heart And Soul E/M-(warp OK @1.5 gms) $225.00
Sir John Quintet Josie 951 Yesterday Un-Ga-La M- $35.00
Sir Wales Innovation II 8045 What Ever You Want I Wish I Coud Say What I Want To E+/M- $30.00
Sirs,The Charay 33 Sixteen Candles Wow E+/M- SOL WOL $15.00
Sister and Brothers,The Uni 55199 The Jed Clampett-Part 1 Same - Part 2 M- Drll hole $45.00
Sisters Del-Fi 4302 DJ Ooh Poo Pa Doo Happy New Year Baby M- (SLWRPNAP) $20.00
Six Teens Flip 320 My Special Guy Only Jim VG- $10.00
Skip & The Echotones Warwick 634 DJ Born To Love Ook-La La E+/M- $40.00
Skoings Vigilante 1001 Do The Orbit Doctors Wives M- (W/Pic Sleeve) $35.00
Skunks Quill 121 Little Angel It's Only Love E- $10.00
Sky Soul Unlimited 107 Skyjackin' Pt 1 Pt 2 (Warp not affect play) E $25.00
Skyliners Calico 104 One Night One Night Since I Don't Have You E- $20.00
Skyliners Calico 109 Lonely Way It Happened Today E+/M- $25.00
Skyliners Calico 114 Lorraine From Spain How Much VG/E- $12.00
Skyliners Calico 117 Pennies From Heaven I'll Be Seeing You E- $20.00
Slades Domino 1000 Summertime You Must Try M- $40.00
Slades Domino 500 The Waddle You Cheated VG $20.00
Slades Domino 500 The Waddle You Cheated VG- (Label Damage) $10.00
Slades Domino 800 No Time You Gambled E+/M- $25.00
Slay,Frank SCA 18002 East of Istanbul The Bull Fight (WOL) E+ (lksw) $20.00
Slick,Grace & The Great Society Columbia 4-44583 DJ Didn't Think So Sally Go 'Round The Roses (WOL, SOL) M- $25.00
Slinky Street Band AME 41172 Time Study Dancing Cables E+/M- $50.00
Slocum Brothers Nu Sound 7319 Sugar Plum Hey Sweet Baby M- $35.00
Sly,Slick & Wicked People 625 Sho' Nuff Ready For You M-/M $175.00
Smallwood,Joan Wedge 1012 DJ No Sweat Nutty As A Fruitcake (with The Veltones) Mint- $30.00
Smith,Arthur (Guitar Boogie) MGM 10945 Chew Tobacco Rag Big Mountain Shuffle VG (looks worse) $20.00
Smith,Bill Combo Le Bill 303 DJ Anastasia Tough (WOL) E+/M- $50.00
Smith,Billie (Smeeke Smoke) & The Good Beats Rae Cox 1000 The Whammer Old Fashioned Twist M- $15.00
Smith,Blair Pompeii 66677 DJ Vision of Molly Echoes E- $50.00
Smith,Bobbie & the Dream Girls Bigtop 3111 DJ Here Comes Baby I Get A Feeling My Love M- $75.00
Smith,Dawson Scepter 12400 I Don't Know If I Can Make It Pt 1 Same Pt 2 M- $40.00
Smith,Floyd Dakar 604 Soul Strut Getting Nowhere Fast E $22.00
Smith,Huey Piano & The Clowns Ace 545 Don't You Just Know It High Blood Pressure E+ $20.00
Smith,Huey Piano & The Clowns Ace 545 Don't You Just Know It (WOL) High Blood Pressure (Hvy WOL) E- (looks worse) $15.00
Smith,Huey Piano & The Clowns Ace 553 Well I'll Be John Brown Don't You Know Yockomo M- $20.00
Smith,Leon Epic 5-9326 Little Forty Ford Once I Had A Heart E/E+ $50.00
Smith,Mack Allen Ace 3011 Lonely Street King Of Rock And Roll M- $35.00
Smith,Marvin Brunswick 55299 Time Stopped Have More Time E+/M- $25.00
Smith,Marvin Mayfield 942 DJ You're Really Something Sadie M- $25.00
Smith,Ocie Cadence 1304 Forbidden Fruit Slow Walk VG $22.00
Smith,Perry & Lady Margaret Gemini 546 Tripping With You Out In Space M-/M $40.00
Smith,Ray Judd 1019 Make Me Feel Good One Wonderful Love VG $20.00
Smith,Ray Sun 372 Travlin' Salesman I Won't Miss You Till You Go E- $23.00
Smith,Ray Sun 375 Hey Boss Man Candy Doll E- $16.00
Smith,Roger Air 5001 Banana Be-Bop Boogie E- $75.00
Smith,Roy Cantor 1048 He's Not Your Type Your Kind Of Lovin' E-/E $30.00
Smith,Roy Green Menu 10053 For The Love Of Her Goin' South E+/M- $12.00
Smith,Smokey Cardinal 5010 Too Many Heartaches Bayou Boogie E+/M- $25.00
Smith,Willie Genuine 1227 I Got A New Thing Same (Instrumental) E- $20.00
Smithsonian Institute Tamborine 5 DJ Boston Bay Dream For Tomorrow E-/E $15.00
Smoke City Epic 34-05448 Tracy Dreams M- $21.00
Sneed,Brady & Grady Dolton 38 Little Bitty Heart Leavin' It All Up To You (TOL) E+/M- $15.00
Snell,Annette Dial 1025 I'll Be Your Fool Once More Get Your Thing Together M- $22.00
Snell,Annette Epic 8-50464 DJ It's All Over Now M-/M (wol) $50.00
Snodgrass,Elmer & Musical Pioneers Decca 31048 Until Today Sidelines M- $10.00
Snow,Hank RCA 48-0363 Wasted Love My Two Timin' Woman E+/M- Green Vinyl $23.00
Solitaires Old Town 1034 Walking Along Please Kiss This Letter E/E+ (SLOC) $15.00
Solitaires Old Town 1071 DJ Light A Candle In The Chapel Helpless E $30.00
Sommers,Joanie WB 5177 Why Don't You Do Right Get Me Some Money Too Be My Love VG $25.00
Sonettes,The K.O. 0001 I've Gotten Over You Teardrops E+/M- $70.00
Sonics,The RKO Unique 411 Evil Eye Triangle Love E- $15.00
Sonoma Dunhill 4383 DJ Fly Like An Eagle M- Looks worse $30.00
Sons of The Pioneers RCA 48-0004 Cool Water (Green Wax) Chant Of The Wanderer E- $12.00
Sons of the Pioneers RCA 48-0004 (green wax) Cool Water Chant of the Wanderer E-/E $10.00
Soothers,The Port 70041 DJ I Believe In You Little White Cloud That Cried E-/E , few scuffs $30.00
Soul Musicor 1454 Tell It Like It Is (DJ Copy - slight WARPNAP)) E+/M- $10.00
Soul Angels josie 1002 It's All In Your Mind The Ladies Choice M- $30.00
Soul Crusaders Lu Tall 319 Those Memories I Sit In My Room M- $50.00
Soul Generation Ebony Sounds 177 Young Bird Ray Of Hope E+/M- $15.00
Soul Purpose Chisa 10-11 Funnin' I'm Gonna Sock It To Me E-/E $41.00
Soul Rockers Sussex 202 The Hawk Pt 1 Same Pt 2 M- $30.00
Soul Runners Patches 101 What Can I say Green Thumb E-/E $15.00
Soul Searchers Sussex 517 Blow Your Whistle Funk To The Folks M- $20.00
Soul Searchers Sussex 517 Funk To The Folks Blow Your Whistle M- $20.00
Soul Searchers Sussex 627 If It Ain't Funky Wind Song E $15.00
Soul Searchers Sussex 627 Wind Song If It Ain't Funky E $15.00
Soul Searchers,The And-Ray 4213 There Was A Time Part 1 Same Part 2 M- $130.00
Soul Set Johnson 739 I Don’t Want Her But I Need Her With My Baby Behind Me M- $70.00
Soul Toranodoes Burt 4000 Funky Thang Go For Yourself E- $20.00
Soul X 2 Sound Stage 2612 I'm Alright Now Send It Back C.O.D. VG $10.00
Soul,Jimmy SPQR 3321 Ella Is Yella My Little Room (WOL) M- $30.00
Soul,Steve King 6216 James Brown-A Talk With The News Shades Of Brown (Pt. 2) M-(tint pits 1 side NAP) $20.00
Souls,B.W. Round 1038 Generated Love Marvin's Groove M- $60.00
Sound 70's,The Capitol 2930 I'll Be Waiting It's For Real E-/E (sl. Warpnap) $35.00
Sound Experience Philly Soulville 14024 DJ Don't Fight The Feeling E+/M- $20.00
Sound Solution Kapp 996 DJ Hide Your Face In Shame Kens' Blues M- $25.00
Sounds Four,The Saintmo 202 A Memory Best Forgotten Keep On Lovin' M- $35.00
South,Joe NRC 5000 My Fondest Memories Purple People Eater Meets The Witch Doctor E/E+ $20.00
South,Joe NRC 5001 DJ One Fool To Another Same E- $20.00
Soxx,Bob B. Philles 107 Flip And Nitty Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah M- $15.00
Spaniels,The North American 001 Fairy Tales Jealous Heart VG/E- $40.00
Spann,Otis Excello 2329 Bloody Murder Blues For Hippies E/E+ $15.00
Spann,Otis Excello 2329 Blues For Hippies Bloody Murder E/E+ $15.00
Sparks Decca 30974 DJ Why Did You leave La Macerena E/E+ $20.00
Spartans Web 1 Can You Waddle Same (Instrumental) VG $10.00
Spats ABC-Par 10585 Gator Tails and Monkey Ribs The Roach E+/M- $10.00
Specials,The Satch 512 You Stood Me Up Everybody Say Yeah E-/E $125.00
Spectrum RCA 47-9382 DJ Portobello Road Comes The Dawn E/E+ $20.00
Spellman,Benny Atlantic 2291 I Feel Good The Word Game E/E+ $20.00
Spencer Midtown 3503 Searchin' For Love You Don't Know What You're Getting' M- $60.00
Spencer & Spencer Argo 5331 Brass Wail Russian Band Stand M- $20.00
Spencer & Spencer Gone 5053 Stagger Lawrence Stroganoff Cha Cha E-/E $22.00
Spiders Imperial 5291 I'm Searching I'm Slippin' In VG $50.00
Spinners Crystalette 736 Boomerang Slave Chain E- $37.00
Spirits Toot 601 DJ Jelly Jelly Jelly Pied Piper E+/M- (Sl WARPNAP) $20.00
Split Image Split Image 555 Fool of the Year Same (Instr.) M- $100.00
Spriggs,Walter Atco 6112 DJ Rack,Em Back You're Movin' Me E-/E $15.00
Springers Way Out 2699 DJ I Know My Baby Loves Me So I Know Why E+/M- $25.00
Springers Way Out 2799 Why Last Heartbreak E- DJ Copy $10.00
Spudd,Bud & The Sprouts EM (Smash) 1772 DJ Slow Jam The Mash E- $25.00
Spydels Addit 1220 Big McGoon We're In Love E+/M- $12.00
St. Anthony,Chester A&M 0766 DJ Together Without You E-/E $25.00
St. German,Tyrone Morning Dove 1 In A World So Cold Don't Cop No Attitude M- $30.00
St. James,Sylvia Sound Odyssey 5008 We Got To Get Together Learnin' To Live Together E/E+ $10.00
St. John,Dick Liberty 55380 Sha-Ta Gonna Stick By You E $12.00
Stacy,Clyde Bullseye 1004 Baby Shame Nobody's Darlin' VG/E- $15.00
Staff,Bobbi RCA 47-9024 DJ He Can Be Your Baby Pride E+/M- $20.00
Staff,Bobbi RCA 47-9251 DJ Sun Tan And Wind Blown Time I Can't find My Walking Shoes E+/M- Filmy $10.00
Stafford Terry Crusader 105 Playing With Fire I'll Touch A Star E-/E $12.00
Standards Amos 134 DJ When You Wish Upon A Star Same (instrumental) E- $10.00
Standells Tower 185 Dirty Water Rari M- $15.00
Standells Tower 282 Why Pick On Me Mr. Nobody E+ (Lt Label Wear) $20.00
Starlites Fury 1034 Way Up In The Sky Valarie E-/E $20.00
Starr,Lucille Almo 204 French Song Sit Down and Write A Letter To Me E- $5.00
Starr,Lucille Almo 204 French Song Sit Down and Write A Letter To Me Mint- $10.00
Starr,Randy Dale 100 After School Heaven High man so low M- $30.00
Starr,Ricki RCA 47-7640 You Can't Hurt Me Anymore Shooting Starr VG $15.00
Start L'ert 6800 EP Let's Dance;Tales of Glory (w/cover) No More Living in the Past E $25.00
Star-Treks,The Veep 1254 DJ Gonna Need Magic Dreamin' E-/E (looks worse) $100.00
Status Cymbal RCA 47-9598 DJ From My Swing With A Little Love E-/E (WOL/TOL) $10.00
Steadies Josie 837 One Kiss And That's All Rock To The Philadelphia E-/E $22.00
Steele,Johnny Fame 1464 DJ Better Days Are Coming Steal Away To Nowhere M- $40.00
Steele,Jon & Sondra Damon 11133 My Happiness To Make YouMine VG $15.00
Steelers Glow Star 815 Walk Alone Crying Bitter Tears E $50.00
Stefen,Paul & The Royal Lancers Citation 5004 Angel in My Eyes You're So Square Baby I Don't Care E+/M- $20.00
Stephens,steve United Southern Artists 103 How It Used To Be Pizza Pete M- $15.00
Stephens,Tenison Aries 2076 Baby I'm A Fool For You Hurry Change If You're Coming E+/M- $18.00
Stereos Cub 9095 I Really Love You Please Come Back To Me E-/E $10.00
Stevens,April Society 9/10 The Sweetest Day Don't Do It VG $10.00
Stevens,Carl Mercury 71996 Baby Elephant Walk The Call of The Jungle E-/E (lksw) $15.00
Stevens,Ray Mercury 72189 It's Party Time Speed Ball M- $12.00
Stevens,Terri RPC 506 Unsuspecting Heart Boy Next Door VG/E- $30.00
Stevens,Tim Stebro 1001 There She Is Whose Side Are You On M- $25.00
Stewart,Calvin Artly 343 Try Loving Me I' m Willing (Sl. Off Center) You Turn me On E/E+ $18.00
Stewart,Dick Penthouse 1000 Without You I Believe E- (lksw) $15.00
Stewart,Jimmy Charay 35 You Just Need Somebody To Love Patsy E+/M- (DH) $30.00
Stinson Brothers,The Canadian American 192 Pleasure Of Your Love Going Back To Birmingham E+ $20.00
Stone,Henry Singers Kapp 693 DJ You Killed The Thrill In My Heart That Wonderful Feeling Of Love M- (Sl WRPNAP) $25.00
Stone,Roland Ace 593 Something Special Desert Winds E $10.00
Storey Sisters Cameo 126 Sweet Daddy Bad Motorcycle VG/E-(wrp OK@1.5 gm) $25.00
Storm,Billy Atlantic 2076 Sure As You're Born In The Chapel In The Moonlight M- $20.00
Storm,Billy Atlantic 2098 When You Dance Dear One E+/M- DJ Copy $20.00
Story,Nat Trio Ace 1094 Cha Cha Nat's Bounce E WRPNAP $20.00
Strange Brew ABC 11217DJ Union Man I Can Hardly Wait to Live E/E+ (Looks Worse) $50.00
Strangers Liberty 55481 Audition Toy Soldier Loco E- $15.00
Strangers Titan 1701 Rockin' Rebel Caterpillar Crawl E $15.00
Strangers,The (With Richard Pitts) WB 5438 DJ These Are The Things I Love (WOL) Night Winds M- Sl. WRPNAP $95.00
Street,Richard & The Distants Harmon 1002DJ Save Me From This Misery (WOL) Amswer Me (WOL) VG/E- $60.00
Strength,Texas Bill Capitol F3477 Where Did My Heart Go? Gotta Lotta Love M- $25.00
Striblin,Karen Jaber 7117 Just A Little Girl In Love (sm label damage) We're Not Too Young To Fall In Love E $175.00
Strickland,Johnnie Roulette 4119 She's Mine You've Got What It Takes E $35.00
Stringer,Bobby (Soul) SWAR 7125 You've Got Too Many Miles Before You M- (WARP OK@1.5 gms) $25.00
Stuckey,William Artx 101 Subrina Girl I Got You On The Run M- $25.00
Students Checker 0902 I'm So Young Every Day Of The Week E-/E $30.00
Students Checker 0902 I'm So Young Everyday of the Week E/E+ $35.00
Sty-lettes,The Pillar 515 Too Far To Turn Around Hellop MY Darling E/E+ (Sl Wrpnap) $150.00
Sugar & The Spices Vee Jay 607 Come on Over To My House Boys Can Be Mean M- $20.00
Sugar Pie & Pee Wee Aladdin 3416 One Two Let's Rock Just A Few Little Words VG- $15.00
Sullivan,Artie Swan 4153 DJ Suzanne (WOL) It's Time (WOL) VG-/VG(Warp OK @1.5 gms) $15.00
Sultans Duke 178 My Love Is So High If I Could Tell E $70.00
Summers,Bob Challenge 9201 dj Young And Lonely Steel Guitar Rag E+/M- $20.00
Summers,Gene & His Rebels Jan 102 Gotta Lotta That Nervous E (WRP OK @ 1.5 GMS) $25.00
Summits DC international 5001 Let Me Love You Again It Takes Two M- $15.00
Sundowners Norton 040 Ubangi Stomp (W/Pic Sleeve) Snake Eyed Woman M- $10.00
Superbs Dore 736 It Hurts So Much I Was Born When You Kissed Me M- $75.00
Superiors,the Atco 6106 Don't Say Goodbye Lost Love M- DJ Copy $25.00
Supremes Motown 1040 You Bring Back Memories My Heart Can't Take It No More E $15.00
Supremes Motown 1094 Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart He's All I Got E- $15.00
Surfaris,The Decca 31605 Murphy The Surfie Go Go Go For Louie's Place E- WRPNAP $15.00
Surfer Girls Columbia 4-43001 Draggin' Wagon (wol) One Boy Tells Another (wol) Plays E-/E (looks worse) $35.00
Suzanne Liberty 55313 Audtion Unchained But Unforgotten You May Never Know M- $20.00
Swan,Mary Unart 2019 Dancin' Crying In The Chapel M- $10.00
Swann,Bettye Abet 9455 The Heartache Is Gone Fall In Love With Me (Betty Swann) M- $10.00
Swann,Bettye Atlantic 3262 DJ All The Way In Or All The Way Out M- $10.00
Swans Swan 4151 You Better Be A Good Girl Now He's Mine (WOL) E- $20.00
Sweeney,Jimmy Buckley 1101 She Wears My Ring What'cha Gonna Do About Me (wol) M- $20.00
Sweet Charles People 656 Hang Out & Hustle Together M-/M sl wrp nap $70.00
Swinging Blue Jeans Imperial 66030 Good Golly Miss Molly Shaking Feeling E+/M- $15.00
Swinging Medallions,The 1-2-3 1723 We're Gonna Hate Ourselves In The Morning It's Alright You're Just In Love M- $23.00
Swiss Movement Casablanca 805 Try Something A Change Is Got To Come M-/M $20.00
Syndicate,The Piedmont 077 Nashville Soul Pt 1 Same Pt 2 M- $10.00
Tabs Wand 130 Two Stupid Feet The Wallop E-/E $28.00
Tabs,The Vee Jay 446 Mash Dem Taters But You're My Baby M- $15.00
Taj Mahal Columbia 4-45539 Oh Susanna Chevrolet M- $10.00
Talkabouts,The Poplar 117 I Don't Seem To Care Anymore Sweet Lovin Baby M- $15.00
Tams Arlen 7-11 Disillusioned Untie Me E+/M- $31.00
Tams Arlen 7-11 Disillusioned Untie Me VG/E- $15.00
Tams Arlen 717 Deep Inside Me If You're So Smart Why Do You Have A Broken Heart E $20.00
Tangents UA 201 DJ The Wiggle The Waddle E- $15.00
Tarriers Columbia DB3891 (UK) Banana Boat Song No Hidin' Place M- $15.00
Tarriers Glory 249 Banana Boat Song No Hidin' Place E $10.00
Tate,Howard Verve 10420 How Come My Bull Dog Don't Bark Ain't Nobody Home VG-/VG $10.00
Tate,Howard Verve 10604 Everyday I Have The Blues Night Owl (WOL) M- $20.00
Tate,Tommy Jackson Sound 1005 Peace is all I Need Let Us Be Heard E-/E $12.00
Tate,Tommy Jackson Sound 1005 Peace is all I Need Let Us Be Heard E/E+ $15.00
Tavares Capitol 4111 It Only Takes A Minute I Hope She Chooses Me M- $15.00
Taylor,Austin Laurie 3067 A Heart That's True Push Push E $21.00
Taylor,Chip WB 5314 I Love You But I know Here I am M- $15.00
Taylor,Creed ABC-Par 10067 Johnny Diane M- $10.00
Taylor,Jackie Jubilee 5530 DJ I've Been Loved Walkin' Back M- $100.00
Taylor,Ko Ko Checker 1191 Insane Asylum Fire M-/M $35.00
Taylor,Sandee V-Tone 224 Hello Mr. Genie Love Bird M- $10.00
Taylor,Ted Soncraft 400 Lost The Best Things I Ever Had Anytime Anyplace Anywhere E+/M- $46.00
Taylor,Ted Top Rank 3001 You Know I do Someday I Know I Know M- Label Stain $10.00
Taylor.Gloria Mercury 73137 Yesterday Will Never Come Again Unyielding E+/M- $35.00
Teardrops King 5037 Don't Be Afraid To Love After School E- $20.00
Techniques Roulette 4030 Hey Little Girl (sol) In a Round About Way M- $20.00
Teddy & the Continentals Pik 234/235 Ev'rybody Pony Tick Tick Tock E- WOL $20.00
Teddy Bears Dore 503 Don't You Worry My Little Pet To Know Him Is To Love Him E+/M- $15.00
Teddy Bears Dore 503 To Know Him Is To Love Him (WRPNAP) Don't You Worry My Little Pet E- $14.00
Tee,Willie Atlantic 2273 Teasin' You Walking Up A One Way Street VG- $15.00
Teen Queens RCA 47-7206 You Good Boy-You Get Cookie Dear Tommy E- $15.00
Teen Queens RPM 453 Just Goofed Eddie My Love E- $30.00
Teen Queens RPM 470 Red Top (WRPNAP@1.5 gms) Love Sweet Love VG $15.00
Teen Queens RPM 484 Rock Everybody My Heart's Desire E- $10.00
Teenettes Josie 830 My Lucky Star Too Young To Fall in Love E/E+ $50.00
Teenettes Josie 830 My Lucky Star (WOL) Too Young To Fall in Love (WOL) VG $20.00
Ten Years After Deram 7529 If You Should Love Me Love Like A Man E+/M- $15.00
Terrace,Ray Jubilee 5515 Watermelon Man…Wabble Ray's Beat…Mambo M- $45.00
Terrifics Valor 2001 DJ Loco The Strip Walk (WOL) E+/M- $35.00
Tex & The Chex TCF 411 Beach Party Love Me Now E+/M- $15.00
Tex & The Chex TCF 411 Beach Party Love Me Now E+/M- WOL DJ Copy $15.00
Tex,Joe & His X Class Mates Ace 559 Charlie Brown Got Expelled Blessed Are These Tears M- $25.00
Texans,The Gothic 001 Rockin' Johnny Home Ole Reb M- $12.00
The Tony IV Co-Op 518 Go Away Little Girl This Guy's In Love With You VG/E- $15.00
Thee Midnighters Chattahoochee 666 Land of a Thousand Dances Part 1 Part 2 E+/M- $10.00
Therrien,Joe Jr. Lido 505 Hey Babe Let's Go Downtown Come Back To Me Darling E/E+ $60.00
Therrien,Joe Jr. & his Rockets Brunswick 55005 Come Back To Me Darling Hey Baby Let's go Downtown VG-/VG $15.00
Thomas Sisters Chief 101 Donde Esta Santa Claus? Down By The River Side M- WOL $20.00
Thomas,Arthur Capa 126 Bee Sticks To Honey That Didn't Hurt Much Did It VG LKSW $20.00
Thomas,Deena Clark 164 Standing There Crying Porque Estas Llorando E+/M- $75.00
Thomas,Jeannie Strand 25026 DJ Say Something Sweet To Me My Heart Has Told Me What To Do E- (WRPNAP) $15.00
Thomas,Lafayette Savoy 1574 Please Come Back To Me Lafayette's A'comin' M- $15.00
Thomas,Leone Don 102 Thank You Baby Part 1 Part 2 M- $10.00
Thomas,Tasha Orbit 2668 Shoot me With Your Love Same (Instrumental) E $18.00
Thomas,Timmy Goldwax 327 It's My Life Whole Lotta Shaking Going On M- $85.00
Thompson,Hank Capitol F3623 Rockin' in the Congo I Was the First One E+/M- $20.00
Thompson,Sue Hickory 1153 Sad Movies Make Me Cry Nine Little Teardrops E- $15.00
Thompson,Sue Hickory 1153 Sad Movies Make Me Cry Nine Little Teardrops VG $10.00
Those Two Laurie 3329 I'm Gonna Walk With You Baby I know E-/E $15.00
Thoughts SSS (S.S.S) 100 DJ Walk On Brother Plain as the Nose On Your Face E+/M- $50.00
Three Chuckles X 0066 Runaround At Last You Understand E/E+ $12.00
Three Friends Imperial 5763 Dedicated to the Songs I Love Happy As A Man Can Be (sol) E $12.00
Three Friends Lido 500 Blanche Baby I'll Cry (Straight Horiz. Lines) G/VG- $20.00
Three Friends Lido 500 Blanche Baby I'll Cry (Straight Horiz. Lines) VG $40.00
Three Friends Lido 502 Jinx I'm Only A Boy VG/E- $20.00
Thunder,Johnny Diamond 152 DJ Good Morning Sadness Constitution of Love E-/E $25.00
Tibbs Brothers Atco 6074 I'm Going Crazy (LD) Wake Up Miss Rip Van Winkle E/E+ $50.00
Tico & The Triumphs Amy 845 Wild Flower Express Train E- $30.00
Til,Sonny RCA 47-9759 I Better Leave Love Alone Tears and Misery M-/M $85.00
Til,Sonny & The Orioles CP Parker 212 (Promo Copy) Hey! Little Woman (WOL) In The Chapel In The Moonlight M- $300.00
Tillman,Bertha Brent 7029 Oh My Angel Lovin' Time E- $31.00
Tillotson,Johnny Cadence 1384 Poetry In Motion Princess,Princess E+/M- $30.00
Timber,T.J. Southern Sound 104 Rags $20.00
Timbers,The Tee Gee 101 Oops Oh Lawdy Stop Crying VG SOL WOL $15.00
Timetones Relic 538 In My Heart My Love M- $10.00
Timetones Times Square 421 In My Heart MY Love E-/E $30.00
Tindley,George Smash 1768 Done Being Lonely I Couldn't Care Less M- $25.00
Tindley,George Wand 11215 Wan-Tu-Wah_Zuree Pity the Poor Man E/E+ (Sm Label Tear) $15.00
Tino & The Revlons Dearborn 530 Lazy Mary Memphis I'm Coming Home E- $12.00
Tiny Tim Reprise 0679 Tip Toe Thru' the Tulips With Me Fill Your Heart M- $20.00
Tiny Tim Reprise 0760 This Is All I Ask Bring Back Those Rockabye Baby Days E- $15.00
Titans Specialty 632 Arlene (WOL) Love Is A Wonderful Thing E+/M- $50.00
Toast Jamie 1391 DJ Summer Of Miranda Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall M- $25.00
Toledos Down 2003 This Is Our Night John Smith's Body M- $25.00
Tom & Jerry Big 613 Dancin' Wild Hey Schoolgirl (SOL) M- $30.00
Tom & Jerry Big 613 Dancin' Wild (LS) Hey Schoolgirl (WOL) E+/M- $25.00
Tomcats Terry 103 Saxy Boogie Lazy River E+/M- $15.00
Tomorrow's Promise Capitol P3855 That's The Way It Will Stay E+/M- (sl. Edge dam. 1 side) $20.00
Toney,Oscar Jr. Capricorn 8005 Down On My Knees Seven Days Tomorrow M-/M $25.00
Topics Heavy Duty 3 All Good Things Must End Try A Little Love M- $40.00
Tornadoes Aertaun 100 Bustin' Surfboards Beyond the Surf E- (Sl WRPNAP) $15.00
Tornadoes London 9561 Jungle Fever Telstar (SOL) E- $12.00
Torok,Mitchell Abbott 140 Caribbean (SOL) Weep Away M- $15.00
Torok,Mitchell Abbott 140a Caribbean Weep Away VG $10.00
Torok,Mitchell Abbott 162 Haunting Waterfall Dancerette E- $10.00
Torok,Mitchell Decca 30901 DJ Teenie Weenie Bikini P.T.A. Rock and Roll (WOL) E+ $20.00
Torok,Mitchell Guyden 2028 You Are The One Mexican Joe E/E+ $10.00
Torok,Mitchell Guyden 2034 What You Don't Know Won't Hurt You Pink Chiffon (W/Pic Sleeve) M- (sleeve has tear at top) $25.00
Torrence,George & Naturals Shout 224 So Long Goodbye Mama Come Quick And Bring Your Lickin' Stick VG/E- $15.00
Touch Of Class Midsong 11157 Said It Before (DJ Copy) E+/M- $20.00
Touch,The Lecasver 100 Pick And Shovel Blue On Green M- $45.00
Toussaint,Linda Re-cord 1 Oh Darling Don't Say No E+/M- $95.00
Towles,Fred Way Out 1002 DJ Too Much Monkey Business Part 1 Same Part 2 M- $30.00
Townsend,Ed KT 502 Crying Get Myself Together E+/M- $21.00
Townsend,Ed Maxx 325 I Might Like It I Love You VG- (lksw) $10.00
Toys Dynovoice 209 This Night A Lover's Concerto E+/M- $12.00
Trammell,Bobby Lee ABC-Par 9890 I Sure do Love You Baby Shirley Lee E- $30.00
Trashmen Garrett 4003 A-Bonet Bird Dance Beat E-/E $15.00
Trashmen Garrett 4003 A-Bonet Bird Dance Beat M- $25.00
Travelers IV Yucca 163 Lost Dutchman Mine Bowie Knife M- $10.00
Tree Swingers Guyden 2036 DJ Copy Kookie Little Paradise Teaching The Natives To Sing VG/E- $10.00
Tree Tops,The Zero 108 You Look Forwaard To Your Wedding Legend Of The Fastest Gun E/E+ WOL $20.00
Tremaines,The V-Tone 507 Wonderful Marvelous Heavenly M- SL WRPNAP $20.00
Trend-els Tilt 779 I'm So Young Don't You Hear Me Calling Baby VG-/VG $12.00
Trends Scope 102 Once Again Silly Girl M- (Tape on label-1 side)